Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Long Jen Visit #2 - Part 3

I woke up first the following morning and decided to wake Jen in the nicest way I know. I crawled down between her legs and licked away at her cunt until it was clear that she was awake (mainly because she grabbed my head and told me to keep going). I intended to continue, but I first moved around so she could return the favour and I planted my pussy on her mouth. Jen didn’t seem to mind this and we shared a ‘good morning’ orgasm. We went to brush our teeth before heading off to the kitchen for some food. I made the mistake of pointing out that Jen had let me wear my nightdress to the bathroom so she had me pop back to her room and change into the t-shirt. Because I had ‘tried to get away with wearing my nightdress’ (as she put it), I had to go sans panties – but then I wouldn’t have really expected anything less anyway.

I noticed that I got a few looks from people when I entered the kitchen. When we were alone, Jen told me that my last visit had led to quite a bit of gossip – some good, some bad (apparently most of the ‘bad’ was from other girls while the men mostly seemed to enjoy having me there). We had a chat about how much Jen enjoyed being the centre of attention (or having me be the centre of attention). I pointed out that even though I was the one that had to do the embarrassing things, everyone obviously knew that I was her girlfriend and that therefore she was involved (and we know that her neighbours have heard us both cumming). Jen said that she didn’t mind who knew what the two of us got up to and I thought that I would see just how much she didn’t mind.

We had the kitchen to ourselves, but people had been coming and going (so the above conversation had happened in a few parts). Jen was washing up our bowls by this point and I was standing beside her. I slid a hand into her dressing gown, cupped her pussy and asked if she really didn’t mind if people knew what we were doing. Jen didn’t pull away so I started to stroke along her pussy with a single finger and then push it into her. Jen continued to do the washing up but pointed out that there was a different between people knowing what we were doing and letting them see – unless of course it was me that they were getting to see in which case it is apparently alright. Jen said that if I was going to do things to her, then I had to do them to myself as well – her thinking was that given where we were, I wouldn’t be able to hide anything so would have to stop teasing her.

Given what she made me do during my last visit though, I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to see how far I could push her so I moved a bit closer to her (still standing with my back to the cabinets, facing out into the kitchen), moved my hand so I could slip a second finger into her and rub her clit with my thumb and dropped my other hand to my own pussy. Jen had put the washing up down by this point and said that she didn’t think I would dare to carry on. This was of course a stupid thing to say (we were still alone so I wasn’t about to stop). I pulled up my t-shirt and opened my legs slightly to give me better access. I pushed two fingers into my cunt and fucked myself with them in an exaggerated way so that it was obvious that I wasn’t hiding anything.

I didn’t really expect to be able to make either of us cum before we got interrupted, but I had also decided that I would keep going until we were sure that someone was coming in to the room. We heard people walk past the door a few times and Jen tried to push my hand away the first time but I assured her I would stop if they came in. We only had the room to ourselves for a couple of minutes, but it was enough time to get us both quite worked up. I wasn’t about to cum, but I was feeling horny enough that I was asking Jen if I should just keep going regardless of whether anyone walked in. Jen said that I was welcome to do so as long as I stopped doing things to her but I chickened out and we continued to listen for people.

Eventually, the door opened and I quickly pulled my fingers out of myself and pushed my shirt down. I pulled my other hand away from Jen’s pussy, but kept it close to her and pretended that I was just tickling her. Our new guests would certainly have been able to see that we were flushed, but I’m pretty sure that they didn’t guess what we had really been up to. Jen finished with the washing and said that she should make us some sandwiches for lunch. I was wondering why she was being so prepared until she told me to sit up on the counter and talk to her while she got them ready. It was obvious that she was just trying to reassert herself and I went back to being the compliant little girlfriend. I stood with my ass against the counter and jumped up.

The t-shirt was long enough that it still covered the tops of my thighs, but it wasn’t really offering much protection. Jen started preparing our lunch beside me and I made sure that I kept looking in her direction (specifically not looking at the new people in the kitchen). I kept my knees firmly together and started to gently swing my legs – at first just back and forth and then slightly apart so I could gently tap my heels together. Jen could see what I was doing and she gave me a little nod so I relaxed my thighs slightly and let my knees part (only ever so slightly). I continued to gently swing my legs about and then ended up sitting with my heels crossed. This meant that my knees ended up being about 15-20cm (3-4 inches) apart – still not a great deal, but enough that at least the suggestion of my pussy must have been visible.

I stayed like this until Jen finished up and then realised that getting down (discretely) would be a bit more difficult. I then realised that given how I had been sitting, a little flash wouldn’t be any worse so I just jumped down. As I had expected, the t-shirt rose up a bit, but it was really only for a second. It felt like my pussy was leaking and I considered helping Jen to put stuff away in the fridge (so I had to bend over and give them another flash), but I just told Jen that we should hurry up and get back. She wrapped up our lunch and left it in the fridge before allowing me to drag her back to her room.

She said that I had been very naughty when I had been touching her and despite the fact that (as I pointed out) she had enjoyed it, I needed to be punished. We needed to shower and Jen said that I would have a chance to make up for my behaviour. She took a wired egg (more powerful than the remote control ones) and the new dildo with the suction cup (I later found out that this bit was Mike’s idea). I took the towels and we went to the bathroom. There was nobody else there so we took the end stall, stripped off and got under the water. Jen said that I should finish off what I started in the kitchen and so I moved my fingers to her pussy and rubbed her. She said that she had a better idea and stood with her against the wall with her ass sticking out. She instructed me to get the dildo and hold the cup against my cunt so I could fuck her with it.

Even though I couldn’t feel anything, I had an amazing view (now I know why Mike likes doggy style so much). I kept the dildo held against my mons (so it was the right height to get into Jen – and also so I could put a bit of pressure on my clit with one of the fingers I was using to hold it). I gave Jen a good fucking and loved the way that her cunt lips looked as if they were trying to pull it back in whenever I pulled out. She said that it felt really good, but it wasn’t going to be enough to make her cum (and neither of us could spare a hand to use on her clit), so we ended up changing position.

Jen really needed to cum (so did I, but I wanted to bring her off first) so I suggested that she sit on the bench and then I could do things properly to her. She agreed and sat down and I attacked her cunt with my mouth. I only did this for a minute or so while I fished around for the egg. Once I had dug it out and set it going, I held it to her clit and put the dildo back inside her. Jen took the egg and rubbed around her clit with it while I resumed fucking her with the dildo (which is much easier when you’re sitting down). She came very quickly and grabbed my hand to stop me moving so I pulled the dildo out and gently kissed her pussy until she had recovered.

Now that our new toy had Jen’s seal of approval, she returned to her original plan – she stuck it to the wall under the shower and told me to fuck myself on it. I love hearing someone who looks as innocent as Jen talking that dirty and said that I would be happy to. We had to adjust the height a bit, but I managed to get the dildo into me and I started slamming myself back on to it. Jen sat on the bench and watched me. I asked her to sit with her feet up and legs spread so that I could look at her pussy and she did as I asked (and even toyed with herself a bit). When I was close enough, she handed me the egg and I used it on my clit. This sped up the whole process and I came quite quickly. I felt quite shaky by the time my orgasm had finished and had to sit down – while I was in this position, Jen made me suck the dildo clean (it sticks to tiles really well).

Once I had recovered, we finished washing each other and went back to Jen’s room to plan the rest of the day. We decided to go out shopping and Jen had me wear a pretty short skirt (still long enough to cover me when walking). Other than a little bit of fondling in changing rooms (not to orgasm), and a visit to a sex shop to look at toys, we didn’t get up to anything sexual and just had a nice relaxed day.

We met up with some friends for a coffee mid-afternoon and they invited us to go out with them later on that evening but we had already decided that we would have a quiet evening out together (this was news to me, but I was quite happy to have a romantic evening with Jen). We headed back home and started to get ready...


  1. I'm sure the women felt threatened. If you are so insecure that you believe that your BF will leave you just because he saw a "half naked chick in the hall" (No offense) OR believe that since you're dating your BF shouldn't look at anyone else (Very common) OR get offended when he spanks it to someone else (Also common) then you don't deserve to be dating...you're crazy.