Monday, 24 May 2010

Long Jen Visit #2 - Part 8

There was a noise behind us and we saw that the band was coming out onto stage – a big cheer went up and we quickly tried to move towards the stage. We only made it about halfway before we got stuck in the crowd, but the stage was raised up enough that we could see. As the band came out, there was a large cheer, but it took them about 5 minutes to get things ready. They went through the usual ‘How are you doing’, ‘Is everyone ready to rock’ rabble rousing stuff and then started to play. I didn’t know any of their stuff (and couldn’t understand a lot of the screaming), but I like a good bit of metal so quite enjoyed it. Their second song was about a couple fucking and pretty explicit (the bits I got anyway).

They went back to talking (screaming) to the crowd and I noticed during this that Mel was getting pretty frisky with another girl (I don’t think I know her name). The next song started and my attention was pulled away by a couple of girls on stage who were caressing each other’s breasts through their outfits. It was all done in a very exaggerated porn style and I wasn’t too interested until one of them pulled the top off the other. Her bra followed and a cheer went up – the teaser didn’t stop and massaged the naked breasts. The topless girl was facing out to the audience and the other girl was standing behind her – with very little showmanship, the skirt was torn away to reveal her panties. I was thinking that they were doing all of this far too quickly and should have dragged it out a bit longer, but as time went on I understood).

The almost naked girl had her panties rubbed very briefly before they were pulled off and her pussy rubbed and fingered. Now she certainly wasn’t the sort of girl I’m attracted to (but she did at least have her pussy shaved bald), but I was enjoying the show. The girl had her pussy fingered in the same sort of porn-style exaggerated way (all pumping and no clit action). In the middle of the next song, a table was brought out and she lay back on it. The still clothed girl bent down and ate her (I have no idea if she actually licked her or just pretended to), but the naked girl was acting as if she was enjoying it. They alternated between licking and fingering her (I could see that she was definitely being fingered).

I wanted to see her cum but the clothed girl pulled away and stood beside naked girl. I wondered what was going to happen and a muscular guy walked out just wearing a leather thong. I shouted to Jen to ask if he was actually going to fuck her (which turned out to be a stupid question as I couldn’t think of any other reason for him being there). He walked over to the girls and clothed girl knelt in front of him and started to caress his cock. He removed the thong and she immediately started to suck him. He had a reasonably large cock – probably not as large as the one we’d seen earlier in the night, but certainly not small. The naked girl was bucking her hips in the air and rubbing her own pussy and people started to shout ‘Fuck her, fuck her’.

He pulled out of clothed girl’s mouth and his cock was clearly wet with her saliva. He moved over to the naked girl who was holding herself open for him) and he pushed into her. Now I know I’ve seen Mike and Sue fuck, but this was something completely different – I was in a room packed full of people with sweat dripping off me and my cunt was aching for release.

The band was still playing (but I wasn’t paying any attention to them) and I watched the couple on stage fuck. The clothed girl had lifted her skirt and was fingering herself (in a way much more likely to make her cum than the way she had used on the other girl). When I turned to say something to Jen, I noticed that she had a hand cupping one of her breasts and pulling at it. I moved closer to her (well, not really closer, but to a more convenient angle) and slipped my hand onto her ass. She pressed back against it and I kneaded her ass as she danced. I hadn’t stopped paying attention to the fucking and it was getting quite hard – he had one of her legs lifted up over his shoulder so she was now half facing the crowd and we got a clear view of his cock slamming in and out of her.

She was doing the porn face, but she must have actually been feeling *something* real as he was really working her cunt and she was playing with her breasts. This carried on for a few minutes and then he pushed into her and stayed there. Despite how the show had been so far (or maybe *because* of it), I assumed that he hadn’t actually cum. He pulled out of her and the other girl knelt and sucked his cock while naked girl remained on the table. I found out later on (from some of our group who were closer to the front) that he had indeed cum in her as they had seen it leaking out while the guy was being sucked.

I was very impressed as I hadn’t been expecting to see a live sex show, but it actually got better... Naked girl was still lying on the table and one clothed girl had finished sucking the guy’s cock clean, she moved around and started to eat naked girl’s cunt again (complete with guy’s cum). I had actually expected the guy to fuck clothed girl from behind while she ate naked girl (it’s how I would have set up the show), but it went in a completely different direction. The singer mentioned something about Rock Bitch and I’ve seen the video online so I had a good idea of what I thought was about to happen (but wasn’t sure they would actually do it).

Clothed girl stood up and started to finger naked girl once more, who pulled her legs wide apart and held on to her heels. I told Jen that she was about to fist her (it was Mike I’d seen the video with so I didn’t know if Jen knew what was about to happen). We had a running commentary of how many fingers were being used until the point at which clothed girl pushed her whole hand into naked girl’s cunt and was clearly fist fucking her. Naked girl was either *really* feeling what was going on, or (more likely) was just doing the silly porn acting again, as she was thrashing around on the table. (Now I’ve never been fisted – I think a cucumber is probably the largest thing I’ve had in me – but if naked girl had really been enjoying it that much and not acting, then I wouldn’t mind giving it a try sometime!)

After naked girl had finished her (probably pretend or at least very overacted) massive orgasm, naked girl pulled her hand out and rubbed it over naked girl’s face. Clothed girl then left the stage (the guy had left at some point during the fisting but I hadn’t noticed). Naked girl remained on the table which was turned so that her cunt was facing us and she stayed there while the band finished up (another couple of songs). Again, I would have done it differently and would at the very least have had clothed girl remove her skirt and sit over naked girl’s face and had her cum or would have got the guy (or a few guys) to partially fuck one or both of them and then cum over them, but I’ll leave that for when I get the job as their manager :)

I had been really transfixed by the show – as I’ve said before, other than Mike and Sue, I haven’t really seen other people fucking in person before and this certainly beat what we’d seen in the rather dark back rooms earlier in the night. As people moved away from the stage, we had a bit more space and I turned to Jen and we kissed quite fiercely. It was obvious that she was feeling every bit as horny as I was and we held each other tight while hands went straight under skirts. Jen’s fingers found my pussy and I slipped my hand into the leg band of her panties and groped her ass. We were both slick with sweat and when I moved my hand between Jen’s legs, I found that her cunt was drenched with her juices.

I would have actually let Jen make me cum there and then with everyone watching and I’m pretty sure that I could have done the same thing to her (we were both well on the way and had fingers in each other by this point), but someone bumped into us and we nearly fell over. I think we both decided that we probably weren’t quite in the right place to finish things off (not that I imagine anyone would have said anything given what we’d just seen) and we went back to the bar got get a much needed drink. We found Lucy with some of the others by the bar and Jen made a comment about how Lucy had been playing with herself throughout the show (it turned out that she had only really been pressing against the front of her skirt, but I enjoyed the image anyway).

Lucy retorted by pointing out that we had looked like dogs on heat and that she thought we had been going to fuck in the middle of the room. I slipped my arm around her waist and held on to her exposed thigh. She was as sweaty as we were and so didn’t notice that my hand was wet with Jen’s juices – I caressed her thigh (not in a really obvious way – just sort of squeezing and pulling her towards me a few times while I continued to smear Jen’s juices over her.

A group of us took a trip to the toilets to (try to) freshen up a bit. After splashing some cold water on I felt a bit less frazzled and we went back out to dance for a while. A number of people were making out while dancing so we did too. I got to have a good grope of Lucy’s breasts which she seemed to enjoy. Our toilet break had allowed Jen and I to calm down a bit, but the dancing (and fondling) was getting us going again. We considered heading into one of the smaller rooms and getting a bit more serious, but I was still determined to not lose the game and while it would have been fun to let her make me cum in front of many people (and do the same to her), it wasn’t really suited for teasing without orgasm.

We decided that we really needed to leave (especially if we were going to have any energy left to do things properly). We told the people we could see around us and a few of them said that they would come with us but most of them stayed on. Lucy came (for the short bit of the walk that we went in the same direction) and Mel came with the girl that she had pulled (or had pulled Mel – it wasn’t really clear!). It was quite chilly out – especially as our outfits were all rather damp with sweat, so we didn’t dawdle while walking back. There was a bit of fondling though (from both couples). When we got back to Jen’s halls, I got a better look at Mel’s girl – she had a number of piercings and a tongue stud (which I understand is meant to feel really good for the other person, but I can’t imagine wanting to have a hole in my tongue).

Jen fondled me as we went upstairs and Mel and her date (I’ll find out her name when Mel surfaces) were doing similar things. I thought this was somewhat unfair as I knew Jen didn’t really want me to do things to her in front of her friends (outside of the club anyway), but it was only baby fondling – nothing too serious so I wasn’t getting any more turned on than I already was.


I can’t believe that I made this part of the night into such a short post – on the way home I remember thinking that I would be able to write pages and pages about this, but it was just so intense that I can’t really find the right way to describe it all. Next post will be the continuation of the night (what was left of it) and our eventual orgasms (I don’t think I’ve really given much away that you couldn’t have figured out there!)

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