Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Imaginary foursomes

I didn’t quite plan the timing of my entries properly which is why I’ve had a break for a couple of days. I wrote this near the end of last week and I’ll be setting off to visit Jen again on Friday (so there won’t be another entry until Sat I would guess).


I’ve decided that I can’t face any more work on thesis right now (or rather I’ve done as much as I think is sensible before my supervisor having another good look), so I’m going to visit Jen again very soon. She hasn’t quite finished her exams yet so I’ve got another few days before I set off. Jen has warned me once more that her friends are expecting me to put on a show for them, but she still won’t tell me exactly how much of a show they expect (or she has promised them).

I’ve been a bit more careful with the dildo while cycling and haven’t had another mishap. I think my next aim will be to tell Lis about it and see what she thinks. I’m still somewhat confused by her behaviour. She seems to enjoy flirting with me and was fine to get naked (admittedly not with me in the room), shave herself and then let me play with her legs. I’m sure she must have picked up on my signals so she knows that Jen and I would be more than willing to give her some lessons. I know she is still fixated on Holly – and she really does seem to love her (or be infatuated with her), and I don’t expect her to suddenly fancy me just because she is gay, but I just wish that she would either tell me that she isn’t interested or let things develop a bit between us.

Maybe (if things go the way I want), the situation will develop a bit during our upcoming holiday. I certainly intend to try to turn up the sexual tempo for the whole group and have a few ideas planned (but will accept any more). Lis has already agreed to go topless with me and I think we can get at least a couple of the others to join in. If there’s enough willing to go topless, I’m going to suggest a bit of naked sunbathing and see if anyone will join me. If we get that far, it’s just a short step to putting sun lotion on and ending up fingering each other... Okay, so that last bit is actually quite a big step and as much as I would like it, I know that’s not going to happen (but a girl can dream).

An issue that has come up is sleeping arrangements – we’ve now got enough people coming that we can’t give all the single people a room to themselves. A couple of the girls have said they are happy to share but I don’t yet know where Mike is going to sleep on the nights that Jen is with me. I know that Jen will be able to cadge a place in a bed somewhere but I can’t imagine Mike being able to do that quite as readily... At worse, we’ll take a sleeping bad along and he can crash on the sofa (which he’s used to when she visits us in York anyway).

One way of solving the problem would be for Sue to come along as well and then either Jen or Mike could share a bed with her. Of course this would open up a whole new set of problems – one of them being that Jen might not behave herself and the bigger one being that I’m sure Sue would want to have a little fun and it probably wouldn’t be a great idea to let everyone know that Mike and her are fucking. Of course, I could invoke the rule about them not being allowed to do anything if I’m not with them, but it would be somewhat unfair on her to know that the three of us are cumming (although not at the same time) but she isn’t allowed to cum at all.

The easiest thing might be to look for a slightly larger cottage – I’m not sure how sensible it would be for Sue to come along with us, but the naughty part of me certainly loves the idea of both Mike and I being able to sneak into her room and have a quiet threesome while my friends are sleeping around us. We’ll have to wait and see – she doesn’t really know that many of my friends well so I’m not sure it would be that fun for her anyway.

I think we’ll just promise to make it up to her in ‘other’ ways over the summer. I know that Mike really wants to help her expand her exhibitionist side (as do I) and Jen certainly isn’t going to complain if Sue is wandering around naked or masturbating on the kitchen counter. I’m still hoping that Jen will relax the no-nudity rule for Mike and her and then we could really have some fun – imagine Mike fucking Sue while they watch Jen and I eating each other. The one hope we have is that Jen still thinks there is a chance that this could turn into Mike and I fucking while she and Sue eat each other. I still can’t see that happening, but it would be a beautiful sight to watch (unless I got jealous).

This entry isn’t going to be very long as I’ve just written about a foursome so Mike is now inside me. I was lying on my front on the floor typing this and when I told Mike what I’d written, he pulled up my skirt and slipped into me. I’m not really sure what I was going to write for the rest of it anyway (I’ve now got my ass raised up in the air so Mike can kneel behind me). It’s difficult to type while he’s fucking me.

Mmm, he’s now rubbing my clit as well and I was already horny from writing. I’m going to cum fairly soon... Or at least I would have if he hadn’t decided to tease me. He’s now licking around my cunt and ass and we’re in the middle of the sitting room in full view of the window – not that anyone is likely to walk past, but it’s still quite light outside and we haven’t got the window covered with anything. He’s now pushing his tongue into my cunt and licking around inside me – given the position we’re in, he can’t get very deep, but it feels nice and I can feel how wet his face is getting.

I’ve decided that given he started this, I’m not going to give him any help, I’ll just let him make me cum. He’s currently got a thumb buried in my cunt and he’s flicking his tongue over my ass and has now replaced his tongue with his other thumb. Mmm – this is how I first experienced double penetration and I love being able to feel his thumbs rubbing against each other (almost) inside me.

Fuck it, I was getting close again and he changed what he was doing. He’s now lying on the floor with his head under my cunt and is eating me. I’m not going to last long like this – unless he keeps stopping the way he is. No matter how much I try to hide how close I am, he seems to be able to tell and stop before I can cum. Damn it, make me cum now... (I am telling him this as well as just writing it).

Ah, that’s better (I stopped writing for a bit). Mike finally stopped teasing me and started fucking me doggy style again. I was already pretty close (and very ready to cum) so when he started rubbing my clit again, I came almost straight away.

Mike was nowhere near cumming though so he was able to keep fucking me through my whole orgasm. He stopped playing with my clit when I asked him to, but kept fucking me. Given the teasing he had given me, it was a fairly strong orgasm and I was quite sensitive, but he said that he wanted to see how long I could last. Given he was just pumping away inside my pussy, it wasn’t too much to take and I actually quite enjoyed the post orgasmic stimulation. Mike tried a number of different ways of moving – long slow strokes and fast hard pumping, so he was slamming against my ass. I told him that if he could hold out long enough, I might be able to cum again and he said that was his plan from the start (how could I now love someone who wants me to cum twice as many times as he does?!)

Mike said that he could probably manage that and pulled my ass cheeks apart so he could push deeper into me and kept going. I was turned on enough that I was ready for some more clit stimulation so I reached back and started to flick my fingers over it. It was clear that I was definitely going to get to cum again and I told Mike that he didn’t have to worry about holding back. This seemed to please him and he said that he was going to give me a huge load of cum.

I felt a thumb pressing against my ass and told him that wasn’t fair – I was already approaching the point of cumming, but he pushed it into me a little anyway and kept it there while he continued to fuck me. He was obviously getting close and I really wanted to cum before he did so I rubbed my clit hard and fast and got there just in time. It’s the first time in ages that we’ve actually cum at the same time – I felt my orgasm build and start to pulse out from my cunt and almost straight away Mike told me he was cumming. He pushed really hard into me in time with each squirt of his orgasm and left his cock buried in me when he had finished.

As my orgasm faded, I removed my hand from my clit and we rolled onto our sides (without him pulling out and we lay there talking while we both recovered. Mike thought that he had cum a fair amount, so we pulled my skirt back down before he removed his cock and I did indeed feel it start to leak out and run over my ass (the skirt needed a wash anyway). When I stood up, it continued to leak down my legs – I didn’t have any socks on to stop it, so I had to smear it over my thighs to stop it from going on the carpet.

I love having these double orgasms (which are different than just cumming twice in a session). I seem to feel really fulfilled afterwards (but not in an exhausted way). While we were snuggled up talking, we came up with another idea, but I don’t know if we’ll have time to do it before I head off to visit Jen.

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