Thursday, 3 June 2010

Long Jen Visit #2 - Part 11

Jen didn’t tell me what it was that she wanted to do until we got back to her room – she had enjoyed seeing the girl being fisted on stage so much that she really wanted to have a try doing it to me. I was rather apprehensive about it as I know I’m nowhere near loose enough to take a whole fist, but Jen really wanted to experiment and I said that as long as we could stop whenever I said, I’d let her try. I knew that she obviously didn’t want to do anything that would actually hurt or damage me so I really just wanted to make sure that she would take things slowly and not be too forceful.

I slipped out of my dress and lay back on the bed and we tried to figure out the best way to go ahead. I was fairly certain that I wouldn’t be able to relax enough to get very far unless we had a bit of a warm up session, so Jen removed her clothes and joined me under the covers. We played around for a bit, just kissing at first and then moving on to a brief 69 (not to orgasm). I told Jen I was ready to start and she climbed out of bed and rummaged around in the drawer for some lube. We decided to start off with some tingle gel and while she applied it to her fingers, I arranged the pillows on the bed so I could lie across the bed, propped up against the wall with my legs spread. Jen knelt on the floor in front of me and started off with a single finger and then quickly added a second one.

I was already tensing up – obviously not because of the two fingers, but because I was still a bit nervous. Jen worked her two fingers in and out of me for a while and occasionally licked and sucked my clit. As I started to relax again, she began to twist them around and explore the inside of my pussy with her fingertips. She had a play around trying to find my g-spot – I certainly have an area that is more sensitive there, but it’s nothing like ‘OMG I’ve cum ‘cos you’ve touched it’.

She then put a third finger into me – now Jen’s fingers are somewhat slimmer than Mike’s so her three fingers aren’t much more than two of his (at least when she squishes them together). She told me that she loved the view of my cunt taking them and after a while, she began to twist the three fingers around inside me. This felt really nice and I managed to relax a lot more and get into it properly. I gave her encouragement to keep going and she added a bit more gel. I could now feel her little finger start to press against my pussy as she pushed into me and after a few strokes, the end of it popped it. I concentrated on just enjoying the feeling so I didn’t tense up, but it made quite a difference to how full I felt.

Jen kept going, slowly pushing the four fingers deeper into me with each stroke and managed to get (what felt like) quite deep inside me. When she started to turn her hand, I could really feel my cunt lips being stretched and pulled and she used her fingertips to tickle the inside of my pussy (which feels really strange, but nice). When i looked down, I was surprised to see that her hand wasn’t anywhere near as far in me as it felt and that her fingers weren’t even the whole way in. She said that she was going to add her thumb and I told her I wasn’t sure I could take much more but she managed to get me to let her try anyway.

It didn’t make much difference when she put just the end of her thumb in as well, but when she pushed her hand (well, fingers and thumb) into me, it was definitely too much and hurt. I told her to pull back and she went back to just using her fingers, pushing them as deep as she could into me and trying this with her hand rotated at different angles. She also licked my clit again and between licks, gave a running commentary on how deep she was getting. As I got closer to cumming, I told her to push a bit harder as the stretching didn’t feel painful anymore.

Jen didn’t manage to fist me properly (not even close), but by the time I came, she had got four fingers almost the whole way inside me. It felt really good being that full when I came (Jen was still licking my clit) and she kept her hand in me so I could see properly how deep it had been. I felt quite tender afterwards – not really sore, but I certainly didn’t want anything hard in me for a while! Jen licked around the inside of my pussy and it felt even better than usual (but I wasn’t ready to cum again just yet).

I offered to do the same thing to Jen – I know that she is tighter than me, but I wanted to see if I could get at least three fingers deep into her, but she wasn’t in the mood (she had said that I can have a go at this another time though). We curled up together and rested for a while then I wrote up today for future posting. When that was done, we decided to watch a film and Jen sent me to the kitchen to get some snacks. As I had come to expect, I had to go half dressed (the very short top and panties). There were a couple of people in the kitchen but I just said hi and then ignored them while I found some biscuits and returned to Jen’s room.

We watched the film (it wasn’t wonderful) and dozed off to be awoken by a knocking at Jen’s door. Jen opened it and let Mel and Sarah in who wanted us to go with them to Sarah’s place. Jen had her gown on, but I was still dressed the way I had been when I went to the kitchen. I didn’t think there was much point in hiding (given Mel had seen me like this before anyway and they had both seen me cum the last time we were round there). Jen asked if I wanted to go and I said that I would be happy to, but would obviously need to get dressed. Mel said that I could come as I was if I wanted and I just stuck my tongue out at her. Jen wandered over to me and said that maybe I should.

She slipped a hand under my t-shirt and cupped one of my breasts, playing with the nipple. Her hand was still covered by the t-shirt, but it was clear what she was doing. Her other hand slid down to my panties and first rubbed them, then slipped a finger under them and ran it along my pussy. I hadn’t been expecting this and was a bit surprised, but she didn’t do any more and said that we would be along shortly and I would be appropriately dressed.

Once they had left I asked what ‘appropriately’ meant and Jen said that she had another surprise for me, but that we should go and freshen up. We went over and showered – I had to go dressed as I was, but we only saw one person in the corridor. We had decided that we should shave each other as we had a little stubble and so took turns doing this. We licked each other afterwards, but not to orgasm and then finished washing ourselves (and each other of course). I had to walk back to her room with my slightly too short towel, but most of the people on Jen’s corridor have seen me semi-naked by now (other than Mel, which I feel is somewhat ironic) so I don’t really care too much anymore. It was only the little Thai girl who saw us heading back and she either didn’t notice or didn’t seem to bothered (or more likely, just didn’t care) about my pussy peeking out.

Once we had dried hair and I was ready to get dressed, Jen revealed her surprise to me. She had been in touch with Sue and had borrowed the Japanese schoolgirl outfit. As I mentioned before, Sue had lost quite a bit of weight before she bought this, but I’m in the run up to a wedding so I’ve also lost a fair amount and the outfit fits me quite well. I would have quite liked to wear long white socks with it, but Jen wanted me to wear dark blue ones. She spent a little while considering what panties I should wear – plain white cotton ones or the lace see-through ones. I thought I would get a good idea of what she had planned for me by the outcome of this decision and when she went with the plain white ones I assumed that I might be in for a night of being shown off. The look was finished off by tying my hair back in a ponytail. (I’m planning on taking this outfit back to York with me and Sue can collect it the next time she visits – I know that Mike is going to enjoy having a play with it – or at least enjoy having a play with me while I’m in it!).

We headed over to Sarah’s place and I got some interesting looks on the way. Jen said that she wished we had stayed at her place for a while so we could have played but that we would make up for it when we returned. Most of the usual crowd were already there when we arrived and I felt a bit stupid dressed the way I was (not that I don’t like the outfit, but it doesn’t really fit in with a room mostly full of Goths). My attire got quite a few comments but they seemed to like it (and I know a number of them well enough now that I can give as good as I get!). A few people were already fairly drunk and even though I didn’t intend to drink as much as the previous night, I thought that we should at least catch up a bit.

A few drinks in and a bit of second hand smoke and I was feeling a bit drunker than I had intended. We ended up crashing on a sofa and chatting – Jen got me to sit with my knees drawn up so that my panties were showing (which was roughly what I had expected once she chose the plain panties). A couple of girls were into some pretty heavy petting in the far corner and we ended up watching them. One of the girls was clearly in charge and seemed to be enjoying showing the other girl off in the same way Jen has been doing with me. We watched them for a while and Jen leaned over, said “We can do better than that” and started to kiss my neck.

This felt as nice as ever and I didn’t mind when Jen pulled my legs apart and slid a hand down my thigh to my panties (which were pretty much completely exposed). Jen continued to kiss my neck and stroked my panties, pressing quite firmly against my pussy. We got a few whistles and the other girls looked up at us. The dominant one pulled up the skirt of the other girl and did the same thing to her. Jen was pushing her fingers slightly into me (still though my panties) and said that we needed to stay ahead of them (the other girls). She ordered me to stand up and pull my panties off – I briefly thought that she was going to finger me properly in front of everyone and felt a real throb pulse through me, but she handed me the pair of lacy panties and said I should put them on.

I stood up and reached under my skirt to pull of the cotton panties and once they were off, I handed them to Jen. I knew that people were watching me (even the other girls who were still carrying on were looking over at me), but given I had a fair idea of what was going to happen next, it didn’t seem like the time to be shy, so I just pulled on the lacy panties and made sure they were pulled the whole way up (which of course meant lifting my skirt). Jen ordered me to sit down again and I resumed the position I had been in before – she pulled my skirt up and said “First to cum, wins”. I thought she was talking to me, but I then realised that we were in a race with the other pair.

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