Friday, 7 May 2010

Long Jen Visit #2 - Part 1

I couldn’t wait anymore and I’m heading off to see Jen. It is going to be a surprise as I wasn’t meant to be heading up until tomorrow. I would have liked to be there for the celebrations when she did her last exam (for this year), but hadn’t quite written enough to be able to leave things with my supervisor. I did know when I posted the entry yesterday that I was leaving today, but I thought it would help put Jen off the scent...

Through Lucy, I contacted Mel and got her to steal a copy of Jen’s key (which is currently taped under the bench in the shower). This means that I will be able to get into Jen’s room and prepare a nice surprise for her. This is assuming I arrive while Jen is out – although Mel is going to try to lure her out for a coffee (which as you may have gathered is 90% of Jen’s nutrition!) I haven’t actually decided what I’m going to do yet – I could always just go with the classic lying naked on her bed waiting for her. I *could* go for the more adventurous being covered in chocolate, but that’s a lot more effort and I’m kinda hoping that I won’t have to go to those lengths to convince her to eat me :)

I think I’ll just come up with something when I arrive – I’m fairly confident that once she gets back to her room, it won’t really make much difference as we haven’t seen each other for a while so we’re probably going to fuck lice crazy anyway. I guess Jen may not be as highly strung as I am – I allowed Mike to do things to me before I left, but I didn’t want him to make me cum, so I’m rather desperate to feel Jen next to me. Given she doesn’t know I’ll be here today, she may well have played with herself already this morning (given she no longer has to get up for anything).

Oh I wish this train would hurry up – I really want to cum and even if I were to give in, there are too many people to find a place to do it. At least I managed to get a pair of seats without anyone next to me so I can write this (which probably isn’t helping with the situation). I’ve also got a new skirt on (present from Mike) which is shorter than I would usually wear. We’re still not talking ‘belt’ territory here – it’s still the flippy pleated kind that I like, but it might not be quite as safe as my usual ones. Fuck it, I’m going to be horny anyway, so I may as well see how turned on I can get myself...

I’ve just pretended to hunt in my bag for something, which gave me an excuse to switch to the seat by the aisle. There are two men sitting at the table just down from me (on the other side of the train) and if I stretch in the right way and push my ass forwards, I can get my skirt to ride up slightly. I’ve done that a couple of times and I’m pretending to not notice that the hem is now at the top of my thighs. I’m spreading my legs a bit and trying to see out of the corner of my eye if either of them are watching me. I think I have the attention of one of them – when I glanced past them (as if I was just thinking of something to write), I saw him quickly look away from me. Now to see what else I can get away with.

Other than raising my outer leg onto tiptoe, I can’t think of much else, but I’m now certain that he’s watching me. I‘ll have a quick scratch of my thigh. I think I’m having an effect on him – there is now a newspaper in his lap! Having checked, the coast is clear, let’s try this... I just managed to actually rub my pussy – not in an obvious masturbatory way, but just like I was rubbing an itch. I managed to rub for about ten seconds and then thought any more would be too obvious, so I hope he enjoyed the show.

Right, that’s enough teasing – I’m now sitting back by the window again so I can have a look through some of Pavlina’s pictures. Jen may have let it slip to Lucy that I thought she looked like this particular porn star and I’m hoping that Lucy is going to want to know a bit more. I’m trying to sort out a few pictures into the periods of her career. I’ve got some from the early phase of her career (which is what Lucy looks like now – at least the bits of her that I’ve seen). I’ve got a couple from a bit later on when her lips are properly shaved and she fingers herself and uses dildos, some nice lesbian shots and some from later on when she is being fucked by guys or sucking them off (plus a couple of videos). I have no idea if Lucy will actually want to see them, but just in case, I thought I should be ready (and if she doesn’t, Jen and I can use them as ‘additional material’ while we are playing).

I’m going to try to get some sleep – given Jen is now back to a full student sleep cycle, I’ll need to be able to stay up late. At least we’ll get to lie in – but hopefully we won’t be sleeping.

It was actually quite difficult to sleep – a couple of times when I dozed off I felt my ass slide forwards on the seat a bit and my skirt ride up. I don’t mind doing that when I’m awake, but I certainly don’t want to do it while I’m really asleep in case any kids come along. I ended up sleeping with my coat over my lap – which had the added advantage of allowing me to gently stroke myself while I fell asleep (and was probably the cause of my interesting dreams). I’m now rather wet but the train should be arriving in 20 minutes or so. Time to txt Mel and let her know when I should be there.


I made it to Jen’s place, found the key and let myself in. I was still undecided what to do to surprise Jen and just went with being naked. Once I was nude, I unpacked the toys that I had brought up and put some of my clothes away. I’m now sitting here waiting for her to come back and I really hope that they’re not going to be long as I’m tingling just thinking about the next few days. I guess while I’m waiting, there isn’t any harm in having a bit of a play – just to test out our various toys... I’m now lying on my front on her bed with her long dildo in my pussy – I didn’t really do much with it, but I imagine that this will be a nice way for Jen to discover me (and I really don’t think it would take much to make me cum so I need to be careful how much I play while waiting).

Still no sign of them – onto some of the videos now...


I’m now with Jen. I dozed off while waiting for her and was woken up by talking and Jen’s door opening. It was only at that point that it dawned on me that Mel might well be the one to walk in (I know that she knew I was there, but I still wouldn’t have put it past her). I was just about to try to cover myself up when Jen saw me and let out a squeal. I heard Mel say ‘Surprise’ from out in the hall and I dashed over to Jen (which meant that the dildo fell out of me). We weren’t directly in front of the door, but I knew that Mel could have probably seen me if she had just peeked into the room a little bit – but I really didn’t care. Jen and I kissed hello and I heard Mel say something about thanking her later (from the corridor).

Jen shouted bye and kicked the door shut. We kissed some more and I pulled her clothes off while explaining how I had got Mel to steal a key (I still don’t know how she did it). I was happy to discover that Jen had gone without panties (so my training is paying off) and I commended her for this. I told her how much I had missed her and how much I needed to feel her tongue inside me (my fingers were already inside her by this point). She said that she wasn’t freshly shaved (she had been planning on doing that night to prepare for my arrival) but I reassured her that I really didn’t care as long as I could find he pussy.

I was frantically fingering her and we were wetly kissing each other. I had my other hand on her ass, pulling her cunt against my fingers and Jen later said that it was fairly obvious how desperate I was to cum. We backed towards the bed and ended up on it – Jen’s fingers found my pussy and I felt them reach deep inside me while she thumbed my clit at the same time. I really wanted to make her cum, but I quickly realised that I had made myself too sensitive with all the teasing earlier in the day. I didn’t stop touching and fingering her, but I pretty much gave up on the idea of doing too much with her before I came.

I knew that my orgasm was rapidly approaching and started pleading with her to make me cum (interspersed with telling her how much I had missed her). She was pressed tight against me and nibbling on my neck while her fingers worked on my clit and pussy, but I think she has been talking to Mike a bit too much: Before I could cum (not *just* before, but certainly close enough that I didn’t want her to stop), she stopped moving her fingers and asked if I was going to do everything she asked me to again this week. I think I swore at her and told her that of course I would. She leaned over me, looked directly into my eyes and asked once more, while slowly rubbing my clit with her thumb. A part of me wondered what she was going to get me to do and I considered stalling for time as I was pretty sure I could cum with what she was doing to me, but I wanted to have a proper orgasm. I told her that as long as she would do the same the next time she was down in York then she had a deal.

Jen returned to licking and kissing my neck and increased the pressure on my clit and I started to cum. Throughout my orgasm she told me what a naughty little girl I was and how much fun we were going to have over the next few days. I had to grab her hand in the end to stop her moving it as my pussy was too sensitive, but she kept kissing and licking my neck which felt wonderful. As I recovered and could speak properly again, I tried to find out what things she (and Mike) had planned for me, but she won’t tell me yet. I trust her so I wasn’t really too worried and was more concerned with ensuring that she had a nice orgasm in return for how she had made me feel.

I rolled her over onto her back and straddled her stomach. This meant that I had to reach behind me in an awkward fashion to get to her pussy, but I wanted to be able to see her properly for a little bit while I got things started up again. While rubbing her cunt with one hand, I used the other one on her nipples and teased and pulled them until they were nice and stiff. I could feel how wet Jen was and couldn’t resist her any more so I climbed off and knelt on the floor by the bed to eat her. I wasn’t really that bothered about the stubble and dived in to her wet cunt, licking around inside her and sucking on her clit. I had been intending on teasing her a bit in return for what she had done to me, but I really wanted to see, feel and hear her cum so I just went for it.

It didn’t take long at all before she was bucking on the bed, I could see her chest flushing and hear the mewing sounds getting louder. I told her to be louder (without taking my mouth off her cunt) and Jen rewarded me with some incredible moaning while she came. I couldn’t resist fingering myself a little but then decided to stop being selfish and concentrate fully on her. Once her orgasm had peaked, I licked a bit more gently and continued to nibble and suck her lips for a few minutes until she had completely finished.

That’s all for now – the rest of yesterday and much more (hopefully) to follow.

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  1. hi andy love to hear that u are with jen again also big hi to jen im reading ur blog since last two weeks and i didnt get a chance to vote jen as my favorite girl will u again set the pole for voting because all my friends like jen so much and one more thing since ur with jen can u make her write one blog post please i want to see what she writes hope u have a good week with her bye take care