Thursday, 24 June 2010

Long Jen Visit #2 - Part 16

We woke up to my phone ringing (Mike calling me back) and we had a quick conversation with him. He was hoping to listen in on us doing things, but he had missed his opportunity. Between us, we gave him a rundown on the day’s events so far and our plans for the evening (another dinner). Jen told him I would be wearing the cream lacy top again (the one that isn’t quite mid-thigh length) and nothing else (other than shoes of course). In return for this, Jen would be wearing a fairly revealing dress (low cut chest, high cut on one side of the skirt) and would also have nothing on underneath.

Mike thought it was unfair to give him all this information just to tease him (but he did ask). When we had finished the conversation, it was about time to start getting ready and we needed to go shower. We decided that we should shave again and Jen started to dig out all the things we needed. She handed me the shampoo, cream wash, shaving gel... and then put her gown on and picked up the towels. She told me that I had to go along naked, but that she would check that the coast was clear first. She went along to the bathroom and looked inside before calling me to follow. I half expected to walk into the bathroom and find a load of people queued up, but there was nobody there and we went straight into the shower.

We didn’t have time to fool around much so just washed and shaved each other. We did (of course) have a quick lick of each other to test for smoothness (it really is the best way), but nowhere near enough for either of us to cum. Once we had dried off, Jen once again handed me the things to carry back and took the towels. Jen gave me the option of having a towel, but said that if I took one to cover myself, I would have to take the shampoo bottle back inside me (it was one of the small ones so would have fitted, but I would have had to hold it in place). I decided to just go naked and I really expected to be caught on the way back (I’m not sure why), but we made it back to her room without anyone seeing me.

As a side note – Jen is now getting somewhat nervous as to what I might make her do when she next visits. A few ground rules have been set, but generally she will have to do as much as I’ve done.

We did our hair, put on makeup and got dressed (obviously the getting dressed part didn’t tale too long). Jen’s dress was a really cute pale pink colour (at least it would have been cute if it hadn’t looked so sexy). I got her to bend over to see how high it rode up and while her ass remained covered, it wasn’t by much. While she was in that position, I thought that I may as well have a quick lick. Jen then got me to bend over and I found out that if I touched my toes, the dress/top rode up enough that the bottom of my ass was visible. Jen demonstrated to me how much was exposed by running her fingers along my pussy from behind (without having to lift my dress).

We headed out and got a taxi to the restaurant. It was a much more brightly lit place than I had been expecting and I felt a lot more exposed. Our table wasn’t quite ready yet so we went to the bar for a drink. We were in full view of the whole restaurant (or at least the people facing us) and Jen leant over and asked me if I enjoyed letting them all see me. Now I know my nipples are visible through this outfit, but it is somewhat harder to see my pussy – unless of course you stand with your legs slightly parted with a lit bar behind you (okay, so they wouldn’t have seen my pussy, only the silhouette – and I doubt anyone could have actually told I wasn’t wearing panties).

It did feel exhilarating though and I thanked Jen for getting me the dress. We stood and chatted (and I pointed out to Jen that her nipples were pretty visible through her dress – probably not helped by me brushing my hands over her breasts a few times). Our table was soon ready and we sat down to what turned out to be a reasonable meal (the food wasn’t wonderful, but we had a nice long conversation about lots of things while we ate).

After dinner, we found a bar and went for another drink. This place didn’t have an illuminated bar so I wasn’t quite as conspicuous. We found somewhere in a corner and leant against the wall to chat. We ended up people watching and commenting on the cute girls (and guys in my case). We were both standing with our backs to the wall and Jen had been stroking my back. I felt her hand drop down to my ass and her fingers slide under my dress and between my legs. I checked that the front of my dress wasn’t being lifted up (it wasn’t) and spread my legs slightly to see what she would do. Her fingers slid forwards and found their way to the entrance of my pussy - given the way we were standing, this was as far as she could reach, but she toyed with my lips and just about managed to get her fingertips inside me. I was desperately seeking somewhere that I could lean while facing the wall so she could do what she was doing, but reach my clit, but I couldn’t find anywhere suitable (I can think of places in York, but that wasn’t much use).

I told Jen that I loved the way her fingers felt, but that it was driving me crazy and I wanted to do more. She said that we should finish up our drinks and leave. I took a swig and she bent her legs slightly which allowed her to push her fingers deeper into me (still not properly deep, but deeper than they had been). I nearly choked with surprise while she just pulled her fingers out, grinned at me and finished her drink. After wiping my face clean, we left and found somewhere to go dancing (this wasn’t quite what I had in mind).

It worked out fairly well though as the dancing actually helped me calm down a bit. Initially anyway... as we danced, we ended up pressed up against each other and kissing and Jen’s hands once again found their way onto my ass and then under my dress. She slipped a leg between mine and pulled me tight against her. We continued to dance (sort of) and by pulling on my ass, she guided me up and down her leg. I could feel her thigh on my pussy and even though I couldn’t see, I was fairly sure that my ass was exposed. She screamed into my ear (you can’t talk in a club) that she wanted me to hump her leg as hard as I could. I really wanted to cum and did everything I could, but it isn’t actually that easy when you are dancing.

By the time I gave up, Jen’s leg was very slippery – partly with my pussy juice and partly with sweat – either way, it certainly felt nice. I couldn’t take any more teasing though and so told her that I couldn’t cum but that we could always head home to finish things off. She said that we would leave soon, but that she needed to punish me for not doing as I was told. She ended up dancing behind me and I lifted my hands to put around her neck. While I was like this, she ran her hands up and down my body before cupping my breasts and paying some serious attention to my nipples (through my dress of course). They were already quite hard and Jen tweaked and rolled them while she whispered (or shouted) in my ear if I would like everyone to see me cum.

What she was doing felt really nice and after a while, she dropped a hand to my pussy. I felt her pressing the material of the dress against me while at the same time she tried to slide her other hand down the front of my dress to get to my breasts. This didn’t really work because of the angle (she may be taller than me, but not *that* much taller). I heard her say ‘Oh well, plan B’ and she pulled her hand away from my breasts – I wasn’t really concentrating as I was feeling so turned on, but I noticed when she slid her hand under my dress and moved it up to my breasts.

This obviously lifted my dress up way past my waist and I went to move my hands to cover myself. Jen told me to keep them behind her neck and at the same time pressed her other hand against my now very exposed pussy. The only response I managed was ‘Oh fuck’ as her fingers found my clit and gave it a rub. Her other hand was now directly on one of my nipples (although this was still covered as the dress hadn’t made it quite that high). If the people around us hadn’t noticed what we were doing when I was humping Jen, a number of them certainly noticed now. Jen pressed her fingers deeper between my lips and they slipped into me. I would have let her make me cum there, but this wasn’t the same sort of place as the hardcore club and it’s probably fair to say that our behaviour wasn’t really appropriate.

Just as I was really getting into it (okay, so I was already quite far into it), Jen said that we should go and find somewhere to finish up. I actually told her that I wanted to cum now, but she was sensible enough to make sure that we didn’t get arrested and insisted that we should leave (I wonder what would have actually happened if she had carried on until I came?)

The cooler air outside brought me to me senses a bit, although I was still definitely on a high from the club. We jumped in a taxi and headed back home. I made no secret of how horny I was feeling and Jen helped matters along by fingering me. I wasn’t sitting with my legs spread wide and my dress was still partly covering my pussy, but I think it would have been pretty obvious what was going on. She didn’t bring me off, just kept me nice and close to cumming. It was quite obvious that she had something planned so I pointed out to her that I would go along with whatever it was and she didn’t have to get me ultra horny to do it (I also pointed out that I didn’t want her to stop what she was doing either).

We weren’t in the cab for long and soon got back home. We headed up to Jen’s floor, along the corridor to the back staircase and up to the roof. I remembered the pair of panties that I had left earlier, but this wasn’t what Jen wanted to do. We headed over to ‘our’ side of the roof and started kissing. The kissing quickly moved to fondling and we ended up with our legs entwined so we could easily rub against the other’s thigh. Jen kicked off her shoes and told me to follow suit and I knew what she wanted. We resumed rubbing against each other and I reached behind her and into the cleft of her ass so I could pull her pussy wide open.

I felt the warmth as she started to pee and felt it run down my leg. I did the same but reached around even more so I could slide my fingers partially into her pussy – not enough to stop her clit from being able to rub against me, but enough to fiddle with her lips and insides. Given it was probably going to be our last adventure on the roof, I wanted to try to give Jen something to remember so I suggested that we head over to the edge. I promised her that she would enjoy what I had in mind and she agreed to try.

She stood at the edge of the roof facing out and I stood behind her. I told her to lift her dress and because we weren’t standing in direct light, she did. I did the same and then pressed up against her so that my dress was wedged between us. I then reached around her and started to rub her clit and finger her. Jen leant back against me and I pressed my pussy harder against her ass. I told her to let go and pee as much as she wanted (or could). She started out with a gentle stream and I played with this – by moving her pussy I could get it to spray out over the edge of the roof or to run down her legs.

For most of the time I had two fingers buried in her and rapidly rubbed her clit with my other hand. I told her to play with her breasts and she worked her dress up higher so she could touch them. I could tell that she was getting close so I let myself start to pee – my pussy was still pressed up tight against her ass so it ran down both our legs. I increased the speed I was rubbing her clit and told her that I wanted her to cum for me. I didn’t really need to encourage her as she was now panting and mewing and then thrust back hard against me a number of times. I continued to gently tease her pussy until she recovered and she turned around and we kissed once more.


This and the next entry was all meant to be one, but I just need to few more days and I’ll be ready to submit so I’m breaking it in two and I may try to lengthen the next bit to make a full post.

Either way, for those of you who are bored with the lesbian stories, I’ll be back onto things that Mike and I have done soon (although Jen, Lucy and Sue will be staying at various times over the summer so I’m sure there will be some more girl-girl action!)


  1. 'bored with the lesbian stories'.

    Never. Not in a million years.


  2. Dear Andi,
    Bored with Lesbianism? Some people need help!

  3. I assume you eventually came against Jen's tight (probably muscular) ass Andi?

    As far as being bored by the lesbian arc Andi, not in a million years, in fact, at times I can hardly believe that your sex stories & life're real, that you could be so lucky to have a wicked, superhorny sexpot like Jen after you seemingly 24/7.

    Not to mention your soon-to-be hubby Mike, who i'm looking forward to reading about as far as your return to him (though i'm sure not nearly as much as he wants to do...I mean see you!).

    Hope Sue's coping at this point as well, lol.

    You take care in any case!

    Hezi, Balto, Md. U.S.A.

  4. Well I'm glad some people enjoy hearing about Jen and I - someone commented a while back that it was boring and they wanted to hear more about Mike and I.

    I know I'm lucky to have found Jen - what was meant to be a bit of experimentation has turned into something wonderful (with someone wonderful).

    I do think that I might have to scale things back a bit though - the fact that I always want to try pushing things and trying new things could well get me into trouble if I keep going like this... Of course, that's not going to stop me getting my revenge on Jen over the summer.

    I've been very busy since I returned, but Mike has had his fair share of enjoyment - we may not have had time to do many crazy things, but we've got the holiday coming up soon and Sue will be visiting after that so I'll make it up to him.