Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Visiting Jen - Part 14 - Monday

I'm still working away so have broken up Monday's post into 3 pieces as I won't have much time to write anything new on here - here is the first part of my last day with Jen...


It’s my last (full) day here and while I’m really looking forwards to seeing Mike again (and he’s looking forwards to celebrating my return), I’m really going to miss Jen. We woke up reasonably early today (well, early for an undergrad anyway - I would have been up earlier at home, but then at home I probably would have gone to bed earlier and not been having orgasms on washing machines).

Jen said that she wanted to make the most of today and said that we would need a good breakfast to give us energy. She popped down to the laundry to retrieve the washing from last night (she had put in the dryer before she came up) and when she returned she handed me my ‘new’ pair of panties. I wasn’t really surprised with the panties, but then she handed me a pair of long white socks and told me to put them on. I thought that I was going to have to go to the kitchen in a schoolgirl outfit, but she then gave me a short top to put on. This wasn’t like the other t-shirts she had made me wear, this one covered my stomach, but that was about it - my panties were almost entirely exposed. Jen said that after last night, this was nothing and while I tried to convince her that this was rather different, she wouldn’t have it.

Of course, I could have told her I wouldn’t wear the outfit, but I wanted to please her (and show her I could meet any challenge she gave me). Jen put on a plain, white cotton, mid-thigh length nightdress and we went to the kitchen. Between the socks and the panties, I certainly got many looks (you would have thought that they would be used to my state of undress by now). We started with cereal and then Jen made toast – I stood beside her with my back to the counter while she did this and went a step further by leaning back and pushing my crotch out. Jen noticed this and gave me a sideways smile. I was looking at her, but trying to look at the other people in the kitchen out of the corner of my eye. There was one person (I think Jen said he was called Raul) who had certainly noticed me. He was sitting cross legged and when he had finished eating, he stood up in a very awkward way (and then quickly left).

Mel came in and took a good look at what I was wearing before saying that we couldn’t have really been much more obvious. The other people in the kitchen left while we were talking, and as soon as we were alone, Jen slipped her hand onto my panties and cupped my pussy. I automatically pressed back against her hand and Mel noticed this. Jen gently rubbed me through my panties and then pressed a finger harder against me, pressing between my lips. After deciding to go along with her choice of outfit for breakfast, I had also decided to go along with anything she wanted for out last day so I just let her continue. I knew that she was naked under her nightdress and I was very tempted to slide my hand under it and see if she would let me touch her, but I assumed that she would have told me if she wanted me to do that.

Mel was obviously amused by my compliance and she stayed with us while we finished our toast. We walked back to Jen’s room and Jen invited her in – given the way Jen had been touching me in front of her, I wondered what was going to happen next. Now I like Mel, but she isn’t really my type – fortunately, Jen just wanted to chat with her and suggested that I should ‘send the email I’d said I needed to do’. Now the only real email I’ve been sending is these blog entries to Mike, so I sat on the bed and wrote up the second half of yesterday and today (up until now anyway!) I’m still dressed the same way and I’ve sat and lain on the bed in a number of positions so I’ll be surprised if I haven’t shown off as much as Jen wants me to.

I was right that Jen had wanted to give Mel a chance to look at me but I hadn’t realised that Jen hadn’t want me to spend as long writing (how was I meant to know – I’m not psychic). When I said I was finished, Jen got Mel to leave (but not until after Mel had commented about the gel bottles that we had left out). Once she had left, Jen came over and said that I’d displayed myself admirably in the kitchen and that we should celebrate.

I thought I knew how the celebration would go, but as Jen joined me on the bed, she told me that we would be spending the best part of the day there. This seemed to me like the ideal way to spend our last day together. (Our last day for a while anyway, I’ve no intention of stopping seeing Jen – and after the way she has treated me this week I wish we could spend even more time together). She peeled off her nightdress and climbed on to the bed with me. We read the entry from yesterday that I’d just written and emailed it off to Mike (some nice break-time reading for him at work). Jen suggested that I should make my laundry display into a regular show and she could charge entry. I told her we could charge more if she was the one on top of the machine and we ended up in a tickle fight.

I won the fight, but mainly because Jen was naked so it was easier for me to ‘tickle’ certain parts until she surrendered (or at least stopped trying to tickle me). I planted my face in her pussy and gave her a good licking – not to orgasm, just to get her nicely worked up and wet. Jen told me to get undressed and while I did this she put on a pair of white socks (at my request). We got back onto the bed and lay on our sides in a 69 position. We went for a simple warm up session and just ate each other to orgasm (Jen came first, but I had given her a head start). Once that was done, I got the shorter double ended dildo and pushed it into myself. I lay back and got Jen to climb on the other end and start to ride up and down on it. I figured that if we were going to be here for a while, that I would probably cum a number more times than Jen would so I got the wired (powerful) egg and held it against my clit.

Of course, with Jen moving on the dildo, she was slapping her pussy against mine and with a bit of twisting, she managed to get her clit to touch the egg as well (in the scissor position, that takes a little bending to achieve). I warned her that I was planning on cumming lots and that she might not be able to keep up with me (kind of like waving a red rag to a bull) and she pressed back even harder against the egg and said she wanted to cum as well. We still rocked back and forth against each other slightly (so the dildo moved in us a bit) but mostly kept our clits on the egg. I came first this time and Jen had to hold the egg in place as I moved around a bit too much when I came. Jen wasn’t far behind me and I watched her cum and then fall back on the bed to recover.

I thought it was time to teach her what her limits were and even though I could have done with a bit longer to recover, I immediately pulled out the dildo, pounced on her and started to grind against her. I rubbed my cunt against her thigh and pressed my thigh against her. She was still very sensitive but I just told her that I had warned her I would cum more. She soon said that I was right and so i stopped attacking her and just sat over her face so she could eat me again. I told her to get her tongue deep into me and when I heard people in the corridor, I spoke a bit louder and kept telling her to lick deep in my cunt and taste my juices. I obviously don’t know if they could hear me, but I like to think that they could (I guess we’ll see if anyone asks Jen about it in future).

I’d cum three times in a relatively short space of time so even I needed a bit of a break and we sat and chatted about the week, the future, other girls and our relationship. During this conversation, I found out something new from Jen. She has always known that I really do love her and want to be with her, but she has always been really jealous of Mike and all the things that he’s got to do with me (she’s read all of my blog and has also had things described more by me when she has asked, so she knows my sexual history just about as well as Mike and I do). Now I sort of knew this and had some suspicions that she still considered herself as second place to Mike (even if only in his eyes), but I had thought that we had sorted it all out in the period after Mike and I got engaged.

She can’t remember exactly what it was that was said, but something came up in a conversation with Mike a few weeks ago that made him realise how she felt (so he isn’t completely male all the time!) and he tried really hard to convince her that she was just as much a part of ‘our’ lives as he was (with the ‘our’ being all three of us). I think that’s why he helped her plan the incredible week that we’ve had, so that she and I now have an incredible piece of sexual history that he isn’t directly a part of. Of course, he also tried to get her to agree to a threesome so that we could really have ‘our’ history (just to prove that he is completely male *most* of the time!).

Now being females, even though neither of us are really soppy, it was a fairly emotional conversation and so we were both crying by the end. We ended up hugging and kissing a lot and rolling around on the bed (still just kissing, nothing sexual, even though we were both still naked). I kept telling Jen how much I loved her and wanted her and had no intention of ever letting her go. I told her that I want her to be there to help raise our children (hmm, that could lead to interesting parents’ evenings at school!) and assured her that Mike felt the same way. Given how much he wanted her to have this week with me (and I honestly don’t think it was *just* so he could hear about it), she now believes this a lot more. By the time we had finished, I had told her that I would always love her and that I would marry her as well if I could.

Now I know that sex isn’t the same as love, but both Jen and I are fairly sexual people (which, unless you’re really dim, you may have figured out by now), so we thought the best way to cement our fake engagement (unless someone knows a way that I can actually marry them both), was to have some serious sex. I told her that I was going to fuck her senseless and intended to just do things to her, but she wrested me round into a 69 position and we attacked each other with fingers and tongues. While I worked on her, I kept telling her how much I loved her, the way she looked, the way she acted, the way she tasted and they way she came (basically, my compliments got steadily dirtier). Jen was mostly just fiercely eating me and moaning into my pussy (which always feels good). I was planning out a few things for us to do but at that point, just wanted to make her cum as hard as I could and when it was clear that she was close, I pulled her lips apart and licked as fast and hard as I could and she started to moan (this wasn’t her usual mewing, it was much more guttural). This really turned me on (despite the fact that Jen had stopped licking me) and I really went for it - she came quite hard and bucked away from my face. I pulled her back to me but she told me to stop so I just kissed her pussy gently.

After a few minutes of recovery, Jen apologised for neglecting me and I assured her that if I got to make her cum like that, I didn’t mind. She said that she would make up for it anyway, climbed back on top of me and then went back to work on my pussy hard and fast. I tried to pull her cunt to my face, but she said it was my turn, so I relaxed into the bed and just told her what I was feeling and how much I loved the view I had of her cute ass and rather wet pussy. She did a very good job and while I don’t think my orgasm was as strong as her one, it still felt quite deep. I had my legs wrapped around her head and held it in place while I came and then released her. She climbed off me and we kissed for a bit while we both recovered properly. I told Jen that I was very impressed that she was keeping up so well and she gave me her cute grin and said that someone must have taught her well (I wonder who?).

We were getting hungry again (it had been a good few hours since breakfast) and we decided that some food was in order. Jen toyed with the idea of ordering pizza and getting me to go down to the main door to collect it, while wearing the outfit I’d worn at breakfast. I thought that this might be a bit much given it was the middle of the day and the place would be rather busy but I would have done it if she had asked – fortunately, she decided that we should just have a snack so we went back to the kitchen. Unfortunately, she decided that I should still wear the same outfit (Jen slipped on a dress). Given it was the middle of the day and everyone else was properly dressed (no PJs, nightdresses or dressing gowns), I felt a lot more conspicuous than I had earlier, but I’d made it this far through the week doing what Jen had asked and I intended to keep going (but she really is going to pay the next time she is in York).

There were fewer people in the kitchen than I had expected (which made sense when I thought about it as I rarely ate lunch in halls or at home as an undergrad). We decided just to have a quick meal of pasta and I stood in a similar position as I had earlier that day (back to the counter) while I talked to Jen. She looked around the kitchen and leaned over to me and said that I had to make myself cum. There were still two people there and she said that I could wait until they left but had to preferably manage it while there was someone else there (without them seeing of course – she wasn’t being mean enough to make me do it in front of them). I thought about how to do this and decided to get started by sitting at the far end of the table, so I was facing Jen (who was finishing off lunch). The other people was sitting facing across me and didn’t seem to know how to react to the way I was dressed (as I’ve said before, 18-21 year old men may think they know it all, but you show them a scantily clad girl and many of them just go quiet). I was sitting right up at the table, so my lower half was completely hidden from them and I just casually chatted to Jen. I slowly spread my legs and then pulled the crotch of my panties to the side with my left hand.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to actually cum with them there (at least not without them figuring out what I was doing – and I wasn’t drunk enough or horny enough for that) but I wanted to get a step closer. I moved my right hand to my pussy and found my clit and slowly started to rub it with my middle finger. It felt amazing doing things with them so close to me (not as good as my inadvertent laundry display, which will probably count as one of my best cums of all time, but still amazing). Jen dropped a piece of pasts (on purpose) and bent down to pick it up – while she was there, she looked under the table at what I was doing and gave me a big grin (I don’t think she expected me to be quite as bold).

I had to concentrate to stop myself from getting carried away and moving my fingers too much as it was beginning to feel really good. I actually found that maintaining a steady, paced stroking had more of an effect that I thought it would. I can’t figure out quite how to phrase this, but if I hadn’t worried about them knowing what I was doing, I think I might have actually been able to make myself cum like that (of course it I hadn’t been worried about them knowing, I could have done a lot more and would definitely have cum).


  1. You have very interesting views of males in your country.

  2. Dear Andi,
    I think You've got young men pretty much spot-on!

  3. If your assessment is true men in your country are ruled by their desire to procreate impulsive weak and easily manipulated. I feel sorry that women in your country have such a difficult time finding men who are not so simple minded and predictable. It must be difficult finding a male that can leave childhood behind where you live.