Sunday, 4 April 2010

Visiting Jen - Part 13 - Sunday Afternoon

I chose a very girly pale cream dress with little pink flowers on it (mid thigh length of course) and went barefoot (I thought long white socks might be a bit of overkill and rather obvious!). Lucy should be here any moment now. (She turned up at about 5). She was wearing a pale blue skirt and fuzzy top (the sort of thing that Jo would wear for my long time readers) and looked very cute. She had brought a bottle of wine which we opened and sat around chatting for a while. Lucy already knew a bit about me from our conversations and what Jen had told her, but was still wanted to know how things worked with Mike in the picture. I explained how I feel about him (which should be fairly obvious given I’m going to marry him) and how it was him who got me interested in experimenting with girls in the first place, so he was more than happy for me to be with Jen (as long as he got to hear about it). She still seemed a bit dubious about him being completely happy with me doing things with someone else (the poor girl doesn’t seem to understand men at all!) but when we told her about the hotel stay he got for us she was a bit more convinced.

She asked how he got me interested in girls and I hesitated a bit and then explained how he would get me to imagine being with my friends while we were having sex and then how over time I played a more active part in the fantasies. Lucy thought that I must have always had an interest in girls and it somehow then came up that I hadn’t really known anything about sex until I was 19 and Mike gave me my first orgasm. She found it hard to believe that, but after a bit of convincing (and Jen backing me up) she finally believed me.

After getting dinner (we ate in Jen’s room), the conversation moved on to how Jen and I had met. We told her about the party (but changed the part about fingering each other to just hiding in a bedroom and making out). I admitted that back then I was really curious about trying something with another girl (and my blog makes that quite clear, but I wasn’t quite ready to introduce Lucy to it) and that while it had just been a random hookup, I fell in love with Jen. I have Jen a big kiss and told her that I still loved her (not just for effect with Lucy).

Jen sat on the bed, I curled up against her and Lucy sat in the chair facing us. Lucy told us about her past girlfriends (Jen already knew so this was mainly for me), and while she didn’t give any graphic details away, I was still imagining her doing things with them. I had slid down Jen so my head was almost in her lap and I curled my legs up so I could cuddle my knees. I knew that this would pull the skirt part of my dress up a bit and I saw Lucy’s eyes glancing towards my ass a few times. I couldn’t really show off a lot without it being obvious what I was doing so I contented myself with whatever she could see.

We talked for quite a while and when I sat up again I ended up sitting on the bed with my legs crossed (and therefore spread). Again, I didn’t make it obvious that I was trying to show myself off to her, but I think I saw her peeking up my skirt. When Jen popped out to the toilet, Lucy asked me why I had let Jen tease me in front of everyone and I told her that I wanted to make Jen happy and that I really didn’t mind being shown off by her. I added that I would probably get my own back the next time she visited York. Lucy left soon after, but promised to stay in touch and provide encouragement while I did my corrections and we kissed goodbye (it was a short kiss, but it was on the lips so I was quite happy).

We had a quick look through Pavlina’s pictures (which I’ll create an Imagefap gallery with all the ones I have at some point when I have time – or maybe I’ll delegate that to Mike) and Jen told me that I’d been very naughty in trying to expose myself to Lucy without her permission and would have to pay for it (but she wouldn’t tell me how). As an additional punishment, I had to sit up on the desk and masturbate for Jen to watch and then eat her (I was allowed to use an egg while I ate her so I got to cum a second time). We then lay in bed for a while and discussed what we would do with Lucy and Lis if we got the chance (I‘m sure you can guess). I wasn’t allowed to cum again and after a bit of fruitless pleading, we dozed off for a while.

I woke up first and crawled down between Jen’s legs to lick her awake – she enjoyed this but didn’t want to cum again so I kissed around her pussy (with the occasional lick) until she was a bit more turned on. It’s fairly easy to tell the tipping point with Jen (when she will want to carry on) as she starts to push back against my mouth or fingers. I only had a day and a half with her so wanted to make the most of the remaining time (plus I hadn’t actually broken her yet and wanted to see just how long she could keep up with me for).

I got her to turn around so her ass was at the edge of the bed and I could kneel on the floor (this gives more comfortable access to lick and eat her). I retrieved the gel bottles from the bedside drawer (we had tidied up before Lucy came to visit) and put a squirt of tingle gel on her pussy and a squirt of heat gel on her nipples. I told her not to touch herself and we watched her nips get harder as the gels started to work. Once they were nicely erect, I gave them each a little flick and climbed back down onto the floor. Jen then pulled and twisted her nipples while I ate her cunt and ass (I pushed a little tingle gel up into her ass which she said gave a nice sensation). It was quite late so every noise we made seemed much louder than it really was (but if her neighbours hadn’t figured out that we were having sex by this point in my visit then nothing we could have done would have let them figure it out!). Jen came with my tongue licking up the whole length of her cunt - I would push it as deep into her as I could and then lick up to her clit, flicking across it. I also had a finger pressed up against her ass (not in her).

Jen’s body arched up as she came and she kept trying to press against my face – Mike has made me cum in a similar way before and I know that while it feels really nice, because the is only occasional pressure on the clit, it left me wanting to do things again. This is exactly what I was hoping for with Jen, and it seemed to work – she was very flushed and was panting, but clearly wanted more. Before that though, it was my turn and I asked her to do the same to me. She pretty much repeated exactly what I’d done to her and it certainly had the desired effect on me. I had a really good orgasm (and may have let her neighbours know) but I still wanted more afterwards.

I didn’t even have to ask though as Jen said that she probably needed to get some clothes washed (and gave me a wink). We’d been so busy that I’d pretty much forgotten about the washing machines but was certainly interested in doing some ‘laundry’. It was somewhere between 1 & 2 in the morning so we assumed that we would have the place to ourselves. Jen gathered up a few items of clothing which actually needed washing and I grabbed my robe. She told me that it was now time for my punishment and that I had to go in the short t-shirt and that we would go down the main stairs. I also had to carry the selection of panties, socks and bras in my arms, which of course meant that I didn’t have my hands free to pull down my t-shirt. Given my ‘training’ over the last week, I didn’t hesitate, grabbed the washing and told Jen to hurry up.

She put her dressing gown on and grabbed some money for the machines and we set off. I knew as I went downstairs that my pussy was slightly exposed, but I was already looking forwards to the machine too much to really care (and there wasn’t anyone about). We got to the laundry and it was indeed empty – we checked that none of the machines had anything in them (so we knew that nobody was coming back to collect it) and we chose a machine at the far end, around the corner from the door so we would have a bit of warning just in case someone did come along. We threw our stuff in and set it on a quick wash as we needed it to get to the spin cycle as quickly as possible. I had half expected Jen to tell me to throw my t-shirt in as well (and when I told her this afterwards she said that if she had thought of it, she would have).

While the machine did the wash cycle, we had a little play around. We took turns sitting on top of the machine and got fingered and licked. We decided that we wouldn’t make each other cum (or possibly *let* each other cum, until the machine started to spin and we could do it properly. I did get *very* close one time when Jen was pumping two fingers into me and licking my clit and I had to take a break to calm down (not that cumming twice down there would have been the end of the world). By the time it started to spin (on high speed of course), we were both ready to cum. I let Jen go first and I went to the end of the row of machines so I could keep an eye on the door (she felt safer this way).

I’d already undone her gown while we had been playing, but for this, she slipped it off and sat on the machine naked. I got her to turn around a bit so that I could easily see her pussy and I watched as her whole body vibrated with the spinning of the machine. The wonders of this method is that you don’t have to do anything other than press a finger or two on your clit – that is exactly what Jen did and I watched her body flush pink and her mouth open in pleasure. She writhed on top of the machine as if there was a cock in her (hmm, just had another idea) and finally moved her hand away from her pussy and shakily climbed down. She said that it had felt wonderful and that it felt like her insides were still vibrating. Jen put her robe back on and put the machine back to the start of the spin cycle and went to where I had been standing.

My t-shirt was short enough that I could sit with my ass directly on the machine, but I wanted to do things ‘properly’ and really enjoy it so I slipped it off and threw it onto the bench. I had calmed down quite a bit while watching Jen (not that it wasn’t an incredibly sexy sight, but I had been good and not touched myself at all). I faced Jen, spread my legs and gently pressed on my clit. It felt just as good as it had the first time, but I now intended to enjoy it properly. I experimented and found the right amount of pressure to apply that gave the most feeling as my body vibrated and let the feeling envelop me. This didn’t feel like normal masturbation as I didn’t have to do anything other than hold my hand still – it even felt different from using an egg or vibe on my clit as it was mostly my body that was moving rather than the thing pressing on me.

I looked up at Jen, who was watching me intently and spread my legs fully so she could watch. I knew that I was close but tried to hold out for as long as possible in the hope that it would give me a stronger orgasm. The machine was spinning away and I knew I was losing the battle – partly because I was trying to let the feeling wash over me so I wasn’t holding back with everything I had. By this point, I was sitting there with my head back and knew I was about to cum. Just before it hit me, I looked back over at Jen and saw that there was someone else standing there watching me. I froze, but that didn’t really help things as I still had my fingers on my clit. I could have pulled them away, but I was so close that I needed to cum (and by the time I had decided what to do, it was pretty much too late to do anything else anyway).

I came and felt my body spasm with the strength – I now really didn’t have any choice and let out a series of ‘uunngg’s, and thrust my hips in time with the waves of my orgasm. It seemed to last for quite a while (and I didn’t do anything to try to make it shorter). After the initial strong burst, I was able to really appreciate that I was being watched by a stranger. As my orgasm faded, I pushed my fingers into myself (I was really wet) and pumped them in and out a few times. Given what he had already seen, I didn’t think it would matter what I did, so I sucked my fingers clean and then climbed down from the machine to get my t-shirt. I put it on (not too quickly, but I didn’t take my time either) and walked past him. I had no idea where Jen had gone so I went back upstairs. She wasn’t in her room and I was just about to go back down to look for her when she arrived.

She explained that while I’d had my head back and was enjoying the build up (which must have taken longer than I thought – so at least I did manage to hold back), she had heard the door open. Instead of warning me, she had ducked in to the next row of machines and hidden. The guy had come in and said something about “Why are you doing washing at this time of night” (so I guess his room must be next to the laundry and he is pissed off that people keep him awake). I didn’t hear him, but I was on top of a loud spinning machine and getting ready to cum, so I think I can be excused. He walked up to where Jen had been standing – presumably to have a moan – and then stood there watching me. Jen said that he’d only been there for about a minute or so before I came (she could hear me from where she was hiding, so I must have been even louder than I thought I was).

She had thought that I had stayed with my head back and was really surprised when she found out that I had known he was watching me before I came (just), she was really shocked. She had thought that as soon as I saw him, I would have jumped down and run away and had half expected to have to go get my top as I might have run out of there naked. I explained slowly (and patronisingly) that:

1) She was the one who left me there to be discovered.

2) I was so close to cumming when I saw him that I couldn’t really stop (and he’d already seen me sitting there naked with my legs spread anyway).

3) She has spent all week trying to show me off to people.

4) She should really know me better by now.

5) It was a wonderful orgasm and I really enjoyed it.

I was very tempted to go back and do it again (even without my voyeur I thought it would feel good) and while Jen conceded that it had felt amazing, she was quite sure that he would now be running into the laundry room every time he heard someone doing washing at night!

We settled on the compromise of experimenting there again the next time I visit (I have no idea when that will actually be as I get my corrections back tomorrow). After that, I was pleased to discover that Jen still had the energy for a final 69 – she went on top and rode my face while she ate me. I think we both needed that extra cum before we went to sleep.

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