Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Long Jen Visit #2 - Part 12

Ah – now it makes sense. I had split the last entry as I thought it was long enough and I had intended to put the second part with this bit...


Jen hadn’t decided what she was going to make me do when we got home, but she did get me to flash my panties to a group of people. The fresh air increased the effect of what I had been drinking and I was feeling a fair bit drunker by the time we got home (but Jen was in the same state too). She decided that we should go up to the roof and I should give a ‘proper’ display to the people smoking. On the way up I asked exactly what she meant by ‘proper’ and she said that I could go as far as I wanted, but at the very least, I had to take off my skirt and panties, sit with my legs spread where they could see me and make myself cum with them watching.

I was drunk enough (meaning I was feeling brave enough) that this really felt exciting and I told Jen that if she thought I was going to chicken out, then I would show her just how it was done. We crept out onto the roof (we didn’t want to frighten them away) and went over to our own secluded spot to get warmed up. I wanted to be in full attire when I went over, so Jen didn’t do anything to my top, she just slipped her hand under my skirt, pushed the panties aside and fingered me. I had more freedom with her though and pulled her top off and played with her nipples. I also got her panties off, knelt down and messily ate her , letting her juices cover my face so I could keep her scent with me.

When we decided it was time, Jen pulled her top back on. I had decided that I wanted to leave my panties with the group as a present, but I didn’t want to lose the ones I actually had on (having cum in front of people while wearing them earlier on, I really appreciated how they could cover me while letting something be seen). I ended up slipping them off and putting on Jen’s pair. I wasn’t at all sure that I would be able to do this, and they were quite tight, but being in the run up to an (eventual) wedding, means that I’ve been doing well in losing weight and so I could wear them. I could feel that they were sticky with Jen’s juices and gave myself a quick rub to ensure they had mine on as well before we crept over to the smokers.

Jen went to hide somewhere that she would be able to see me and I walked around the corner – only to be disappointed by the fact that there was nobody there. There I was, cutely dressed (if I do say so myself) as a Japanese schoolgirl, with Jen’s panties cupping my pussy and ready to give them a full show (and I think I really would have given them a full show). I was incredibly disappointed (and very horny)/ Jen had already seen that there was nobody there and was coming over.

I suggested that we could go down to the laundry and use one of the machines and Jen agreed but said that if we were going to do that, I would have to strip off and leave all my clothes up on the roof. Now I may have been drunk, but I wasn’t *that* drunk and said that I thought that was a bit much. Fortunately Jen was just teasing (given I’d managed to do everything she had dared me to do so far I really wouldn’t have wanted to refuse to do it, but (now I’m sober) it would have obviously been a very stupid thing to have done as I wouldn’t have stood a chance of getting the whole way downstairs, into the laundry, cumming and back up to Jen’s room without (possibly many) people seeing me.

We decided just to go back to her room and finish things off – Jen could see that I was disappointed not to be giving a show so she promised that she would make up for it. We headed back down and got into her room and she stripped naked. She wanted me to keep my outfit on (I know that she really liked it when Sue wore it, so I wasn’t surprised at this). Jen lay on the bed and told me to take off my (or rather her) panties. I did this and climbed up so I was sitting over her face with my legs wither side of her head, facing towards her feet.

Jen’s head was hidden under my skirt so I couldn’t watch what she was dong, but that didn’t stop me enjoying it. She pulled me to her and licked away, pushing into my cunt, licking around my lips and clit and rimming my ass. I reached forwards to play with her pussy, but she told me (in a rather muffled voice) that I should enjoy this and then take care of her afterwards. I usually really like being able to make her cum at the same time she is doing things to me, but it is nice to sometimes just enjoy the feelings so I sat upright again and just rocked myself against her mouth, letting her explore and pleasure me.

And it was an incredibly pleasurable feeling – she held my ass and pussy open so she had full access and kept changing the pattern of her licking to draw things out. She didn’t tease me, but didn’t go for the kill straight away either, so by the time I did cum, it was nice and strong. I really let myself go and tried to enjoy the feelings as much as I could and Jen says that she thinks I might have squirted a little. I didn’t really feel this, so I’m not sure, but when I dismounted her, her face was covered with my juices though, so it’s possible there might have been a little.

I was going to get undressed before we switched positions as I didn’t want to get Sue’s outfit dirty, but Jen really wanted me to leave it on (so I’m definitely going to have to get my own one as both Mike and Jen are obsessed with it). I lay on my back and Jen climbed over me. I could smell how wet she was as she lowered her cunt to my face and I thrust my face up to meet it. I didn’t waste any time and licked all around (and inside) her cunt and then moved on to her ass. I gave this a good lashing with my tongue before moving back to her cunt and continued to eat it.

I got Jen to lean forwards so I could make sure I gave her a full service – using my hands to keep her spread, I licked from her clit, around her pussy, into her pussy and back to her ass, circling it and then flicking over it with my tongue, before returning to lick in her pussy and back to sucking on her clit. I continued with this for a good few minutes – not trying to tease her, but managing to hold off her orgasm (as she had done for me) by always licking different places and not having too much time spent on her clit.

By the time she came, she was really ready for it and I could feel her shaking on top of me, her head was between my legs (unfortunately the skirt was between me and her mouth or I might have got an extra treat). I did my usual of continuing to gently lick her after she had cum (she is very glad that Mike taught me how to do that), and I kept this up until her orgasm had completely faded.

Jen rolled off me and lay panting beside me so I moved over to her and we kissed so she could taste herself. She was obviously beat but I could have gone another round – Jen sensed this and said that if I went and got some ice cream, she would eat it out of me, but I had to go naked and only got one chance. I said that was unfair but quite liked the idea of having her eat me again so I stood up and slowly stripped off my uniform. I lay each item on the desk as I removed it and then finally slipped the skirt down so I was naked. Jen opened the door for me and pushed me out into the hall (not a hard push). I hadn’t even had time to check if the hall was empty, but a quick look around showed that it was, so I headed down to the kitchen. About halfway there, I heard people on the main stairs (the direction I was heading in). I froze and wondered what to do – it sounded like they were coming up and would at the very least have to walk past the door at the end of the corridor (or come through it).

I considered making a dash for the kitchen but decided that it was too risky and ran back to Jen’s room. It then dawned on me that she might have locked me out (‘cos she can sometimes be that mean!) but the door was open and I got in. She said that because I didn’t have the ice cream, she wouldn’t do anything to me – I tried to convince her to let me have another chance and she said that I could, but I wouldn’t be allowed back in without it (so I hadn’t been completely wrong about her locking the door). I thought this was a bit too big a risk to take so I told her that if she wouldn’t do anything, I would have to take care of myself.

I got up on the bed, spread my legs and started to play with myself. Jen watched me for a bit and then lay down on her front so her face was right in front of my pussy. I thought she was going to do something, but she told me to just carry on as she wanted to watch. I spread my legs wider and pulled my lips open while I rubbed my clit. Jen had obviously seen (or made) me cum many times, but it still felt very erotic knowing that she was watching so intensely. I came quite quickly and felt nicely satisfied afterwards so we decided that it was finally time to go to bed. We snuggled up together as usual and fell asleep. I had my arm draped over Jen and cupped her pussy – with the odd stroke of her clit.

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