Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Long Jen Visit #2 - Part 14

Walking around with the vibes had certainly felt nice and had got me really turned on, but I was still quite a way from cumming and wondered what would be done to help me along, but decided not to worry about it and to just go with the flow. People moved round and we sat on a sofa together – this took a bit of doing as I had to sit so that my ass-vibe wasn’t pushed too far into me. Jen then went off to get some coffee and I moved along so I was beside Lucy (yes, I’m still obsessed with her...) when Jen returned, she didn’t say anything about us switching places and put our drinks down.

I got the feeling that everyone knew why they were there as people were staring at me (some less subtly than others!). I later found out that Jen had indeed told Sarah that I would be putting on a little show, but hadn’t told her exactly what. They didn’t have to wait for long to find out though as Jen asked the people sitting opposite us (who were facing towards the front of the shop) to keep an eye out for people coming (pun intended, I’m sure). Jen told me to put a foot on the table (it was a low coffee table) and I did, but with a little hesitation. I knew that I’d already cum in front of all these people (twice in some cases), but I’d been reasonably drunk both times and so somewhat less inhibited.

I was then told to let my leg fall to the side and I did this, partially exposing my panties. People complained that they couldn’t see enough so I had to do the same with the other leg and now my panties were fully on display. The end of the vibe was clearly outlined and Jen told everyone that we had just gone and bought it and told them how I had been made to ask to have it opened for immediate use. I felt myself blushing deep red, but I was really enjoying the fact that they were all looking at me. Jen asked me (loud enough for them to hear) if I was going to cum for everyone. I said that I would if she wanted me to (still playing the obedient little girlfriend - I was actually really looking forwards to it.

Jen reached over and rubbed my panties – moving the vibe around in me as she did so. My earlier inhibitions had pretty much disappeared. She removed her hand and told me to take over. I got a bit nervous again – in my earlier displays, I had been the passive ‘victim’ of Jen’s teasing – now I was being asked to actually make myself cum. I put a hand on my panties and started to rub – just as Jen had done, then I took the end of the vibe (as much as I could given it was covered by my panties and moved it in and out slightly. Lucy then complained that she couldn’t see much (because she was sitting beside me), so Jen undid a couple of buttons at the bottom of my dress (it buttoned up down the front – a very useful feature) and spread the skirt out of the way.

This meant that I could now see my panties and I realised, that with the vibe was sticking out of me, it pushed the crotch of the panties far enough from my pussy that there was a clear gap. I didn’t know if it gave anyone a clear view of my pussy (or ass), but I now felt even more exposed. I continued trying to pump the vibe in and out of myself, but could see that I wouldn’t be able to do this properly without pulling my panties so far down that they would see everything. Now I might be an exhibitionist, but I’m still not ready to go that far (not when sober anyway!)

I told Jen that I needed some help and asked her to kiss my neck – she leaned over and did this and started to fondle my breasts through my dress. By this point I was no longer at all concerned that we were in the middle of a coffee shop (well, hidden away at the end, but still in a public place) and was ready to cum. Jen stopped kissing my neck and told me to slide my hand into my panties and rub my clit. I carefully pulled the front of my panties out, slipped my hand down them and quickly found my clit. I was very wet (the tingle gel probably helped out quite a bit there – it’s just a pity it wasn’t tingling anymore).

As I rubbed, Jen undid a button on my dress at breast height – she tried to slip her hand in and then undid another one to make it easier for her to move. Her hand slipped into my dress and started to fondle one of my breasts. She pushed her fingers under the material of my bra and played with my nipple and I increased the speed I was working on my clit. I knew I was now very close and reached unto the lag band of my panties so I could move the vibe in and out (I still couldn’t move it much, but I was no longer quite as worried about what people might see – I wasn’t at the point of not caring at all though so I was still trying to be careful).

Jen asked how close I was and I told her I was nearly there. When I said this, she removed her hand from my breast and undid the top buttons on my dress so it fell to the side. One side of my bra was now clearly visible but this didn’t bother me too much. I don’t think this was due to me being close to cumming, I think it is more the fact that I’m not really a breast girl, so it just didn’t seem to matter in the way that having them see my pussy would have. Jen’s hand returned to my bra and immediately pushed under it to my breast. She rolled and pinched my nipple and her hand had nearly moved the material down enough to expose it.

I was now just about to cum and was rubbing my clit at full speed. Moving the vibe was helping, but I had another plan. Just as I started to cum, I let go of the vibe and pulled my left hand out of my panties. I grabbed Lucy’s thigh (she had a reasonably short cute dress on), and with each wave of my orgasm, I squeezed it and let my hand ride slightly higher up her leg. I was obviously fairly quiet, but let out a little ‘oh fuck’ with each wave of the orgasm, and tensed my body – partly so that everyone could ‘see’ my orgasm, and partly as an excuse to be grabbing Lucy’s leg.

It was a pretty strong orgasm, but given what was happening, I wasn’t too surprised. It also lasted for quite a while which meant it was very tiring (in a nice way). By the time I had finished, my hand was right at the top of Lucy’s leg and I’m pretty sure my fingers bumped against her panties a couple of times. At the very least I had achieved my aim of smearing my juices on her thigh (now if I could have just licked them off...). I left my hand there for a little while as I recovered – I had been expecting someone to say something, but nobody did and I finally pulled it away.

Jen pulled her hand out from my bra, leaving my rather hard and pointy nipple exposed. I didn’t care in the slightest about this and just withdrew my hand from my panties. I offered it to Jen (she would usually lick it, but she said I should clean myself. I decided that I needed to get at least something my own way and rubbed my juices over my nipple before licking my fingers clean. Jen (of course) is a breast girl, so this was enough of an incentive for her and she leaned over and sucked my nipple clean (and gave it a bit of a bite, which made me jump).

Given how strong my orgasm had been, the dildo was now starting to irritate my sensitised pussy and I asked Jen if I could go remove them. She said that I had to keep it in, but could turn it off. I tried to do this through my panties, but had to once again slide a hand into them to turn it off. The one in my ass was still on, but this wasn’t as intense (and I couldn’t figure out how to turn it off without really exposing myself). I waited until I was told I could cover myself up (believe me, I’m going to have some wonderful fun with Jen in return for all this ‘obedience’), straightened my bra, did up the top of my dress and only then straightened my panties (they were still covering me, but needed pulling up a bit) and did up the lower part of my dress.

I felt slightly embarrassed at what had just happened, but not as much as I had expected to – it had been an absolutely amazing orgasm and I was feeling really satisfied and happy. It took a little while for the conversation to start up again but a few people congratulated me on my boldness and said I had put on a good show and then the conversation turned to more normal things. Jen told me I had been very good and would be rewarded later on.

I thought the whole incident had been fairly quick, but it turned out that I’d been semi-naked for over 20 minutes and we thought we should probably leave before the owners got suspicious (although if they hadn’t gotten suspicious while I’d been masturbating and cumming, then I don’t see how sitting there could have seemed odd). Nonetheless, we departed – Lucy came with Jen and I as we needed to talk about living arrangements for next year (next academic year). Lucy had found a few places to look at and wanted to see some of them, but Jen said that she would do it later in the week once I had gone.

Jen took an opportune toilet break to give me a chance to chat to Lucy alone and as expected, we had a hushed conversation about my display. She seemed astonished at just what I would do for Jen and I explained (once again) that I love her and that it was also great fun. I hadn’t heard Jen return, but she wrapped her arms around me (so I jumped) and Jen explained that I loved things like that. Jen said that we would tell her the other things I got up to if she promised not to tell anyone. Lucy agreed to this Jen said that when the time was right, we would have a chat. I’ve yet to find out exactly how much Jen intends to tell her – I’m fairly sure that it will a pretty one sided account and Jen’s exploits will be left out or watered down, but I think it could actually be quite exciting having Lucy know what I’ve done.

We parted company and headed back to Jen’s place via the shops (for food). When we got home I was finally allowed to take the vibes out but I had to leave them on the desk (after washing of course) for later possible use. We had some food up on the roof. I was allowed to keep my dress on, but Jen removed my panties and undid all the buttons on my dress apart from the top one and pulled my bra down a bit to expose my nips. We were sitting up on top of something (I assume it’s part of an air con unit), but weren’t close enough to the edge for me to been from people down on the ground – of course the people in the buildings around us may have seen me, but I guess that was the whole point.

I was actually quite disappointed that we finished up lunch and went back down without Jen doing anything else (I had assumed that she was either going to make me cum or get me to do myself). Jen put my panties over where the people gather to ‘smoke’ and said I could fetch them later (so I think I know what will be happening tonight). I’m now lying on her bed writing up this entry and we’ll then decide what to do for the rest of the day (but I think I’ll give Mike a call first).

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