Monday, 31 May 2010

Long Jen Visit #2 - Part 10

It's a Bank Holiday here - I did a bit of work this morning though but at least I got to come home early. We had a good time out on Saturday night - it was fun to be able to relax with everyone and just have fun.

Onto the Sunday morning now...


I didn’t feel too good when I woke up this morning (well, it was just about still morning). I really should have drunk some water before going to bed last night, but as you’ve read, I was somewhat distracted by Jen.

Jen was in a bit of a better state and she took care of me – we went into the kitchen and she made me a nice breakfast (and I was allowed to wear a dressing gown). I didn’t feel 100%, but certainly felt a lot better by the time I had eaten it and drunk a gallon of orange juice. We went and had a shower to freshen up (which was much needed as we were both somewhat sticky from the sweat and pussy juices). I’m sure we must have smelt somewhat of sex, but hey – if I’m okay with Jen’s corridor getting glimpses of my pussy, then I don’t really mind them knowing that I get to have sex with her as well (and I think they might have already guessed that!)

We went back to Jen’s room and I wrote up last night’s escapades – during which time we obviously talked about what we’d seen at the club and how incredible it had been. Jen assured me that she hadn’t known we were going to get a sex show – her friends had just told her that it would be a fun evening and that the band would be good (neither of us can remember too much about their music!). We had a look at the Rock Bitch video where the singer fists someone on stage and even though I remember thinking it was pretty wild when I first saw it, it now seemed almost tame in comparison to last night’s show!

It took quite a while to get the entries written (we kept getting distracted and talking about things) so I ended up jotting down notes for the last entry and we decided to go out. Surprisingly, we hadn’t done anything during the blog writing and were even still wearing our gowns. I usually write up these posts naked (unless I’m doing it in my lunch break at work of course) as I almost invariably get at least a bit excited and want to be able to easily have a little play. I could certainly feel a tingling and as we disrobed to get changed, I decided that I wanted a little action before we went out.

I moved up behind Jen and cupped her breasts while I kissed her neck and she pressed her ass back against me. As much as I wanted to cum, I also wanted to have a nice gentle session with her and so we spent quite a while in this position while I played with her nipples until they were rock hard and very sensitive. Jen had reached her arms back and they were stroking the sides of my thighs and ass – sometimes pulling me harder against her. Eventually, we wanted to kiss properly so Jen turned to face me. We stayed like this for a little while, kissing and stroking each other’s back and ass. I then spread my legs to allow Jen to press herself against my thigh.I immediately felt how wet she was and when I commented on it, she just said that I usually didn’t mind going out covered in her juices so I pressed my leg against her harder to show that I didn’t mind then either. I then had a turn rubbing against her leg while we continued to kiss.

Playtime was now over and we were ready to move on to more serious things. Jen got me to sit up on her desk with my legs spread and she fingered my pussy and clit while she sucked on my nipples. I was ready to cum and gently held her head in place (but did allow her to switch nipples from time to time) – I kept encouraging her to continue and made sure she knew how I was feeling as my orgasm built up. I told her (mostly with a moan) when my orgasm started, and she did a good job of continuing to stimulate me without it being too intense. It was another nice deep orgasm that I could feel through my whole body and even the licking of my nipples felt like it contributed to the feelings.

When I had finished cumming, Jen stood up so we could kiss properly and then she removed her fingers from my pussy so we could lick them clean. I asked Jen if she wanted the same thing done to her and she just gave me a big smile and said “Yes please”. We swapped positions and I started to stroke around her pussy – fairly gently at first, but quickly applying more pressure and sliding my fingers between her lips. After a quick kiss on her lips (face lips), I lowered my head to her nipples and started to work on getting them as hard as they had been before.

I had two fingers inside her and was diddling her clit with my thumb, but knowing that Jen’s nips are considerably more sensitive than mine and yet that she still enjoys them being played with more forcefully, I put quite a bit of effort into playing with them. I alternated between kissing them, sucking hard on them, flicking them quickly with my tongue and then (at her request) biting them (gently). I didn’t stop working on her pussy, but I did put a lot of effort into her nipples and watched her orgasm build (or at least the bit of her chest that I could see get more and more flushed). As her mewing reached its peak, she came and I kept fingering and kissing her until her orgasm had passed.

I repeated what Jen had done after I had cum and kissed her then got her to help lick my fingers clean. Because we’d had a nice gentle session, we decided that we could just get dressed and go out after just quickly freshening up (or to be more precise, Jen wanted me to go out with my thigh covered in her juices). She chose me a dress that was wholly unsuitable for Sunday and we decided to go out for a rather late lunch.

We stopped off at Mel’s room – she answered the door in just a t-shirt and looked as bad as I had felt when I woke up. Her room smelt of sex and we couldn’t resist commenting about it and what a night she must have had. I found out that her date was called Zan (which turned out to be part of Suzanne and not that she was some kind of alien!). I asked if Mel was planning on seeing her again, but it was only a night of sex and I get the feeling that while they wouldn’t be against repeating it sometime, neither of them are looking for a relationship. I personally don’t understand this (okay – I get that having an orgasm is likely to feel good no matter who it is with, but I personally wouldn’t want to do things with someone I don’t love). (Hmm – apart from my group fuck fantasy – maybe I do understand it a bit more than I think...)

Anyway – hypocritical judgements aside – Mel was obviously in need of a shower and some food so we left her to recover and went out. We tried calling round to see if anyone else had surfaced and got a few people to come and join us. We didn’t go far – just to a little cafe for coffee and cake. I had to be quite careful when I sat down as my dress was rather short – it wasn’t as if it rode up to the extent that it really exposed me, but if I’d moved in a careless way it would have. We ended up with 5 people (including Jen and I) and we managed to get a table in the corner so we could talk about the previous night. One of the other girls had seen the ‘band’ perform before (she was the one who had suggested that everyone should go) – I thanked her for letting us know and got her to promise to tell me when they would be performing again (I’m pretty sure Mike would be interested to see them) – I somehow can’t see them getting a gig in the York scene though!

Jen leaned over and whispered to me that I should be a little less careful with how I was sitting. I thought initially that she meant that I was exposing myself already, but it turned out that she wanted me to give the person opposite me an opportunity to eye me up. I reminded her that my pussy was meant to be ‘for her and her alone’ but she pointed out that the guy was gay so it would be like a straight girl seeing me naked. I wasn’t quite convinced by her logic, but:

a) It was getting troublesome to keep ensuring that the dress didn’t ride up

b) I like the idea of people seeing me

c) I wanted to see if I could get any ‘response’ out of him

Jen said that she needed to go to the toilet so I joined her – she gave me a little stroke while we were there and got me to agree to be a bit less careful when I sat back down. I did as we had agreed and when we returned, I made it look as if I was holding my dress down as I sat, but I actually ensured that it was hiked up a fair bit (a bit more than I had intended as the hem was now just at the bottom of my pussy). I had two choices, I could either ‘notice’ that it was high and fix it – but then I would have to fix it properly or it would be obvious I was trying to stay semi-exposed, or I could leave it. I took a chance and went for the second option.

I tried to look casual and relax – letting my legs fall slightly open as we chatted. This probably gave a very clear view of my pussy to Ian (the guy sitting opposite). I continued to chat with everyone and only looked in his direction whenever he was talking or I was saying something to him and I pretended to be oblivious to my exposure. I pushed things even further by lifting a foot up onto the chair so I could hug my knee and this must have completely exposed me to him. Jen said that she certainly saw him looking, but she didn’t notice any bulge in his trousers – now I know that he is ‘properly gay’ (as opposed to some of the other men in the group who are bi), so I’m not too disappointed, but I’ve been told by a few gay friends that they often still find naked women arousing even if they aren’t interested in them, so I would have liked him to at least get a semi!

Anyway – even if Ian wasn’t interested, it was daring enough to get me nicely aroused and I knew that I had scored some more points with Jen so I wanted to head back home and play. We had all pretty much finished up anyway so we headed off and soon got home. Jen congratulated me for being so daring and I said that I wanted a reward to make up for it. She seemed to think this was fair and instead of leading me up to her room, we went straight down to the laundry.

It was now mid afternoon on Sunday – and a number of the machines were already on with a couple of people loading or unloading. We went around the corner to the row of machines at the back and one of them was already in use, but there was nobody there. I told Jen that I we couldn’t do anything at this time of day or we’d get caught, but she assured me that she would keep a lookout and promised me that she would let me know if anyone came along. I got her to promise this again and then gave in and wandered down to the machine that was already on (no point in wasting 50p!). Jen stood at the corner and pretended to be looking at things on her phone while she kept a watch. I climbed up onto the machine and started to play with myself – knowing that I would probably be able to cum fairly quickly.

It dawned on me that we should have probably set our own machine going as if the person who’s machine I was on, came back, they would see that we weren’t using one and would know something strange was happening (although probably wouldn’t have guessed what). This occurred to me a bit too late though as I was already getting into it. I was sitting half facing Jen – one leg dangling of the side of the machine and the other foot up on the machine so I could easily get to my pussy. Because I wanted a quick orgasm, I didn’t rely just on the vibrations to help me along so I alternated between fingering myself and rubbing my clit. I found it difficult to keep my balance, keep my eyes on Jen and fully enjoy the feeling, but things seemed to work out as we remained uninterrupted for long enough for me to cum.

I obviously didn’t make much noise as there were still people in the room (I didn’t know that there were, but I assumed correctly). There was only a little period where I really surrendered to the feelings completely and stopped paying attention to Jen, but as I’ve said, nobody came along so I was okay. I climbed down from the machine and asked Jen if she wanted a go, but she thought it was too risky (which led to me slapping her ass a few times for making me do it).

She said that there was something else she wanted to try and that we should head back upstairs...

Friday, 28 May 2010

Long Jen Visit #2 - Part 9

Hmm - I'm really nto doing well at keeping track of when I'm meant to post things - this should have gone out yesterday...

Oh well, another Friday night in working - at least we're going out tomorrow night so I'll be able to relax a bit and have some fun.

Back to the Saturday night - we'd just arrived back at Jen's place...


Mel was pretty much lost in her own little world of lust anyway so we could have probably got up to anything – but we refrained until we got back to Jen’s room. As soon as the door was closed, we pretty much tore each other’s clothes off and fell onto the bed. I didn’t really want to have to hold my orgasm back anymore (but still had to win) so I proposed that we should do exactly the same thing to each other and whoever came first would lose. Jen thought this was a good idea and we decided that the fairest way would be to share the short double ended dildo.

I reluctantly clambered off the bed and quickly dug it out. To make things more interesting, I squirted some tingle gel onto it and rubbed it over both ends. Jen lay back on the bed and i assumed the scissor position, before sliding the dildo into myself and then pushing forwards so it could enter her. Even without the gel, we were both so wet that it would have gone it easily and I pressed straight down so out cunts were touching. We wiggled against each other, getting as much friction on our clits as we could and managed to get a nice rocking motion going that felt really good.

We alternated between rubbing against each other like this and fucking the dildo properly between us so that our cunts slammed together. We weren’t very considerate towards Jen’s neighbours (we weren’t screaming or anything, but it was quite late). I loved the view I had of Jen – legs spread and the dildo buried in her as it slid in and out of my pussy. I told her in great detail what I could see and how I was going to continue to fuck her little cunt until she came and I would win. To her credit, she did try to hold back, but I have more experience here and I kept up the dirty talk as I watched her get more and more excited.

While we had pussies pressed together and we were rubbing against each other, Jen made a final valiant effort and got me to imagine that I had been the girl up on the stage, stripped naked, fingered, fucked, eaten and then fisted in front of everyone. It was a good attempt (and was a very enjoyable fantasy), but I still managed to hold back and started to slide up and down on the dildo once more. I knew that Jen was close to cumming and I wanted to make sure that I fucked her to orgasm. I kept telling her that I wanted to see her cum and kept going until it happened.

Jen was way beyond her cute mewing sounds and let out quite a guttural cry. I didn’t want to hold back any longer and slipped back into the fantasy of being on the stage and continued to pound on her. I could see that Jen was having quite a strong orgasm and wanted to join her but it took me a little longer to get there. She had finished by the time I came (but not by long) and was now whimpering as the dildo continued to assault her pussy. She let me carry on though and I felt my orgasm hit me as I slammed down onto her cunt.

I had been a bit worried that it might not be very strong as a number of times recently when I’ve held back for a while I then haven’t had that satisfying an orgasm. That wasn’t the case this time though – it was incredible. I really felt myself shake as the waves pulsed out through my body and I managed (for the first few anyway) to time the pumping on the dildo with the orgasm. Jen kept telling me to cum as hard as I could but I wasn’t really listening (she says I let out a series of moans, and ‘oh fuck’s’ ). My orgasm didn’t last too long (which is just as well as it was so strong) and I collapsed back on the bed.

Jen moved up (after pulling herself off the dildo) and lay on top of me so we could kiss. We were both covered in sweat again, but it felt so much nicer this time as our whole bodies could touch and slide against each other. We kissed fairly gently at first, but this changed as we began to recover. We were both glad that neither of us had been satisfied by just cumming once and we started to move properly against each other again. I told Jen that I wanted to claim my prize for winning the competition and that we should go and listen to what Mel was getting up to. Jen approved of this idea and jumped off me to get something to wear. I stopped her and said that my prize would be that we would both go out naked (I think it was something like 4am by this point so I wasn’t expecting anyone to be around).

To my surprise, Jen agreed quite quickly (I wonder if the fact that I was stroking her clit had anything to do with this?) and she opened the door and checked that the corridor was empty. We listened for a bit and couldn’t hear anyone coming so we propped the door open and crept out. Now given what I’ve been subjected to on my previous visits, this was nothing, but Jen was a bit more hesitant. In the end, I took her hand and we strode down to Mel’s room. As we approached, we could hear them inside moaning – not too noisily, but enough that it was clear they were enjoying themselves. We got to Mel’s door and knelt down to listen in. They didn’t say much to each other, but we imagined who was doing what to whom from the sounds.

I got Jen to kneel on all fours and started to finger her from behind. I was still surprised that she was going along with this, but it turns out that after a day of teasing, she is either a lot more adventurous or she just wants to cum so much, she doesn’t care! I ended up using two fingers in her pussy and rubbing her clit with my other hand. There was no teasing involved and I kept going until she came (which she did almost silently). After I had licked my fingers clean, I lay on the floor and told Jen to eat me. She gingerly lowered her mouth to mu pussy and started to lick and I reached down to hold her in place.

I knew that I really needed another strong orgasm or I would be too fidgety to sleep well and rocked my pussy back and forth over Jen’s face as she licked me. Given we were in the corridor, I was of course being quiet, but not completely silent. We heard a few noises and Jen tried to pull away but I really wanted to cum and held her face to me – the noises stopped and she went back to eating me. I’m sure it would have been an amazing view if someone had come out of a room behind Jen – her ass was up in the air and I know her pussy was quite pink and wet from my fingering. Nobody did come along though and she was able to keep licking me until I had another good orgasm. I was probably a bit louder than I should have been, but I thought that most people were asleep anyway and Mel and her date were otherwise engaged in their own games.

I was really enjoying the fact that I had Jen naked as well and suggested that we go to the kitchen to play a bit more, but she wasn’t brave enough to do that (ouch – I got a slap for writing that) so we just went back to her room. It was pretty late by this time and while I could have happily gone another full round, we went to bed and talked while we dozed off.

I actually woke up about an hour later and was feeling really horny again. I considered waking Jen up to do things (or at least climbing down between her legs and licking her awake), but she was sound asleep and looked really cute so I just decided to take care of myself. I didn’t do anything elaborate, I just reached one hand around under my ass so I could get two fingers into my pussy while I used the other hand on my clit. I had a direct, but gentle session and managed to cum without waking Jen up before falling asleep again.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Long Jen Visit #2 - Part 8

There was a noise behind us and we saw that the band was coming out onto stage – a big cheer went up and we quickly tried to move towards the stage. We only made it about halfway before we got stuck in the crowd, but the stage was raised up enough that we could see. As the band came out, there was a large cheer, but it took them about 5 minutes to get things ready. They went through the usual ‘How are you doing’, ‘Is everyone ready to rock’ rabble rousing stuff and then started to play. I didn’t know any of their stuff (and couldn’t understand a lot of the screaming), but I like a good bit of metal so quite enjoyed it. Their second song was about a couple fucking and pretty explicit (the bits I got anyway).

They went back to talking (screaming) to the crowd and I noticed during this that Mel was getting pretty frisky with another girl (I don’t think I know her name). The next song started and my attention was pulled away by a couple of girls on stage who were caressing each other’s breasts through their outfits. It was all done in a very exaggerated porn style and I wasn’t too interested until one of them pulled the top off the other. Her bra followed and a cheer went up – the teaser didn’t stop and massaged the naked breasts. The topless girl was facing out to the audience and the other girl was standing behind her – with very little showmanship, the skirt was torn away to reveal her panties. I was thinking that they were doing all of this far too quickly and should have dragged it out a bit longer, but as time went on I understood).

The almost naked girl had her panties rubbed very briefly before they were pulled off and her pussy rubbed and fingered. Now she certainly wasn’t the sort of girl I’m attracted to (but she did at least have her pussy shaved bald), but I was enjoying the show. The girl had her pussy fingered in the same sort of porn-style exaggerated way (all pumping and no clit action). In the middle of the next song, a table was brought out and she lay back on it. The still clothed girl bent down and ate her (I have no idea if she actually licked her or just pretended to), but the naked girl was acting as if she was enjoying it. They alternated between licking and fingering her (I could see that she was definitely being fingered).

I wanted to see her cum but the clothed girl pulled away and stood beside naked girl. I wondered what was going to happen and a muscular guy walked out just wearing a leather thong. I shouted to Jen to ask if he was actually going to fuck her (which turned out to be a stupid question as I couldn’t think of any other reason for him being there). He walked over to the girls and clothed girl knelt in front of him and started to caress his cock. He removed the thong and she immediately started to suck him. He had a reasonably large cock – probably not as large as the one we’d seen earlier in the night, but certainly not small. The naked girl was bucking her hips in the air and rubbing her own pussy and people started to shout ‘Fuck her, fuck her’.

He pulled out of clothed girl’s mouth and his cock was clearly wet with her saliva. He moved over to the naked girl who was holding herself open for him) and he pushed into her. Now I know I’ve seen Mike and Sue fuck, but this was something completely different – I was in a room packed full of people with sweat dripping off me and my cunt was aching for release.

The band was still playing (but I wasn’t paying any attention to them) and I watched the couple on stage fuck. The clothed girl had lifted her skirt and was fingering herself (in a way much more likely to make her cum than the way she had used on the other girl). When I turned to say something to Jen, I noticed that she had a hand cupping one of her breasts and pulling at it. I moved closer to her (well, not really closer, but to a more convenient angle) and slipped my hand onto her ass. She pressed back against it and I kneaded her ass as she danced. I hadn’t stopped paying attention to the fucking and it was getting quite hard – he had one of her legs lifted up over his shoulder so she was now half facing the crowd and we got a clear view of his cock slamming in and out of her.

She was doing the porn face, but she must have actually been feeling *something* real as he was really working her cunt and she was playing with her breasts. This carried on for a few minutes and then he pushed into her and stayed there. Despite how the show had been so far (or maybe *because* of it), I assumed that he hadn’t actually cum. He pulled out of her and the other girl knelt and sucked his cock while naked girl remained on the table. I found out later on (from some of our group who were closer to the front) that he had indeed cum in her as they had seen it leaking out while the guy was being sucked.

I was very impressed as I hadn’t been expecting to see a live sex show, but it actually got better... Naked girl was still lying on the table and one clothed girl had finished sucking the guy’s cock clean, she moved around and started to eat naked girl’s cunt again (complete with guy’s cum). I had actually expected the guy to fuck clothed girl from behind while she ate naked girl (it’s how I would have set up the show), but it went in a completely different direction. The singer mentioned something about Rock Bitch and I’ve seen the video online so I had a good idea of what I thought was about to happen (but wasn’t sure they would actually do it).

Clothed girl stood up and started to finger naked girl once more, who pulled her legs wide apart and held on to her heels. I told Jen that she was about to fist her (it was Mike I’d seen the video with so I didn’t know if Jen knew what was about to happen). We had a running commentary of how many fingers were being used until the point at which clothed girl pushed her whole hand into naked girl’s cunt and was clearly fist fucking her. Naked girl was either *really* feeling what was going on, or (more likely) was just doing the silly porn acting again, as she was thrashing around on the table. (Now I’ve never been fisted – I think a cucumber is probably the largest thing I’ve had in me – but if naked girl had really been enjoying it that much and not acting, then I wouldn’t mind giving it a try sometime!)

After naked girl had finished her (probably pretend or at least very overacted) massive orgasm, naked girl pulled her hand out and rubbed it over naked girl’s face. Clothed girl then left the stage (the guy had left at some point during the fisting but I hadn’t noticed). Naked girl remained on the table which was turned so that her cunt was facing us and she stayed there while the band finished up (another couple of songs). Again, I would have done it differently and would at the very least have had clothed girl remove her skirt and sit over naked girl’s face and had her cum or would have got the guy (or a few guys) to partially fuck one or both of them and then cum over them, but I’ll leave that for when I get the job as their manager :)

I had been really transfixed by the show – as I’ve said before, other than Mike and Sue, I haven’t really seen other people fucking in person before and this certainly beat what we’d seen in the rather dark back rooms earlier in the night. As people moved away from the stage, we had a bit more space and I turned to Jen and we kissed quite fiercely. It was obvious that she was feeling every bit as horny as I was and we held each other tight while hands went straight under skirts. Jen’s fingers found my pussy and I slipped my hand into the leg band of her panties and groped her ass. We were both slick with sweat and when I moved my hand between Jen’s legs, I found that her cunt was drenched with her juices.

I would have actually let Jen make me cum there and then with everyone watching and I’m pretty sure that I could have done the same thing to her (we were both well on the way and had fingers in each other by this point), but someone bumped into us and we nearly fell over. I think we both decided that we probably weren’t quite in the right place to finish things off (not that I imagine anyone would have said anything given what we’d just seen) and we went back to the bar got get a much needed drink. We found Lucy with some of the others by the bar and Jen made a comment about how Lucy had been playing with herself throughout the show (it turned out that she had only really been pressing against the front of her skirt, but I enjoyed the image anyway).

Lucy retorted by pointing out that we had looked like dogs on heat and that she thought we had been going to fuck in the middle of the room. I slipped my arm around her waist and held on to her exposed thigh. She was as sweaty as we were and so didn’t notice that my hand was wet with Jen’s juices – I caressed her thigh (not in a really obvious way – just sort of squeezing and pulling her towards me a few times while I continued to smear Jen’s juices over her.

A group of us took a trip to the toilets to (try to) freshen up a bit. After splashing some cold water on I felt a bit less frazzled and we went back out to dance for a while. A number of people were making out while dancing so we did too. I got to have a good grope of Lucy’s breasts which she seemed to enjoy. Our toilet break had allowed Jen and I to calm down a bit, but the dancing (and fondling) was getting us going again. We considered heading into one of the smaller rooms and getting a bit more serious, but I was still determined to not lose the game and while it would have been fun to let her make me cum in front of many people (and do the same to her), it wasn’t really suited for teasing without orgasm.

We decided that we really needed to leave (especially if we were going to have any energy left to do things properly). We told the people we could see around us and a few of them said that they would come with us but most of them stayed on. Lucy came (for the short bit of the walk that we went in the same direction) and Mel came with the girl that she had pulled (or had pulled Mel – it wasn’t really clear!). It was quite chilly out – especially as our outfits were all rather damp with sweat, so we didn’t dawdle while walking back. There was a bit of fondling though (from both couples). When we got back to Jen’s halls, I got a better look at Mel’s girl – she had a number of piercings and a tongue stud (which I understand is meant to feel really good for the other person, but I can’t imagine wanting to have a hole in my tongue).

Jen fondled me as we went upstairs and Mel and her date (I’ll find out her name when Mel surfaces) were doing similar things. I thought this was somewhat unfair as I knew Jen didn’t really want me to do things to her in front of her friends (outside of the club anyway), but it was only baby fondling – nothing too serious so I wasn’t getting any more turned on than I already was.


I can’t believe that I made this part of the night into such a short post – on the way home I remember thinking that I would be able to write pages and pages about this, but it was just so intense that I can’t really find the right way to describe it all. Next post will be the continuation of the night (what was left of it) and our eventual orgasms (I don’t think I’ve really given much away that you couldn’t have figured out there!)

Friday, 21 May 2010

Long Jen Visit #2 - Part 7

Hmm - I think I thought it was Thursday when I posted on Wednesday... I'm still rather wrapped up in thesis writing (hence why I'm in on a Friday night). I did at least pop out for a drink with people after work before coming home to carry on (working, not drinking).

Back to my Saturday night - and my trip to the club...


Wow, last night was amazing– but I’ll get to that soon – we need to finish off the evening part first...

We got back to Jen’s room and ate dinner naked (we were going to get changed anyway and we were still playing our game of teasing each other). I had hoped to finally make Jen cum, but she got in first and suggested that we look at some of the pictures of Pavlina/Lucy to get us in the mood for the club. We lay on the bed and flicked through some of the pictures and Jen got me to imagine what it would be like to entice Lucy into bed with us and describe it to her. While I was doing this, she was fingering me and then started to kiss my neck as well. While it felt nice, I wasn’t going to go quietly and pulled out an egg from the drawer to use on her. With a bit of wriggling around, we got into position and worked on each other. I clearly had the advantage as the egg works much quicker than fingers and Jen ended up bucking her hips away from the egg and telling me to stop.

I teased her a bit about how easy it was to make her (nearly) cum and she stopped fingering me and started to suck hard on my clit. I was close enough that I had to stop her quickly (but didn’t want to). I remember wondering if I should attack her again and just not stop when she said as I really wanted to find out what kind of orgasm our days teasing would lead to her (and me) having. It was Jen who suggested that we probably should cum before we go out and while this seemed like a wonderful idea, I really didn’t want to lose, so I said that I would happily make her cum, but she had to cum first so I would win. In hindsight, I could have phrased it differently so that it meant the same thing, but didn’t bring out her competitive streak as well – but Jen refused and said that in that case, she was quite happy for us to continue while we went out.

We agreed that the game would continue and I don’t think I hid my disappointment very well, but then again, neither did she! We agreed that we certainly needed to shower – if we had smelt of sex before our latest session, we would have been reeking of it by then. We decided on a truce so that we could appear (relatively) normal by the time we met up with people and went over to shower. Jen claimed that because we were having a truce, that the normal ‘rules’ for the week applied and that she was in charge again so I had to go to the shower wearing just a bra and a pair of panties. In my heightened state of arousal, this seemed like quite an appealing idea and I didn’t put up any resistance. Jen chose the lacy set (which while it technically covers me, certainly shows enough to more than hint at what is covered).

Nevertheless, I put them on and we walked down the hall to the bathroom. There was nobody in the hall, but a couple of people were waiting to shower before heading out themselves so I had to stand there with them. Obviously the girls weren’t too interested (which was a pity as one of them was very cute), but I noticed that a couple of the guys ended up holding their towels to cover their cocks. Now I’m not quite vain enough to think that it was all due to me (I was standing next to Jen after all), but I think a couple of them may have been looking closely enough to notice that my nipples got quite hard (I could also feel my pussy getting very wet and tingly, but not being able to get as wet as Jen, that probably didn’t show).

When we got into the shower (and there was someone queued up behind us by then so he saw us go in together), Jen whispered that she hadn’t quite intended to show me off that much. I told her that I didn’t mind, slipped off my panties and guided her fingers to my pussy to show her what it had done). She gave me a grin and said that the truce was over and pushed her fingers up into me. I let out a moan that was probably a bit too loud given how busy the room was – but there were three showers running, so I don’t know if anyone heard. I told her that was fine and started to rub her pussy as well (which was still fairly moist from our earlier games). Jen held me really close to her and kept whispering in my ear how she was going to make me cum and I really wanted to, but still managed to tell her to stop at the last minute. Despite my earlier confidence, Jen seemed to be more in control than I was and I really wanted to change that so I got her to lean forwards so she was leaning on the bench and ate her from behind. While I licked around bother her cunt and ass, I furiously rubbed her clit. Once I thought she was starting to get close, I slowed right down so that I could keep her close enough to cumming that it would get to her, but not so close that she told me to stop.

This worked fairly well for a good few minutes until she finally pulled away and sat down, panting. While she got her breath back, I showered and then when she joined me, I helped wash her down and then did her hair. We dried each other off and I found out that Jen hadn’t brought a towel big enough for me to cover myself but she said that I could wear the underwear back to her room. It turned out that I could have walked back naked as there was nobody (waiting) in the bathroom or in the hallway. We had a rest for a bit (after calling another truce) and while we didn’t try to make each other cum, we did kiss and make out a bit before dozing off.

Jen’s phone woke us up – Mel was calling to say that they had finished dinner earlier than expected and were heading to a bar (other than the one we were planning to meet in) and asked if we wanted to join them. Jen told her that I was currently naked on her bed (omitting the fact that she was in the same state), but that we would get ready and try to get there to meet them. I was actually a bit groggy, but as Jen sorted out my outfit for the evening, I came to. Jen pulled two similar (but not matching – we’re not quite *that* couple!) outfits from the cupboard. They weren’t goth outfits, but black was certainly a common theme. Low cut tops, a black bra (for me – none for Jen) black skirts and long black socks (more like stockings as they came to the top of our thighs). There were also black panties (which Jen thought we would need as we would be dancing).

As I got dressed, I asked Jen how much all this had cost and she assured me that it wasn’t a problem. After I had pressed her a bit more on the subject, she told me that Mike had helped her buy some things (with money, not actually in person – although he had given opinions on a few items). I hadn’t realised that this had been going on and suspect that I know what his motives are, but I’ll wait until I’ve talked to him properly about it.

I think that we actually looked quite good in the outfits. The tops were actually really low cut and my bra was quite visible, but Jen looked way hotter as it was clear that she wasn’t wearing one. The outfits were finished off with black boots (not with massive heels). Now I know that I often say how good I think Jen looks, but the outfit paired with the way I was feeling was enough for me to want to have her there and then. I pressed her up against the wall and we kissed while I fingered her through her panties. I wasn’t aiming to try to make her cum, just to get her juices flowing enough to make her panties a bit wet (which isn’t too difficult with Jen).

Once I’d achieved this (and maybe snuck a finger into her pussy so I could taste her), we set off. Ironically, we had to go past our final destination to get to the new place we were meeting people (so we could have spent longer playing – or sleeping). We found the others and ordered drinks while we shouted at each other. Unfortunately, Lucy wasn’t there so I chatted to the other people (not that I don’t like them, but they just aren’t Lucy). Our outfits were admired, but we saw that there were some much riskier outfits hidden under coats. Jen and I considered having another drink to try to catch up, but decided against it and we all wandered back to the club.

Thanks to our connections, we got in quickly and headed over to the bar. While we waited to be served (which of course involved being crushed), I had a look around and saw that there was now a stage and was interrupted when I felt a hand cupping my ass. I quickly checked that it was Jen (it was) and relaxed. We were in such a tight crowd that I didn’t even worry when she lifted my skirt and started rubbing my panties. There wasn’t enough room for her to do any more than that, but I enjoyed it until I saw an opening and stepped up to the bar – we got our drinks and moved to a less crowded spot. I now got to properly see what some of the others were wearing and realised that I might not be as adventurous as I thought.

We were all in black, but some of the girls had tops that really put their breasts on show and only just covered their nipples (I seriously wondered how they were going to dance without bits falling out). Other people had skirts on that may as well not have been there – and then wearing a thong so that most of their ass was visible. Not everyone was dressed like that, and looking around I saw that our group wasn’t unusual. There were even a few people around who weren’t in black (but they were in the minority).

The rest of our group (including Lucy) filtered in over the next half hour or so and had a similar mix of outfits. A number of them had clearly started much earlier than we had and a few were very drunk. Lucy (who wasn’t too drunk, but getting there, had a very high cut skirt on that showed off a good part of her left hip and I certainly appreciated the view. We drank a bit and danced around (for some definition of dancing) and Jen then pointed out a couple making out in the corner. We kept an eye on them and managed to see that the guy obviously had his hand up under the girl’s skirt and was probably fingering her. She was rubbing the front of his trousers and they then disappeared off somewhere (we assumed to finish things off properly). I told Jen that I had been expecting a bit more and after she spoke with some of the others, a group of us wandered into the series of little rooms at the side of the club.

When I say ‘little’, each room had probably about 20 or so people in it. There were quite a few couples making out (far fewer gay couples than I remembered the previous time). Most of them were kissing and fondling through clothes, but we eventually found a few more ‘interesting’ people. A man was sitting on the bench and the girl was half-lying on it – across his lap. They were kissing and his hand was between her legs. While it was too dark to really see much, her dress was pulled the whole way up and her legs were spread wide and his fingers were pumping in and out of her. We watched from the sidelines (we certainly weren’t the only ones watching) and I was in awe at how little the girl seemed to care who saw (or too drunk to care I guess).

Jen hugged me and pointed to a couple of girls on the other side of the room – they weren’t going as far, but one of them had her top pulled down far enough to let the other suck on her nipples. I took the opportunity to wrap my arm around Lucy’s waist and pointed the other couple out to her. We stayed with our arms around each other while we watched both the displays (the fingering was more interesting) and I felt Jen’s arm drop down and her hand move to my ass. Lucy had moved slightly to allow Jen’s hand to move and as I moved my arm back around her, I let it move down to her thigh and gently brushed my fingers against her exposed thigh. Jen’s hand was now under my skirt and kneading my panties. I told Lucy that I couldn’t believe what we were looking at and she told me that they’ve seen a lot worse (and then added ‘or better’ with a grin that reminded me of Jen’s wicked smile).

Jen’s hand had migrated between my ass cheeks and she was now rubbing her fingers over my pussy (still through my panties). Between the rubbing and watching the couple fingering (and after the day of teasing), I was feeling very fidgety – I was nowhere near cumming, but would have loved to be able to do more. Jen then said that we should go see if there was anything else interesting happening. I protested (we hadn’t see the girl cum yet), but Jen said that the real show would be starting soon and we should look around properly beforehand. There wasn’t much in the next few rooms, but we eventually found a guy who was being given a handjob. He had a reasonably large cock (we’re not talking porn-star sized monster cock, but certainly large enough). The other guy alternated between kissing (and wanking) him and then sucking him off.

I’m pretty sure that this was the first time I’d ever seen (in person) something like this happening (discounting Sue doing things with Mike). Jen saw that I was rather intrigued and cupped my pussy asking if I would like a nice bit of cock. Now that I know Lucy a bit better, I wasn’t too embarrassed to reply and just said that I could get cock at home – the purpose of my trip was to get pussy. I slid a hand under Jen’s skirt (out of sight of Lucy I think) and rubbed her panties. I considered pretending to do the same to Lucy, but wasn’t sure how she would take it and so managed to resist the urge.

Lucy seemed fairly drunk and started a conversation about how on earth a cock that size could fit into someone’s ass. I whispered to her (well, shouted, but in a whispery way), that as long as it’d done gently at first, you can get a reasonable sized one in. She replied with something like ‘Oh yeah, as if you’d know’ and I assured her that Mike had indeed fucked my ass a number of times. Jen had been playing with my pussy while we had been talking about this and just before we moved onto see if we could find people doing anything else, she pulled the crotch of my panties aside and pushed her fingers into me. She didn’t do much with the situation, but it felt nice and I had a feeling that I was going to lose our game in the not too distant future.

We continued to hunt round for other couples making out or at various stages of having sex, but didn’t find anything else apart from another couple with the girl being fondled/fingered under her dress (and out of sight). We went back to get some more drinks and after another crush at the bar (at which point I took the opportunity to fondle Jen). We found some of the others who were resting after having been dancing. They looked somewhat sweaty (but they had been enjoying themselves) and we shouted at each other for a bit.

Still got the best part of the night to go (no, we didn’t get to sleep th Lucy!), but this is long enough for a single entry...

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Long Jen Visit # 2 - Part 6

Oops - I forgot to post this entry earlier in the week. I apologise if I'm not replying to emails and comments but I'm working my way through the next batch of work on thesis...


We wok up fairly late on Saturday morning – we had a quick trip to the bathroom to brush teeth and relieve ourselves before returning to bed for a lazy morning (or at least what was left of it). When we got back into bed (naked again of course), we lay facing each other and talked about plans for the future (not long-term deep stuff, just for the next few months). We got distracted by plans for the holiday (mostly involving Lis, but we threw a few fantasies about Holly and Jo in just for good measure) and started touching and teasing each other.

I told Jen that I wanted Mike to listen in to us (I was feeling a bit guilty as I hadn’t called him last night) and so got him on the phone. I told him that we were lying naked in bed and asked if he wanted to join in what we were about to do (which of course, he did). We used the usual method of putting the speakerphone on and describing what was going on as we did things to each other. Mike would chime in with suggestions (that we generally followed). We started off with Jen eating me out and then switched places. Jen gave a very good performance for him (which he appreciated as she doesn’t always let him listen to her cumming).

He suggested that we spend the rest of day teasing each other (which is something that he and I had planned to do – and I’m sure that we still will at some point). When we (Mike and I) had discussed it, we had come up with an initial set of rules, but hadn’t finalised them. We explained to Jen that the winner is the last person to cum and that you can do whatever you want to the other person, but as soon as they say stop, you have to stop (so you can’t just hold them down and make them cum). To make it more interesting, you aren’t meant to stop the other person from doing things unless you are just about to cum (we hadn’t quite figured out how to build this into the winning – maybe you get points when you get close to cumming but then hold back). You aren’t allowed to pull away from having something done without it counting as a ‘stop’ (and you would therefore lose points if you did it too early). Once you have said ‘stop’ you are then ‘safe’ for a period of time (we hadn’t decided but settled on 2 minutes between us).

Jen and I decided that we would give it a try and agreed that we would try to keep each other as close to cumming for as long as possible (or at least until one of us couldn’t take it anymore and had to cum). The other rule we decided on was that all this would happen while whatever else we had planned was happening (Mike and I had also discussed the more intense version where we spend the whole time indoors so the teasing can be much more intense which I think is what I will end up doing with him).

We headed off to get breakfast with me in my t-shirt and Jen in her gown and the teasing started as soon as we got out into the hall. There was nobody around so Jen slipped a hand under my shirt and started to fondle me – of course, I now had the freedom to respond and did the same thing to her. Even though she was still covered by her gown, being fingered in ‘public’ made Jen nervous and she didn’t keep going for as long as she would have if she had just been doing things to me. We headed into the kitchen and had breakfast – with one more bout of teasing when we were alone. I had fully intended to try eating her in the kitchen while she was washing up, but other people were in the room at the time. We then went to shower and get ready for the day and things started up properly – as soon as we were in the stall, we both started kissing and fingering each other.

I dropped to the floor first and buried my face in Jen’s pussy – she obviously couldn’t reach me to do anything so I had time to get her going. I ended up using a finger in her cunt and sucking on her clit. I knew that this would really get her going and could soon see her chest and face beginning to flush. I thought that I was actually going to win but she told me to stop and pulled away from me. While I would have liked to win, I would have been rather disappointed if it had been over so quickly so when Jen told me to stand against the wall, I eagerly did as she asked.

She knelt in front of me and started to eat me out – I felt a finger brush against my ass and then press into me. She alternated between licking inside my pussy and fingering it while she sucked my clit and I allowed myself to really enjoy it. I was fairly confident that after the years of teasing I’ve endured from Mike (and what a hardship it’s been!). When I got close to cumming, I told her to stop and just enjoyed the tingling sensation that I had inside. When Jen stood up, I wrapped my arms around her from behind and started to play with her nipples. After I’d given them a few tweaks, I dropped a hand to her pussy and started to play with her clit.

Jen was still quiet sensitive from my earlier licking (which is the whole point of the game), so it took much less time to get her close to orgasm. She managed to resist once more and told me to stop and immediately turned on me. I was pushed up against the wall and had two fingers pushed deep into my cunt. Jen roughly fingered me (not so it hurt, but still quite forcefully). I was moaning with pleasure and then we heard the door open and someone else come into the bathroom. I stifled my moans and Jen dropped to her knees again and started to lick deep inside me. I was very sensitive by this point and quite close to cumming, but was confident I could hold back so didn’t stop her. I enjoyed her ministrations for a bit longer and then when I knew I was getting too close I waited for her to move her mouth away from my pussy and quickly started to pee.

Jen hadn’t been expecting this - it hit her square in the chest and she let out a little yelp. I kept going and she started to rub my clit with one hand and finger me with the other. It was fairly messy, but Jen seems to really like that (as you may have gathered) so I wasn’t worried. The new arrival in the bathroom had their shower on by this point so we could quietly talk to each other and Jen told me that I wouldn’t be able to resist cumming this time. My original intention had been to distract her and buy me some time, but I was beginning to see what she meant – between the peeing, fingering and attention to my clit, my orgasm was actually approaching faster than before. In the end, I had to admit defeat and tell her to stop (and only just in time too as I was *really* close).

We decided to call a truce and started to shower – the truce didn’t last too long and there was a fair bit of fondling during the shower, but nothing that pushed either of us too far. I had to walk back to Jen’s room using a towel to cover myself that wasn’t quite long enough. With a bit of careful positioning, I managed to cover my breasts and just about my pussy – I probably only agreed to it because of how horny I was now feeling and when we stepped out into the corridor there was a group of people approaching us. It was too late to try to hide so I just casually walked past them – I don’t know how much they could really see, but I imagine that they might have got a glimpse of my rather flushed pussy.

We got back to Jen’s room and I intended to make her pay – I pulled her towel off and pushed her onto the bed. Before she could do anything, I started to eat her while reaching up to play with her nipples. I did this for a bit and then Jen told me to lie on top of her and I let her scooch round so we could 69. We licked away at each other and between mouthfuls we described how much we were going to tease the other one throughout the day and how much they would want to cum. Jen told me to stop first (but I had started on her first). She kept licking me and I thought about lots of boring things so I didn’t get too turned on.

I could see her clock and as soon as the 2 minute safe period was up, I attacked her cunt again. She really hadn’t come down much this time and was writing about under me in no time. I actually managed to get another ‘stop’ out of her before I too had to pull away and we lay there panting, horny (and unsatisfied). We called another truce and after cleaning up, got ready to go out. We decided that neither of us could have panties on (as if i would have anyway) and both wore short(ish) skirts to allow easy access and long socks (it is still relatively cold here, but in hindsight, we could probably have got away without them).

We headed out and wandered along to the shops – there weren’t many opportunities on the way to do anything more than a quick grope so as soon as we got to the first shop that we wanted to look in, we grabbed a few items and ducked into the changing rooms. I will forever be grateful for the fact that shop assistants haven’t yet figured out that two girls might be fooling around in the changing rooms and we never have any problems going in together ‘so that we can say how the clothes look on’. Jen sat on the little bench and I ate her to (near) orgasm – popping out in the middle to get more clothes to pretend to try on so she could do the same to me.

We then went for a light lunch and Jen had me sit so that my pussy was potentially on display (never a good thing for an exhibitionist who is feeling ultra horny). I’m always careful when doing this as I don’t want any kids to see anything they shouldn’t, but that makes it even more difficult as you have to pay attention while not making it obvious and subtly open and close legs slightly depending on who is present. Even though we obviously weren’t touching each other, we continued the teasing by describing things that we would do later on. I think the people at the closest tables might have overheard the occasional word, but probably not enough to be sure what we were talking about.

We managed changing room sessions in another two shops (each of us nearly cumming in each shop). I was now really turned on and was finding it a lot harder to tell Jen to stop – in the first shop I nearly let her finish me off, but I knew that if she won, I wouldn’t hear the end of it. Jen seemed to be holding up much better than I was (but she has since told me that she was in just as bad a state). We then went for a coffee and once again I had to sit so I was partially exposed, but at least this time I managed to get her to give a couple of guys a flash as well.

We had to pick up some food for dinner before we headed home (we didn’t think it would be a good idea to go out drinking on an empty stomach). As we got near to Jen’s halls, we bumped into Mel and a couple of the other people we are heading out with later on. We had a quick chat and they invited us out for food with them but given we had already bought dinner we decided to just meet up as planned later. Mel whispered something to Jen (who has now told me that Mel had asked what we had been doing as we smelt of sex).

I had to change into my t-shirt and join Jen in the kitchen while she made dinner. I’m currently sitting at the table with my legs spread a bit more than is really decent with my pussy tingling away. I’ve got laptop with me and have written up today (so far) and we’re going to head back to Jen’s room to eat. I’m going to have another go at Jen and see if I can make her cum and then we’re going to have a rest and get ready to go out.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Long Jen Visit #2 - Part 5

The fresh air on the way home had somewhat increased the effect of the cocktail on me and I was feeling more drunk that I thought I should be (I guess that we’d had a bottle of wine between us and then a strong cocktail – and I haven’t been drinking much recently). We got up to the roof and I felt that I was pretty much up for anything. Jen seemed to be in the same sort of mood and we were soon fondling and kissing each other. The fact that we were both completely naked under our dresses certainly added to the excitement and we took advantage of the easy access this granted. The dresses were pulled up and we ground against each other – I could feel how wet Jen was and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t too far behind.

I ended up pulling the top of Jen’s dress down so I could get to her nipples and I spent a fair while licking and sucking on them – watching and listening to Jen getting more worked up as I lapped away. While I was doing this, she had pulled my dress up so she could play with my breasts and I decided that given I was mostly exposed anyway, I may as well take it off. I looked around (which was a bit pointless as if anyone had been there they would have already seen me) and then pulled it off over my head.

I went back to sucking Jen’s nipples (as she seemed to be enjoying it) and then got her to lift her dress so I could also rub her pussy. Given she had her dress now just covering her stomach, I hoped that she would remove it, but she said that she didn’t want me to stop (which I thought was a poor excuse). It was obvious that she was getting close to cumming though so I didn’t push it too much and concentrated on getting her off.

Aside: I’ve known for quite a while that Jen’s nipples are very sensitive, but I’ve been noticing recently that they seem to get even more sensitive if I play with them for a long time. We can’t recall a time that I’ve managed to make her cum with just nipple play, but it’s something that we intend to try at some point.

So I kept licking, sucking and biting them while I fingered her and I was soon rewarded with what appeared to be quiet a strong orgasm. In a most un-Jen like manner, she didn’t do her usual mewing but had a ‘Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck’ orgasm which culminated with a long ‘unggghhhh’. Jen stood there panting and I felt very pleased with myself for having done a good job, but now even more horny than I had been before. Unfortunately, I had done a bit *too* good a job and Jen needed time to recover. I was a bit impatient and was kissing her and trying to get her to finger me – I ended up humping against her leg while I told her to hurry up and start doing things.

After a little while, Jen had got her breath back and told me that I wasn’t the one who was in charge and if she told me to wait then I had to wait. I’ve had a few emails from my last visit questioning why I let Jen be so mean to me – I’m sure that if I had *really* not wanted to do something then she wouldn’t have forced me and when she told me that I had to wait, she did it with a wicked grin on her face, so I was fairly certain that she wasn’t going to tease me for long. She said that I would need to be punished while I got my reward for making her cum and led me to the edge of the roof.

We were on the edge facing out to the street, but it was fairly late so it wasn’t as busy as usual (and we were 6 floors up). Jen got me to lean against the railings and lift up a leg so my pussy was really exposed. She knelt down and started kissing me there, around the lips, sometimes on the clit and sometimes just on the mons or my thigh. As I had hoped, she didn’t spend long teasing and soon started to lick my clit and push her tongue into me. She didn’t keep doing this for too long though and said that she wanted to fuck me properly.

I had to turn around (so I was now facing out) and Jen went to our bag of toys and returned with the long dildo. I felt her briefly rub it against my cunt and then she slid it straight in (as you can guess, I was pretty wet so this wasn’t a problem). As soon as Jen did this, I started to think about numerous anime things that I’ve seen where a girl (usually a very cute girl in a school uniform) is being fucked on the roof of her school while up against the fence in a similar position to the one I was in. I tried to describe this to Jen (who hasn’t seen as much of the anime porn) and she said that I should just imagine the whole school looking up at me watching me cum.

Not that I needed any help, but this image certainly helped anyway – Jen continued to pump the dildo into my cunt and pressed a finger up against my ass. She told me to rub my clit, which meant that I couldn’t hold myself up properly so I ended up with my upper body pressed against the fence and my breasts squashed around the (very cold) metal bars. The whole situation felt delicious and I knew I couldn’t hold back much longer (well, I possibly could have, but I didn’t want to) and I asked Jen to push harder. She got me to ask properly and tell her what I really wanted so I went along the lines of “Please fuck my cunt harder with the dildo, slam it into me and make me cum...”. This was enough for Jen and was soon enough for me as well.

I could actually see people walking past as I came and was pretty much in full view of them (if a little small due to our height). I had to control myself so I didn’t cry out too loud and attract their attention, but I made enough noise to keep Jen happy (the traffic was probably loud enough that I could have made much more safely, but I didn’t think of that at the time). As good as my orgasm felt, it wasn’t very satisfying and I wanted a bit more. I had intended to share the dildo with Jen (and possibly switch positions with her so I could fuck her up against the fence), but I had made it a bit wetter than I had expected and I ended up dropping it when I tried to take it off Jen.

I was a bit disappointed, but it was getting a bit cold anyway so we decided to go back inside. Jen straightened up her dress (which ended up involving her sliding it off to put back on again) and I retrieved my dress and put it back on. We started to head back down to her room and I made it pretty clear that I wanted to continue our games. Jen asked how much I wanted to cum and I told her that I would let her do anything she wanted (it’s a good job I trust her). She told me to kneel on the stairs and when I was in position, she ate me from behind. We were on the back stairs so there was nobody around, but it was a properly lit hall. Jen didn’t finish things off though and told me to follow her.

I was desperate now and I’ll admit that I began to worry that she was trying to get me ultra-horny so that she could get me to do something really daring. It turned out that I didn’t have to worry though as we got back to her room and she said that we should go and play in the laundry room again (which is still quite risky – especially given I got caught last time, but once I’ve done something, it doesn’t seem such a big deal). I think the problem is that the things I find the most exciting are always pushing the boundary – not that Mike or Jen seem to think that it’s a problem!

So we got the stick on dildo (given the whole point of buying it was to use on my washing machine at home) and headed down to the laundry room in the basement. As expected for a Friday night (quote late by this point), there was nobody in there and none of the machines were on. We went to the back of the room (to the same place we’d used previously) and Jen said that she wanted to go first. She kept her dress on and when I said that she was cheating, she told me that I had to remove mine and put it in one of the washing machines (not turned on – just so it was out of reach). I didn’t really care by this point so did as she asked and watched her stick the dildo to the top of the machine and turn the machine on.

We hadn’t realised last time that you could set the machine straight to spin (to avoid waiting 30 minutes for the wash cycle to finish). Jen had since found this out and did so. She climbed up and crouched over the vibrating dildo. I helped her guide it into her pussy and she said that it didn’t feel bad, but she wasn’t too keen on the way it transferred the vibrations into her pussy. I was quite surprised at this as I had really enjoyed it when I had used it back in York, and I was looking forwards to finding out what it would be like on the more powerful machine.

Undeterred, we tried a few other things and Jen found that she really enjoyed squatting over the dildo and pressing against it so it vibrated against her clit. Jen wanted to try something else to actually cum though and sat on the edge of the machine with her feet up on either side of her (her favourite way to really expose herself). She held her dress up out of the way and got me to crouch in front of her and lick her. This felt very strange as instead of me having to move my tongue to stimulate her clit, I had to pretty much just hold still and let her body vibrate under me. Of course I didn’t just let the machine do all the work and I licked around and inside her pussy (not wanting to miss a chance to taste her).

Jen told me when she was getting close (she knew I wouldn’t be able to listen for her usual sounds over the machine) and I attached my mouth over her clit once more. I pressed my tongue against her clit as hard as I could and felt the vibrations of the machine moving her and bringing her off. I could tell it was another strong orgasm as she held my head against her pussy really hard and was almost thrusting against me. When she had finished, she wouldn’t even let me do my gently licking to nicely bring her down as she said that she was now too sensitive.

I still really wanted to feel what the dildo would be like on the bigger washing machine and so as soon as Jen had got down, I climbed up. I ensured it was still firmly attached (it sticks to the metal top of the machine a lot better than the plastic top on our machine at home) and then crouched over it. Jen told me that given I hadn’t kept a watch out for her that she wouldn’t be doing it for me either but I was feeling far too horny to care if anyone saw. I tried to let the dildo slide into me slowly and smoothly – and I managed to take a minute or so to get it the whole way in, but not quite as smoothly as I had imagined (you try balancing on top of a spinning machine).

I could tell that I was going to enjoy it almost straight away – I couldn’t see why Jen hadn’t thought it felt nice at all. The machine was spinning away at 1500rpm and it felt like I could feel every one of those 25 vibrations a second the whole way in me. It was even better when I sat down hard on the dildo so the balls were pressing against my clit. Jen got me to try to describe how it felt and I did my best, but ‘wonderful’ was pretty much the only way to sum it up properly. I had been imagining this for a while and I’m glad to say that I wasn’t disappointed. I really let myself go and let the sensations fill me. It felt so good that I actually wanted my previous audience to come back to complain about the noise so I could show off (but we managed this session with just the two of us).

I was fairly loud during the build up and my orgasm and Jen said that it even *looked* quite intense. Jen had stayed back so she could watch the door (and I’m sure she would have hidden just like last time if anyone had come in). I would have really liked her to lick my clit as I had done for her (and she has promised that we’re going to go back another night and she will lick me). I had to settle for fingering my clit – my body wasn’t really being vibrated given I was crouching on the machine, so it was a very different feeling that last time, but it’s not one I will forget in a hurry. (I think we need to buy a really powerful washing machine for home!)

I couldn’t keep the dildo in me once I had cum as it was just way too intense and ended up just sitting on the machine. This meant that I could then use the ‘self-vibrating clit’ trick (which oddly didn’t feel as intense). Even so, I could only do that for a short time before I had really had enough and had to stop completely. I climbed down, detached the dildo and retrieved my dress from the machine it was hidden in (I’m actually surprised that Jen hadn’t moved it while I was ‘distracted’. She says that if she had thought of doing it, she would – and then either made me hunt for it or just make me return to her room naked.

I didn’t have to do either of those things though and we returned to her room with us both feeling quite satisfied. I think I had managed to turn Jen on enough that if I had tried, I could have got her to go for another round of something – but for once I was completely spent and I don’t think I could have managed anything worthwhile so we went straight to bed. We chatted and fell asleep with Jen spooned up against my back, gently playing with my nipples and kissing the back of my neck (it’s the front that is really sensitive, so while it felt very sensual, it wasn’t meant to get me aroused).

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Long Jen Visit #2 - Part 4

On to Friday evening now... Unfortunately I'm back in York now (have been for a little while), but Jen should be coming to join us soon (and the revenge will start!)


We got back to Jen’s place, freshened up and I lay on the bed writing up the earlier part of the day while Jen looked up a few things on the computer. I was still naked as Jen hadn’t yet told me what I was going to be wearing (Jen was dressed though) and there was a knock on the door. I pulled the covers over me and Jen answered it and let Mel in to the room. Even though I was sort of covered, it was obvious that I was (at the very least mostly) naked and Mel made a comment about me never being fully dressed. I had to hide what I was working on (Mel finding out that we used some of her food to fuck with would probably be a bad thing) – but by hiding it, Mel instantly assumed that I had been looking at dodgy pictures and started to tease me about them. In the end, I said that I would show her and pulled up some of my favourite pics (another advantage to having a porn cache on my laptop!).

She tried to convince us to go out somewhere with her but we told her that we had other plans but would be joining her tomorrow. After a few minutes she gave up and left us. Mel had booked a table for us and it was getting close to when we had to leave so she finally pulled out my outfit for the evening – it was something that we had seen earlier in the day in New Look and I hadn’t realised she had bought. Technically, it is only a top, but it is reasonably long and came down to the middle of my thighs. Like the dress she had me wear to the party last time, the material is full of holes – they are smaller ones, but more of them, so it probably reveals about the same amount of me.

Jen had a cute pale blue strappy dress on with a cream wrap. As is getting to be her usual case, she didn’t wear a bra, but did put on white panties as she felt the dress was quite short (she won’t be doing that next time she comes to York). I wasn’t allowed to wear a bra and Jen pulled out a few pairs of flesh coloured panties. She said that people would be able to see my nipples and with the panties, they would assume that I was actually naked under the ‘dress’. I pulled a pair on and when I looked at myself in the mirror, it did indeed look like I had nothing on. I told Jen that I loved the outfit (and gave her a big kiss to thank her for it). I went without tights or socks so I could feel really free (but in hindsight I wish I had put something on as it was a bit cold later on in the evening). We headed out and Jen said that she saw a couple of people giving me looks as we went downstairs – she later told me that my outfit rode up a fair way when I was on stairs.

We headed off to the restaurant – the initial plan was to walk there, but we had left a bit late so wandered along to the taxi rank. It was quite busy and we ended up jumping the queue a bit in return for making out in front of a group of guys there. We didn’t do much more than kissing and Jen fondled my breasts, but it was enough to keep them happy. It wasn’t a long ride and we got there just a few minutes late. It was a nice Italian place – reasonably large (and therefore reasonably noisy) – but the food was good. The lighting was fairly low with lots of candles which I was quite glad of as I realised that while my dress/top was long enough while standing up, because it was fairly straight (unlike my usually flippy skirts), it rode up a fair bit when I sat down. I didn’t mind too much as I had panties on, but I think I definitely needed them.

We stayed for a couple of hours and felt nicely full (but not stuffed) by the time we left. Gicen it still wasn’t too late, we decided to go for a drink and Jen led me to a crowded place that she said was very similar to my favourite cocktail place in York. The place was heaving with people and it took us a while to get to the bar and get a drink. Once we’d chosen our tipple, we backed away (or rather were pushed away by others wanting alcohol) and ended up standing very close to each other chatting (or shouting as it was incredibly loud). We were pressed up together and Jen took the opportunity to have a quick fondle of my ass. At first it was just through my dress but she managed to pull it up slightly and get her hand onto my panties. I returned the favour (but wasn’t allowed to dip my hand under her skirt) and things progressed to the point that her fingers pushed under my panties and onto my ass. I told her that I wanted to go somewhere and do things properly but she said that we should stay for a while and play a bit more.

I could feel that she was excited from how hard her little nipples were (neither of us had bras on) so I leaned closer to her and asked her what she had in mind. Jen told me that it was difficult to get to ‘bits’ and asked me what I was going to do about it. I wasn’t initially sure what she wanted and she clarified by saying that she wanted to have a proper play. I finally realised what she was asking me to do and told her that I would need her help. She still had her fingers in my panties and she started to gently tug them down. I dropped my free hand between us and hooked the front of my panties with my thumb and gave them a pull. After a couple of tugs, they moved down a bit and I asked Jen if this gave her enough freedom. Her fingers moved between my legs and brushed near my pussy, but she said that the panties were still too tight.

We repeated our manoeuvre (and I ‘accidentally’ brushed my knuckles against her skirt and pressed against her pussy). I guessed that my panties were now pulled down a good couple of inches - they were certainly down enough that I couldn’t spread my legs too much, which meant that even though I was now more exposed, Jen still couldn’t get much access. Jen said that they needed to move a bit more and when I pointed out that they would then be very visible below my dress, she just asked me what I suggested. Despite her later claims to the contrary, I’m sure this was what she had planned all along: I told her to pull her hand away a bit, put my legs together and gave them another tug. They were now around the middle of my thighs and with a quick shake, they slid down my legs.

Jen couldn’t see what I’d done, but when she returned her hand to my ass and felt down my legs, she realised. I stepped out of the panties with one leg and tried to lift up the other one to retrieve them, but didn’t have enough space. Jen could see that I couldn’t manage it and said that it didn’t matter if I left them here so I just let them fall off the other foot and pushed them away from me slightly. I realised that (discounting shoes) I now only had a single item (of rather see-through) clothing on and felt very exposed (and excited). Jen said that I deserved a treat for my bravery and her fingers found their way to my pussy (from behind). She couldn’t do much without lifting up my dress, but she fingered around the entrance and I could feel them spreading my juices. I pressed up tight against her and told her to rub my clit – she moved her hand around to the front of my body, slipped her fingers back under my dress and flicked back and forth across my clit.

I loved the way it felt and I’m sure that I could have cum if she had been able to move her hand just a little bit more, but sadly, given our position, she couldn’t. On the plus side, what she was doing was taking a lot of her attention and it allowed me to get my free hand under her skirt and onto her ass before she realised what I was doing. After a few minutes, she had to stop as it was hurting her wrist (and I think that a few of the people around us may have figured out what was going on). We decided to go upstairs in the hope of finding a less crowded spot to finish things off.

Halfway up the stairs, I remembered that Jen had said my dress rode up, but it was pretty much too late now. The stairs were also fairly crowded so it wasn’t like anyone would get a good view and I decided to just not worry about it. We found somewhere with a bit more space, but there was nowhere at all hidden so if anything, the situation was much worse. In the end, we settled for just making out in a corner with a bit of grinding against each other. We got a few whistles from a group of men along with some other comments so put on a little show for them – at one point, Jen had me turn around to face them and she cupped my breasts from behind and pulled on the nipples. As she did this, I wondered how much my dress was being pulled up but didn’t think that there would be enough light for them to see anything (the advantage of being shaved bald) and I’ll admit that I was turned on enough by this point that I actually didn’t mind too much if they got a glimpse of my pussy.

When we had finished our drinks (and our show), we decided to head back. I was drunk and horny enough that I didn’t make any attempt to maintain my decency while going back down the stairs and I think a few people got a view of my (rather wet) cunt. When we were back outside and away from most people, Jen’s hand strayed under my dress once more and I told her that if she wanted to do that, then I wanted to have her panties (just to have them, not to wear them). We ducked into an alley and Jen quickly removed her panties and handed them to me (they went into my bag). It wasn’t really private enough, but I lifted my skirt and pulled Jen to me. I loved the feel of her hot cunt on my skin let her rub up and down a few times before we set off again.

We considered getting a taxi back 9so we could play in the back of it) but decided that the walk would be more fun. We teased each other the whole way home (whenever there was nobody else around anyway) – cupping asses, rubbing pussies and Jen even managed to fondle my breasts (after pulling my dress up to expose them). Needless to say, by the time we got back, we were both pretty worked up and we agreed that we wanted a bit more than to just go back to her room. After considering our options, we decided that we should return to the roof and play around up there. We did stop off at Jen’s room to drop off our bags and pick up a few toys though.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Long Jen Visit #2 - Part 3

I woke up first the following morning and decided to wake Jen in the nicest way I know. I crawled down between her legs and licked away at her cunt until it was clear that she was awake (mainly because she grabbed my head and told me to keep going). I intended to continue, but I first moved around so she could return the favour and I planted my pussy on her mouth. Jen didn’t seem to mind this and we shared a ‘good morning’ orgasm. We went to brush our teeth before heading off to the kitchen for some food. I made the mistake of pointing out that Jen had let me wear my nightdress to the bathroom so she had me pop back to her room and change into the t-shirt. Because I had ‘tried to get away with wearing my nightdress’ (as she put it), I had to go sans panties – but then I wouldn’t have really expected anything less anyway.

I noticed that I got a few looks from people when I entered the kitchen. When we were alone, Jen told me that my last visit had led to quite a bit of gossip – some good, some bad (apparently most of the ‘bad’ was from other girls while the men mostly seemed to enjoy having me there). We had a chat about how much Jen enjoyed being the centre of attention (or having me be the centre of attention). I pointed out that even though I was the one that had to do the embarrassing things, everyone obviously knew that I was her girlfriend and that therefore she was involved (and we know that her neighbours have heard us both cumming). Jen said that she didn’t mind who knew what the two of us got up to and I thought that I would see just how much she didn’t mind.

We had the kitchen to ourselves, but people had been coming and going (so the above conversation had happened in a few parts). Jen was washing up our bowls by this point and I was standing beside her. I slid a hand into her dressing gown, cupped her pussy and asked if she really didn’t mind if people knew what we were doing. Jen didn’t pull away so I started to stroke along her pussy with a single finger and then push it into her. Jen continued to do the washing up but pointed out that there was a different between people knowing what we were doing and letting them see – unless of course it was me that they were getting to see in which case it is apparently alright. Jen said that if I was going to do things to her, then I had to do them to myself as well – her thinking was that given where we were, I wouldn’t be able to hide anything so would have to stop teasing her.

Given what she made me do during my last visit though, I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to see how far I could push her so I moved a bit closer to her (still standing with my back to the cabinets, facing out into the kitchen), moved my hand so I could slip a second finger into her and rub her clit with my thumb and dropped my other hand to my own pussy. Jen had put the washing up down by this point and said that she didn’t think I would dare to carry on. This was of course a stupid thing to say (we were still alone so I wasn’t about to stop). I pulled up my t-shirt and opened my legs slightly to give me better access. I pushed two fingers into my cunt and fucked myself with them in an exaggerated way so that it was obvious that I wasn’t hiding anything.

I didn’t really expect to be able to make either of us cum before we got interrupted, but I had also decided that I would keep going until we were sure that someone was coming in to the room. We heard people walk past the door a few times and Jen tried to push my hand away the first time but I assured her I would stop if they came in. We only had the room to ourselves for a couple of minutes, but it was enough time to get us both quite worked up. I wasn’t about to cum, but I was feeling horny enough that I was asking Jen if I should just keep going regardless of whether anyone walked in. Jen said that I was welcome to do so as long as I stopped doing things to her but I chickened out and we continued to listen for people.

Eventually, the door opened and I quickly pulled my fingers out of myself and pushed my shirt down. I pulled my other hand away from Jen’s pussy, but kept it close to her and pretended that I was just tickling her. Our new guests would certainly have been able to see that we were flushed, but I’m pretty sure that they didn’t guess what we had really been up to. Jen finished with the washing and said that she should make us some sandwiches for lunch. I was wondering why she was being so prepared until she told me to sit up on the counter and talk to her while she got them ready. It was obvious that she was just trying to reassert herself and I went back to being the compliant little girlfriend. I stood with my ass against the counter and jumped up.

The t-shirt was long enough that it still covered the tops of my thighs, but it wasn’t really offering much protection. Jen started preparing our lunch beside me and I made sure that I kept looking in her direction (specifically not looking at the new people in the kitchen). I kept my knees firmly together and started to gently swing my legs – at first just back and forth and then slightly apart so I could gently tap my heels together. Jen could see what I was doing and she gave me a little nod so I relaxed my thighs slightly and let my knees part (only ever so slightly). I continued to gently swing my legs about and then ended up sitting with my heels crossed. This meant that my knees ended up being about 15-20cm (3-4 inches) apart – still not a great deal, but enough that at least the suggestion of my pussy must have been visible.

I stayed like this until Jen finished up and then realised that getting down (discretely) would be a bit more difficult. I then realised that given how I had been sitting, a little flash wouldn’t be any worse so I just jumped down. As I had expected, the t-shirt rose up a bit, but it was really only for a second. It felt like my pussy was leaking and I considered helping Jen to put stuff away in the fridge (so I had to bend over and give them another flash), but I just told Jen that we should hurry up and get back. She wrapped up our lunch and left it in the fridge before allowing me to drag her back to her room.

She said that I had been very naughty when I had been touching her and despite the fact that (as I pointed out) she had enjoyed it, I needed to be punished. We needed to shower and Jen said that I would have a chance to make up for my behaviour. She took a wired egg (more powerful than the remote control ones) and the new dildo with the suction cup (I later found out that this bit was Mike’s idea). I took the towels and we went to the bathroom. There was nobody else there so we took the end stall, stripped off and got under the water. Jen said that I should finish off what I started in the kitchen and so I moved my fingers to her pussy and rubbed her. She said that she had a better idea and stood with her against the wall with her ass sticking out. She instructed me to get the dildo and hold the cup against my cunt so I could fuck her with it.

Even though I couldn’t feel anything, I had an amazing view (now I know why Mike likes doggy style so much). I kept the dildo held against my mons (so it was the right height to get into Jen – and also so I could put a bit of pressure on my clit with one of the fingers I was using to hold it). I gave Jen a good fucking and loved the way that her cunt lips looked as if they were trying to pull it back in whenever I pulled out. She said that it felt really good, but it wasn’t going to be enough to make her cum (and neither of us could spare a hand to use on her clit), so we ended up changing position.

Jen really needed to cum (so did I, but I wanted to bring her off first) so I suggested that she sit on the bench and then I could do things properly to her. She agreed and sat down and I attacked her cunt with my mouth. I only did this for a minute or so while I fished around for the egg. Once I had dug it out and set it going, I held it to her clit and put the dildo back inside her. Jen took the egg and rubbed around her clit with it while I resumed fucking her with the dildo (which is much easier when you’re sitting down). She came very quickly and grabbed my hand to stop me moving so I pulled the dildo out and gently kissed her pussy until she had recovered.

Now that our new toy had Jen’s seal of approval, she returned to her original plan – she stuck it to the wall under the shower and told me to fuck myself on it. I love hearing someone who looks as innocent as Jen talking that dirty and said that I would be happy to. We had to adjust the height a bit, but I managed to get the dildo into me and I started slamming myself back on to it. Jen sat on the bench and watched me. I asked her to sit with her feet up and legs spread so that I could look at her pussy and she did as I asked (and even toyed with herself a bit). When I was close enough, she handed me the egg and I used it on my clit. This sped up the whole process and I came quite quickly. I felt quite shaky by the time my orgasm had finished and had to sit down – while I was in this position, Jen made me suck the dildo clean (it sticks to tiles really well).

Once I had recovered, we finished washing each other and went back to Jen’s room to plan the rest of the day. We decided to go out shopping and Jen had me wear a pretty short skirt (still long enough to cover me when walking). Other than a little bit of fondling in changing rooms (not to orgasm), and a visit to a sex shop to look at toys, we didn’t get up to anything sexual and just had a nice relaxed day.

We met up with some friends for a coffee mid-afternoon and they invited us to go out with them later on that evening but we had already decided that we would have a quiet evening out together (this was news to me, but I was quite happy to have a romantic evening with Jen). We headed back home and started to get ready...

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Long Jen Visit #2 - Part 2

Second part of Thursday now. It's been a fun week so far and last night was certainly interesting - but you'll have to wait to hear about that...


I crawled back onto the bed and curled up against her and we kissed and said hello properly. I explained again that I had decided to come early and how Mel had managed to get her key for me. Jen said that we she would have to find out how and jumped out of bed. Jen threw on her top and skirt and dug around in a drawer for ‘my’ t-shirt (see the posts from my previous visits if you’re a new reader). I didn’t bother arguing (given I’d only agreed to do anything she wanted about 10 minutes earlier), so slipped it on and followed her out into the hallway.

We went down to Mel’s room, Jen knocked and we were told to come in. We entered and I thanked her properly for stealing Jen’s key and Mel explained how she had got it (while they were out for coffee in a group, she had snatched Jen’s keys and got the spare one cut). Jen tried to tell her off for stealing her keys at the same time for thanking Mel for helping me surprise her (this didn’t work too well!) It ended up with Mel saying that we could just buy her a drink to thank her and Jen said that she could think of a better way.

I had been standing through this conversation (mostly because I couldn’t find a safe way of sitting down in Mel’s room with just the t-shirt on). Jen moved around behind me and grabbed my breasts and started to massage them, pulling on the nipples. Now Mel has seen Jen rubbing my pussy through my panties in the kitchen during my last visit, but I didn’t have any panties on this time so I was wondering what Jen was going to do. She moved a hand down past my waist and I felt her fingers pressing the bottom of the t-shirt against my pussy and start to rub me. I don’t think that Mel got to see anything, but I once again felt incredibly exposed (and maybe just a little turned on). Jen didn’t keep it up for long and even though I was enjoying it I was quite relieved as I can think of people who I would much rather got to see that happen than Mel. (Don’t get me wrong, I quite like Mel, but I’m really not attracted to her.)

After a few minutes, we went back to Jen’s room as we had to go out to get some food (remember that Jen wasn’t expecting me until tomorrow). Jen took a while deciding what I should wear but decided in the end to just let me put on the clothes that I had worn on my way here. We went and bought as much food as Jen could store (she only gets a single shelf in the fridge) and returned home. Jen told me that she had planned to go for a drink out with friends later in the evening and offered to cancel it, but I told her I was quite happy to go along and that we had a few days together so would have plenty of time.

We just chatted while we ate and I tried to find out what some of her plans were for the rest of my visit, but she still wouldn’t tell me anything (so I think I’m going to give up asking and just go along with whatever they are). After dinner, Jen needed to get herself shaved and asked if I wanted to go and help her (which I obviously did). We gathered up her things and went off to the bathroom. One of the showers was already in use so Jen chose the one next to it. We stripped off and showered together, taking turns to wash each other’s hair and then fully soap up and rinse off each other’s body. There was a bit of fondling and teasing, but nothing too much.

When it came time to shave Jen, I told her about Lis shaving in my shower (which of course she knew, but I was doing it more for the person in the shower next to us). Jen sat down on the bench and I crouched in front of her and shaved off the little bit of stubble she had so that she was completely bald again. While I was in this position, I was well aware that the bottom of my ass was probably visible to the person in the shower next to us, but I knew that was the reason that Jen had chosen that cubicle. Jen stood up and rinsed herself off and when she was done I told her to come back so I could check if I’d missed anything.

Of course, I did this our usual way – with my tongue – and enjoyed making Jen cum. She apparently had quite a strong orgasm and looked quite spent by the time I had finished. I left her to recover on the bench while I rinsed myself off. I stood facing her and slowly toyed with my pussy. I asked her if I should make myself cum for her and gave a nod to the shower next to us (which was still running, so I assumed that they were either really dirty, or were enjoying listening to us). Jen said that I could cum if I wanted, but I decided that I would just have a little play. I rubbed around my lips and told her that Mike had shaved me the night before. While I pushed a couple of fingers into myself, I asked her what she thought about me growing back the hair on my mons (but I assured her that I would be keeping my lips bald). Jen thought that it might look nice, but said not to do it this week as she didn’t want to have to deal with the stubble.

I was rubbing my clit by this point and was wavering on my decision to not actually make myself cum, but my will power won through and I announced that while fingering myself felt good, I would save my orgasm until later. All of this was mostly for the person next door of course and I wondered if it was a man – and if so, if he had, or still was jerking off while listening to us. We went back to Jen’s room and got ready for our evening out. I told Jen that I didn’t want to get too drunk (so I didn’t end up with a hangover and waste any of my time here).

Jen let me choose my own outfit for the evening and I went for something simple – short enough to be fun (and accessible if needed) but not so short that I needed worry. On the way out, the door (because why would you do this *before* the door was opened?), Jen told me to lift my skirt and she applied some gel to the remote control egg. I told her not to use too much (remembering what had happened with the dildo when I used too much) and she rubbed a little bit off before she slid the egg into my pussy. She didn’t turn it on, but as we walked to the pub, I felt the familiar tingle start to build. It felt nice, but had pretty much faded by the time we got to our destination.

We found some of the others already there and they welcomed me back (apparently my little display during my last visit was enough to have them accept me into their group!). Too many people asked me how my thesis was coming along (you should never ask that of someone writing up) but I managed to relax and started chatting. The conversation got around to the hardcore club and a couple of the girls told me how much Jen had enjoyed her last visit. Jen had already arranged for us to all go back during my trip and I was told that I was in for a treat (but I don’t know what kind yet).

Lucy turned up after a short time and I was really happy to see her (as you may have guessed). Even though we have been chatting over the phone since I last visited, it was still great to actually catch up with her in person – she still really looks like Pavlina and I couldn’t help but think of some of ‘her’ pictures and videos. I got engrossed in a conversation with Jen and Lucy and then suddenly jumped when I felt the egg start up inside me. I looked over at Jen and was confused as she had been holding her drink with both hands.

I could feel the pattern of buzzing change and Jen indicated with a nod of her head to the other side of the table. One of the guys was holding the remote control and Jen said that she had told them that they could all play with it while I imagined that they were each doing things to me. I instantly felt myself blush and couldn’t decide if this was better or worse than them seeing me cum last time. I knew that I wasn’t going to cum from the egg alone but (now I’d got over the initial surprise) I was certainly beginning to feel the pleasure building. The remote was handed around and people fiddled with the power and program settings – this meant that I never really knew what I was going to feel and I have to say, it made it much more interesting than just having it buzzing away inside me like I usually would.

Eventually, it got back round to Lucy and I expected her to hand it to me, but she said that she wanted to know what the different settings were like. She cycled through the different programs and got me to tell her what each one felt like and which I liked the best. I really wish that I could have cum while she was playing with it, but as nice as it would have felt, I wasn’t about to start fingering myself in the pub. I finally managed to get her to give the remote to me and hid it in my bag (after turning the egg off).

We stayed out for a good few hours and chatted and I got to know some of the other people a bit better but finally decided that it was time to head back home. I had drunk a bit more than I had intended – I wasn’t really drunk, but fairly tipsy so it took us a little while to get back. Once inside her building, Jen led us to the back stairs and straight up to the roof. I had been expecting out first night to be a bit more private, but I wasn’t going to complain and I had started to feel the excitement building as soon as I had realised where we were going.

We had a quick check around the roof and found that we were alone – we didn’t have anything other than out jackets to lie on so started off fooling around while leaning against the air-con units. We kissed (fairly passionately) and were soon fingering each other. I discovered that Jen had been wearing panties and told her off but she reminded me that she was in charge this week (again), so it was her call. She did at least allow me to take them off her but I then had to wear them on my head while we continued kissing and fingering. Jen also got me to pull my top and bra up so she could play with my nipples and when I pointed out that this had more of an effect on her than me, she pulled up her top (no bra) and offered me her nipples.

I lowered my head to them and alternated between them as I continued to finger her. In this position, Jen couldn’t reach my pussy, but I didn’t mind too much as I love making her cum. Due to the beer I’d been drinking, I had been feeling an increasing need to pee and had almost said to Jen on the way up the stairs that I needed to stop, but I had guessed that she would want to do something else so I hadn’t said anything. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to hold back much more and told Jen.

Jen said that I should put on her panties (which confused me slightly) but allowed me to take off my shoes. We walked over towards the edge of the roof and Jen had me stand facing outwards while she stood behind me. My breasts were still exposed and she reached round me to play with my nipples. She told me to lift up the front of my skirt and when I had done this, she lowered one hand to my (or rather *her*) panties and started to rub. I was illuminated by streetlights – not directly, but reasonably well and it was an incredible thrill. Jen told me to start to pee slowly and I did as she asked. I felt the warmth spread across the panties and then start to run down my legs and Jen increased the pressure on my clit.

Jen said that she wanted me to cum while peeing (and I’ve figured out why) so I said I would have to stop for a little bit while she continued to rub me. Jen slipped her fingers into my panties and rapidly got me closer to cumming. Her fingers had pushed the crotch of the panties to the side so my pussy was now exposed and the fact that we were in plain view (for anyone with a telescope and night vision) helped speed things along. When I thought I was close enough, I told her and started to pee again. Jen removed her fingers from my clit and went back to rubbing me through the panties – but it was still enough stimulation and I came. Jen continued to encourage me to pee through my orgasm and I think I managed to keep going. By the time I finished my legs were soaked and the panties were obviously dripping wet.

I assumed that Jen would want to do the same sort of thing but I thought I would surprise her and give her a bit more. I pulled off my top, knelt in front of her and lifted her skirt. I told her that she had seemed to enjoy this the last time I was here so I would let her try it again – I pressed my neck up against her pussy and rubbed against her. Jen said that she needed to get out of her skirt first so I moved back and let her slide it off and step out of her shoes at the same time. Jen wanted to move away from the edge (I had actually been surprised that she had got semi-naked while in the light) so we moved back to our original spot.

I knelt back down in front of her and started to eat her – Jen was definitely ready and she tasted wonderful. I still needed to cum so I reached a hand under my skirt and started playing with myself – at first through the wet panties and then I couldn’t take any more so pulled them to the side and fingered myself properly. Jen was teasing her nipples and it didn’t take long as all before she was ready to cum. She did at least give me some warning and I had time to move so I could rub my neck against her pussy. I stopped playing with myself so I could use both hands to hold her lips open and get as much pressure against her clit as possible. I remembered just how good this had felt last time and made a note to try it in a dryer way later on – but for now my aim was to give Jen some fun.

She pressed back against me, humping my neck and said that she couldn’t hold back any more – I told her to let go and cum. I watched her pulled her nipples even tighter (I have no idea how it doesn’t hurt her) and then felt a sudden burst of wetness on my neck and over my front. I think I could tell when the waves of her orgasm were hitting her as she squirted in time with them (this feels better apparently). I kept my neck pressed up hard against her so she had something to rub on and actually enjoyed that fact that I was getting soaked. I realised that I should have probably taken off my skirt (and I think I would have enjoyed it more if I’d been kneeling there totally nude), but it was too late now.

When she had finished, I stood up and kissed her (getting her top wet in the process, but she didn’t seem to mind). I told her that I really needed to cum again but that I was getting a bit cold and asked if we could go in. Jen agreed as we needed a shower anyway so we started to gather up our things. To keep my top dry, I had to take my bra off before I could put the top on, but there wasn’t much I could do about my skirt. Jen was in a slightly better state – her top only had a few damp patches where I had been pressing up against her and her skirt was dry, but her legs were still glistening. We carried our shoes and went down the back stairs and straight into the bathroom.

Jen turned the shower on and pulled me under it before we had undressed (we left shoes and bags on the bench). We pulled at each other’s clothes while we kissed and soon had access to breasts and cunts again. Now I was a bit warmer, I told Jen that I was desperate to cum again. One of her hands went to my cunt and the other to my ass and she fingered me in both holes. I hadn’t been expecting such a rapid attack (but I adapted) and I just enjoyed the feeling as she brought me off once more. I didn’t make any attempt to be quiet and was left panting and holding on to Jen to keep myself upright.

I was going to return the favour, but Jen said that she didn’t think she could cum again and so we fully removed our clothes, rinsed them off under the shower and then rinsed ourselves. Our clothes were now so wet that we couldn’t have worn them again so Jen told me to go and get some towels. I decided not to even ask what I could wear and took her keys and went to her room naked. It was late enough that there was nobody around so I decided to just carry the towels back (and not cover myself up). Jen noticed this on my return and congratulated me.

We dried each other off and went back to her room (I thought that I may as well do it properly so just had my towel over one shoulder). We snuggled up in bed together and then mostly just talked (with a little bit of kissing) until we fell asleep.