Sunday, 13 June 2010

Long Jen Visit #2 - Part 13

I’m sooo nearly finished, but it is taking longer than I thought it would. I’m trying to get the posts I wrote when I was with Jen to last and I’ve split a few of them up (which is why they may no longer end at en entirely sensible place). Once I’ve handed thesis in (and have slept), I’ll get back to more frequent posts.


Today (Monday – no idea what day it will actually be by the time this is posted) is my last full day with Jen and we want to have a quiet day together. We know that it’s not going to be long before Jen can come and stay for the summer, but it’s still going to be our last time together for now.

I woke up first and enjoyed feeling Jen pressed up against me. I lay like this for a while, but couldn’t resist Jen for long (even asleep she is stunningly beautiful) so I moved down underneath the covers to help wake her up. I had hoped to lick her awake, but I woke her while trying to get her legs apart. I started to kiss and lick her anyway, but she said that she wanted us to be able to do things without any interruption, so we went to brush our teeth first. I didn’t even wait for Jen to allocate me clothing – I just grabbed the short t-shirt and threw her gown to her.

We went to the bathroom and brushed our teeth – someone came in while we were there but we ignored them and continued. I knew that the bottom of my ass was peeking out from under the t-shirt, but as I’ve said before, I think everyone on her corridor has now seen so many bits of me that I didn’t mind too much. I may have made the situation slightly worse by bending over the sink to rinse my mouth out, which I’m pretty sure pulled the shirt up at the back enough to expose my whole ass and possibly pussy (if they were looking at the right angle). I don’t know if he saw anything, but I enjoyed the feeling of being on show and assumed that Jen would appreciate the extra lubrication that this helped create.

We headed back to her room and stripped off. At my request, we resumed our original position and I slowly and gently made love to Jen’s pussy with my mouth. It was very tender and took quite a long time until she started to get close to cumming. She made lots of her cute little mewing sounds and it was only when she was obviously close, that I really started to increase the attention I paid to her clit. I didn’t intend to play games and tease her, so once I had started on the final push (so to speak), I didn’t take my mouth off her cunt until she had cum.

Even during this stage, it was still quite gentle and I didn’t finger her or do anything too quick or hard. Jen said that it had been a wonderful orgasm (and she was certainly quite flushed afterwards) and offered to do the same for me. She lay on top of me and we kissed for a while first, before she slowly kissed her way down my body (stopping off to suck my nipples for a while to fill her breast fetish) and then continued down until she was nestled between my legs. I spread my legs wide and settled back as she started to kiss and lick me.

Jen took her time (as I had done) and I ended up playing with my nipples – enjoying the way I could feel the sensations from the two different areas on my body. As things progressed, I could tell that I was breathing quite heavily and was quite free with my moaning (nothing too loud, just enough to let Jen know how I was feeling). It didn’t take me quite a long to cum as it had for Jen, but then I’d been getting fairly aroused while eating her and then seeing her cum. As I came, I tried pinching and rolling my nipples – not as hard as Jen likes having it done, but a bit harder than usual. It actually felt quite nice and I think it certainly added something (but I still don’t want it done any harder).

We kissed again for a while and then decided to go for a late breakfast. We assumed that the kitchen would be mostly empty by now and so Jen let me wear a gown (but confiscated the belt so I had to hold it closed). There were actually a couple of people sitting at the table and Jen got breakfast ready (we just had cereal). She handed me a bowl and stood with her back to the counter to eat hers. It was obvious that she was daring me to do the same and after a bit of thinking, I carefully arranged the gown so it was covering me with one section of the front pulled over the other. I carefully picked up my bowl and leant against the counter in the same way she was and ate. I felt the gown sliding open a few times, but it didn’t make it to the point of exposing me (well, not until everyone else had left and Jen pulled it open anyway).

We’ve decided to have a chilled final day together (given when I go back I have to face the final push of getting thesis together). We returned to her room and I wrote up yesterday’s entries along with today (so far) while Jen did some of her own coursework. We’re now going to go out for a wander around (and coffee).

There was me thinking that a ‘quiet’ day meant that Jen wouldn’t be teasing me – oh well, live and learn... It started off well and I didn’t have to wear anything too revealing, but before we headed out, Jen said that I would need to put on a pair of panties. I was immediately suspicious as my dress wasn’t anywhere near short enough that I was at risk of flashing anyone, but I went along with her wishes and put on the pair of panties that she handed me (white, as usual).

We wandered out to the shops and had a look round for a while. We decided to ‘try on’ some of the clothes and so went to the dressing rooms. Jen got me to sit down and she knelt in front of me. I held my skirt up for her and she pulled my panties to the side and played with me for a short time. I could tell that she wasn’t going to make me cum (there is only so long you can hide in a cubicle before people wonder what you’re up to), but before she stopped, she pulled out her dildo and slid it into me. She straightened up my panties so they held it in place and said that we should go.

We walked around for a bit longer and I enjoyed the feeling of the dildo moving in me as I moved – it obviously wasn’t going to make me cum, but still felt nice. We then headed into another shop and Jen told me to find some more things to try on. In the changing rooms, she got me to sit down again and she once more exposed my pussy. She pulled the dildo out and sucked it clean before having a little lick at my pussy. She then put the dildo back in and pulled out a similarly sized vibe (this one was new to me). I assumed that she was going to use this on my clit, but she produced some gel, and then worked it into my pussy alongside the dildo.

As I’ve mentioned before, Jen’s (original – or at least the one she had when I first met her) dildo is fairly slender, so having two of them in me stretched me a little, but not painfully so. Jen turned the vibe on, but it made quite a loud buzzing sound against the dildo, so she turned it off again and said that I would just have to cope without the extra stimulation. She gave my clit a quick lick before pulling my panties back over both of the dildos. It was quite a strange sensation walking around with them both in me as they didn’t move as one.

We moved on to another shop (the key to changing room sex – or in this case just changing room fooling around – is to use different shops). Jen picked something out to try on this time and when we got into the changing room, she actually slipped her dress off (she was naked underneath). Jen then sat down and told me to lick her, so I knelt between her legs and started to lap away at her cunt. I found out that if I rocked back and forth slightly, I could get the dildos to move around a bit which felt nice. Jen let me make her cum and then got dressed again.

She said that I deserved a treat and got me to sit down. I sat down and she pulled my panties to the side once more. She gave me another quick lick and then pulled out a small vibe. I asked her if she was going to make me cum (quietly of course as there were people in the cubicles beside us) and she said that I would have to wait a while, but would enjoy this. She lubed up the vibe with tingle gel and pushed it into my ass before turning it on (I believe that I have Nancy to thank for this idea). Jen then pulled my panties back into place and we left the shop.

It was very distracting having both holes filled (any my ass vibrating), but quite pleasurable. Jen said that she wanted to try something else and told me to wait for a minute while she made a call. I had no idea who she was calling, but she came back and said that we needed to go buy something. I followed her (not knowing where we were going) and we ended up at a sex shop that we had been to before. We entered the shop and Jen told me to select the thickest vibe that I thought I could take.

While I looked, Jen fondled my ass (her hand was still outside my skirt, but I think the other customers in the shop appreciated it). She pushed the vibe into my ass a few times – not hard, but enough for me to certainly feel it. I selected a pink vibe that looked like it would fill me and Jen paid for it (I now know that it was Mike who she called, asking if he would help pay). We walked away from the counter and Jen told me to ask to have the packet opened (it was in one of those plastic blister packs). I actually had to go back and say (and not whisper) “Excuse me, could you cut this open for me so I can use it now please.”

We then had to go buy batteries and went to find another changing room (it’s a good job there are many clothes shops!) I sat down without Jen having to tell me to and she pulled my panties aside once more. She removed the dildo and the vibe from my pussy and made a show of sucking them clean before putting them back in her bag. She then pulled the small vibe out of my ass and put a bit more tingle gel on it before pushing it back in. Next came the new vibe – Jen put the batteries in it and added a generous quantity of gel (I got her to wipe a little off as too much isn’t actually that pleasant).

She started to slowly work it into me, but it wasn’t actually much larger than the two smaller dildos together so it wasn’t too difficult to get it in. I could feel the gel staring to work and then she turned it on. I was surprised by how strong it felt – especially combined with the one in my ass. Jen didn’t even bother licking or playing with me, she just pulled my panties back and ensured that both vibes were held in place and said that we should go. It was now incredibly difficult to walk (or to concentrate on walking). Jen told me that we had to hurry as it had taken us longer to get the new vibe than she thought it would (this was apparently my fault as I hadn’t walked fast enough earlier on – which was of course due to the fact that I had three things inside me!)

I asked Jen where we were going and (when I caught up with her) told her that the gel and vibes were having quite an effect on me. She said that we were nearly there and we soon arrived at a small coffee place down a little alleyway. It was quite a dimly lit place and Jen led me to the back where a number of people from the gang were sitting. (Jen had called Sarah and got her to arrange for people to come and meet us at the same time she had called Mike.) I was a little slow and was in the process of telling Jen that I had hoped we could go somewhere that I could actually cum, when I realised that was why we were here. I just whispered in her ear “You want me to cum in front of them don’t you” and she nodded her reply to me.

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