Saturday, 10 April 2010

Visiting Jen - Part 15 - Monday

Some Saturday night masturbation material (I hope).
Jen brought lunch over (so I obviously had to stop while I ate) and she sat at the opposite end of the table. I hadn’t recovered my pussy with my panties and it was still peeking out (but they couldn’t have seen that). We had a girly conversation about shopping and the guys (who had finished) got up and started to tidy away. I took the opportunity and dropped a hand back to my crotch and had a quick rub, but they didn’t stand facing away from me for me to even get close to finishing. When they left, Jen said that I had put in a good effort so I could just make myself cum with the two of us there. I knew this would be much easier, so I finished eating first and then told her I was ready. Jen came and sat close to me so she could watch. I pulled the crotch of my panties to the side and started to rub my clit and then push a couple of fingers into myself. Jen said that she wanted to do that so I went back to clit rubbing and let her finger me.
I was sitting with my back to the door so I thought I would be fairly safe if anyone came in, but thinking back on it, I imagine it would have been obvious (given my arm would have been moving and Jen’s hand was between my legs. I’m aware that I had already got a bit of a reputation amongst the people on the corridor (reported to us by Mel), so maybe it would have just been expected. I didn’t actually get interrupted and managed to have a nice cum while sitting there. I wanted Jen to do the same, but she refused and said that I should help her tidy up and walk back without straightening my panties. It’s not like you could actually see my slit (once I had let go of them), but the material didn’t slide the whole way back over my lips. While I was helping to wash up, it pretty much got jiggled back into place, but then Jen just pulled it to the side again before we left the kitchen.
At first, I’m pretty sure that one of my lips was showing, but my panties soon moved to cover it again (much to Jen’s dismay). When we got back to her room she said that she had an idea and told me to get naked while she disappeared. She returned with a pot of ice cream and said that it belonged to Mel and she would replace it. I had to lie back on the bed on a towel and Jen put a lump straight onto my pussy (which made me yelp, even though I knew she was about to do it). Jen licked it off me and then open my lips and put another blob of it between them. I’ve never figured out why, but I love the contrast between the warmth of her (or Mike’s) tongue and the cold of the ice cream. I think it is partly due to the fact that it takes quite a while to cum as every time the ice cream is added, it slows any orgasm approaching.
Jen kept this up for quite a while and then started to lick me faster. I had been teased for long enough and really wanted to cum again so I pulled her head to my pussy and told her to keep going. I was making lots of ‘ooh, aah’ sounds (not porn movie ones, just sounds of real pleasure). I remember looking down between my legs and watching Jen as she worked away at my pussy and trying to fix the picture in my mind. I knew what I wanted us to do next, but there was a little matter of my orgasm to attend to and I could feel it building. With each lick of Jen’s tongue, I could feel my pussy pulsing (that gives me another idea for the next time I see her). I told her I was close and to just keep going and soon felt the familiar explosion from deep in my cunt – I let out a long ‘aaahhhh’ and arched up against her face. Jen kept licking until i told her to be more gentle and she then eased off.
I told her to switch positions but she said that she wasn’t ready to cum again and put the ice cream back into the freezer while I recovered. When she came back, I reminded her that I had said I would cum more times and she quickly stripped off and jumped onto the bed with me. Given she was up for the challenge, I told her that I had a few things I wanted to try, but that we could start off gently so I didn’t break her. We lay side by side, facing each other, close enough that we could move to kiss easily, but far enough that we could see each other’s faces properly. I’ve done this before with Jen, but not for quite a while and so I told her that we each had to cum without taking our eyes off the other one.
I reached down to her pussy and started to gently rub it – first along the lips and then spending more time on her pussy. I watched her face intently for every sign of pleasure I was giving her and felt her hand move to my pussy and start doing a similar thing to me. Every time one of us glanced away or closed our eyes, the other would remind them to keep looking at them. It is very difficult to manage the whole time without looking away, but it is such a sensual thing (how many times have you seen your partner cum without them looking away – give it a try and you’ll see what I mean). I told her that I wanted us to cum at the same time (I don’t think I’ve managed that before in this ‘position’ but it seemed like it would be really nice).
By constantly telling each other how close we were (and to keep looking at each other), we got very close to cumming and i could see the passion in Jen’s eyes and face. It was quite difficult to get the timing exactly right and I had a false start, but we got pretty close. Jen came just a few seconds before me and then I started to cum. We kept rubbing (and cumming) with our gaze locked. Her eyes looked piercing and sort of semi-glazed at the same time and when we finished cumming (her orgasm lasted a bit longer than mine), we ended up kissing and telling each other how much in love we were (and I know that some of you think that it is just lust, but I really do love her).
While we were snuggled up, I told Jen that I wanted to challenge her to an endurance game. She asked what I had in mind and I said that it was simple; we had to make each other cum and then keep going for as long as we could – the one who could take the most ‘punishment’, won (and would get to choose a forfeit for the other one that they had to do). I knew that I didn’t really have too much to worry about in terms of a forfeit as Jen’s been telling me to do things all week, and I was pretty sure I could outlast her. Jen wasn’t so sure it was a good idea, but when I told her that I would let her give me another orgasm before we started (just to weaken me) and then said that she was scared, she agreed to the ‘any forfeit’ part.
We had a little break before we started and discussed wedding plans some more and once we were both ready, Jen got my rabbit over (the vibe, just in case you were wondering) and lubed it up. She started by running it over my pussy and then slid it into me. She lay beside me and kept telling me how she was going to fuck me with the vibe and then how I wouldn’t stand a chance against her. Once she had it sliding the whole way into me, she turned on the vibrating section and pressed it against my clit. It felt really good, but was made a lot better by the fact that Jen continued with the dirty talk. She was whispering in my ear that I was hers and that my cunt wouldn’t know where it was by the time she was finished with me.
I told her that we should try to actually cum at the same time in the competition and then see who could last longest from there. At first she thought I was trying to back out, but then realised that if I had just cum, that it might take her longer to get me to another orgasm, so she agreed. In the meantime, she had continued working my pussy with the vibe, alternating between fucking me with it and holding it deep inside me to get the vibrations on my clit. She started to kiss and lick my neck, murmuring that she wanted to feel me cum as hard as I could. With my neck being played with, I wanted to hold back and let my orgasm build but realised that I needed to cum as quickly as possible and hope that it wasn’t too strong, so I didn’t hold back at all and just let the feelings build. It was still a fairly powerful orgasm and as it faded, I suspected that I may have bitten off more than I could chew.
Jen was kind enough to give me a minute to recover while we finalised the rules. We would 69 and try to cum as close together as possible, after that, there were no holds barred (no toys though, and you weren’t allowed to stop the other person from doing anything). I was still quite sensitive and didn’t really rate my chances, but the game had been my idea, so I moved into position and felt Jen start to kiss and lick me. I did the same to her and we were soon noisily slurping away. We kept telling each other how close we were and within a while, we decided that we were both close enough that the real challenge could start.
I figured that it would be won by the person who got the other one to cum first (as then they would have to endure the intense feelings for longer) and so I attacked Jen’s cunt with my tongue. Obviously Jen had come to the same conclusion as she did the same to me and I felt my orgasm burst from inside me (it arrived really quickly). I wasn’t ready to give up yet and started pressing a finger against Jen’s ass and rubbing it while I kept licking her clit. I knew if lost concentration during my orgasm that I would be so far behind that I wouldn’t stand a chance, so I just kept licking and licking. I was rewarded with feeling Jen start to shudder and I renewed my efforts. My orgasm was pretty much over and her tongue was now causing intense feelings in my pussy.
I let myself moan into her pussy (still licking) and ended up almost screaming into her. I was determined that I was going to give this everything I had even though it felt like she was stabbing me with her tongue. I was going to give up, but I could feel that she was trying to pull away from me and so I held on just a bit longer. I sucked on her clit and lashed at it with my tongue (she was doing a similar thing to me). I tried to ignore the burning in my pussy and concentrate on her clit and Jen ended up tearing herself away from me and letting out a scream before lying there panting.
I would have loved to be ‘with it’ enough to have just raised myself up on one elbow and calmly told her that she had lost, but I wasn’t in any state to do that. I did manage a breathless ‘I won’, but that was about all I could say for a good few minutes. Once I had recovered (or at least recovered a bit, I told Jen that I would now decide what her forfeit was. She said that she was dreading finding out (given what she had been making me do all week) and I made her suffer for a bit while I wondered out loud if I should make her wear the short t-shirt and panties to the kitchen, or maybe not include the panties. I considered getting her to wear her schoolgirl outfit and then finger herself in the kitchen and then decided on what I really wanted.
I told her to put on the full schoolgirl outfit (tartan skirt, white blouse and white socks) and (because I like it), I wore the same. Jen still didn’t know what she would have to do and while we were getting dresses I told her that I could get her to sit on a washing machine, lift her skirt and make herself cum in front of whoever was in the laundry at the time (she knew that I wouldn’t actually make her do this). We left her room and went up to the roof – Jen assumed that I was going to get her to make me cum but I told her that my pussy was still rather too tender to even consider that. I told her that we were just going to go for a walk around the roof and took her hand. We walked around the edge of the roof, looking out at what we could see (and I was checking that there was nobody else up there).
It’s a fair sized building, so it took a good few minutes to walk around, but when we had done a complete lap and got to the next corner, I told Jen to take off one of her socks and put it on the fence post. We walked along to the next corner and I told her to put her other sock on the post. At the next corner, I gave her a choice of her top or skirt and Jen hesitated a bit, but then slipped off her blouse and put it on the post. I gave her nipples a little kiss each and we walked to the next corner. Jen just looked at me and said “Really?” and I nodded. To her credit, she didn’t argue and slipped her skirt off and put it around the post (but did nearly drop it off the edge).
She was now naked, seven stories up and we walked back to the first corner. I told her to put the sock back on and then we did the same at the next corner. When we got to her blouse, she went to get it but I told her it wasn’t really fair on her to be naked alone and told her to undo my blouse. We added it to her one on the post and set off to her skirt. Jen was getting very nervous as she had now been naked for quite a while. At the next post, I got her to peel my skirt off and put it with hers before we did another lap. We stopped and looked out a few times (not facing the closest buildings, I wasn’t that cruel or brave) and when we got back to the blouses, I considered getting her to lie down and masturbate for me, but her pussy still looked as tender as mine felt so I thought that I wouldn’t tease her any more.
We got dressed again and went back to her room and when she sat on the bed I had a quick lick of her pussy (only gently). She was really wet (even for her) and she admitted that she had got quite a thrill out of the naked walk. I asked her if I should continue but she was certain that she couldn’t cum again so we rested for a while. At about 6, Jen said that we had to get ready to out for my goodbye dinner. I hadn’t known that we were going out and it transpired that when she had been talking to Mel earlier in the day, she had asked her to book a table for us. I thought that this was a really nice idea and we went off to shower and get cleaned up (we were rather sticky and smelly with each other’s juices). We kissed a bit in the shower and washed each other down, but still weren’t ready to do anything sexual (although I was getting there).
Jen wanted me to wear my see-through dress (it’s really a nightdress) and I couldn’t really object given I had brought it with me. It’s fairly see-through – sort of like this, but in blue (and it covers my breasts!):

*Pics removed due to Google's no-nudity policy *

Mine is just below mid-thigh length. I had to wear dark panties with it (it’s really rather obvious if I don’t). This is one of the few dresses that I will go out in without a bra (given the point of me wearing it is for my nipples to be seen). In return, Jen wore a tartan skirt and white socks and I don’t think we could have looked more like a couple of lesbians if we had tried! We got a taxi to the restaurant and Jen said that she was treating me to dinner as her way of thanking me for such a wonderful week. I pointed out that she had been finding ways to ‘thank’ me all week long and for some reason we found this very funny and couldn’t stop laughing.


  1. wow, that is so hot xx,
    wish i was up your way x

  2. Dear Andi,
    Nice dress!
    And what an excuse to eat a whole tub of ice cream by oneself!

  3. Looking at the picture again, my dress isn't quite that see through, but it's the closest I could find at short notice...

  4. What a hot, sexy story and blog.