Thursday, 24 June 2010

Long Jen Visit #2 - Part 16

We woke up to my phone ringing (Mike calling me back) and we had a quick conversation with him. He was hoping to listen in on us doing things, but he had missed his opportunity. Between us, we gave him a rundown on the day’s events so far and our plans for the evening (another dinner). Jen told him I would be wearing the cream lacy top again (the one that isn’t quite mid-thigh length) and nothing else (other than shoes of course). In return for this, Jen would be wearing a fairly revealing dress (low cut chest, high cut on one side of the skirt) and would also have nothing on underneath.

Mike thought it was unfair to give him all this information just to tease him (but he did ask). When we had finished the conversation, it was about time to start getting ready and we needed to go shower. We decided that we should shave again and Jen started to dig out all the things we needed. She handed me the shampoo, cream wash, shaving gel... and then put her gown on and picked up the towels. She told me that I had to go along naked, but that she would check that the coast was clear first. She went along to the bathroom and looked inside before calling me to follow. I half expected to walk into the bathroom and find a load of people queued up, but there was nobody there and we went straight into the shower.

We didn’t have time to fool around much so just washed and shaved each other. We did (of course) have a quick lick of each other to test for smoothness (it really is the best way), but nowhere near enough for either of us to cum. Once we had dried off, Jen once again handed me the things to carry back and took the towels. Jen gave me the option of having a towel, but said that if I took one to cover myself, I would have to take the shampoo bottle back inside me (it was one of the small ones so would have fitted, but I would have had to hold it in place). I decided to just go naked and I really expected to be caught on the way back (I’m not sure why), but we made it back to her room without anyone seeing me.

As a side note – Jen is now getting somewhat nervous as to what I might make her do when she next visits. A few ground rules have been set, but generally she will have to do as much as I’ve done.

We did our hair, put on makeup and got dressed (obviously the getting dressed part didn’t tale too long). Jen’s dress was a really cute pale pink colour (at least it would have been cute if it hadn’t looked so sexy). I got her to bend over to see how high it rode up and while her ass remained covered, it wasn’t by much. While she was in that position, I thought that I may as well have a quick lick. Jen then got me to bend over and I found out that if I touched my toes, the dress/top rode up enough that the bottom of my ass was visible. Jen demonstrated to me how much was exposed by running her fingers along my pussy from behind (without having to lift my dress).

We headed out and got a taxi to the restaurant. It was a much more brightly lit place than I had been expecting and I felt a lot more exposed. Our table wasn’t quite ready yet so we went to the bar for a drink. We were in full view of the whole restaurant (or at least the people facing us) and Jen leant over and asked me if I enjoyed letting them all see me. Now I know my nipples are visible through this outfit, but it is somewhat harder to see my pussy – unless of course you stand with your legs slightly parted with a lit bar behind you (okay, so they wouldn’t have seen my pussy, only the silhouette – and I doubt anyone could have actually told I wasn’t wearing panties).

It did feel exhilarating though and I thanked Jen for getting me the dress. We stood and chatted (and I pointed out to Jen that her nipples were pretty visible through her dress – probably not helped by me brushing my hands over her breasts a few times). Our table was soon ready and we sat down to what turned out to be a reasonable meal (the food wasn’t wonderful, but we had a nice long conversation about lots of things while we ate).

After dinner, we found a bar and went for another drink. This place didn’t have an illuminated bar so I wasn’t quite as conspicuous. We found somewhere in a corner and leant against the wall to chat. We ended up people watching and commenting on the cute girls (and guys in my case). We were both standing with our backs to the wall and Jen had been stroking my back. I felt her hand drop down to my ass and her fingers slide under my dress and between my legs. I checked that the front of my dress wasn’t being lifted up (it wasn’t) and spread my legs slightly to see what she would do. Her fingers slid forwards and found their way to the entrance of my pussy - given the way we were standing, this was as far as she could reach, but she toyed with my lips and just about managed to get her fingertips inside me. I was desperately seeking somewhere that I could lean while facing the wall so she could do what she was doing, but reach my clit, but I couldn’t find anywhere suitable (I can think of places in York, but that wasn’t much use).

I told Jen that I loved the way her fingers felt, but that it was driving me crazy and I wanted to do more. She said that we should finish up our drinks and leave. I took a swig and she bent her legs slightly which allowed her to push her fingers deeper into me (still not properly deep, but deeper than they had been). I nearly choked with surprise while she just pulled her fingers out, grinned at me and finished her drink. After wiping my face clean, we left and found somewhere to go dancing (this wasn’t quite what I had in mind).

It worked out fairly well though as the dancing actually helped me calm down a bit. Initially anyway... as we danced, we ended up pressed up against each other and kissing and Jen’s hands once again found their way onto my ass and then under my dress. She slipped a leg between mine and pulled me tight against her. We continued to dance (sort of) and by pulling on my ass, she guided me up and down her leg. I could feel her thigh on my pussy and even though I couldn’t see, I was fairly sure that my ass was exposed. She screamed into my ear (you can’t talk in a club) that she wanted me to hump her leg as hard as I could. I really wanted to cum and did everything I could, but it isn’t actually that easy when you are dancing.

By the time I gave up, Jen’s leg was very slippery – partly with my pussy juice and partly with sweat – either way, it certainly felt nice. I couldn’t take any more teasing though and so told her that I couldn’t cum but that we could always head home to finish things off. She said that we would leave soon, but that she needed to punish me for not doing as I was told. She ended up dancing behind me and I lifted my hands to put around her neck. While I was like this, she ran her hands up and down my body before cupping my breasts and paying some serious attention to my nipples (through my dress of course). They were already quite hard and Jen tweaked and rolled them while she whispered (or shouted) in my ear if I would like everyone to see me cum.

What she was doing felt really nice and after a while, she dropped a hand to my pussy. I felt her pressing the material of the dress against me while at the same time she tried to slide her other hand down the front of my dress to get to my breasts. This didn’t really work because of the angle (she may be taller than me, but not *that* much taller). I heard her say ‘Oh well, plan B’ and she pulled her hand away from my breasts – I wasn’t really concentrating as I was feeling so turned on, but I noticed when she slid her hand under my dress and moved it up to my breasts.

This obviously lifted my dress up way past my waist and I went to move my hands to cover myself. Jen told me to keep them behind her neck and at the same time pressed her other hand against my now very exposed pussy. The only response I managed was ‘Oh fuck’ as her fingers found my clit and gave it a rub. Her other hand was now directly on one of my nipples (although this was still covered as the dress hadn’t made it quite that high). If the people around us hadn’t noticed what we were doing when I was humping Jen, a number of them certainly noticed now. Jen pressed her fingers deeper between my lips and they slipped into me. I would have let her make me cum there, but this wasn’t the same sort of place as the hardcore club and it’s probably fair to say that our behaviour wasn’t really appropriate.

Just as I was really getting into it (okay, so I was already quite far into it), Jen said that we should go and find somewhere to finish up. I actually told her that I wanted to cum now, but she was sensible enough to make sure that we didn’t get arrested and insisted that we should leave (I wonder what would have actually happened if she had carried on until I came?)

The cooler air outside brought me to me senses a bit, although I was still definitely on a high from the club. We jumped in a taxi and headed back home. I made no secret of how horny I was feeling and Jen helped matters along by fingering me. I wasn’t sitting with my legs spread wide and my dress was still partly covering my pussy, but I think it would have been pretty obvious what was going on. She didn’t bring me off, just kept me nice and close to cumming. It was quite obvious that she had something planned so I pointed out to her that I would go along with whatever it was and she didn’t have to get me ultra horny to do it (I also pointed out that I didn’t want her to stop what she was doing either).

We weren’t in the cab for long and soon got back home. We headed up to Jen’s floor, along the corridor to the back staircase and up to the roof. I remembered the pair of panties that I had left earlier, but this wasn’t what Jen wanted to do. We headed over to ‘our’ side of the roof and started kissing. The kissing quickly moved to fondling and we ended up with our legs entwined so we could easily rub against the other’s thigh. Jen kicked off her shoes and told me to follow suit and I knew what she wanted. We resumed rubbing against each other and I reached behind her and into the cleft of her ass so I could pull her pussy wide open.

I felt the warmth as she started to pee and felt it run down my leg. I did the same but reached around even more so I could slide my fingers partially into her pussy – not enough to stop her clit from being able to rub against me, but enough to fiddle with her lips and insides. Given it was probably going to be our last adventure on the roof, I wanted to try to give Jen something to remember so I suggested that we head over to the edge. I promised her that she would enjoy what I had in mind and she agreed to try.

She stood at the edge of the roof facing out and I stood behind her. I told her to lift her dress and because we weren’t standing in direct light, she did. I did the same and then pressed up against her so that my dress was wedged between us. I then reached around her and started to rub her clit and finger her. Jen leant back against me and I pressed my pussy harder against her ass. I told her to let go and pee as much as she wanted (or could). She started out with a gentle stream and I played with this – by moving her pussy I could get it to spray out over the edge of the roof or to run down her legs.

For most of the time I had two fingers buried in her and rapidly rubbed her clit with my other hand. I told her to play with her breasts and she worked her dress up higher so she could touch them. I could tell that she was getting close so I let myself start to pee – my pussy was still pressed up tight against her ass so it ran down both our legs. I increased the speed I was rubbing her clit and told her that I wanted her to cum for me. I didn’t really need to encourage her as she was now panting and mewing and then thrust back hard against me a number of times. I continued to gently tease her pussy until she recovered and she turned around and we kissed once more.


This and the next entry was all meant to be one, but I just need to few more days and I’ll be ready to submit so I’m breaking it in two and I may try to lengthen the next bit to make a full post.

Either way, for those of you who are bored with the lesbian stories, I’ll be back onto things that Mike and I have done soon (although Jen, Lucy and Sue will be staying at various times over the summer so I’m sure there will be some more girl-girl action!)

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Long Jen Visit #2 - Part 15

I tried to call Mike after I had finished the last entry, but he was in a meeting and I didn’t get a chance to talk to him until later in the afternoon. At Jen’s suggestion, I decided to give Lis a call and had a chat with her. She was also in work, but said that she needed a quick break so would go for a walk around campus while we chatted. I assumed that I knew why Jen wanted me to call Lis and I was correct – pretty much as soon as I started chatting to Lis, Jen started to undress me (I had to stand up to help with this).

Once I was naked, stood behind me and played with my breasts before using both hands on my pussy. I opened my legs to help her along and she spread my lips, pushed her fingers inside me and rubbed my clit. I was wondering how long I would be able to keep a steady voice, but I’m sure that Lis knew that Jen was doing things to me before when we were talking on the phone and she didn’t seem to mind. I was told to keep facing forwards and I heard Jen fiddling around behind me. When she reappeared (or at least her arms did as she was still behind me) she had our new vibe in her hands.

As she pressed up against my back, I could tell that she had also removed her clothes and I wiggled my ass back into her crotch. I was still maintaining my conversation with Lis – it wasn’t really about much, just what she had been up to and how work was going. In the meantime, Jen had rubbed along my pussy with the vibe and pushed it up inside me. I could tell that she had added more tingle gel to it and was already getting distracted. I then had to lie down on the bed and Jen climbed over me in a 69 position. I wondered briefly how this was going to work as I couldn’t figure out how to eat her and talk to Lis at the same time (at least not without it being *really* obvious what we were doing. I have a feeling that Lis might actually enjoy knowing that something is happening as long as we don’t actually make it explicit.

Jen was ahead of me though and moved down slightly so she could lower her pussy onto my neck (I lifted my head back to help). Jen rocked back and forth and figured out the best way to move to slide her pussy up and down the length of my neck. This isn’t the first time we’ve done this and it feels really amazing – obviously the skin on her pussy is really soft and she isn’t short of natural lubricant! While she was doing this, she continued to work on my pussy with the vibe – it was now on the high setting and she was also rubbing my clit.

By this point, Lis must have known that we were doing things (or at least that I was having things done to me). She asked how my visit had been so far and I told her that it was great and I’d have lots to tell her when I got back. Lis asked if it had been similar to the previous visit and I told her that Jen had been even meaner this time. This was a mistake as Jen started pumping the vibe into me faster and increased the pressure on my clit. I knew that it wouldn’t take long for me to cum and was now breathing quite heavily.

I used my free hand to slow the pace that she was rubbing on my neck (she had sped up when she started to attack me with the vibe). I think Jen could tell that I was close and she pressed harder against my neck and moved to a steadier pace with the vibe. I had quite a juddery orgasm but managed to not make any noise (I hope). When I had finished cumming, Jen climbed off me and got me to move round so that she could kiss my pussy (just gently) while I finished my conversation with Lis. My neck was covered in Jen’s juices and I was a bit distracted – Lis mentioned something about someone she likes (other than Holly). I didn’t want to let her know that I hadn’t really been paying attention so I will have to find out who it is when I get back to York.

We finished up the call and arranged to meet up either tomorrow or Wednesday for lunch (depending on what time I arrive). As soon as I put the phone down I grabbed Jen and said that I was going to make her pay – or reward her, depending on how you look at it. I told her to lie back on the bed and went to fetch the ice cream. When I returned, I opened it, put it on the bedside table and then scooped out just a small amount to dollop on Jen’s nipples. I sucked each one clean and then spent time on each breast, kissing and licking them – just around the breast at first and then finishing up with more attention being paid to the nipple.

As I’ve described before, Jen’s breasts are fairly small and still quite firm – this means that when she is lying on her back, they are two very cute little mounds. Given we had nothing else planned for the afternoon, I intended to try something that I had wanted to do for ages. You all know that I can cum just from having my neck stroked and kissed (if it is done correctly), and I wanted to see if Jen’s super-sensitive nipples would allow me to do an equivalent thing for her.

Between kisses, I had told Jen what I wanted to do (so she didn’t get impatient and tell me to stop teasing her) – she liked my idea (but then I had expected she would given how much she loves having her breasts played with). Her nipples were already two firm nubs and I carried on playing with them. Given she likes it, I slowly increased the pressure of my ministrations and instead of just stroking them I started to roll them between my fingers and occasionally pinching them. I did the same thing with my mouth – kisses and licks gave way to strong sucking and the occasional bite. Of course, the rougher stuff was mixed in with the more gentle fondling and it seemed to be having the desired effect. Jen was looking fairly flushed and was squirming around on the bed. Her hand slid down between her legs a couple of times, but she moved it away when I told her to.

I kept this up for quite a while (over half an hour I think) – alternating between gentle and firm – sometimes with ice cream (now mostly melted) and sometimes without. It was obvious that Jen was really turned on and probably wasn’t too far away from cumming, but I just couldn’t find the right combination or rhythm to bring her off. (Okay, so I know that it might well not be possible to make her cum from just nipple play, but I was hoping it was.)

In the end I admitted defeat (and I thought it would be cruel to keep her that aroused without her cumming) and I dropped a hand to her pussy. I found out that when Jen is teased properly for a long time, she gets rather wet! I’m pretty sure that if I had got her to stand up, there would have been drips running down her thighs. It was obvious that she really wanted to cum, and having been watching and listening to her for the duration, I was pretty turned on too.

I really wanted to dive into her and eat her accumulated cunt juices, but I also wanted to use the remained of the ice cream on her as well as wanting to use the double ended dildo on her. I sat on the bed beside her, one hand continuing to toy with her nips and the other gently (very gently) stroking up and down her pussy while I debated the various options with her. Jen thought that all three ideas sounded fine (but then she was so turned on I could have probably got away with almost anything). Being a good little girl though, (!) I didn’t take advantage of my position of power and decided that we would go with the dildo – on the provision that we could do this again and have a messy food ending. I did have a quick lick at her pussy (and she was just as wet as she had felt) and then went to get the dildo. I slid on end straight in to her to get it lubricated and then pulled it out. I applied some tingle gel to the wet end and slipped it in myself. I had intended to use this to let me catch up with Jen, but decided otherwise and smeared a blob over her end before mounting her and sliding it in to her.

There was very little messing around and we pushed ourselves together so that we swallowed the dildo completely between us and our pussy lips rubbed against each other. Jen let out a really sexy moan and I started to thrust against her – first moving back to let the dildo slide out a bit and then pushing towards her so that we slammed against each other. I really wanted to see her cum and encouraged her to work her nipples while we fucked. As we both got closer to cumming (I was doing a pretty good job at catching up with her), we got a bit louder. I kept telling her how I was going to keep fucking her until her cunt exploded around the dildo and how I wanted to hear her cum. In return, Jen did some dirty talk, but was mostly panting and moaning.

I heard people out in the corridor (and assumed that they could hear us) but had no intention of stopping. I may have actually been a bit louder and told Jen how I loved the sight of her cunt swallowing the dildo. I heard them again a minute or so later and wondered if they were listening in (probably not – but I told Jen that I was going to lick her cunt clean afterwards just in case they were). I think I overheard a comment about the ‘couple of Lesbos fucking’ – but I was pretty distracted by this point so I‘m not entirely sure.

As turned on as I had gotten from teasing Jen, I couldn’t catch up with her and she came first. She pushed back hard against me and really started to pull at her nipples (I’m going to have to investigate just how much force she likes having used on them at some point). She had gone mast her mewing and was now making a mewing-moaning-panting sound that I really love. I considered rubbing her clit, but pounding away on her cunt seemed to be working well so I just kept riding the dildo. I did rub my own clit to speed my orgasm along and I told her to keep cumming (as if she could control how long it lasted).

I just about started to cum before she finished, but she was generous enough to let me keep riding her (again though, it wasn’t as if she had much choice). My orgasm wasn’t as strong as Jen’s had appeared to be, but I’ve cum a good few times today already so I didn’t really mind. It was still strong enough, that coupled with the exertion, I was pretty tired by the time I had finished. I tried to flop down on top of Jen, but we need to longer dildo to do that so I had to lift myself off the dildo before moving to be on top of her.

Jen was still panting away and recovering but we kissed and licked each other’s faces and held hands while we had a very soppy conversation. We ended up lying beside each other and dozed off for a while before waking up feeling somewhat sticky.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Long Jen Visit #2 - Part 14

Walking around with the vibes had certainly felt nice and had got me really turned on, but I was still quite a way from cumming and wondered what would be done to help me along, but decided not to worry about it and to just go with the flow. People moved round and we sat on a sofa together – this took a bit of doing as I had to sit so that my ass-vibe wasn’t pushed too far into me. Jen then went off to get some coffee and I moved along so I was beside Lucy (yes, I’m still obsessed with her...) when Jen returned, she didn’t say anything about us switching places and put our drinks down.

I got the feeling that everyone knew why they were there as people were staring at me (some less subtly than others!). I later found out that Jen had indeed told Sarah that I would be putting on a little show, but hadn’t told her exactly what. They didn’t have to wait for long to find out though as Jen asked the people sitting opposite us (who were facing towards the front of the shop) to keep an eye out for people coming (pun intended, I’m sure). Jen told me to put a foot on the table (it was a low coffee table) and I did, but with a little hesitation. I knew that I’d already cum in front of all these people (twice in some cases), but I’d been reasonably drunk both times and so somewhat less inhibited.

I was then told to let my leg fall to the side and I did this, partially exposing my panties. People complained that they couldn’t see enough so I had to do the same with the other leg and now my panties were fully on display. The end of the vibe was clearly outlined and Jen told everyone that we had just gone and bought it and told them how I had been made to ask to have it opened for immediate use. I felt myself blushing deep red, but I was really enjoying the fact that they were all looking at me. Jen asked me (loud enough for them to hear) if I was going to cum for everyone. I said that I would if she wanted me to (still playing the obedient little girlfriend - I was actually really looking forwards to it.

Jen reached over and rubbed my panties – moving the vibe around in me as she did so. My earlier inhibitions had pretty much disappeared. She removed her hand and told me to take over. I got a bit nervous again – in my earlier displays, I had been the passive ‘victim’ of Jen’s teasing – now I was being asked to actually make myself cum. I put a hand on my panties and started to rub – just as Jen had done, then I took the end of the vibe (as much as I could given it was covered by my panties and moved it in and out slightly. Lucy then complained that she couldn’t see much (because she was sitting beside me), so Jen undid a couple of buttons at the bottom of my dress (it buttoned up down the front – a very useful feature) and spread the skirt out of the way.

This meant that I could now see my panties and I realised, that with the vibe was sticking out of me, it pushed the crotch of the panties far enough from my pussy that there was a clear gap. I didn’t know if it gave anyone a clear view of my pussy (or ass), but I now felt even more exposed. I continued trying to pump the vibe in and out of myself, but could see that I wouldn’t be able to do this properly without pulling my panties so far down that they would see everything. Now I might be an exhibitionist, but I’m still not ready to go that far (not when sober anyway!)

I told Jen that I needed some help and asked her to kiss my neck – she leaned over and did this and started to fondle my breasts through my dress. By this point I was no longer at all concerned that we were in the middle of a coffee shop (well, hidden away at the end, but still in a public place) and was ready to cum. Jen stopped kissing my neck and told me to slide my hand into my panties and rub my clit. I carefully pulled the front of my panties out, slipped my hand down them and quickly found my clit. I was very wet (the tingle gel probably helped out quite a bit there – it’s just a pity it wasn’t tingling anymore).

As I rubbed, Jen undid a button on my dress at breast height – she tried to slip her hand in and then undid another one to make it easier for her to move. Her hand slipped into my dress and started to fondle one of my breasts. She pushed her fingers under the material of my bra and played with my nipple and I increased the speed I was working on my clit. I knew I was now very close and reached unto the lag band of my panties so I could move the vibe in and out (I still couldn’t move it much, but I was no longer quite as worried about what people might see – I wasn’t at the point of not caring at all though so I was still trying to be careful).

Jen asked how close I was and I told her I was nearly there. When I said this, she removed her hand from my breast and undid the top buttons on my dress so it fell to the side. One side of my bra was now clearly visible but this didn’t bother me too much. I don’t think this was due to me being close to cumming, I think it is more the fact that I’m not really a breast girl, so it just didn’t seem to matter in the way that having them see my pussy would have. Jen’s hand returned to my bra and immediately pushed under it to my breast. She rolled and pinched my nipple and her hand had nearly moved the material down enough to expose it.

I was now just about to cum and was rubbing my clit at full speed. Moving the vibe was helping, but I had another plan. Just as I started to cum, I let go of the vibe and pulled my left hand out of my panties. I grabbed Lucy’s thigh (she had a reasonably short cute dress on), and with each wave of my orgasm, I squeezed it and let my hand ride slightly higher up her leg. I was obviously fairly quiet, but let out a little ‘oh fuck’ with each wave of the orgasm, and tensed my body – partly so that everyone could ‘see’ my orgasm, and partly as an excuse to be grabbing Lucy’s leg.

It was a pretty strong orgasm, but given what was happening, I wasn’t too surprised. It also lasted for quite a while which meant it was very tiring (in a nice way). By the time I had finished, my hand was right at the top of Lucy’s leg and I’m pretty sure my fingers bumped against her panties a couple of times. At the very least I had achieved my aim of smearing my juices on her thigh (now if I could have just licked them off...). I left my hand there for a little while as I recovered – I had been expecting someone to say something, but nobody did and I finally pulled it away.

Jen pulled her hand out from my bra, leaving my rather hard and pointy nipple exposed. I didn’t care in the slightest about this and just withdrew my hand from my panties. I offered it to Jen (she would usually lick it, but she said I should clean myself. I decided that I needed to get at least something my own way and rubbed my juices over my nipple before licking my fingers clean. Jen (of course) is a breast girl, so this was enough of an incentive for her and she leaned over and sucked my nipple clean (and gave it a bit of a bite, which made me jump).

Given how strong my orgasm had been, the dildo was now starting to irritate my sensitised pussy and I asked Jen if I could go remove them. She said that I had to keep it in, but could turn it off. I tried to do this through my panties, but had to once again slide a hand into them to turn it off. The one in my ass was still on, but this wasn’t as intense (and I couldn’t figure out how to turn it off without really exposing myself). I waited until I was told I could cover myself up (believe me, I’m going to have some wonderful fun with Jen in return for all this ‘obedience’), straightened my bra, did up the top of my dress and only then straightened my panties (they were still covering me, but needed pulling up a bit) and did up the lower part of my dress.

I felt slightly embarrassed at what had just happened, but not as much as I had expected to – it had been an absolutely amazing orgasm and I was feeling really satisfied and happy. It took a little while for the conversation to start up again but a few people congratulated me on my boldness and said I had put on a good show and then the conversation turned to more normal things. Jen told me I had been very good and would be rewarded later on.

I thought the whole incident had been fairly quick, but it turned out that I’d been semi-naked for over 20 minutes and we thought we should probably leave before the owners got suspicious (although if they hadn’t gotten suspicious while I’d been masturbating and cumming, then I don’t see how sitting there could have seemed odd). Nonetheless, we departed – Lucy came with Jen and I as we needed to talk about living arrangements for next year (next academic year). Lucy had found a few places to look at and wanted to see some of them, but Jen said that she would do it later in the week once I had gone.

Jen took an opportune toilet break to give me a chance to chat to Lucy alone and as expected, we had a hushed conversation about my display. She seemed astonished at just what I would do for Jen and I explained (once again) that I love her and that it was also great fun. I hadn’t heard Jen return, but she wrapped her arms around me (so I jumped) and Jen explained that I loved things like that. Jen said that we would tell her the other things I got up to if she promised not to tell anyone. Lucy agreed to this Jen said that when the time was right, we would have a chat. I’ve yet to find out exactly how much Jen intends to tell her – I’m fairly sure that it will a pretty one sided account and Jen’s exploits will be left out or watered down, but I think it could actually be quite exciting having Lucy know what I’ve done.

We parted company and headed back to Jen’s place via the shops (for food). When we got home I was finally allowed to take the vibes out but I had to leave them on the desk (after washing of course) for later possible use. We had some food up on the roof. I was allowed to keep my dress on, but Jen removed my panties and undid all the buttons on my dress apart from the top one and pulled my bra down a bit to expose my nips. We were sitting up on top of something (I assume it’s part of an air con unit), but weren’t close enough to the edge for me to been from people down on the ground – of course the people in the buildings around us may have seen me, but I guess that was the whole point.

I was actually quite disappointed that we finished up lunch and went back down without Jen doing anything else (I had assumed that she was either going to make me cum or get me to do myself). Jen put my panties over where the people gather to ‘smoke’ and said I could fetch them later (so I think I know what will be happening tonight). I’m now lying on her bed writing up this entry and we’ll then decide what to do for the rest of the day (but I think I’ll give Mike a call first).

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Long Jen Visit #2 - Part 13

I’m sooo nearly finished, but it is taking longer than I thought it would. I’m trying to get the posts I wrote when I was with Jen to last and I’ve split a few of them up (which is why they may no longer end at en entirely sensible place). Once I’ve handed thesis in (and have slept), I’ll get back to more frequent posts.


Today (Monday – no idea what day it will actually be by the time this is posted) is my last full day with Jen and we want to have a quiet day together. We know that it’s not going to be long before Jen can come and stay for the summer, but it’s still going to be our last time together for now.

I woke up first and enjoyed feeling Jen pressed up against me. I lay like this for a while, but couldn’t resist Jen for long (even asleep she is stunningly beautiful) so I moved down underneath the covers to help wake her up. I had hoped to lick her awake, but I woke her while trying to get her legs apart. I started to kiss and lick her anyway, but she said that she wanted us to be able to do things without any interruption, so we went to brush our teeth first. I didn’t even wait for Jen to allocate me clothing – I just grabbed the short t-shirt and threw her gown to her.

We went to the bathroom and brushed our teeth – someone came in while we were there but we ignored them and continued. I knew that the bottom of my ass was peeking out from under the t-shirt, but as I’ve said before, I think everyone on her corridor has now seen so many bits of me that I didn’t mind too much. I may have made the situation slightly worse by bending over the sink to rinse my mouth out, which I’m pretty sure pulled the shirt up at the back enough to expose my whole ass and possibly pussy (if they were looking at the right angle). I don’t know if he saw anything, but I enjoyed the feeling of being on show and assumed that Jen would appreciate the extra lubrication that this helped create.

We headed back to her room and stripped off. At my request, we resumed our original position and I slowly and gently made love to Jen’s pussy with my mouth. It was very tender and took quite a long time until she started to get close to cumming. She made lots of her cute little mewing sounds and it was only when she was obviously close, that I really started to increase the attention I paid to her clit. I didn’t intend to play games and tease her, so once I had started on the final push (so to speak), I didn’t take my mouth off her cunt until she had cum.

Even during this stage, it was still quite gentle and I didn’t finger her or do anything too quick or hard. Jen said that it had been a wonderful orgasm (and she was certainly quite flushed afterwards) and offered to do the same for me. She lay on top of me and we kissed for a while first, before she slowly kissed her way down my body (stopping off to suck my nipples for a while to fill her breast fetish) and then continued down until she was nestled between my legs. I spread my legs wide and settled back as she started to kiss and lick me.

Jen took her time (as I had done) and I ended up playing with my nipples – enjoying the way I could feel the sensations from the two different areas on my body. As things progressed, I could tell that I was breathing quite heavily and was quite free with my moaning (nothing too loud, just enough to let Jen know how I was feeling). It didn’t take me quite a long to cum as it had for Jen, but then I’d been getting fairly aroused while eating her and then seeing her cum. As I came, I tried pinching and rolling my nipples – not as hard as Jen likes having it done, but a bit harder than usual. It actually felt quite nice and I think it certainly added something (but I still don’t want it done any harder).

We kissed again for a while and then decided to go for a late breakfast. We assumed that the kitchen would be mostly empty by now and so Jen let me wear a gown (but confiscated the belt so I had to hold it closed). There were actually a couple of people sitting at the table and Jen got breakfast ready (we just had cereal). She handed me a bowl and stood with her back to the counter to eat hers. It was obvious that she was daring me to do the same and after a bit of thinking, I carefully arranged the gown so it was covering me with one section of the front pulled over the other. I carefully picked up my bowl and leant against the counter in the same way she was and ate. I felt the gown sliding open a few times, but it didn’t make it to the point of exposing me (well, not until everyone else had left and Jen pulled it open anyway).

We’ve decided to have a chilled final day together (given when I go back I have to face the final push of getting thesis together). We returned to her room and I wrote up yesterday’s entries along with today (so far) while Jen did some of her own coursework. We’re now going to go out for a wander around (and coffee).

There was me thinking that a ‘quiet’ day meant that Jen wouldn’t be teasing me – oh well, live and learn... It started off well and I didn’t have to wear anything too revealing, but before we headed out, Jen said that I would need to put on a pair of panties. I was immediately suspicious as my dress wasn’t anywhere near short enough that I was at risk of flashing anyone, but I went along with her wishes and put on the pair of panties that she handed me (white, as usual).

We wandered out to the shops and had a look round for a while. We decided to ‘try on’ some of the clothes and so went to the dressing rooms. Jen got me to sit down and she knelt in front of me. I held my skirt up for her and she pulled my panties to the side and played with me for a short time. I could tell that she wasn’t going to make me cum (there is only so long you can hide in a cubicle before people wonder what you’re up to), but before she stopped, she pulled out her dildo and slid it into me. She straightened up my panties so they held it in place and said that we should go.

We walked around for a bit longer and I enjoyed the feeling of the dildo moving in me as I moved – it obviously wasn’t going to make me cum, but still felt nice. We then headed into another shop and Jen told me to find some more things to try on. In the changing rooms, she got me to sit down again and she once more exposed my pussy. She pulled the dildo out and sucked it clean before having a little lick at my pussy. She then put the dildo back in and pulled out a similarly sized vibe (this one was new to me). I assumed that she was going to use this on my clit, but she produced some gel, and then worked it into my pussy alongside the dildo.

As I’ve mentioned before, Jen’s (original – or at least the one she had when I first met her) dildo is fairly slender, so having two of them in me stretched me a little, but not painfully so. Jen turned the vibe on, but it made quite a loud buzzing sound against the dildo, so she turned it off again and said that I would just have to cope without the extra stimulation. She gave my clit a quick lick before pulling my panties back over both of the dildos. It was quite a strange sensation walking around with them both in me as they didn’t move as one.

We moved on to another shop (the key to changing room sex – or in this case just changing room fooling around – is to use different shops). Jen picked something out to try on this time and when we got into the changing room, she actually slipped her dress off (she was naked underneath). Jen then sat down and told me to lick her, so I knelt between her legs and started to lap away at her cunt. I found out that if I rocked back and forth slightly, I could get the dildos to move around a bit which felt nice. Jen let me make her cum and then got dressed again.

She said that I deserved a treat and got me to sit down. I sat down and she pulled my panties to the side once more. She gave me another quick lick and then pulled out a small vibe. I asked her if she was going to make me cum (quietly of course as there were people in the cubicles beside us) and she said that I would have to wait a while, but would enjoy this. She lubed up the vibe with tingle gel and pushed it into my ass before turning it on (I believe that I have Nancy to thank for this idea). Jen then pulled my panties back into place and we left the shop.

It was very distracting having both holes filled (any my ass vibrating), but quite pleasurable. Jen said that she wanted to try something else and told me to wait for a minute while she made a call. I had no idea who she was calling, but she came back and said that we needed to go buy something. I followed her (not knowing where we were going) and we ended up at a sex shop that we had been to before. We entered the shop and Jen told me to select the thickest vibe that I thought I could take.

While I looked, Jen fondled my ass (her hand was still outside my skirt, but I think the other customers in the shop appreciated it). She pushed the vibe into my ass a few times – not hard, but enough for me to certainly feel it. I selected a pink vibe that looked like it would fill me and Jen paid for it (I now know that it was Mike who she called, asking if he would help pay). We walked away from the counter and Jen told me to ask to have the packet opened (it was in one of those plastic blister packs). I actually had to go back and say (and not whisper) “Excuse me, could you cut this open for me so I can use it now please.”

We then had to go buy batteries and went to find another changing room (it’s a good job there are many clothes shops!) I sat down without Jen having to tell me to and she pulled my panties aside once more. She removed the dildo and the vibe from my pussy and made a show of sucking them clean before putting them back in her bag. She then pulled the small vibe out of my ass and put a bit more tingle gel on it before pushing it back in. Next came the new vibe – Jen put the batteries in it and added a generous quantity of gel (I got her to wipe a little off as too much isn’t actually that pleasant).

She started to slowly work it into me, but it wasn’t actually much larger than the two smaller dildos together so it wasn’t too difficult to get it in. I could feel the gel staring to work and then she turned it on. I was surprised by how strong it felt – especially combined with the one in my ass. Jen didn’t even bother licking or playing with me, she just pulled my panties back and ensured that both vibes were held in place and said that we should go. It was now incredibly difficult to walk (or to concentrate on walking). Jen told me that we had to hurry as it had taken us longer to get the new vibe than she thought it would (this was apparently my fault as I hadn’t walked fast enough earlier on – which was of course due to the fact that I had three things inside me!)

I asked Jen where we were going and (when I caught up with her) told her that the gel and vibes were having quite an effect on me. She said that we were nearly there and we soon arrived at a small coffee place down a little alleyway. It was quite a dimly lit place and Jen led me to the back where a number of people from the gang were sitting. (Jen had called Sarah and got her to arrange for people to come and meet us at the same time she had called Mike.) I was a little slow and was in the process of telling Jen that I had hoped we could go somewhere that I could actually cum, when I realised that was why we were here. I just whispered in her ear “You want me to cum in front of them don’t you” and she nodded her reply to me.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Long Jen Visit #2 - Part 12

Ah – now it makes sense. I had split the last entry as I thought it was long enough and I had intended to put the second part with this bit...


Jen hadn’t decided what she was going to make me do when we got home, but she did get me to flash my panties to a group of people. The fresh air increased the effect of what I had been drinking and I was feeling a fair bit drunker by the time we got home (but Jen was in the same state too). She decided that we should go up to the roof and I should give a ‘proper’ display to the people smoking. On the way up I asked exactly what she meant by ‘proper’ and she said that I could go as far as I wanted, but at the very least, I had to take off my skirt and panties, sit with my legs spread where they could see me and make myself cum with them watching.

I was drunk enough (meaning I was feeling brave enough) that this really felt exciting and I told Jen that if she thought I was going to chicken out, then I would show her just how it was done. We crept out onto the roof (we didn’t want to frighten them away) and went over to our own secluded spot to get warmed up. I wanted to be in full attire when I went over, so Jen didn’t do anything to my top, she just slipped her hand under my skirt, pushed the panties aside and fingered me. I had more freedom with her though and pulled her top off and played with her nipples. I also got her panties off, knelt down and messily ate her , letting her juices cover my face so I could keep her scent with me.

When we decided it was time, Jen pulled her top back on. I had decided that I wanted to leave my panties with the group as a present, but I didn’t want to lose the ones I actually had on (having cum in front of people while wearing them earlier on, I really appreciated how they could cover me while letting something be seen). I ended up slipping them off and putting on Jen’s pair. I wasn’t at all sure that I would be able to do this, and they were quite tight, but being in the run up to an (eventual) wedding, means that I’ve been doing well in losing weight and so I could wear them. I could feel that they were sticky with Jen’s juices and gave myself a quick rub to ensure they had mine on as well before we crept over to the smokers.

Jen went to hide somewhere that she would be able to see me and I walked around the corner – only to be disappointed by the fact that there was nobody there. There I was, cutely dressed (if I do say so myself) as a Japanese schoolgirl, with Jen’s panties cupping my pussy and ready to give them a full show (and I think I really would have given them a full show). I was incredibly disappointed (and very horny)/ Jen had already seen that there was nobody there and was coming over.

I suggested that we could go down to the laundry and use one of the machines and Jen agreed but said that if we were going to do that, I would have to strip off and leave all my clothes up on the roof. Now I may have been drunk, but I wasn’t *that* drunk and said that I thought that was a bit much. Fortunately Jen was just teasing (given I’d managed to do everything she had dared me to do so far I really wouldn’t have wanted to refuse to do it, but (now I’m sober) it would have obviously been a very stupid thing to have done as I wouldn’t have stood a chance of getting the whole way downstairs, into the laundry, cumming and back up to Jen’s room without (possibly many) people seeing me.

We decided just to go back to her room and finish things off – Jen could see that I was disappointed not to be giving a show so she promised that she would make up for it. We headed back down and got into her room and she stripped naked. She wanted me to keep my outfit on (I know that she really liked it when Sue wore it, so I wasn’t surprised at this). Jen lay on the bed and told me to take off my (or rather her) panties. I did this and climbed up so I was sitting over her face with my legs wither side of her head, facing towards her feet.

Jen’s head was hidden under my skirt so I couldn’t watch what she was dong, but that didn’t stop me enjoying it. She pulled me to her and licked away, pushing into my cunt, licking around my lips and clit and rimming my ass. I reached forwards to play with her pussy, but she told me (in a rather muffled voice) that I should enjoy this and then take care of her afterwards. I usually really like being able to make her cum at the same time she is doing things to me, but it is nice to sometimes just enjoy the feelings so I sat upright again and just rocked myself against her mouth, letting her explore and pleasure me.

And it was an incredibly pleasurable feeling – she held my ass and pussy open so she had full access and kept changing the pattern of her licking to draw things out. She didn’t tease me, but didn’t go for the kill straight away either, so by the time I did cum, it was nice and strong. I really let myself go and tried to enjoy the feelings as much as I could and Jen says that she thinks I might have squirted a little. I didn’t really feel this, so I’m not sure, but when I dismounted her, her face was covered with my juices though, so it’s possible there might have been a little.

I was going to get undressed before we switched positions as I didn’t want to get Sue’s outfit dirty, but Jen really wanted me to leave it on (so I’m definitely going to have to get my own one as both Mike and Jen are obsessed with it). I lay on my back and Jen climbed over me. I could smell how wet she was as she lowered her cunt to my face and I thrust my face up to meet it. I didn’t waste any time and licked all around (and inside) her cunt and then moved on to her ass. I gave this a good lashing with my tongue before moving back to her cunt and continued to eat it.

I got Jen to lean forwards so I could make sure I gave her a full service – using my hands to keep her spread, I licked from her clit, around her pussy, into her pussy and back to her ass, circling it and then flicking over it with my tongue, before returning to lick in her pussy and back to sucking on her clit. I continued with this for a good few minutes – not trying to tease her, but managing to hold off her orgasm (as she had done for me) by always licking different places and not having too much time spent on her clit.

By the time she came, she was really ready for it and I could feel her shaking on top of me, her head was between my legs (unfortunately the skirt was between me and her mouth or I might have got an extra treat). I did my usual of continuing to gently lick her after she had cum (she is very glad that Mike taught me how to do that), and I kept this up until her orgasm had completely faded.

Jen rolled off me and lay panting beside me so I moved over to her and we kissed so she could taste herself. She was obviously beat but I could have gone another round – Jen sensed this and said that if I went and got some ice cream, she would eat it out of me, but I had to go naked and only got one chance. I said that was unfair but quite liked the idea of having her eat me again so I stood up and slowly stripped off my uniform. I lay each item on the desk as I removed it and then finally slipped the skirt down so I was naked. Jen opened the door for me and pushed me out into the hall (not a hard push). I hadn’t even had time to check if the hall was empty, but a quick look around showed that it was, so I headed down to the kitchen. About halfway there, I heard people on the main stairs (the direction I was heading in). I froze and wondered what to do – it sounded like they were coming up and would at the very least have to walk past the door at the end of the corridor (or come through it).

I considered making a dash for the kitchen but decided that it was too risky and ran back to Jen’s room. It then dawned on me that she might have locked me out (‘cos she can sometimes be that mean!) but the door was open and I got in. She said that because I didn’t have the ice cream, she wouldn’t do anything to me – I tried to convince her to let me have another chance and she said that I could, but I wouldn’t be allowed back in without it (so I hadn’t been completely wrong about her locking the door). I thought this was a bit too big a risk to take so I told her that if she wouldn’t do anything, I would have to take care of myself.

I got up on the bed, spread my legs and started to play with myself. Jen watched me for a bit and then lay down on her front so her face was right in front of my pussy. I thought she was going to do something, but she told me to just carry on as she wanted to watch. I spread my legs wider and pulled my lips open while I rubbed my clit. Jen had obviously seen (or made) me cum many times, but it still felt very erotic knowing that she was watching so intensely. I came quite quickly and felt nicely satisfied afterwards so we decided that it was finally time to go to bed. We snuggled up together as usual and fell asleep. I had my arm draped over Jen and cupped her pussy – with the odd stroke of her clit.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Long Jen Visit #2 - Part 11b

Oops – apparently I can’t use copy and paste correctly – I forgot the last part of Thursday's entry:


Jen rubbed away at my panties and went back to kissing my neck. She told me to cum as quickly as I could and I spread my legs further apart to make it easier for her. Now I know I’ve said that my lacy panties are quite see through – I don’t mean that you can see everything through them, but they don’t have a solid crotch, so there is nothing that is completely hidden and the way Jen was rubbing and pressing them into me, I had no idea how much was actually visible.

Now it had become a competition, pretty much everyone had stopped to watch the four of us. I could see the others in a similar position and could tell from the noises that they were making good progress as well. I really wanted to win (as well as cum) and I knew that I was feeling sufficiently uninhibited that it was a bit dangerous, but the whole point was that I no longer really cared and told Jen “Fuck it – go inside me”.

I had thought that she was going to push the crotch of my panties aside and finger me, but she slid her hand under the waistband of my panties and pushed her fingers into me. We got a chorus of wolf whistles from people for doing this (even from little Lucy who I no longer think of as an innocent little girl). Jen was kissing my neck in just the right way to speed things along and I moaned into her ear to rub my clit more. She did this and I knew I was about to cum – I wasn’t paying attention to the other pair anymore and let out a stifled moan as I came.

We got a round of applause and I started to feel a bit embarrassed as I calmed down, but I still had a nice tingling sensation in my pussy and didn’t mind too much so I kept my legs spread for a little while after Jen had extracted her hand. We watched the others finish up (she was being fingered via the legband of her panties and while I couldn’t see much, I got a glimpse of her lips a couple of times. She seemed to cum with a much more violent orgasm than I had and it was incredibly arousing watching her cum (even though I’d only just finished cumming myself).

Talking to Lucy later on, she asked if this was what it was going to be like when Jen was sharing a house with her and I asked her if she minded (she doesn’t). I’m beginning to think (or at least hoping) that if we do enough things in front of her, we might be able to at least get her to play with herself so we can watch and then maybe join in with us... It’s probably only a fantasy I know, but it’s a fantasy that I enjoy.

For the remainder of the evening, I remained much less exposed, but there were a few times that Jen would slip her hand under my skirt and fondle me while I was talking to people. There was obviously no point any more in trying to stop her and I got invited back down over the summer (they have to rent the house for the whole year but Jen will be kicked out of her Uni room soon).

On the way out, Jen asked me if she should go and fuck me on the roof or in the laundrette – she didn’t say it really loud, but loud enough that others could hear it – I was pretty sure she was just continuing to portray her dominant persona to them by showing them that she could get me to really do anything, but on the way home she said that we should try for something exciting before we went to bed.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Long Jen Visit #2 - Part 11

Jen didn’t tell me what it was that she wanted to do until we got back to her room – she had enjoyed seeing the girl being fisted on stage so much that she really wanted to have a try doing it to me. I was rather apprehensive about it as I know I’m nowhere near loose enough to take a whole fist, but Jen really wanted to experiment and I said that as long as we could stop whenever I said, I’d let her try. I knew that she obviously didn’t want to do anything that would actually hurt or damage me so I really just wanted to make sure that she would take things slowly and not be too forceful.

I slipped out of my dress and lay back on the bed and we tried to figure out the best way to go ahead. I was fairly certain that I wouldn’t be able to relax enough to get very far unless we had a bit of a warm up session, so Jen removed her clothes and joined me under the covers. We played around for a bit, just kissing at first and then moving on to a brief 69 (not to orgasm). I told Jen I was ready to start and she climbed out of bed and rummaged around in the drawer for some lube. We decided to start off with some tingle gel and while she applied it to her fingers, I arranged the pillows on the bed so I could lie across the bed, propped up against the wall with my legs spread. Jen knelt on the floor in front of me and started off with a single finger and then quickly added a second one.

I was already tensing up – obviously not because of the two fingers, but because I was still a bit nervous. Jen worked her two fingers in and out of me for a while and occasionally licked and sucked my clit. As I started to relax again, she began to twist them around and explore the inside of my pussy with her fingertips. She had a play around trying to find my g-spot – I certainly have an area that is more sensitive there, but it’s nothing like ‘OMG I’ve cum ‘cos you’ve touched it’.

She then put a third finger into me – now Jen’s fingers are somewhat slimmer than Mike’s so her three fingers aren’t much more than two of his (at least when she squishes them together). She told me that she loved the view of my cunt taking them and after a while, she began to twist the three fingers around inside me. This felt really nice and I managed to relax a lot more and get into it properly. I gave her encouragement to keep going and she added a bit more gel. I could now feel her little finger start to press against my pussy as she pushed into me and after a few strokes, the end of it popped it. I concentrated on just enjoying the feeling so I didn’t tense up, but it made quite a difference to how full I felt.

Jen kept going, slowly pushing the four fingers deeper into me with each stroke and managed to get (what felt like) quite deep inside me. When she started to turn her hand, I could really feel my cunt lips being stretched and pulled and she used her fingertips to tickle the inside of my pussy (which feels really strange, but nice). When i looked down, I was surprised to see that her hand wasn’t anywhere near as far in me as it felt and that her fingers weren’t even the whole way in. She said that she was going to add her thumb and I told her I wasn’t sure I could take much more but she managed to get me to let her try anyway.

It didn’t make much difference when she put just the end of her thumb in as well, but when she pushed her hand (well, fingers and thumb) into me, it was definitely too much and hurt. I told her to pull back and she went back to just using her fingers, pushing them as deep as she could into me and trying this with her hand rotated at different angles. She also licked my clit again and between licks, gave a running commentary on how deep she was getting. As I got closer to cumming, I told her to push a bit harder as the stretching didn’t feel painful anymore.

Jen didn’t manage to fist me properly (not even close), but by the time I came, she had got four fingers almost the whole way inside me. It felt really good being that full when I came (Jen was still licking my clit) and she kept her hand in me so I could see properly how deep it had been. I felt quite tender afterwards – not really sore, but I certainly didn’t want anything hard in me for a while! Jen licked around the inside of my pussy and it felt even better than usual (but I wasn’t ready to cum again just yet).

I offered to do the same thing to Jen – I know that she is tighter than me, but I wanted to see if I could get at least three fingers deep into her, but she wasn’t in the mood (she had said that I can have a go at this another time though). We curled up together and rested for a while then I wrote up today for future posting. When that was done, we decided to watch a film and Jen sent me to the kitchen to get some snacks. As I had come to expect, I had to go half dressed (the very short top and panties). There were a couple of people in the kitchen but I just said hi and then ignored them while I found some biscuits and returned to Jen’s room.

We watched the film (it wasn’t wonderful) and dozed off to be awoken by a knocking at Jen’s door. Jen opened it and let Mel and Sarah in who wanted us to go with them to Sarah’s place. Jen had her gown on, but I was still dressed the way I had been when I went to the kitchen. I didn’t think there was much point in hiding (given Mel had seen me like this before anyway and they had both seen me cum the last time we were round there). Jen asked if I wanted to go and I said that I would be happy to, but would obviously need to get dressed. Mel said that I could come as I was if I wanted and I just stuck my tongue out at her. Jen wandered over to me and said that maybe I should.

She slipped a hand under my t-shirt and cupped one of my breasts, playing with the nipple. Her hand was still covered by the t-shirt, but it was clear what she was doing. Her other hand slid down to my panties and first rubbed them, then slipped a finger under them and ran it along my pussy. I hadn’t been expecting this and was a bit surprised, but she didn’t do any more and said that we would be along shortly and I would be appropriately dressed.

Once they had left I asked what ‘appropriately’ meant and Jen said that she had another surprise for me, but that we should go and freshen up. We went over and showered – I had to go dressed as I was, but we only saw one person in the corridor. We had decided that we should shave each other as we had a little stubble and so took turns doing this. We licked each other afterwards, but not to orgasm and then finished washing ourselves (and each other of course). I had to walk back to her room with my slightly too short towel, but most of the people on Jen’s corridor have seen me semi-naked by now (other than Mel, which I feel is somewhat ironic) so I don’t really care too much anymore. It was only the little Thai girl who saw us heading back and she either didn’t notice or didn’t seem to bothered (or more likely, just didn’t care) about my pussy peeking out.

Once we had dried hair and I was ready to get dressed, Jen revealed her surprise to me. She had been in touch with Sue and had borrowed the Japanese schoolgirl outfit. As I mentioned before, Sue had lost quite a bit of weight before she bought this, but I’m in the run up to a wedding so I’ve also lost a fair amount and the outfit fits me quite well. I would have quite liked to wear long white socks with it, but Jen wanted me to wear dark blue ones. She spent a little while considering what panties I should wear – plain white cotton ones or the lace see-through ones. I thought I would get a good idea of what she had planned for me by the outcome of this decision and when she went with the plain white ones I assumed that I might be in for a night of being shown off. The look was finished off by tying my hair back in a ponytail. (I’m planning on taking this outfit back to York with me and Sue can collect it the next time she visits – I know that Mike is going to enjoy having a play with it – or at least enjoy having a play with me while I’m in it!).

We headed over to Sarah’s place and I got some interesting looks on the way. Jen said that she wished we had stayed at her place for a while so we could have played but that we would make up for it when we returned. Most of the usual crowd were already there when we arrived and I felt a bit stupid dressed the way I was (not that I don’t like the outfit, but it doesn’t really fit in with a room mostly full of Goths). My attire got quite a few comments but they seemed to like it (and I know a number of them well enough now that I can give as good as I get!). A few people were already fairly drunk and even though I didn’t intend to drink as much as the previous night, I thought that we should at least catch up a bit.

A few drinks in and a bit of second hand smoke and I was feeling a bit drunker than I had intended. We ended up crashing on a sofa and chatting – Jen got me to sit with my knees drawn up so that my panties were showing (which was roughly what I had expected once she chose the plain panties). A couple of girls were into some pretty heavy petting in the far corner and we ended up watching them. One of the girls was clearly in charge and seemed to be enjoying showing the other girl off in the same way Jen has been doing with me. We watched them for a while and Jen leaned over, said “We can do better than that” and started to kiss my neck.

This felt as nice as ever and I didn’t mind when Jen pulled my legs apart and slid a hand down my thigh to my panties (which were pretty much completely exposed). Jen continued to kiss my neck and stroked my panties, pressing quite firmly against my pussy. We got a few whistles and the other girls looked up at us. The dominant one pulled up the skirt of the other girl and did the same thing to her. Jen was pushing her fingers slightly into me (still though my panties) and said that we needed to stay ahead of them (the other girls). She ordered me to stand up and pull my panties off – I briefly thought that she was going to finger me properly in front of everyone and felt a real throb pulse through me, but she handed me the pair of lacy panties and said I should put them on.

I stood up and reached under my skirt to pull of the cotton panties and once they were off, I handed them to Jen. I knew that people were watching me (even the other girls who were still carrying on were looking over at me), but given I had a fair idea of what was going to happen next, it didn’t seem like the time to be shy, so I just pulled on the lacy panties and made sure they were pulled the whole way up (which of course meant lifting my skirt). Jen ordered me to sit down again and I resumed the position I had been in before – she pulled my skirt up and said “First to cum, wins”. I thought she was talking to me, but I then realised that we were in a race with the other pair.