Friday, 28 May 2010

Long Jen Visit #2 - Part 9

Hmm - I'm really nto doing well at keeping track of when I'm meant to post things - this should have gone out yesterday...

Oh well, another Friday night in working - at least we're going out tomorrow night so I'll be able to relax a bit and have some fun.

Back to the Saturday night - we'd just arrived back at Jen's place...


Mel was pretty much lost in her own little world of lust anyway so we could have probably got up to anything – but we refrained until we got back to Jen’s room. As soon as the door was closed, we pretty much tore each other’s clothes off and fell onto the bed. I didn’t really want to have to hold my orgasm back anymore (but still had to win) so I proposed that we should do exactly the same thing to each other and whoever came first would lose. Jen thought this was a good idea and we decided that the fairest way would be to share the short double ended dildo.

I reluctantly clambered off the bed and quickly dug it out. To make things more interesting, I squirted some tingle gel onto it and rubbed it over both ends. Jen lay back on the bed and i assumed the scissor position, before sliding the dildo into myself and then pushing forwards so it could enter her. Even without the gel, we were both so wet that it would have gone it easily and I pressed straight down so out cunts were touching. We wiggled against each other, getting as much friction on our clits as we could and managed to get a nice rocking motion going that felt really good.

We alternated between rubbing against each other like this and fucking the dildo properly between us so that our cunts slammed together. We weren’t very considerate towards Jen’s neighbours (we weren’t screaming or anything, but it was quite late). I loved the view I had of Jen – legs spread and the dildo buried in her as it slid in and out of my pussy. I told her in great detail what I could see and how I was going to continue to fuck her little cunt until she came and I would win. To her credit, she did try to hold back, but I have more experience here and I kept up the dirty talk as I watched her get more and more excited.

While we had pussies pressed together and we were rubbing against each other, Jen made a final valiant effort and got me to imagine that I had been the girl up on the stage, stripped naked, fingered, fucked, eaten and then fisted in front of everyone. It was a good attempt (and was a very enjoyable fantasy), but I still managed to hold back and started to slide up and down on the dildo once more. I knew that Jen was close to cumming and I wanted to make sure that I fucked her to orgasm. I kept telling her that I wanted to see her cum and kept going until it happened.

Jen was way beyond her cute mewing sounds and let out quite a guttural cry. I didn’t want to hold back any longer and slipped back into the fantasy of being on the stage and continued to pound on her. I could see that Jen was having quite a strong orgasm and wanted to join her but it took me a little longer to get there. She had finished by the time I came (but not by long) and was now whimpering as the dildo continued to assault her pussy. She let me carry on though and I felt my orgasm hit me as I slammed down onto her cunt.

I had been a bit worried that it might not be very strong as a number of times recently when I’ve held back for a while I then haven’t had that satisfying an orgasm. That wasn’t the case this time though – it was incredible. I really felt myself shake as the waves pulsed out through my body and I managed (for the first few anyway) to time the pumping on the dildo with the orgasm. Jen kept telling me to cum as hard as I could but I wasn’t really listening (she says I let out a series of moans, and ‘oh fuck’s’ ). My orgasm didn’t last too long (which is just as well as it was so strong) and I collapsed back on the bed.

Jen moved up (after pulling herself off the dildo) and lay on top of me so we could kiss. We were both covered in sweat again, but it felt so much nicer this time as our whole bodies could touch and slide against each other. We kissed fairly gently at first, but this changed as we began to recover. We were both glad that neither of us had been satisfied by just cumming once and we started to move properly against each other again. I told Jen that I wanted to claim my prize for winning the competition and that we should go and listen to what Mel was getting up to. Jen approved of this idea and jumped off me to get something to wear. I stopped her and said that my prize would be that we would both go out naked (I think it was something like 4am by this point so I wasn’t expecting anyone to be around).

To my surprise, Jen agreed quite quickly (I wonder if the fact that I was stroking her clit had anything to do with this?) and she opened the door and checked that the corridor was empty. We listened for a bit and couldn’t hear anyone coming so we propped the door open and crept out. Now given what I’ve been subjected to on my previous visits, this was nothing, but Jen was a bit more hesitant. In the end, I took her hand and we strode down to Mel’s room. As we approached, we could hear them inside moaning – not too noisily, but enough that it was clear they were enjoying themselves. We got to Mel’s door and knelt down to listen in. They didn’t say much to each other, but we imagined who was doing what to whom from the sounds.

I got Jen to kneel on all fours and started to finger her from behind. I was still surprised that she was going along with this, but it turns out that after a day of teasing, she is either a lot more adventurous or she just wants to cum so much, she doesn’t care! I ended up using two fingers in her pussy and rubbing her clit with my other hand. There was no teasing involved and I kept going until she came (which she did almost silently). After I had licked my fingers clean, I lay on the floor and told Jen to eat me. She gingerly lowered her mouth to mu pussy and started to lick and I reached down to hold her in place.

I knew that I really needed another strong orgasm or I would be too fidgety to sleep well and rocked my pussy back and forth over Jen’s face as she licked me. Given we were in the corridor, I was of course being quiet, but not completely silent. We heard a few noises and Jen tried to pull away but I really wanted to cum and held her face to me – the noises stopped and she went back to eating me. I’m sure it would have been an amazing view if someone had come out of a room behind Jen – her ass was up in the air and I know her pussy was quite pink and wet from my fingering. Nobody did come along though and she was able to keep licking me until I had another good orgasm. I was probably a bit louder than I should have been, but I thought that most people were asleep anyway and Mel and her date were otherwise engaged in their own games.

I was really enjoying the fact that I had Jen naked as well and suggested that we go to the kitchen to play a bit more, but she wasn’t brave enough to do that (ouch – I got a slap for writing that) so we just went back to her room. It was pretty late by this time and while I could have happily gone another full round, we went to bed and talked while we dozed off.

I actually woke up about an hour later and was feeling really horny again. I considered waking Jen up to do things (or at least climbing down between her legs and licking her awake), but she was sound asleep and looked really cute so I just decided to take care of myself. I didn’t do anything elaborate, I just reached one hand around under my ass so I could get two fingers into my pussy while I used the other hand on my clit. I had a direct, but gentle session and managed to cum without waking Jen up before falling asleep again.


  1. Greedy girls! Great adventures though.

    Speaking of adventures, do you know who Mel was getting lucky with? If you can say.

    Hezi, Balto, Md.

  2. Ah, I've noticed that as of late there are noticeably less posts (Almost none) relating to solo adventures. Even though partners are good a nice solo adventure can lead to some of the strongest orgasms!