Sunday, 9 May 2010

Long Jen Visit #2 - Part 2

Second part of Thursday now. It's been a fun week so far and last night was certainly interesting - but you'll have to wait to hear about that...


I crawled back onto the bed and curled up against her and we kissed and said hello properly. I explained again that I had decided to come early and how Mel had managed to get her key for me. Jen said that we she would have to find out how and jumped out of bed. Jen threw on her top and skirt and dug around in a drawer for ‘my’ t-shirt (see the posts from my previous visits if you’re a new reader). I didn’t bother arguing (given I’d only agreed to do anything she wanted about 10 minutes earlier), so slipped it on and followed her out into the hallway.

We went down to Mel’s room, Jen knocked and we were told to come in. We entered and I thanked her properly for stealing Jen’s key and Mel explained how she had got it (while they were out for coffee in a group, she had snatched Jen’s keys and got the spare one cut). Jen tried to tell her off for stealing her keys at the same time for thanking Mel for helping me surprise her (this didn’t work too well!) It ended up with Mel saying that we could just buy her a drink to thank her and Jen said that she could think of a better way.

I had been standing through this conversation (mostly because I couldn’t find a safe way of sitting down in Mel’s room with just the t-shirt on). Jen moved around behind me and grabbed my breasts and started to massage them, pulling on the nipples. Now Mel has seen Jen rubbing my pussy through my panties in the kitchen during my last visit, but I didn’t have any panties on this time so I was wondering what Jen was going to do. She moved a hand down past my waist and I felt her fingers pressing the bottom of the t-shirt against my pussy and start to rub me. I don’t think that Mel got to see anything, but I once again felt incredibly exposed (and maybe just a little turned on). Jen didn’t keep it up for long and even though I was enjoying it I was quite relieved as I can think of people who I would much rather got to see that happen than Mel. (Don’t get me wrong, I quite like Mel, but I’m really not attracted to her.)

After a few minutes, we went back to Jen’s room as we had to go out to get some food (remember that Jen wasn’t expecting me until tomorrow). Jen took a while deciding what I should wear but decided in the end to just let me put on the clothes that I had worn on my way here. We went and bought as much food as Jen could store (she only gets a single shelf in the fridge) and returned home. Jen told me that she had planned to go for a drink out with friends later in the evening and offered to cancel it, but I told her I was quite happy to go along and that we had a few days together so would have plenty of time.

We just chatted while we ate and I tried to find out what some of her plans were for the rest of my visit, but she still wouldn’t tell me anything (so I think I’m going to give up asking and just go along with whatever they are). After dinner, Jen needed to get herself shaved and asked if I wanted to go and help her (which I obviously did). We gathered up her things and went off to the bathroom. One of the showers was already in use so Jen chose the one next to it. We stripped off and showered together, taking turns to wash each other’s hair and then fully soap up and rinse off each other’s body. There was a bit of fondling and teasing, but nothing too much.

When it came time to shave Jen, I told her about Lis shaving in my shower (which of course she knew, but I was doing it more for the person in the shower next to us). Jen sat down on the bench and I crouched in front of her and shaved off the little bit of stubble she had so that she was completely bald again. While I was in this position, I was well aware that the bottom of my ass was probably visible to the person in the shower next to us, but I knew that was the reason that Jen had chosen that cubicle. Jen stood up and rinsed herself off and when she was done I told her to come back so I could check if I’d missed anything.

Of course, I did this our usual way – with my tongue – and enjoyed making Jen cum. She apparently had quite a strong orgasm and looked quite spent by the time I had finished. I left her to recover on the bench while I rinsed myself off. I stood facing her and slowly toyed with my pussy. I asked her if I should make myself cum for her and gave a nod to the shower next to us (which was still running, so I assumed that they were either really dirty, or were enjoying listening to us). Jen said that I could cum if I wanted, but I decided that I would just have a little play. I rubbed around my lips and told her that Mike had shaved me the night before. While I pushed a couple of fingers into myself, I asked her what she thought about me growing back the hair on my mons (but I assured her that I would be keeping my lips bald). Jen thought that it might look nice, but said not to do it this week as she didn’t want to have to deal with the stubble.

I was rubbing my clit by this point and was wavering on my decision to not actually make myself cum, but my will power won through and I announced that while fingering myself felt good, I would save my orgasm until later. All of this was mostly for the person next door of course and I wondered if it was a man – and if so, if he had, or still was jerking off while listening to us. We went back to Jen’s room and got ready for our evening out. I told Jen that I didn’t want to get too drunk (so I didn’t end up with a hangover and waste any of my time here).

Jen let me choose my own outfit for the evening and I went for something simple – short enough to be fun (and accessible if needed) but not so short that I needed worry. On the way out, the door (because why would you do this *before* the door was opened?), Jen told me to lift my skirt and she applied some gel to the remote control egg. I told her not to use too much (remembering what had happened with the dildo when I used too much) and she rubbed a little bit off before she slid the egg into my pussy. She didn’t turn it on, but as we walked to the pub, I felt the familiar tingle start to build. It felt nice, but had pretty much faded by the time we got to our destination.

We found some of the others already there and they welcomed me back (apparently my little display during my last visit was enough to have them accept me into their group!). Too many people asked me how my thesis was coming along (you should never ask that of someone writing up) but I managed to relax and started chatting. The conversation got around to the hardcore club and a couple of the girls told me how much Jen had enjoyed her last visit. Jen had already arranged for us to all go back during my trip and I was told that I was in for a treat (but I don’t know what kind yet).

Lucy turned up after a short time and I was really happy to see her (as you may have guessed). Even though we have been chatting over the phone since I last visited, it was still great to actually catch up with her in person – she still really looks like Pavlina and I couldn’t help but think of some of ‘her’ pictures and videos. I got engrossed in a conversation with Jen and Lucy and then suddenly jumped when I felt the egg start up inside me. I looked over at Jen and was confused as she had been holding her drink with both hands.

I could feel the pattern of buzzing change and Jen indicated with a nod of her head to the other side of the table. One of the guys was holding the remote control and Jen said that she had told them that they could all play with it while I imagined that they were each doing things to me. I instantly felt myself blush and couldn’t decide if this was better or worse than them seeing me cum last time. I knew that I wasn’t going to cum from the egg alone but (now I’d got over the initial surprise) I was certainly beginning to feel the pleasure building. The remote was handed around and people fiddled with the power and program settings – this meant that I never really knew what I was going to feel and I have to say, it made it much more interesting than just having it buzzing away inside me like I usually would.

Eventually, it got back round to Lucy and I expected her to hand it to me, but she said that she wanted to know what the different settings were like. She cycled through the different programs and got me to tell her what each one felt like and which I liked the best. I really wish that I could have cum while she was playing with it, but as nice as it would have felt, I wasn’t about to start fingering myself in the pub. I finally managed to get her to give the remote to me and hid it in my bag (after turning the egg off).

We stayed out for a good few hours and chatted and I got to know some of the other people a bit better but finally decided that it was time to head back home. I had drunk a bit more than I had intended – I wasn’t really drunk, but fairly tipsy so it took us a little while to get back. Once inside her building, Jen led us to the back stairs and straight up to the roof. I had been expecting out first night to be a bit more private, but I wasn’t going to complain and I had started to feel the excitement building as soon as I had realised where we were going.

We had a quick check around the roof and found that we were alone – we didn’t have anything other than out jackets to lie on so started off fooling around while leaning against the air-con units. We kissed (fairly passionately) and were soon fingering each other. I discovered that Jen had been wearing panties and told her off but she reminded me that she was in charge this week (again), so it was her call. She did at least allow me to take them off her but I then had to wear them on my head while we continued kissing and fingering. Jen also got me to pull my top and bra up so she could play with my nipples and when I pointed out that this had more of an effect on her than me, she pulled up her top (no bra) and offered me her nipples.

I lowered my head to them and alternated between them as I continued to finger her. In this position, Jen couldn’t reach my pussy, but I didn’t mind too much as I love making her cum. Due to the beer I’d been drinking, I had been feeling an increasing need to pee and had almost said to Jen on the way up the stairs that I needed to stop, but I had guessed that she would want to do something else so I hadn’t said anything. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to hold back much more and told Jen.

Jen said that I should put on her panties (which confused me slightly) but allowed me to take off my shoes. We walked over towards the edge of the roof and Jen had me stand facing outwards while she stood behind me. My breasts were still exposed and she reached round me to play with my nipples. She told me to lift up the front of my skirt and when I had done this, she lowered one hand to my (or rather *her*) panties and started to rub. I was illuminated by streetlights – not directly, but reasonably well and it was an incredible thrill. Jen told me to start to pee slowly and I did as she asked. I felt the warmth spread across the panties and then start to run down my legs and Jen increased the pressure on my clit.

Jen said that she wanted me to cum while peeing (and I’ve figured out why) so I said I would have to stop for a little bit while she continued to rub me. Jen slipped her fingers into my panties and rapidly got me closer to cumming. Her fingers had pushed the crotch of the panties to the side so my pussy was now exposed and the fact that we were in plain view (for anyone with a telescope and night vision) helped speed things along. When I thought I was close enough, I told her and started to pee again. Jen removed her fingers from my clit and went back to rubbing me through the panties – but it was still enough stimulation and I came. Jen continued to encourage me to pee through my orgasm and I think I managed to keep going. By the time I finished my legs were soaked and the panties were obviously dripping wet.

I assumed that Jen would want to do the same sort of thing but I thought I would surprise her and give her a bit more. I pulled off my top, knelt in front of her and lifted her skirt. I told her that she had seemed to enjoy this the last time I was here so I would let her try it again – I pressed my neck up against her pussy and rubbed against her. Jen said that she needed to get out of her skirt first so I moved back and let her slide it off and step out of her shoes at the same time. Jen wanted to move away from the edge (I had actually been surprised that she had got semi-naked while in the light) so we moved back to our original spot.

I knelt back down in front of her and started to eat her – Jen was definitely ready and she tasted wonderful. I still needed to cum so I reached a hand under my skirt and started playing with myself – at first through the wet panties and then I couldn’t take any more so pulled them to the side and fingered myself properly. Jen was teasing her nipples and it didn’t take long as all before she was ready to cum. She did at least give me some warning and I had time to move so I could rub my neck against her pussy. I stopped playing with myself so I could use both hands to hold her lips open and get as much pressure against her clit as possible. I remembered just how good this had felt last time and made a note to try it in a dryer way later on – but for now my aim was to give Jen some fun.

She pressed back against me, humping my neck and said that she couldn’t hold back any more – I told her to let go and cum. I watched her pulled her nipples even tighter (I have no idea how it doesn’t hurt her) and then felt a sudden burst of wetness on my neck and over my front. I think I could tell when the waves of her orgasm were hitting her as she squirted in time with them (this feels better apparently). I kept my neck pressed up hard against her so she had something to rub on and actually enjoyed that fact that I was getting soaked. I realised that I should have probably taken off my skirt (and I think I would have enjoyed it more if I’d been kneeling there totally nude), but it was too late now.

When she had finished, I stood up and kissed her (getting her top wet in the process, but she didn’t seem to mind). I told her that I really needed to cum again but that I was getting a bit cold and asked if we could go in. Jen agreed as we needed a shower anyway so we started to gather up our things. To keep my top dry, I had to take my bra off before I could put the top on, but there wasn’t much I could do about my skirt. Jen was in a slightly better state – her top only had a few damp patches where I had been pressing up against her and her skirt was dry, but her legs were still glistening. We carried our shoes and went down the back stairs and straight into the bathroom.

Jen turned the shower on and pulled me under it before we had undressed (we left shoes and bags on the bench). We pulled at each other’s clothes while we kissed and soon had access to breasts and cunts again. Now I was a bit warmer, I told Jen that I was desperate to cum again. One of her hands went to my cunt and the other to my ass and she fingered me in both holes. I hadn’t been expecting such a rapid attack (but I adapted) and I just enjoyed the feeling as she brought me off once more. I didn’t make any attempt to be quiet and was left panting and holding on to Jen to keep myself upright.

I was going to return the favour, but Jen said that she didn’t think she could cum again and so we fully removed our clothes, rinsed them off under the shower and then rinsed ourselves. Our clothes were now so wet that we couldn’t have worn them again so Jen told me to go and get some towels. I decided not to even ask what I could wear and took her keys and went to her room naked. It was late enough that there was nobody around so I decided to just carry the towels back (and not cover myself up). Jen noticed this on my return and congratulated me.

We dried each other off and went back to her room (I thought that I may as well do it properly so just had my towel over one shoulder). We snuggled up in bed together and then mostly just talked (with a little bit of kissing) until we fell asleep.

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