Thursday, 13 May 2010

Long Jen Visit #2 - Part 4

On to Friday evening now... Unfortunately I'm back in York now (have been for a little while), but Jen should be coming to join us soon (and the revenge will start!)


We got back to Jen’s place, freshened up and I lay on the bed writing up the earlier part of the day while Jen looked up a few things on the computer. I was still naked as Jen hadn’t yet told me what I was going to be wearing (Jen was dressed though) and there was a knock on the door. I pulled the covers over me and Jen answered it and let Mel in to the room. Even though I was sort of covered, it was obvious that I was (at the very least mostly) naked and Mel made a comment about me never being fully dressed. I had to hide what I was working on (Mel finding out that we used some of her food to fuck with would probably be a bad thing) – but by hiding it, Mel instantly assumed that I had been looking at dodgy pictures and started to tease me about them. In the end, I said that I would show her and pulled up some of my favourite pics (another advantage to having a porn cache on my laptop!).

She tried to convince us to go out somewhere with her but we told her that we had other plans but would be joining her tomorrow. After a few minutes she gave up and left us. Mel had booked a table for us and it was getting close to when we had to leave so she finally pulled out my outfit for the evening – it was something that we had seen earlier in the day in New Look and I hadn’t realised she had bought. Technically, it is only a top, but it is reasonably long and came down to the middle of my thighs. Like the dress she had me wear to the party last time, the material is full of holes – they are smaller ones, but more of them, so it probably reveals about the same amount of me.

Jen had a cute pale blue strappy dress on with a cream wrap. As is getting to be her usual case, she didn’t wear a bra, but did put on white panties as she felt the dress was quite short (she won’t be doing that next time she comes to York). I wasn’t allowed to wear a bra and Jen pulled out a few pairs of flesh coloured panties. She said that people would be able to see my nipples and with the panties, they would assume that I was actually naked under the ‘dress’. I pulled a pair on and when I looked at myself in the mirror, it did indeed look like I had nothing on. I told Jen that I loved the outfit (and gave her a big kiss to thank her for it). I went without tights or socks so I could feel really free (but in hindsight I wish I had put something on as it was a bit cold later on in the evening). We headed out and Jen said that she saw a couple of people giving me looks as we went downstairs – she later told me that my outfit rode up a fair way when I was on stairs.

We headed off to the restaurant – the initial plan was to walk there, but we had left a bit late so wandered along to the taxi rank. It was quite busy and we ended up jumping the queue a bit in return for making out in front of a group of guys there. We didn’t do much more than kissing and Jen fondled my breasts, but it was enough to keep them happy. It wasn’t a long ride and we got there just a few minutes late. It was a nice Italian place – reasonably large (and therefore reasonably noisy) – but the food was good. The lighting was fairly low with lots of candles which I was quite glad of as I realised that while my dress/top was long enough while standing up, because it was fairly straight (unlike my usually flippy skirts), it rode up a fair bit when I sat down. I didn’t mind too much as I had panties on, but I think I definitely needed them.

We stayed for a couple of hours and felt nicely full (but not stuffed) by the time we left. Gicen it still wasn’t too late, we decided to go for a drink and Jen led me to a crowded place that she said was very similar to my favourite cocktail place in York. The place was heaving with people and it took us a while to get to the bar and get a drink. Once we’d chosen our tipple, we backed away (or rather were pushed away by others wanting alcohol) and ended up standing very close to each other chatting (or shouting as it was incredibly loud). We were pressed up together and Jen took the opportunity to have a quick fondle of my ass. At first it was just through my dress but she managed to pull it up slightly and get her hand onto my panties. I returned the favour (but wasn’t allowed to dip my hand under her skirt) and things progressed to the point that her fingers pushed under my panties and onto my ass. I told her that I wanted to go somewhere and do things properly but she said that we should stay for a while and play a bit more.

I could feel that she was excited from how hard her little nipples were (neither of us had bras on) so I leaned closer to her and asked her what she had in mind. Jen told me that it was difficult to get to ‘bits’ and asked me what I was going to do about it. I wasn’t initially sure what she wanted and she clarified by saying that she wanted to have a proper play. I finally realised what she was asking me to do and told her that I would need her help. She still had her fingers in my panties and she started to gently tug them down. I dropped my free hand between us and hooked the front of my panties with my thumb and gave them a pull. After a couple of tugs, they moved down a bit and I asked Jen if this gave her enough freedom. Her fingers moved between my legs and brushed near my pussy, but she said that the panties were still too tight.

We repeated our manoeuvre (and I ‘accidentally’ brushed my knuckles against her skirt and pressed against her pussy). I guessed that my panties were now pulled down a good couple of inches - they were certainly down enough that I couldn’t spread my legs too much, which meant that even though I was now more exposed, Jen still couldn’t get much access. Jen said that they needed to move a bit more and when I pointed out that they would then be very visible below my dress, she just asked me what I suggested. Despite her later claims to the contrary, I’m sure this was what she had planned all along: I told her to pull her hand away a bit, put my legs together and gave them another tug. They were now around the middle of my thighs and with a quick shake, they slid down my legs.

Jen couldn’t see what I’d done, but when she returned her hand to my ass and felt down my legs, she realised. I stepped out of the panties with one leg and tried to lift up the other one to retrieve them, but didn’t have enough space. Jen could see that I couldn’t manage it and said that it didn’t matter if I left them here so I just let them fall off the other foot and pushed them away from me slightly. I realised that (discounting shoes) I now only had a single item (of rather see-through) clothing on and felt very exposed (and excited). Jen said that I deserved a treat for my bravery and her fingers found their way to my pussy (from behind). She couldn’t do much without lifting up my dress, but she fingered around the entrance and I could feel them spreading my juices. I pressed up tight against her and told her to rub my clit – she moved her hand around to the front of my body, slipped her fingers back under my dress and flicked back and forth across my clit.

I loved the way it felt and I’m sure that I could have cum if she had been able to move her hand just a little bit more, but sadly, given our position, she couldn’t. On the plus side, what she was doing was taking a lot of her attention and it allowed me to get my free hand under her skirt and onto her ass before she realised what I was doing. After a few minutes, she had to stop as it was hurting her wrist (and I think that a few of the people around us may have figured out what was going on). We decided to go upstairs in the hope of finding a less crowded spot to finish things off.

Halfway up the stairs, I remembered that Jen had said my dress rode up, but it was pretty much too late now. The stairs were also fairly crowded so it wasn’t like anyone would get a good view and I decided to just not worry about it. We found somewhere with a bit more space, but there was nowhere at all hidden so if anything, the situation was much worse. In the end, we settled for just making out in a corner with a bit of grinding against each other. We got a few whistles from a group of men along with some other comments so put on a little show for them – at one point, Jen had me turn around to face them and she cupped my breasts from behind and pulled on the nipples. As she did this, I wondered how much my dress was being pulled up but didn’t think that there would be enough light for them to see anything (the advantage of being shaved bald) and I’ll admit that I was turned on enough by this point that I actually didn’t mind too much if they got a glimpse of my pussy.

When we had finished our drinks (and our show), we decided to head back. I was drunk and horny enough that I didn’t make any attempt to maintain my decency while going back down the stairs and I think a few people got a view of my (rather wet) cunt. When we were back outside and away from most people, Jen’s hand strayed under my dress once more and I told her that if she wanted to do that, then I wanted to have her panties (just to have them, not to wear them). We ducked into an alley and Jen quickly removed her panties and handed them to me (they went into my bag). It wasn’t really private enough, but I lifted my skirt and pulled Jen to me. I loved the feel of her hot cunt on my skin let her rub up and down a few times before we set off again.

We considered getting a taxi back 9so we could play in the back of it) but decided that the walk would be more fun. We teased each other the whole way home (whenever there was nobody else around anyway) – cupping asses, rubbing pussies and Jen even managed to fondle my breasts (after pulling my dress up to expose them). Needless to say, by the time we got back, we were both pretty worked up and we agreed that we wanted a bit more than to just go back to her room. After considering our options, we decided that we should return to the roof and play around up there. We did stop off at Jen’s room to drop off our bags and pick up a few toys though.


  1. Hope you ladies didn't make too big of a mess on your way to Jen's.:)

    Mike's wrist probably hasn't gotten this much action in a long while!

  2. No - other than playing, we were fairly well behaved (well, considering what we were going we were well behaved anyway!)

    Mike enjoys my visits to Jen - and then enjoys us recounting them to him again later on. He's been recounting things to Sue in his continuing quest to get her to join in with us.