Monday, 31 May 2010

Long Jen Visit #2 - Part 10

It's a Bank Holiday here - I did a bit of work this morning though but at least I got to come home early. We had a good time out on Saturday night - it was fun to be able to relax with everyone and just have fun.

Onto the Sunday morning now...


I didn’t feel too good when I woke up this morning (well, it was just about still morning). I really should have drunk some water before going to bed last night, but as you’ve read, I was somewhat distracted by Jen.

Jen was in a bit of a better state and she took care of me – we went into the kitchen and she made me a nice breakfast (and I was allowed to wear a dressing gown). I didn’t feel 100%, but certainly felt a lot better by the time I had eaten it and drunk a gallon of orange juice. We went and had a shower to freshen up (which was much needed as we were both somewhat sticky from the sweat and pussy juices). I’m sure we must have smelt somewhat of sex, but hey – if I’m okay with Jen’s corridor getting glimpses of my pussy, then I don’t really mind them knowing that I get to have sex with her as well (and I think they might have already guessed that!)

We went back to Jen’s room and I wrote up last night’s escapades – during which time we obviously talked about what we’d seen at the club and how incredible it had been. Jen assured me that she hadn’t known we were going to get a sex show – her friends had just told her that it would be a fun evening and that the band would be good (neither of us can remember too much about their music!). We had a look at the Rock Bitch video where the singer fists someone on stage and even though I remember thinking it was pretty wild when I first saw it, it now seemed almost tame in comparison to last night’s show!

It took quite a while to get the entries written (we kept getting distracted and talking about things) so I ended up jotting down notes for the last entry and we decided to go out. Surprisingly, we hadn’t done anything during the blog writing and were even still wearing our gowns. I usually write up these posts naked (unless I’m doing it in my lunch break at work of course) as I almost invariably get at least a bit excited and want to be able to easily have a little play. I could certainly feel a tingling and as we disrobed to get changed, I decided that I wanted a little action before we went out.

I moved up behind Jen and cupped her breasts while I kissed her neck and she pressed her ass back against me. As much as I wanted to cum, I also wanted to have a nice gentle session with her and so we spent quite a while in this position while I played with her nipples until they were rock hard and very sensitive. Jen had reached her arms back and they were stroking the sides of my thighs and ass – sometimes pulling me harder against her. Eventually, we wanted to kiss properly so Jen turned to face me. We stayed like this for a little while, kissing and stroking each other’s back and ass. I then spread my legs to allow Jen to press herself against my thigh.I immediately felt how wet she was and when I commented on it, she just said that I usually didn’t mind going out covered in her juices so I pressed my leg against her harder to show that I didn’t mind then either. I then had a turn rubbing against her leg while we continued to kiss.

Playtime was now over and we were ready to move on to more serious things. Jen got me to sit up on her desk with my legs spread and she fingered my pussy and clit while she sucked on my nipples. I was ready to cum and gently held her head in place (but did allow her to switch nipples from time to time) – I kept encouraging her to continue and made sure she knew how I was feeling as my orgasm built up. I told her (mostly with a moan) when my orgasm started, and she did a good job of continuing to stimulate me without it being too intense. It was another nice deep orgasm that I could feel through my whole body and even the licking of my nipples felt like it contributed to the feelings.

When I had finished cumming, Jen stood up so we could kiss properly and then she removed her fingers from my pussy so we could lick them clean. I asked Jen if she wanted the same thing done to her and she just gave me a big smile and said “Yes please”. We swapped positions and I started to stroke around her pussy – fairly gently at first, but quickly applying more pressure and sliding my fingers between her lips. After a quick kiss on her lips (face lips), I lowered my head to her nipples and started to work on getting them as hard as they had been before.

I had two fingers inside her and was diddling her clit with my thumb, but knowing that Jen’s nips are considerably more sensitive than mine and yet that she still enjoys them being played with more forcefully, I put quite a bit of effort into playing with them. I alternated between kissing them, sucking hard on them, flicking them quickly with my tongue and then (at her request) biting them (gently). I didn’t stop working on her pussy, but I did put a lot of effort into her nipples and watched her orgasm build (or at least the bit of her chest that I could see get more and more flushed). As her mewing reached its peak, she came and I kept fingering and kissing her until her orgasm had passed.

I repeated what Jen had done after I had cum and kissed her then got her to help lick my fingers clean. Because we’d had a nice gentle session, we decided that we could just get dressed and go out after just quickly freshening up (or to be more precise, Jen wanted me to go out with my thigh covered in her juices). She chose me a dress that was wholly unsuitable for Sunday and we decided to go out for a rather late lunch.

We stopped off at Mel’s room – she answered the door in just a t-shirt and looked as bad as I had felt when I woke up. Her room smelt of sex and we couldn’t resist commenting about it and what a night she must have had. I found out that her date was called Zan (which turned out to be part of Suzanne and not that she was some kind of alien!). I asked if Mel was planning on seeing her again, but it was only a night of sex and I get the feeling that while they wouldn’t be against repeating it sometime, neither of them are looking for a relationship. I personally don’t understand this (okay – I get that having an orgasm is likely to feel good no matter who it is with, but I personally wouldn’t want to do things with someone I don’t love). (Hmm – apart from my group fuck fantasy – maybe I do understand it a bit more than I think...)

Anyway – hypocritical judgements aside – Mel was obviously in need of a shower and some food so we left her to recover and went out. We tried calling round to see if anyone else had surfaced and got a few people to come and join us. We didn’t go far – just to a little cafe for coffee and cake. I had to be quite careful when I sat down as my dress was rather short – it wasn’t as if it rode up to the extent that it really exposed me, but if I’d moved in a careless way it would have. We ended up with 5 people (including Jen and I) and we managed to get a table in the corner so we could talk about the previous night. One of the other girls had seen the ‘band’ perform before (she was the one who had suggested that everyone should go) – I thanked her for letting us know and got her to promise to tell me when they would be performing again (I’m pretty sure Mike would be interested to see them) – I somehow can’t see them getting a gig in the York scene though!

Jen leaned over and whispered to me that I should be a little less careful with how I was sitting. I thought initially that she meant that I was exposing myself already, but it turned out that she wanted me to give the person opposite me an opportunity to eye me up. I reminded her that my pussy was meant to be ‘for her and her alone’ but she pointed out that the guy was gay so it would be like a straight girl seeing me naked. I wasn’t quite convinced by her logic, but:

a) It was getting troublesome to keep ensuring that the dress didn’t ride up

b) I like the idea of people seeing me

c) I wanted to see if I could get any ‘response’ out of him

Jen said that she needed to go to the toilet so I joined her – she gave me a little stroke while we were there and got me to agree to be a bit less careful when I sat back down. I did as we had agreed and when we returned, I made it look as if I was holding my dress down as I sat, but I actually ensured that it was hiked up a fair bit (a bit more than I had intended as the hem was now just at the bottom of my pussy). I had two choices, I could either ‘notice’ that it was high and fix it – but then I would have to fix it properly or it would be obvious I was trying to stay semi-exposed, or I could leave it. I took a chance and went for the second option.

I tried to look casual and relax – letting my legs fall slightly open as we chatted. This probably gave a very clear view of my pussy to Ian (the guy sitting opposite). I continued to chat with everyone and only looked in his direction whenever he was talking or I was saying something to him and I pretended to be oblivious to my exposure. I pushed things even further by lifting a foot up onto the chair so I could hug my knee and this must have completely exposed me to him. Jen said that she certainly saw him looking, but she didn’t notice any bulge in his trousers – now I know that he is ‘properly gay’ (as opposed to some of the other men in the group who are bi), so I’m not too disappointed, but I’ve been told by a few gay friends that they often still find naked women arousing even if they aren’t interested in them, so I would have liked him to at least get a semi!

Anyway – even if Ian wasn’t interested, it was daring enough to get me nicely aroused and I knew that I had scored some more points with Jen so I wanted to head back home and play. We had all pretty much finished up anyway so we headed off and soon got home. Jen congratulated me for being so daring and I said that I wanted a reward to make up for it. She seemed to think this was fair and instead of leading me up to her room, we went straight down to the laundry.

It was now mid afternoon on Sunday – and a number of the machines were already on with a couple of people loading or unloading. We went around the corner to the row of machines at the back and one of them was already in use, but there was nobody there. I told Jen that I we couldn’t do anything at this time of day or we’d get caught, but she assured me that she would keep a lookout and promised me that she would let me know if anyone came along. I got her to promise this again and then gave in and wandered down to the machine that was already on (no point in wasting 50p!). Jen stood at the corner and pretended to be looking at things on her phone while she kept a watch. I climbed up onto the machine and started to play with myself – knowing that I would probably be able to cum fairly quickly.

It dawned on me that we should have probably set our own machine going as if the person who’s machine I was on, came back, they would see that we weren’t using one and would know something strange was happening (although probably wouldn’t have guessed what). This occurred to me a bit too late though as I was already getting into it. I was sitting half facing Jen – one leg dangling of the side of the machine and the other foot up on the machine so I could easily get to my pussy. Because I wanted a quick orgasm, I didn’t rely just on the vibrations to help me along so I alternated between fingering myself and rubbing my clit. I found it difficult to keep my balance, keep my eyes on Jen and fully enjoy the feeling, but things seemed to work out as we remained uninterrupted for long enough for me to cum.

I obviously didn’t make much noise as there were still people in the room (I didn’t know that there were, but I assumed correctly). There was only a little period where I really surrendered to the feelings completely and stopped paying attention to Jen, but as I’ve said, nobody came along so I was okay. I climbed down from the machine and asked Jen if she wanted a go, but she thought it was too risky (which led to me slapping her ass a few times for making me do it).

She said that there was something else she wanted to try and that we should head back upstairs...

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