Saturday, 5 June 2010

Long Jen Visit #2 - Part 11b

Oops – apparently I can’t use copy and paste correctly – I forgot the last part of Thursday's entry:


Jen rubbed away at my panties and went back to kissing my neck. She told me to cum as quickly as I could and I spread my legs further apart to make it easier for her. Now I know I’ve said that my lacy panties are quite see through – I don’t mean that you can see everything through them, but they don’t have a solid crotch, so there is nothing that is completely hidden and the way Jen was rubbing and pressing them into me, I had no idea how much was actually visible.

Now it had become a competition, pretty much everyone had stopped to watch the four of us. I could see the others in a similar position and could tell from the noises that they were making good progress as well. I really wanted to win (as well as cum) and I knew that I was feeling sufficiently uninhibited that it was a bit dangerous, but the whole point was that I no longer really cared and told Jen “Fuck it – go inside me”.

I had thought that she was going to push the crotch of my panties aside and finger me, but she slid her hand under the waistband of my panties and pushed her fingers into me. We got a chorus of wolf whistles from people for doing this (even from little Lucy who I no longer think of as an innocent little girl). Jen was kissing my neck in just the right way to speed things along and I moaned into her ear to rub my clit more. She did this and I knew I was about to cum – I wasn’t paying attention to the other pair anymore and let out a stifled moan as I came.

We got a round of applause and I started to feel a bit embarrassed as I calmed down, but I still had a nice tingling sensation in my pussy and didn’t mind too much so I kept my legs spread for a little while after Jen had extracted her hand. We watched the others finish up (she was being fingered via the legband of her panties and while I couldn’t see much, I got a glimpse of her lips a couple of times. She seemed to cum with a much more violent orgasm than I had and it was incredibly arousing watching her cum (even though I’d only just finished cumming myself).

Talking to Lucy later on, she asked if this was what it was going to be like when Jen was sharing a house with her and I asked her if she minded (she doesn’t). I’m beginning to think (or at least hoping) that if we do enough things in front of her, we might be able to at least get her to play with herself so we can watch and then maybe join in with us... It’s probably only a fantasy I know, but it’s a fantasy that I enjoy.

For the remainder of the evening, I remained much less exposed, but there were a few times that Jen would slip her hand under my skirt and fondle me while I was talking to people. There was obviously no point any more in trying to stop her and I got invited back down over the summer (they have to rent the house for the whole year but Jen will be kicked out of her Uni room soon).

On the way out, Jen asked me if she should go and fuck me on the roof or in the laundrette – she didn’t say it really loud, but loud enough that others could hear it – I was pretty sure she was just continuing to portray her dominant persona to them by showing them that she could get me to really do anything, but on the way home she said that we should try for something exciting before we went to bed.


  1. Hi again Andi, I know this may not be on topic for this subject, but I figure you'd be interested in this article based on some of your past entries.

    Hezi, Balto, Md., U.S.A.

  2. Hmm - looks interesting. I'm not sure how to use it in town without people knowing, but it might be worth investing in for use on more private cycle rides (like when I'm at Jen's place!)