Saturday, 19 June 2010

Long Jen Visit #2 - Part 15

I tried to call Mike after I had finished the last entry, but he was in a meeting and I didn’t get a chance to talk to him until later in the afternoon. At Jen’s suggestion, I decided to give Lis a call and had a chat with her. She was also in work, but said that she needed a quick break so would go for a walk around campus while we chatted. I assumed that I knew why Jen wanted me to call Lis and I was correct – pretty much as soon as I started chatting to Lis, Jen started to undress me (I had to stand up to help with this).

Once I was naked, stood behind me and played with my breasts before using both hands on my pussy. I opened my legs to help her along and she spread my lips, pushed her fingers inside me and rubbed my clit. I was wondering how long I would be able to keep a steady voice, but I’m sure that Lis knew that Jen was doing things to me before when we were talking on the phone and she didn’t seem to mind. I was told to keep facing forwards and I heard Jen fiddling around behind me. When she reappeared (or at least her arms did as she was still behind me) she had our new vibe in her hands.

As she pressed up against my back, I could tell that she had also removed her clothes and I wiggled my ass back into her crotch. I was still maintaining my conversation with Lis – it wasn’t really about much, just what she had been up to and how work was going. In the meantime, Jen had rubbed along my pussy with the vibe and pushed it up inside me. I could tell that she had added more tingle gel to it and was already getting distracted. I then had to lie down on the bed and Jen climbed over me in a 69 position. I wondered briefly how this was going to work as I couldn’t figure out how to eat her and talk to Lis at the same time (at least not without it being *really* obvious what we were doing. I have a feeling that Lis might actually enjoy knowing that something is happening as long as we don’t actually make it explicit.

Jen was ahead of me though and moved down slightly so she could lower her pussy onto my neck (I lifted my head back to help). Jen rocked back and forth and figured out the best way to move to slide her pussy up and down the length of my neck. This isn’t the first time we’ve done this and it feels really amazing – obviously the skin on her pussy is really soft and she isn’t short of natural lubricant! While she was doing this, she continued to work on my pussy with the vibe – it was now on the high setting and she was also rubbing my clit.

By this point, Lis must have known that we were doing things (or at least that I was having things done to me). She asked how my visit had been so far and I told her that it was great and I’d have lots to tell her when I got back. Lis asked if it had been similar to the previous visit and I told her that Jen had been even meaner this time. This was a mistake as Jen started pumping the vibe into me faster and increased the pressure on my clit. I knew that it wouldn’t take long for me to cum and was now breathing quite heavily.

I used my free hand to slow the pace that she was rubbing on my neck (she had sped up when she started to attack me with the vibe). I think Jen could tell that I was close and she pressed harder against my neck and moved to a steadier pace with the vibe. I had quite a juddery orgasm but managed to not make any noise (I hope). When I had finished cumming, Jen climbed off me and got me to move round so that she could kiss my pussy (just gently) while I finished my conversation with Lis. My neck was covered in Jen’s juices and I was a bit distracted – Lis mentioned something about someone she likes (other than Holly). I didn’t want to let her know that I hadn’t really been paying attention so I will have to find out who it is when I get back to York.

We finished up the call and arranged to meet up either tomorrow or Wednesday for lunch (depending on what time I arrive). As soon as I put the phone down I grabbed Jen and said that I was going to make her pay – or reward her, depending on how you look at it. I told her to lie back on the bed and went to fetch the ice cream. When I returned, I opened it, put it on the bedside table and then scooped out just a small amount to dollop on Jen’s nipples. I sucked each one clean and then spent time on each breast, kissing and licking them – just around the breast at first and then finishing up with more attention being paid to the nipple.

As I’ve described before, Jen’s breasts are fairly small and still quite firm – this means that when she is lying on her back, they are two very cute little mounds. Given we had nothing else planned for the afternoon, I intended to try something that I had wanted to do for ages. You all know that I can cum just from having my neck stroked and kissed (if it is done correctly), and I wanted to see if Jen’s super-sensitive nipples would allow me to do an equivalent thing for her.

Between kisses, I had told Jen what I wanted to do (so she didn’t get impatient and tell me to stop teasing her) – she liked my idea (but then I had expected she would given how much she loves having her breasts played with). Her nipples were already two firm nubs and I carried on playing with them. Given she likes it, I slowly increased the pressure of my ministrations and instead of just stroking them I started to roll them between my fingers and occasionally pinching them. I did the same thing with my mouth – kisses and licks gave way to strong sucking and the occasional bite. Of course, the rougher stuff was mixed in with the more gentle fondling and it seemed to be having the desired effect. Jen was looking fairly flushed and was squirming around on the bed. Her hand slid down between her legs a couple of times, but she moved it away when I told her to.

I kept this up for quite a while (over half an hour I think) – alternating between gentle and firm – sometimes with ice cream (now mostly melted) and sometimes without. It was obvious that Jen was really turned on and probably wasn’t too far away from cumming, but I just couldn’t find the right combination or rhythm to bring her off. (Okay, so I know that it might well not be possible to make her cum from just nipple play, but I was hoping it was.)

In the end I admitted defeat (and I thought it would be cruel to keep her that aroused without her cumming) and I dropped a hand to her pussy. I found out that when Jen is teased properly for a long time, she gets rather wet! I’m pretty sure that if I had got her to stand up, there would have been drips running down her thighs. It was obvious that she really wanted to cum, and having been watching and listening to her for the duration, I was pretty turned on too.

I really wanted to dive into her and eat her accumulated cunt juices, but I also wanted to use the remained of the ice cream on her as well as wanting to use the double ended dildo on her. I sat on the bed beside her, one hand continuing to toy with her nips and the other gently (very gently) stroking up and down her pussy while I debated the various options with her. Jen thought that all three ideas sounded fine (but then she was so turned on I could have probably got away with almost anything). Being a good little girl though, (!) I didn’t take advantage of my position of power and decided that we would go with the dildo – on the provision that we could do this again and have a messy food ending. I did have a quick lick at her pussy (and she was just as wet as she had felt) and then went to get the dildo. I slid on end straight in to her to get it lubricated and then pulled it out. I applied some tingle gel to the wet end and slipped it in myself. I had intended to use this to let me catch up with Jen, but decided otherwise and smeared a blob over her end before mounting her and sliding it in to her.

There was very little messing around and we pushed ourselves together so that we swallowed the dildo completely between us and our pussy lips rubbed against each other. Jen let out a really sexy moan and I started to thrust against her – first moving back to let the dildo slide out a bit and then pushing towards her so that we slammed against each other. I really wanted to see her cum and encouraged her to work her nipples while we fucked. As we both got closer to cumming (I was doing a pretty good job at catching up with her), we got a bit louder. I kept telling her how I was going to keep fucking her until her cunt exploded around the dildo and how I wanted to hear her cum. In return, Jen did some dirty talk, but was mostly panting and moaning.

I heard people out in the corridor (and assumed that they could hear us) but had no intention of stopping. I may have actually been a bit louder and told Jen how I loved the sight of her cunt swallowing the dildo. I heard them again a minute or so later and wondered if they were listening in (probably not – but I told Jen that I was going to lick her cunt clean afterwards just in case they were). I think I overheard a comment about the ‘couple of Lesbos fucking’ – but I was pretty distracted by this point so I‘m not entirely sure.

As turned on as I had gotten from teasing Jen, I couldn’t catch up with her and she came first. She pushed back hard against me and really started to pull at her nipples (I’m going to have to investigate just how much force she likes having used on them at some point). She had gone mast her mewing and was now making a mewing-moaning-panting sound that I really love. I considered rubbing her clit, but pounding away on her cunt seemed to be working well so I just kept riding the dildo. I did rub my own clit to speed my orgasm along and I told her to keep cumming (as if she could control how long it lasted).

I just about started to cum before she finished, but she was generous enough to let me keep riding her (again though, it wasn’t as if she had much choice). My orgasm wasn’t as strong as Jen’s had appeared to be, but I’ve cum a good few times today already so I didn’t really mind. It was still strong enough, that coupled with the exertion, I was pretty tired by the time I had finished. I tried to flop down on top of Jen, but we need to longer dildo to do that so I had to lift myself off the dildo before moving to be on top of her.

Jen was still panting away and recovering but we kissed and licked each other’s faces and held hands while we had a very soppy conversation. We ended up lying beside each other and dozed off for a while before waking up feeling somewhat sticky.


  1. Perhaps it's a good thing you couldn't reach Mike, if you gave him any details of you & Jen while he's at work, I doubt he'd be able to function for the rest of his shift anyways. :)

  2. He's used to hearing about such things so I'm sure he would have coped.

    I'm almost ready to submit so we will have people visiting soon (Sue amongst them)