Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Long Jen Visit # 2 - Part 6

Oops - I forgot to post this entry earlier in the week. I apologise if I'm not replying to emails and comments but I'm working my way through the next batch of work on thesis...


We wok up fairly late on Saturday morning – we had a quick trip to the bathroom to brush teeth and relieve ourselves before returning to bed for a lazy morning (or at least what was left of it). When we got back into bed (naked again of course), we lay facing each other and talked about plans for the future (not long-term deep stuff, just for the next few months). We got distracted by plans for the holiday (mostly involving Lis, but we threw a few fantasies about Holly and Jo in just for good measure) and started touching and teasing each other.

I told Jen that I wanted Mike to listen in to us (I was feeling a bit guilty as I hadn’t called him last night) and so got him on the phone. I told him that we were lying naked in bed and asked if he wanted to join in what we were about to do (which of course, he did). We used the usual method of putting the speakerphone on and describing what was going on as we did things to each other. Mike would chime in with suggestions (that we generally followed). We started off with Jen eating me out and then switched places. Jen gave a very good performance for him (which he appreciated as she doesn’t always let him listen to her cumming).

He suggested that we spend the rest of day teasing each other (which is something that he and I had planned to do – and I’m sure that we still will at some point). When we (Mike and I) had discussed it, we had come up with an initial set of rules, but hadn’t finalised them. We explained to Jen that the winner is the last person to cum and that you can do whatever you want to the other person, but as soon as they say stop, you have to stop (so you can’t just hold them down and make them cum). To make it more interesting, you aren’t meant to stop the other person from doing things unless you are just about to cum (we hadn’t quite figured out how to build this into the winning – maybe you get points when you get close to cumming but then hold back). You aren’t allowed to pull away from having something done without it counting as a ‘stop’ (and you would therefore lose points if you did it too early). Once you have said ‘stop’ you are then ‘safe’ for a period of time (we hadn’t decided but settled on 2 minutes between us).

Jen and I decided that we would give it a try and agreed that we would try to keep each other as close to cumming for as long as possible (or at least until one of us couldn’t take it anymore and had to cum). The other rule we decided on was that all this would happen while whatever else we had planned was happening (Mike and I had also discussed the more intense version where we spend the whole time indoors so the teasing can be much more intense which I think is what I will end up doing with him).

We headed off to get breakfast with me in my t-shirt and Jen in her gown and the teasing started as soon as we got out into the hall. There was nobody around so Jen slipped a hand under my shirt and started to fondle me – of course, I now had the freedom to respond and did the same thing to her. Even though she was still covered by her gown, being fingered in ‘public’ made Jen nervous and she didn’t keep going for as long as she would have if she had just been doing things to me. We headed into the kitchen and had breakfast – with one more bout of teasing when we were alone. I had fully intended to try eating her in the kitchen while she was washing up, but other people were in the room at the time. We then went to shower and get ready for the day and things started up properly – as soon as we were in the stall, we both started kissing and fingering each other.

I dropped to the floor first and buried my face in Jen’s pussy – she obviously couldn’t reach me to do anything so I had time to get her going. I ended up using a finger in her cunt and sucking on her clit. I knew that this would really get her going and could soon see her chest and face beginning to flush. I thought that I was actually going to win but she told me to stop and pulled away from me. While I would have liked to win, I would have been rather disappointed if it had been over so quickly so when Jen told me to stand against the wall, I eagerly did as she asked.

She knelt in front of me and started to eat me out – I felt a finger brush against my ass and then press into me. She alternated between licking inside my pussy and fingering it while she sucked my clit and I allowed myself to really enjoy it. I was fairly confident that after the years of teasing I’ve endured from Mike (and what a hardship it’s been!). When I got close to cumming, I told her to stop and just enjoyed the tingling sensation that I had inside. When Jen stood up, I wrapped my arms around her from behind and started to play with her nipples. After I’d given them a few tweaks, I dropped a hand to her pussy and started to play with her clit.

Jen was still quiet sensitive from my earlier licking (which is the whole point of the game), so it took much less time to get her close to orgasm. She managed to resist once more and told me to stop and immediately turned on me. I was pushed up against the wall and had two fingers pushed deep into my cunt. Jen roughly fingered me (not so it hurt, but still quite forcefully). I was moaning with pleasure and then we heard the door open and someone else come into the bathroom. I stifled my moans and Jen dropped to her knees again and started to lick deep inside me. I was very sensitive by this point and quite close to cumming, but was confident I could hold back so didn’t stop her. I enjoyed her ministrations for a bit longer and then when I knew I was getting too close I waited for her to move her mouth away from my pussy and quickly started to pee.

Jen hadn’t been expecting this - it hit her square in the chest and she let out a little yelp. I kept going and she started to rub my clit with one hand and finger me with the other. It was fairly messy, but Jen seems to really like that (as you may have gathered) so I wasn’t worried. The new arrival in the bathroom had their shower on by this point so we could quietly talk to each other and Jen told me that I wouldn’t be able to resist cumming this time. My original intention had been to distract her and buy me some time, but I was beginning to see what she meant – between the peeing, fingering and attention to my clit, my orgasm was actually approaching faster than before. In the end, I had to admit defeat and tell her to stop (and only just in time too as I was *really* close).

We decided to call a truce and started to shower – the truce didn’t last too long and there was a fair bit of fondling during the shower, but nothing that pushed either of us too far. I had to walk back to Jen’s room using a towel to cover myself that wasn’t quite long enough. With a bit of careful positioning, I managed to cover my breasts and just about my pussy – I probably only agreed to it because of how horny I was now feeling and when we stepped out into the corridor there was a group of people approaching us. It was too late to try to hide so I just casually walked past them – I don’t know how much they could really see, but I imagine that they might have got a glimpse of my rather flushed pussy.

We got back to Jen’s room and I intended to make her pay – I pulled her towel off and pushed her onto the bed. Before she could do anything, I started to eat her while reaching up to play with her nipples. I did this for a bit and then Jen told me to lie on top of her and I let her scooch round so we could 69. We licked away at each other and between mouthfuls we described how much we were going to tease the other one throughout the day and how much they would want to cum. Jen told me to stop first (but I had started on her first). She kept licking me and I thought about lots of boring things so I didn’t get too turned on.

I could see her clock and as soon as the 2 minute safe period was up, I attacked her cunt again. She really hadn’t come down much this time and was writing about under me in no time. I actually managed to get another ‘stop’ out of her before I too had to pull away and we lay there panting, horny (and unsatisfied). We called another truce and after cleaning up, got ready to go out. We decided that neither of us could have panties on (as if i would have anyway) and both wore short(ish) skirts to allow easy access and long socks (it is still relatively cold here, but in hindsight, we could probably have got away without them).

We headed out and wandered along to the shops – there weren’t many opportunities on the way to do anything more than a quick grope so as soon as we got to the first shop that we wanted to look in, we grabbed a few items and ducked into the changing rooms. I will forever be grateful for the fact that shop assistants haven’t yet figured out that two girls might be fooling around in the changing rooms and we never have any problems going in together ‘so that we can say how the clothes look on’. Jen sat on the little bench and I ate her to (near) orgasm – popping out in the middle to get more clothes to pretend to try on so she could do the same to me.

We then went for a light lunch and Jen had me sit so that my pussy was potentially on display (never a good thing for an exhibitionist who is feeling ultra horny). I’m always careful when doing this as I don’t want any kids to see anything they shouldn’t, but that makes it even more difficult as you have to pay attention while not making it obvious and subtly open and close legs slightly depending on who is present. Even though we obviously weren’t touching each other, we continued the teasing by describing things that we would do later on. I think the people at the closest tables might have overheard the occasional word, but probably not enough to be sure what we were talking about.

We managed changing room sessions in another two shops (each of us nearly cumming in each shop). I was now really turned on and was finding it a lot harder to tell Jen to stop – in the first shop I nearly let her finish me off, but I knew that if she won, I wouldn’t hear the end of it. Jen seemed to be holding up much better than I was (but she has since told me that she was in just as bad a state). We then went for a coffee and once again I had to sit so I was partially exposed, but at least this time I managed to get her to give a couple of guys a flash as well.

We had to pick up some food for dinner before we headed home (we didn’t think it would be a good idea to go out drinking on an empty stomach). As we got near to Jen’s halls, we bumped into Mel and a couple of the other people we are heading out with later on. We had a quick chat and they invited us out for food with them but given we had already bought dinner we decided to just meet up as planned later. Mel whispered something to Jen (who has now told me that Mel had asked what we had been doing as we smelt of sex).

I had to change into my t-shirt and join Jen in the kitchen while she made dinner. I’m currently sitting at the table with my legs spread a bit more than is really decent with my pussy tingling away. I’ve got laptop with me and have written up today (so far) and we’re going to head back to Jen’s room to eat. I’m going to have another go at Jen and see if I can make her cum and then we’re going to have a rest and get ready to go out.

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