Monday, 12 April 2010

Visting Jen - part 16 - Monday Night

Finally - this is the last post relating to my week with Jen. I can't believe that we managed to do enough to keep this going for over a month. I have written a few entries over the past month so will be posting them next. I'm still writing up though, so once I catch up the frequency of posts will drop for a while.


It was a beautiful restaurant – the lights weren’t too bright so I don’t think people really knew how much of me they could see. Our food was really nice and we had a decent bottle of wine between us. Jen slid her sock clad foot up my leg a few times but didn’t do anything more than that. It was a perfect evening, but when we left, I found out that Jen (through Mel again) had also arranged a leaving party at one of her friends’ places (she’s sharing in a house so has more space than Jen’s room does). It wasn’t too far from the restaurant and we walked there – I was quite aware that my nipples were fairly visible (and the more I thought about it, the harder and more visible they got). I was also half a bottle of wine down though (yes, I’m a lightweight) so I didn’t really mind (plus I’ve worn this dress a number of times before and after this week, it seems pretty tame).

We arrived and got invited in. I recognised most of the people there (but still don’t know all their names). I only really cared if one person was there and I was very glad when I saw Lucy come out of the kitchen. She certainly noticed my outfit and I felt a nice little rush when she commented on how daring it was. I told her that Jen had insisted I wear it (which is technically true, but ignores the fact that I bought the thing ages ago). She was dressed in a cute little green dress. She really doesn’t seem to fit in with Jen’s other friends who were there, other than being gay – they are all seem to be much more hardcore.

I was handed a beer (and eyed up by the person) and I took Luck back to Jen. We chatted for a bit and she said that it was a pity I was leaving. I’ve invited her to come down to York with Jen sometime and she has said that she will (I know that Mike is desperate to meet her as he loves Pavlina too). Lis also seems pretty interested (even though I only showed her the pictures of Lucy’s look alike a few weeks ago). It was quite a fun party and people got pretty drunk (including me, even though I didn’t drink that much more). After a few people had left, we all ended up crashing in the living room – some on the sofas and others on the floor. Jen hadn’t done anything to me all evening (other than hugging and kissing, but we weren’t the only ones doing that), but when I sat on the sofa with her, she started to gently caress one of my breasts.

It felt nice and I didn’t think too much of it until she slipped her arms around me and started playing with both of my nipples. They quickly got hard (which was very obvious given my dress didn’t hide them) and a few other people noticed. Someone made a comment about Jen having done more than that on Saturday and I felt her hand slide over my stomach. She pressed against my panties and a few more people started to watch us. It had now been quite a while since our intense session and the fact that I’d been wearing my ‘naked’ dress for a few hours meant that I was feeling quite aroused. Jen pressed her fingers harder against my panties and I stifled a moan (but enjoyed the feeling). Jen kept stroking me and it was feeling really good.

She decided I’d had enough and stopped (to a number of moans of disappointment). Someone said ‘Make her cum” and a few other people said it until it became a chant. I was now half lying on Jen – with my head on her stomach and she was just teasing my nipples. She then moved a hand up to stroke my neck. She told everyone to be quiet and said that she would show them something. Jen kept gently stroking my neck, which seemed to confuse a number of them, until it started to have more of an effect on me. Jen told them that she could make me cum just by doing that and I realised that she actually intended to do so in front of them. I looked up at her and she said to just enjoy it – I looked over at Lucy and said “Help”, but she just smiled back and said she wanted to see (maybe she isn’t quite the ‘good little girl’ I thought she was).

I was drunk enough that I didn’t mind too much (and I really love having my neck stroked). It usually takes quite a long time to cum like this if I’m not having my pussy touched, but I think knowing that I was being watched by a group of people helped things along. I could feel my pussy start to tingle and I started to press my thighs together. I really wanted some pressure on my pussy, but I certainly wasn’t going to touch myself in front of them all (now, maybe if it had just been Lucy it would have been different!). It seemed to take ages (Jen says it wasn’t that long), but I could feel myself getting closer and closer to cumming and I knew that I was opening and closing my legs but didn’t care by this point (they had all seen my panties anyway).

Jen continued to stroke my neck and play with a nipple and it finally was enough to make me cum. I felt my body arch up (not that I had anything to press myself against) and my pussy started to flutter (it’s usually a much weaker but deeper orgasm with just neck stroking). It lasted for a reasonable amount of time and I knew that I was still humping thin air (but I was in the middle of an orgasm and really didn’t care). It was only when it started to end that I realised that my dress had ridden up and my panties were clearly visible (not that the dress really hid them). I went to pull it down and someone said I should take my panties off (which turned into another chorus that even Lucy joined in), but Jen told them that what was under them was only for her to see. I’m honestly not sure what I would have done in my post-orgasmic state if Jen (or anyone else) had actually tried to take them off – but let’s just say that I’m glad that Jen has limits!

I finished straightening myself up and said that I needed a drink of water. I had hoped that Lucy would follow me out to the kitchen, but she didn’t and I began to think that I had wierded her out (even though she had been one of the people encouraging things). I stood and drank my water and a few people came and said that I was wild or that they loved my dress and I began to get over my embarrassment and relaxed a bit. I remember wanting to talk to Lucy again (yes, I know I’m obsessed with her and I’ve only known her for a week). I grabbed another few beers and went back to the living room. I have one to Jen and one to Lucy and sat between them. I thought that the best thing was to just confront what had happened, so I turned to Lucy and said something like “You see what she makes me do?” Lucy just laughed at me and said that I must enjoy it or I wouldn’t let her do it.

Lucy seemed reasonably drunk so I thought I would try and play a little and leaned in closer to her and said “Of course I enjoy it, are you saying that you don’t love cumming?” Lucy giggled back at me and said that of course she did, but that she’s never done it in front of other people (other than her girlfriends). I considered asked her what she would do if I were to slide my hand up under her skirt and finger her (but as much fun as that would have been, I’m pretty sure it would have been a bit too much). Instead, I gave her a little pout and told her to stop playing innocent and that I had seen her cheering Jen on. Lucy claimed that she had just wanted to see how far I would go and I told her (once again) that for Jen I would do anything. We chatted for a bit more and saw a few other couples getting off together – nothing quite as blatant as my display (unless they were better at hiding their orgasms), but there were hands under skirts and in tops and I enjoyed watching them. I also noticed that Lucy was watching them closely and I will have to find out (or get Jen to find out) if she is a little voyeur (and if so, I’m sure we could put on a good show for her).

It was quite late now and I had an early(ish) train to get so I pulled myself away from Lucy (who promised to keep in touch) and Jen and I left. Mel stayed behind, but I didn’t really mind about that as it meant that we could fool around a bit in the cab on the way back home. We started off tamely enough just kissing and me whispering to Jen about what she had done to me. The kissing became a bit more passionate and I started to fondle her breasts (through her top) and soon her hand was on my panties. The cab ride wasn’t long enough for her to make me cum, but it certainly got me going. The cabbie didn’t say anything, but I know he saw what was going on. When we arrived back at Jen’s place, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do most. I would have loved to go back to the laundrette but also wanted to go up to the roof and have a final wild fuck up there and not care if anyone was watching. I also wanted to have Jen to myself though, and this won out.

We returned to her room and fell on to the bed, kissing, touching and grinding against each other. Jen felt very wet and I hated the fact that I wasn’t going to feel her juices being smeared over me for ages. I ended up crying while we were kissing and kept telling her how much I was going to miss her and what a wonderful week I’d had. Jen told me that it would be alright and that we would see each other soon. I said that I wanted to feel all of her and we stripped each other naked (not that either of us were wearing many clothes). Jen went back to grinding against my leg and I humped against her thigh. She was on top and I was roughly pulling on her ass and told her how I couldn’t believe that she had actually made me cum at the party. Jen said that she thought I would have enjoyed letting Lucy watch me cum and I admitted that I did.

My leg felt really wet and I told Jen I wanted to feel her pussy on mine. She got off me and we assumed the scissor position – I let her rub against my cunt and just enjoyed the view (and also the feeling). I told her to keep going and that I wanted my cunt to be soaked in her juices. Jen was sliding back and forth over me and I reached down to rub my clit. I kept telling her to cum for me and I really wanted to time my orgasm with hers, but I could feel mine building. I didn’t hold back, but kept telling her to cum and pressing back against her each time she rubbed against me. I had finished my orgasm by the time she came, but it meant I could enjoy the view and really feel just how wet I now was (it was almost certainly mostly from Jen). I wanted Jen cum and then pulled her forwards onto me (which took a bit of disentangling of legs). I held on to her and kissed her while she panted away and then let her roll off me.

I could have happily gone for another round, but Jen looked beat and I was quite happy to curl up with her and kiss while we fell asleep.


When I woke up, Jen was curled up against me and I had my arm around her. Her head was on my shoulder and she had one of her legs over one of mine. I disturbed her while trying to find out the time and I was dismayed when I realised that it was fairly late. I’d hoped to kiss her awake and make her cum once more, but I really needed to get back to York and find out about my wonderful list of corrections (I was meant to be back last night so I could be in first thing today).

I felt rather sticky and knew that I must have stank of Jen’s juices. I had promised Mike that I would leave her juices on me (and if I hadn’t been going into work I would have), but I knew I needed to shower. Jen came with me and we washed each other down (without much fooling around). Nobody seemed surprised to see us enter or leave the shower stall together anymore. I knew that once I got back to York I would have to get straight back to work mode so I decided on one last bit of fun (plus I wanted to write up yesterday and today during the train ride). I put on a tartan skirt, black opaque knee tights and a pullover (with a t-shirt underneath). Jen put on a light shift-dress (a bit optimistic for this time of year) and went without any underwear. To try to leave at least a little trace of Jen for Mike, I got her to lie on the bed and rubbed my pussy against hers (and then rubbed her pussy against each of my thighs).

We had a quick breakfast in the kitchen (I’m sure they were confused that I was wearing clothes) and then headed off to the station. Other than a fairly passionate goodbye kiss, we didn’t do anything there and my train set off. I’ve spent the last hour and a bit writing up yesterday (and this entry) and I really wish I didn’t have to leave her. I can’t wait to see Mike again, but I wish that we could all live together (or at the very least, in the same place).

Jen apologised for all the things that she had made me do over the past week but I assured her that I’ve had an amazing week (probably the most sexual one of my life) and I’m now fairly certain that Jen realises that she is as much as part of my life as Mike. She’s also now done things to me that Mike hasn’t and I’m sure he’s going to want to catch up (when I’ve finished thesis). I think I’ll start planning what I’m going to make Jen do the next time she visits – she certainly owes me a lot now!

I can’t really resist playing with myself – after writing up all this, I need one last cum – although I guess I should save myself for my reunion with Mike... I know, I’ll compromise; I’ll play with myself and see how long I can be close to cumming for.

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