Sunday, 16 May 2010

Long Jen Visit #2 - Part 5

The fresh air on the way home had somewhat increased the effect of the cocktail on me and I was feeling more drunk that I thought I should be (I guess that we’d had a bottle of wine between us and then a strong cocktail – and I haven’t been drinking much recently). We got up to the roof and I felt that I was pretty much up for anything. Jen seemed to be in the same sort of mood and we were soon fondling and kissing each other. The fact that we were both completely naked under our dresses certainly added to the excitement and we took advantage of the easy access this granted. The dresses were pulled up and we ground against each other – I could feel how wet Jen was and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t too far behind.

I ended up pulling the top of Jen’s dress down so I could get to her nipples and I spent a fair while licking and sucking on them – watching and listening to Jen getting more worked up as I lapped away. While I was doing this, she had pulled my dress up so she could play with my breasts and I decided that given I was mostly exposed anyway, I may as well take it off. I looked around (which was a bit pointless as if anyone had been there they would have already seen me) and then pulled it off over my head.

I went back to sucking Jen’s nipples (as she seemed to be enjoying it) and then got her to lift her dress so I could also rub her pussy. Given she had her dress now just covering her stomach, I hoped that she would remove it, but she said that she didn’t want me to stop (which I thought was a poor excuse). It was obvious that she was getting close to cumming though so I didn’t push it too much and concentrated on getting her off.

Aside: I’ve known for quite a while that Jen’s nipples are very sensitive, but I’ve been noticing recently that they seem to get even more sensitive if I play with them for a long time. We can’t recall a time that I’ve managed to make her cum with just nipple play, but it’s something that we intend to try at some point.

So I kept licking, sucking and biting them while I fingered her and I was soon rewarded with what appeared to be quiet a strong orgasm. In a most un-Jen like manner, she didn’t do her usual mewing but had a ‘Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck’ orgasm which culminated with a long ‘unggghhhh’. Jen stood there panting and I felt very pleased with myself for having done a good job, but now even more horny than I had been before. Unfortunately, I had done a bit *too* good a job and Jen needed time to recover. I was a bit impatient and was kissing her and trying to get her to finger me – I ended up humping against her leg while I told her to hurry up and start doing things.

After a little while, Jen had got her breath back and told me that I wasn’t the one who was in charge and if she told me to wait then I had to wait. I’ve had a few emails from my last visit questioning why I let Jen be so mean to me – I’m sure that if I had *really* not wanted to do something then she wouldn’t have forced me and when she told me that I had to wait, she did it with a wicked grin on her face, so I was fairly certain that she wasn’t going to tease me for long. She said that I would need to be punished while I got my reward for making her cum and led me to the edge of the roof.

We were on the edge facing out to the street, but it was fairly late so it wasn’t as busy as usual (and we were 6 floors up). Jen got me to lean against the railings and lift up a leg so my pussy was really exposed. She knelt down and started kissing me there, around the lips, sometimes on the clit and sometimes just on the mons or my thigh. As I had hoped, she didn’t spend long teasing and soon started to lick my clit and push her tongue into me. She didn’t keep doing this for too long though and said that she wanted to fuck me properly.

I had to turn around (so I was now facing out) and Jen went to our bag of toys and returned with the long dildo. I felt her briefly rub it against my cunt and then she slid it straight in (as you can guess, I was pretty wet so this wasn’t a problem). As soon as Jen did this, I started to think about numerous anime things that I’ve seen where a girl (usually a very cute girl in a school uniform) is being fucked on the roof of her school while up against the fence in a similar position to the one I was in. I tried to describe this to Jen (who hasn’t seen as much of the anime porn) and she said that I should just imagine the whole school looking up at me watching me cum.

Not that I needed any help, but this image certainly helped anyway – Jen continued to pump the dildo into my cunt and pressed a finger up against my ass. She told me to rub my clit, which meant that I couldn’t hold myself up properly so I ended up with my upper body pressed against the fence and my breasts squashed around the (very cold) metal bars. The whole situation felt delicious and I knew I couldn’t hold back much longer (well, I possibly could have, but I didn’t want to) and I asked Jen to push harder. She got me to ask properly and tell her what I really wanted so I went along the lines of “Please fuck my cunt harder with the dildo, slam it into me and make me cum...”. This was enough for Jen and was soon enough for me as well.

I could actually see people walking past as I came and was pretty much in full view of them (if a little small due to our height). I had to control myself so I didn’t cry out too loud and attract their attention, but I made enough noise to keep Jen happy (the traffic was probably loud enough that I could have made much more safely, but I didn’t think of that at the time). As good as my orgasm felt, it wasn’t very satisfying and I wanted a bit more. I had intended to share the dildo with Jen (and possibly switch positions with her so I could fuck her up against the fence), but I had made it a bit wetter than I had expected and I ended up dropping it when I tried to take it off Jen.

I was a bit disappointed, but it was getting a bit cold anyway so we decided to go back inside. Jen straightened up her dress (which ended up involving her sliding it off to put back on again) and I retrieved my dress and put it back on. We started to head back down to her room and I made it pretty clear that I wanted to continue our games. Jen asked how much I wanted to cum and I told her that I would let her do anything she wanted (it’s a good job I trust her). She told me to kneel on the stairs and when I was in position, she ate me from behind. We were on the back stairs so there was nobody around, but it was a properly lit hall. Jen didn’t finish things off though and told me to follow her.

I was desperate now and I’ll admit that I began to worry that she was trying to get me ultra-horny so that she could get me to do something really daring. It turned out that I didn’t have to worry though as we got back to her room and she said that we should go and play in the laundry room again (which is still quite risky – especially given I got caught last time, but once I’ve done something, it doesn’t seem such a big deal). I think the problem is that the things I find the most exciting are always pushing the boundary – not that Mike or Jen seem to think that it’s a problem!

So we got the stick on dildo (given the whole point of buying it was to use on my washing machine at home) and headed down to the laundry room in the basement. As expected for a Friday night (quote late by this point), there was nobody in there and none of the machines were on. We went to the back of the room (to the same place we’d used previously) and Jen said that she wanted to go first. She kept her dress on and when I said that she was cheating, she told me that I had to remove mine and put it in one of the washing machines (not turned on – just so it was out of reach). I didn’t really care by this point so did as she asked and watched her stick the dildo to the top of the machine and turn the machine on.

We hadn’t realised last time that you could set the machine straight to spin (to avoid waiting 30 minutes for the wash cycle to finish). Jen had since found this out and did so. She climbed up and crouched over the vibrating dildo. I helped her guide it into her pussy and she said that it didn’t feel bad, but she wasn’t too keen on the way it transferred the vibrations into her pussy. I was quite surprised at this as I had really enjoyed it when I had used it back in York, and I was looking forwards to finding out what it would be like on the more powerful machine.

Undeterred, we tried a few other things and Jen found that she really enjoyed squatting over the dildo and pressing against it so it vibrated against her clit. Jen wanted to try something else to actually cum though and sat on the edge of the machine with her feet up on either side of her (her favourite way to really expose herself). She held her dress up out of the way and got me to crouch in front of her and lick her. This felt very strange as instead of me having to move my tongue to stimulate her clit, I had to pretty much just hold still and let her body vibrate under me. Of course I didn’t just let the machine do all the work and I licked around and inside her pussy (not wanting to miss a chance to taste her).

Jen told me when she was getting close (she knew I wouldn’t be able to listen for her usual sounds over the machine) and I attached my mouth over her clit once more. I pressed my tongue against her clit as hard as I could and felt the vibrations of the machine moving her and bringing her off. I could tell it was another strong orgasm as she held my head against her pussy really hard and was almost thrusting against me. When she had finished, she wouldn’t even let me do my gently licking to nicely bring her down as she said that she was now too sensitive.

I still really wanted to feel what the dildo would be like on the bigger washing machine and so as soon as Jen had got down, I climbed up. I ensured it was still firmly attached (it sticks to the metal top of the machine a lot better than the plastic top on our machine at home) and then crouched over it. Jen told me that given I hadn’t kept a watch out for her that she wouldn’t be doing it for me either but I was feeling far too horny to care if anyone saw. I tried to let the dildo slide into me slowly and smoothly – and I managed to take a minute or so to get it the whole way in, but not quite as smoothly as I had imagined (you try balancing on top of a spinning machine).

I could tell that I was going to enjoy it almost straight away – I couldn’t see why Jen hadn’t thought it felt nice at all. The machine was spinning away at 1500rpm and it felt like I could feel every one of those 25 vibrations a second the whole way in me. It was even better when I sat down hard on the dildo so the balls were pressing against my clit. Jen got me to try to describe how it felt and I did my best, but ‘wonderful’ was pretty much the only way to sum it up properly. I had been imagining this for a while and I’m glad to say that I wasn’t disappointed. I really let myself go and let the sensations fill me. It felt so good that I actually wanted my previous audience to come back to complain about the noise so I could show off (but we managed this session with just the two of us).

I was fairly loud during the build up and my orgasm and Jen said that it even *looked* quite intense. Jen had stayed back so she could watch the door (and I’m sure she would have hidden just like last time if anyone had come in). I would have really liked her to lick my clit as I had done for her (and she has promised that we’re going to go back another night and she will lick me). I had to settle for fingering my clit – my body wasn’t really being vibrated given I was crouching on the machine, so it was a very different feeling that last time, but it’s not one I will forget in a hurry. (I think we need to buy a really powerful washing machine for home!)

I couldn’t keep the dildo in me once I had cum as it was just way too intense and ended up just sitting on the machine. This meant that I could then use the ‘self-vibrating clit’ trick (which oddly didn’t feel as intense). Even so, I could only do that for a short time before I had really had enough and had to stop completely. I climbed down, detached the dildo and retrieved my dress from the machine it was hidden in (I’m actually surprised that Jen hadn’t moved it while I was ‘distracted’. She says that if she had thought of doing it, she would – and then either made me hunt for it or just make me return to her room naked.

I didn’t have to do either of those things though and we returned to her room with us both feeling quite satisfied. I think I had managed to turn Jen on enough that if I had tried, I could have got her to go for another round of something – but for once I was completely spent and I don’t think I could have managed anything worthwhile so we went straight to bed. We chatted and fell asleep with Jen spooned up against my back, gently playing with my nipples and kissing the back of my neck (it’s the front that is really sensitive, so while it felt very sensual, it wasn’t meant to get me aroused).


  1. Go back to Mike stories. This Lesbian stuff is getting old.

  2. Well sorry - but I've got a number more posts relating to my visit. I've got a few things to write about after I got back but I'm spacing out the 'visit' posts as I don't have time to write anything else up.

    We'll get back to Mike (and hopefully Sue if she visits soon) posts fairly soon though.