Friday, 21 May 2010

Long Jen Visit #2 - Part 7

Hmm - I think I thought it was Thursday when I posted on Wednesday... I'm still rather wrapped up in thesis writing (hence why I'm in on a Friday night). I did at least pop out for a drink with people after work before coming home to carry on (working, not drinking).

Back to my Saturday night - and my trip to the club...


Wow, last night was amazing– but I’ll get to that soon – we need to finish off the evening part first...

We got back to Jen’s room and ate dinner naked (we were going to get changed anyway and we were still playing our game of teasing each other). I had hoped to finally make Jen cum, but she got in first and suggested that we look at some of the pictures of Pavlina/Lucy to get us in the mood for the club. We lay on the bed and flicked through some of the pictures and Jen got me to imagine what it would be like to entice Lucy into bed with us and describe it to her. While I was doing this, she was fingering me and then started to kiss my neck as well. While it felt nice, I wasn’t going to go quietly and pulled out an egg from the drawer to use on her. With a bit of wriggling around, we got into position and worked on each other. I clearly had the advantage as the egg works much quicker than fingers and Jen ended up bucking her hips away from the egg and telling me to stop.

I teased her a bit about how easy it was to make her (nearly) cum and she stopped fingering me and started to suck hard on my clit. I was close enough that I had to stop her quickly (but didn’t want to). I remember wondering if I should attack her again and just not stop when she said as I really wanted to find out what kind of orgasm our days teasing would lead to her (and me) having. It was Jen who suggested that we probably should cum before we go out and while this seemed like a wonderful idea, I really didn’t want to lose, so I said that I would happily make her cum, but she had to cum first so I would win. In hindsight, I could have phrased it differently so that it meant the same thing, but didn’t bring out her competitive streak as well – but Jen refused and said that in that case, she was quite happy for us to continue while we went out.

We agreed that the game would continue and I don’t think I hid my disappointment very well, but then again, neither did she! We agreed that we certainly needed to shower – if we had smelt of sex before our latest session, we would have been reeking of it by then. We decided on a truce so that we could appear (relatively) normal by the time we met up with people and went over to shower. Jen claimed that because we were having a truce, that the normal ‘rules’ for the week applied and that she was in charge again so I had to go to the shower wearing just a bra and a pair of panties. In my heightened state of arousal, this seemed like quite an appealing idea and I didn’t put up any resistance. Jen chose the lacy set (which while it technically covers me, certainly shows enough to more than hint at what is covered).

Nevertheless, I put them on and we walked down the hall to the bathroom. There was nobody in the hall, but a couple of people were waiting to shower before heading out themselves so I had to stand there with them. Obviously the girls weren’t too interested (which was a pity as one of them was very cute), but I noticed that a couple of the guys ended up holding their towels to cover their cocks. Now I’m not quite vain enough to think that it was all due to me (I was standing next to Jen after all), but I think a couple of them may have been looking closely enough to notice that my nipples got quite hard (I could also feel my pussy getting very wet and tingly, but not being able to get as wet as Jen, that probably didn’t show).

When we got into the shower (and there was someone queued up behind us by then so he saw us go in together), Jen whispered that she hadn’t quite intended to show me off that much. I told her that I didn’t mind, slipped off my panties and guided her fingers to my pussy to show her what it had done). She gave me a grin and said that the truce was over and pushed her fingers up into me. I let out a moan that was probably a bit too loud given how busy the room was – but there were three showers running, so I don’t know if anyone heard. I told her that was fine and started to rub her pussy as well (which was still fairly moist from our earlier games). Jen held me really close to her and kept whispering in my ear how she was going to make me cum and I really wanted to, but still managed to tell her to stop at the last minute. Despite my earlier confidence, Jen seemed to be more in control than I was and I really wanted to change that so I got her to lean forwards so she was leaning on the bench and ate her from behind. While I licked around bother her cunt and ass, I furiously rubbed her clit. Once I thought she was starting to get close, I slowed right down so that I could keep her close enough to cumming that it would get to her, but not so close that she told me to stop.

This worked fairly well for a good few minutes until she finally pulled away and sat down, panting. While she got her breath back, I showered and then when she joined me, I helped wash her down and then did her hair. We dried each other off and I found out that Jen hadn’t brought a towel big enough for me to cover myself but she said that I could wear the underwear back to her room. It turned out that I could have walked back naked as there was nobody (waiting) in the bathroom or in the hallway. We had a rest for a bit (after calling another truce) and while we didn’t try to make each other cum, we did kiss and make out a bit before dozing off.

Jen’s phone woke us up – Mel was calling to say that they had finished dinner earlier than expected and were heading to a bar (other than the one we were planning to meet in) and asked if we wanted to join them. Jen told her that I was currently naked on her bed (omitting the fact that she was in the same state), but that we would get ready and try to get there to meet them. I was actually a bit groggy, but as Jen sorted out my outfit for the evening, I came to. Jen pulled two similar (but not matching – we’re not quite *that* couple!) outfits from the cupboard. They weren’t goth outfits, but black was certainly a common theme. Low cut tops, a black bra (for me – none for Jen) black skirts and long black socks (more like stockings as they came to the top of our thighs). There were also black panties (which Jen thought we would need as we would be dancing).

As I got dressed, I asked Jen how much all this had cost and she assured me that it wasn’t a problem. After I had pressed her a bit more on the subject, she told me that Mike had helped her buy some things (with money, not actually in person – although he had given opinions on a few items). I hadn’t realised that this had been going on and suspect that I know what his motives are, but I’ll wait until I’ve talked to him properly about it.

I think that we actually looked quite good in the outfits. The tops were actually really low cut and my bra was quite visible, but Jen looked way hotter as it was clear that she wasn’t wearing one. The outfits were finished off with black boots (not with massive heels). Now I know that I often say how good I think Jen looks, but the outfit paired with the way I was feeling was enough for me to want to have her there and then. I pressed her up against the wall and we kissed while I fingered her through her panties. I wasn’t aiming to try to make her cum, just to get her juices flowing enough to make her panties a bit wet (which isn’t too difficult with Jen).

Once I’d achieved this (and maybe snuck a finger into her pussy so I could taste her), we set off. Ironically, we had to go past our final destination to get to the new place we were meeting people (so we could have spent longer playing – or sleeping). We found the others and ordered drinks while we shouted at each other. Unfortunately, Lucy wasn’t there so I chatted to the other people (not that I don’t like them, but they just aren’t Lucy). Our outfits were admired, but we saw that there were some much riskier outfits hidden under coats. Jen and I considered having another drink to try to catch up, but decided against it and we all wandered back to the club.

Thanks to our connections, we got in quickly and headed over to the bar. While we waited to be served (which of course involved being crushed), I had a look around and saw that there was now a stage and was interrupted when I felt a hand cupping my ass. I quickly checked that it was Jen (it was) and relaxed. We were in such a tight crowd that I didn’t even worry when she lifted my skirt and started rubbing my panties. There wasn’t enough room for her to do any more than that, but I enjoyed it until I saw an opening and stepped up to the bar – we got our drinks and moved to a less crowded spot. I now got to properly see what some of the others were wearing and realised that I might not be as adventurous as I thought.

We were all in black, but some of the girls had tops that really put their breasts on show and only just covered their nipples (I seriously wondered how they were going to dance without bits falling out). Other people had skirts on that may as well not have been there – and then wearing a thong so that most of their ass was visible. Not everyone was dressed like that, and looking around I saw that our group wasn’t unusual. There were even a few people around who weren’t in black (but they were in the minority).

The rest of our group (including Lucy) filtered in over the next half hour or so and had a similar mix of outfits. A number of them had clearly started much earlier than we had and a few were very drunk. Lucy (who wasn’t too drunk, but getting there, had a very high cut skirt on that showed off a good part of her left hip and I certainly appreciated the view. We drank a bit and danced around (for some definition of dancing) and Jen then pointed out a couple making out in the corner. We kept an eye on them and managed to see that the guy obviously had his hand up under the girl’s skirt and was probably fingering her. She was rubbing the front of his trousers and they then disappeared off somewhere (we assumed to finish things off properly). I told Jen that I had been expecting a bit more and after she spoke with some of the others, a group of us wandered into the series of little rooms at the side of the club.

When I say ‘little’, each room had probably about 20 or so people in it. There were quite a few couples making out (far fewer gay couples than I remembered the previous time). Most of them were kissing and fondling through clothes, but we eventually found a few more ‘interesting’ people. A man was sitting on the bench and the girl was half-lying on it – across his lap. They were kissing and his hand was between her legs. While it was too dark to really see much, her dress was pulled the whole way up and her legs were spread wide and his fingers were pumping in and out of her. We watched from the sidelines (we certainly weren’t the only ones watching) and I was in awe at how little the girl seemed to care who saw (or too drunk to care I guess).

Jen hugged me and pointed to a couple of girls on the other side of the room – they weren’t going as far, but one of them had her top pulled down far enough to let the other suck on her nipples. I took the opportunity to wrap my arm around Lucy’s waist and pointed the other couple out to her. We stayed with our arms around each other while we watched both the displays (the fingering was more interesting) and I felt Jen’s arm drop down and her hand move to my ass. Lucy had moved slightly to allow Jen’s hand to move and as I moved my arm back around her, I let it move down to her thigh and gently brushed my fingers against her exposed thigh. Jen’s hand was now under my skirt and kneading my panties. I told Lucy that I couldn’t believe what we were looking at and she told me that they’ve seen a lot worse (and then added ‘or better’ with a grin that reminded me of Jen’s wicked smile).

Jen’s hand had migrated between my ass cheeks and she was now rubbing her fingers over my pussy (still through my panties). Between the rubbing and watching the couple fingering (and after the day of teasing), I was feeling very fidgety – I was nowhere near cumming, but would have loved to be able to do more. Jen then said that we should go see if there was anything else interesting happening. I protested (we hadn’t see the girl cum yet), but Jen said that the real show would be starting soon and we should look around properly beforehand. There wasn’t much in the next few rooms, but we eventually found a guy who was being given a handjob. He had a reasonably large cock (we’re not talking porn-star sized monster cock, but certainly large enough). The other guy alternated between kissing (and wanking) him and then sucking him off.

I’m pretty sure that this was the first time I’d ever seen (in person) something like this happening (discounting Sue doing things with Mike). Jen saw that I was rather intrigued and cupped my pussy asking if I would like a nice bit of cock. Now that I know Lucy a bit better, I wasn’t too embarrassed to reply and just said that I could get cock at home – the purpose of my trip was to get pussy. I slid a hand under Jen’s skirt (out of sight of Lucy I think) and rubbed her panties. I considered pretending to do the same to Lucy, but wasn’t sure how she would take it and so managed to resist the urge.

Lucy seemed fairly drunk and started a conversation about how on earth a cock that size could fit into someone’s ass. I whispered to her (well, shouted, but in a whispery way), that as long as it’d done gently at first, you can get a reasonable sized one in. She replied with something like ‘Oh yeah, as if you’d know’ and I assured her that Mike had indeed fucked my ass a number of times. Jen had been playing with my pussy while we had been talking about this and just before we moved onto see if we could find people doing anything else, she pulled the crotch of my panties aside and pushed her fingers into me. She didn’t do much with the situation, but it felt nice and I had a feeling that I was going to lose our game in the not too distant future.

We continued to hunt round for other couples making out or at various stages of having sex, but didn’t find anything else apart from another couple with the girl being fondled/fingered under her dress (and out of sight). We went back to get some more drinks and after another crush at the bar (at which point I took the opportunity to fondle Jen). We found some of the others who were resting after having been dancing. They looked somewhat sweaty (but they had been enjoying themselves) and we shouted at each other for a bit.

Still got the best part of the night to go (no, we didn’t get to sleep th Lucy!), but this is long enough for a single entry...

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