Sunday, 2 May 2010

Bike mishap

I meant to post this yesterday but was too busy working (yay, an exciting Saturday night - but it was so I could get finished up and see Jen again soon, so it is worth it.


I’ve continued having chats with Lucy and have got to know her quote a bit better now. I think that she is a really sweet girl and I have quite a hard time reconciling her innocent looks and ‘normal’ personality with the way that she behaved at times during my visit. I guess it’s not really that odd, I don’t usually go around with my usual friends behaving in the same way I do on here so I guess most of them would be somewhat surprised (or shocked or appalled) to find out what I’m really like.

Of course, not all of my conversations with Lucy have been completely innocent. We talk about sex a bit, but not as much as I would like. I’m still hoping that Jen and I might get a chance to do things with her. Jen knows I would really love to have a threesome with Lucy involved (and Jen is somewhat attracted to that idea as well). The two of them are definitely going to share a house next year, so there will be plenty of opportunities for us to be seen naked or overheard while having sex.

Jen and her friends went back to the hardcore club at the weekend – she said that it was still fun, but not as much as it was when she had me there to finger. She saw a couple of people actually having sex in a corner (the girl was standing in the corner and the man was ramming his cock into her – although all Jen really got to see was his ass bobbing forwards and backwards). Later on in the night, she saw a man sitting on a bench with his cock out and a girl sucking him off. Jen said that the man had a pretty large cock, but the girl frantically sucked away at it until he came. Neither couple seemed to mind at all that people could see what they were doing.

I know I saw a few semi-naked people when I was there, but I didn’t get to witness anything that explicit so we’re definitely going back to that club on my next visit! (which is going to be pretty soon).

I had a bit of a mishap earlier today while cycling into work. I was feeling quite pleased with myself because (despite my wasting quite a bit of time by writing entries for this blog) I’ve done fairly well at getting my second draft done. I had decided to reward myself with another dildo cycle ride and put on my crotchless tights (which I still don’t like the look of, but enjoy what they allow me to do). I slipped the dildo into them and manoeuvred it into my pussy just before I left – I’ve now done this enough times that it doesn’t seem as difficult and I probably didn’t pay quite as much attention as before (can you see where this is going?)

Something else that may have contributed to my mishap was the fact that I was feeling particularly upbeat and had put a generous glob of tingle gel onto the dildo while I was sliding it into myself. I thought that this would not only help me cum, but would mean that I would be nice and minty-tingly for at least the rest of the morning.

By the time I had gather everything up and got my bike out, I could feel the gel starting to work and hopped on, looking forwards to a fun and rewarding ride. I had probably added a bit too much gel and this combined with the movement of the dildo as I cycled was pretty intense stimulation. Not that I was really that bothered, it felt amazing and all I was concerned about was that I would probably have to stop and rest for a bit when I had cum.

I’ve figured out a slightly longer route to take while using the dildo (longer, but safer as the roads are quieter and I can get more uninterrupted cycling time). The only downside of it is that because there aren’t as many people around, it’s not quite as exciting when I actually cum, but the fact that it’s easier and I’m less likely to get killed sort of makes up for that! I generally make up for this by holding back my orgasm (as best I can) and just allowing the feeling to build up while I’m on the quietest stretch of road. Because I was in such a good mood, I wanted to try to have the strongest orgasm I could and I was really holding back as much as I could.

I had decided that I’d teased myself enough and it was now time to pedal fast and let myself cum so I switched into a low gear and went for it. I was pretty confident that I would manage to cum before the end of the road I was on (I was fairly close), but almost as soon as I started pedalling away in the low gear, the end of the dildo slipped out of me. I’m still not sure exactly why – maybe I hadn’t pushed it quite far enough into me or maybe the extra lube was enough to let it fall out (we intend to experiment when I visit Jen at her home). At that point though, all i knew was that I was pedalling down the street on the verge of cumming, with one end of the dildo waving out from under my skirt. It was probably only just visible, and all I had to do was to stop and stand up and I was safe, but I still had the dual problem of being on the verge of an orgasm (which I desperately *needed* – if you’ve ever been interrupted at this point I’m sure you’ll know what I mean) and how to get the dildo either back into me or tucked out of sight.

I tried to sit back on the saddle and jam the dildo against my leg so it wouldn’t wobble about, but it was still rather slippery and in the end I had to rest my bike against a wall, kneel down and pretend to get something out of my bag while I quickly pushed the dildo into the other leg of my tights. My near orgasm had passed so I wasn’t quite as flushed now, but still wanted to cum so I quickly mounted my bike and cycled off down a side alley. Once I felt I was safe I jammed the dildo back into my cunt (but deeper this time) and jumped back on my bike.

I wasn’t too sure I had enough ‘safe’ roads left to finish things off so I took a bit of a detour and doubled back on myself until I felt I was getting close to cumming once more. By this point I *really* hoped that the dildo was going to stay in me and I changed back down to a low gear. The initial burst from the tingle gel had worn off, but it had left me feeling sensitive so the dildo was still having more of an effect than usual and I pumped away at the pedals (causing the dildo to pump away inside me).

I was really glad that I had given myself more safe roads to work with as my orgasm was very strong. I actually couldn’t stop myself from crying out a bit when I came (but I don’t think it was loud enough for anyone walking past to hear – and even if they had, by that point I not only didn’t care, but probably *couldn’t* have cared. It was actually so strong that it was more like the first time I managed to cum while cycling and I found it very difficult to keep going with the dildo inside me. Unfortunately, by this point I couldn’t find anywhere convenient to discretely take the dildo out so I had to continue cycling to work with it inside me.

By the time I got to work my cunt felt like it was burning and I had to wait by my bike for a while to desensitise before walking into the building. I went straight to the toilet, pulled it out and stuffed it in my bag. I had hoped that my pussy would be tingling all morning and I could certainly feel the after effects of my cycle ride for a good few hours. Once the dildo was out of me it wasn’t unpleasant and I actually wish I had taken the bottle of gel along as I think that an extra smear over my lips would have felt nice and cooling.

I’m certainly going to be a lot more careful in future, both in how I put the thing inside me and how much gel I use!

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  1. Dear Andi,
    All's well that ends well, but please take care! From the title I thought You'd been hurt - and then I thought You were going to lose Your dildo!