Thursday, 29 July 2010

Group holiday - Sunday

I've got a lot of entries from the holiday and will hopefully be getting some good material over the next few weeks but I'll spread out the posting as I'll obviously end up with much less to say once I'm living alone (which hopefully won't be for too long).


Well our first (full) day is over and things have got off to a good start. As planned, I woke up reasonably early (for a holiday anyway) and had a quick session with Mike. We had to be very quiet as the place was almost silent but managed to have a pretty intense fuck. Mike came in me and I slipped on my gown before heading off to wake up Jen (who had been sharing a room with Rach).

They were actually awake already and Rach popped out to the loo when I arrived. This gave me a chance to quickly sit on Jen's face and let her lick me clean. If Rach had taken longer I would have been able to cum and would have probably been 69ing with Jen, but I climbed off her when we heard the toilet flush.

We headed down for a quick breakfast and then invited Lis along with us on our search for a topless beach. This of course led some of the guys to comment about the three lesbians heading off together but we promised to tell them everything we got up to.

It didn't take long to find the spot I had seen the previous day but Lis thought it was too close to the cottage so we went a bit further along and found another place. It was only a small beach but was quite pretty and very secluded. We (Jen and I) thought it would be a good idea to test the water and see if it was suitable for swimming. Jen had her bikini on under her wrap but I 'hadn't thought we would go into the water' (because Jen and I hadn't planned it at all) so only had a bra on under my dress.

Jen strode in and said that it was a bit cool but not rocky or anything. I said that I wanted to join her and slipped my dress and bra off. I ran into the water naked and splashed Jen, calling for Lis to join us. She said that she didn't have her bikini on and Jen told her to just come in naked like I was. I took this as my cue and acted shocked that she had just shouted out that I was naked to anyone listening and wrestled her top off her. She put up a good pretend fight (which allowed me to have a quick fondle of her breasts) and I threw her top to Lis.

I then ducked underwater and pulled her down and quickly removed her bottoms (with a bit of help from her, but Lis probably didn't see that as we were splashing around). I lobbed them over towards Lis and said (to Jen) that we were now even. I told Lis to join us and she still hesitated so I said to Jen that we should maybe help her.

We strode towards her and she asked what we were going to do. I told her that she was coming in whether she liked it or not and made a lunge for her. Lis is actually quite quick but Jen is quicker and dashed off down the beach after her. Jen caught her easily and held her until I got there. I grabbed Lis' feet and Jen got her arms and we moved towards the sea.

Lis struggled a bit but we waded back into the sea and threw her in. She let out a little scream as she landed but was laughing once she had got her breath back. When she got back to shore, her dress clung to her figure and I suggested that she take it off and put it on a rock to dry for a bit while we sunbathed. She thought this was a better idea than going back looking as she was and also took off her bra to help that dry.

We lay on the beach for a while and bet on how many people we could get to go topless or even nude. Lis didn't think anyone would go nude and I said that I thought it was unfair that Jen and I were naked but she still had panties on. Jen and I moved towards her and I grabbed her arms. I told Jen to strip her and Lis said that she wouldn't but then started to wriggle around when Jen reached for her panties. This of course meant that I had to hold her tighter and we ended up rolling around a bit. I got a few gropes of her breasts in but didn't make it too obvious (I think). Jen finally managed to grab her panties and pulled them off to a big squeal from Lis.

Jen raced off with them and I let Lis get up. She didn't seem to mind too much (which I think bodes well) and said that she needed to go back into the sea to rinse off. I went with her and Jen joined us. We splashed around for a bit but didn't touch her anymore - although Jen did rub me a bit but again we don't think Lis saw.

We decided that we should probably report back to the group and went to get dressed. Lis' clothes were still damp, but we didn't have towels with us, so Jen and I were in the same boat by the time we dressed. I went back without panties on and Lis decided that it would be easier to just wear her dress without underwear.

When we got back we told everyone that we had found a suitable spot and had tested the water by skinny dipping. I don't think everyone believed us (but some of the guys seemed to like the idea anyway). Everyone was up by this point so we got ready to head to the 'communal' beach. This took a while (big groups...) but we made it eventually and played around for a while.

We headed back to the cottage for lunch and then set about gathering the troops for sunbathing. Most of the girls came with us (although a few said they weren't going topless). The men promised not to peek and there were enough with gf's who said they would withhold sexual favours if they did, that we were convinced. While we were away, they were given the task of getting wood for a bonfire.

They liked the spot we had found and thought it was secluded enough. Jen, Lis and I stripped our tops off and Holly and Vicky joined us immediately. Rach and Valerie also stripped off but I couldn't get Jo or Clare to join us straight away. I asked Lis to put cream on my back and told the others that she was really good at it and that we should just let her do us all. Lis said she didn't mind and worked her way down the line doing Jen, then me, followed by Valerie, Holly, Rach and finally Vicky. Jo and Clare started on their back so didn't need help. I watched Lis 'working' and she seemed to enjoy what she was doing. When she had finished I offered to do her but Vicky ended up doing her back.

I turned over to do my front and added cream and Jen followed suit. If it had just been her, Lis and myself then Jen and I would probably have done each other but my friends aren't like Jen's so I wasn't sure about doing this in front of them all (I wouldn't have worried about just rubbing in lotion, it was *rubbing* in lotion I wasn't sure about).

The others soon followed suit and we had a line of (mostly) exposed breasts. It was quite hot so we went for a swim and splashed around for a while before sunbathing a bit more and heading home. On the way back Lis said she was quite happy with the view she got and I gave her a nudge and told her that she would have some nice material to think about that night. She blushed a bit at this but also nodded and smiled.

We had picnic dinner and were forced to admire all the wood that the lads had found (it was a reasonable pile). We helped finish setting up the bonfire and got drinks and sat around chatting on the beach until it was late. I was curled up with Jen and she stroked my neck just as Mike had last night - she actually got me quite close to cumming and I had to pretend to be dozing so I didn't have to talk to anyone.

When it was time to head to bed, Mike and I had a quick session before Jen came in and Mike went off to the sofa (he doesn't get to share a bed with Rach). Mike had cum in me and Jen and I scissored so that his cum was smeared all over her pussy. We then had a chat about what we'd seen at the beach and ended up 69ing before we went to sleep.

Jen woke me in the middle of the night by eating me (this is quite unusual) and said that she had been missing me since my last visit). Unusual as it was, I certainly wasn’t going to complain though and encouraged her to keep going. The house was silent and Jen’s slurping and my breathing seemed really loud. Jen alternated between attacking me and gently licking me and she brought me to a pretty strong orgasm which left me properly panting. To return the favour, I dug out one of our eggs from my bag and used it on her clit. She ended up cumming while crouching on all fours while I ate her from behind (this is one of Mike’s fantasy positions, but with him fucking me at the same time of course).

While we kissed and went back to sleep, I set Jen a challenge for the next night (tonight). She has to make herself cum at least once each night she is in bed with Rach. The idea is that I will report this back to Lis in the hope that she won’t believe us and I’ll get Jen to give her a demonstration of cumming silently (and then Lis will jump on her and we’ll have a big threesome – oh – back to reality...)

Monday, 26 July 2010

Start of holiday

A bit late in posting this I know, but better late than never...

It was a much longer journey that I had anticipated, but we finally made it here. We've rented a huge cottage by the sea. It's a fair distance to the nearest town but I guess that's why it's so cheap! The benefit is that there aren't many other places around so hopefully we should have no problem finding beaches with nobody else around.

We've sorted out the sleeping arrangements and Jen will sleep with Rach on the nights she isn't with me as Rach and her bf split up a few days ago. I don't really know why yet but I'm assuming I'll find out during the week. Other than that, we spent the first day (or what was left of it) having a wander around the area and then went for a quick swim in the sea.

We had dinner together and then made a fire on the beach. It took a few attempts to get it started, but it eventually turned out all right. We sat around and chatted while drinking and the couples weren't too couply (we didn't want to upset Rach, although she seems fine). I leant back against Mike and he gently stroked my neck which probably looked innocent to everyone else but Jen and Lis gave me conspiritorial glazes as they both know what this does to me.

I wanted to ensure things started quickly (we're only here for a week) so I suggested that we find a private beach for us girls so we could work on our tan properly. The boys agreed not to spy (not that we trust them) and that will be my first job after breakfast. I think I've already seen somewhere suitable and there are a few places where the lads will be able to spy on us (because while I'm fairly innocent around my friends, if they happen to spy while I'm topless or even nude - that's hardly my fault is it?)

We all headed off to bed at roughly the same time and I was spending the first night with Mike (he won the toss). He got me to have a quick session with Jen first (which he didn't get to see). The aim was to get her juices on
me and to get her worked up before she joined Rach (so I didn't let her cum). Mike later licked me clean of Jen's juices and then ate me. We had to try to be quiet as our room was surrounded but Mike tried to give me the strongest orgasm he could so people would hear. It was a pretty strong one bur I stayed (nearly) silent and then managed a second orgasm while he spooned me and rubbed my clit. 

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Looking for flats

Vicky told the others about our topless sunbathing and some of the men were quite keen to come along to join us, which we obviously weren't going to allow. Well I might have but Lis wouldn't. Due to work and other commitments, not a great deal worth writing about happened over the following weeks. I’m sure you will have noticed my steady progression with Lis while sunbathing and I had fully intended to get her to sunbathe naked and then maybe have a water fight or another tickle fight with her (cheesy I know, but that wouldn’t have bothered me at all). As it is, we’re just about to head off on our holiday. we’ll probably be there by the time this is posted as Mike as found out how to schedule posts for the future and I’ve been mailing them to him to put up. (The person I’m staying with up here while I’m getting things sorted out is quite precious about his internet connection so I can’t exactly call up my blog and do it myself.)

We did progress our plans for Holly, Jo, Lis and Jen though – mostly off into fantasy land, but we have a few ideas that might actually work and not get us arrested! The ‘we’ in that sentence refers to Mike, Jen, Lis and myself – in different combinations depending on who we are plotting against.

Sue was going to come up to visit as she had finished her work but I was too busy so we’ve had to reschedule that until after we return from holiday. Jen was going to come up with me to help look for places, but I thought it might be a bit odd asking if she could also stay (and I don’t want to destroy my reputation up here before I’ve even started!) I’ve met a number of people who mostly seem friendly enough (and one or two cute people), but I’m really not looking forwards to being up here by myself and only seeing Mike and Jen at weekends. To make it affordable, I’m going to have to book up trains and flights in advance.

The weather isn’t anywhere near as nice up here either – I came from hot sunny weather to cloudy with rain – certainly not as pleasant for an exhibitionist so I may be doing more of the travelling down to see people than they will be coming up here. Jen considered trying to transfer her course up here, which was very sweet but it might mean she would have to repeat a year as the course structure isn’t quite the same. If she did that though and Mike managed to get a job up here then it would be amazing as we would be able to be together properly.

It'll all work out though and if I'm here alone I'll just work hard in the week and visit Mike or Jen for weekends of non-stop fucking (which I'm sure they won't mind).

I've had to take care of myself for the past few nights and didn't bring any toys with me so it has been just fingers. That isn't really a bad thing though as it has been nice to have a chance to explore myself and see what feels nice. I'm obviously having to be quiet and have limited myself to just cumming once (but I make the build up take a while so the orgasms have felt really good).

I'll be heading back to York tomorrow to then go on holiday and we don't have net access at the cottage so I don't think I'll be able to post from there. I think I'll just tease myself tonight and not cum so I'm ready to see Mike and Jen tomorrow.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

More sunbathing

I spent a lot more time concentrating on work over the following week as I was beginning to realise that I couldn’t goof off quite as much as I had been. I still made time to see friends over lunch as my time in York was ending and I wanted to see them as much as possible (another reason why the holiday was going to be so much fun).

There was something of a conspiratorial air between Lis and I – I was slightly nervous that she might tell the others about some of my exploits with Jen, but I didn’t have to worry as she didn’t say anything. She was clearly looking forwards to the following weekend and I began to wonder if (with a bit of work), I might be able to convert Lis into another little exhibitionist.

As the week came to an end, the weather was still good and we made firm plans. At Lis’ request, I asked a couple of the other girls if they wanted to join us. I know that she was being impatient and just wanted to get Holly naked but I was a bit disappointed as it would mean that we couldn’t have the same kind of conversation. Nobody was up for it on the Saturday so we made a date for Sunday. Only Vicky and Jo were able to come (but my garden isn’t that big anyway). I managed to convince Lis to come round on the Saturday for another private session (and pointed out that we would be able to talk more openly if we were alone).

Saturday afternoon came and Lis turned up. It was another really warm and humid day and we were both already sticky with sweat so had a few drinks indoors to cool down and get hydrated before we headed out. When it was time to go out, Lis slipped her panties off and pulled her bikini bottoms on (under her skirt) and then pulled the rest of her clothes off. She was wearing a bra and I jokingly told her off for doing so and made a lunge for her to pull it off. She went to put her top on and I did at least manage to convince her to not bother and we both went out topless.

Lis seemed a bit more at east (or she had forgot about the office block). We oiled up each others’ backs and lay chatting for a while. As more of our conversations seem to do, we got around to sex and we started the planning on what I could do to Jen when she was here (or on holiday). I ended up running upstairs to get one of my eggs and showed it to Lis. I hadn’t told her about the time Jen had passed the remote around so related that story to her and I got Lis to hold it against her pussy (through her bikini) while I turned it on. Lis said she would be quite happy to have a turn with the remote if I could get Jen to wear the egg. I went in for some more drinks and slipped the egg into myself so I could play without Lis knowing.

Obviously with it inside me, it wasn’t going to make me cum, but it felt nice to lie there chatting and have it stimulate my pussy. I took it out after about half an hour (when I went in to pee). The rest of the afternoon was fun and I enjoyed ogling Lis, but I can’t remember much of importance to write about. Lis was happy to try to help me get Jo topless the following day and she left in the early evening.

I worked on Saunday morning (after being spooned awake by Mike) and he went shopping and got lunch together for us. When Vicky, Jo and Lis turned up, he headed out to give us some privacy. Lis was now a bit more nervous about going topless with more people around and I think the fact that Vicky also has large breasts (possibly slightly larger than mine) had something to do with it. Vicky was perfectly happy with being topless and she and I sat there and rubbed lotion into ourselves and Lis soon relented and peeled off her top. She was clearly shy and Vicky noticed this and made a comment about how cute her breasts were. We couldn’t convince Jo to go topless (she is sort of the Charlotte of our group – although not quite as uptight!)

I did get her to undo her top while she was lying on her front and oiled up her back (she has amazingly soft skin). I managed to get a little bit of side boob and a good rub of her legs and Lis later said (when we were alone) that I looked like I was enjoying myself).

The conversation was obviously much tamer but it was still nice to spend time with them and relax. They stayed for a few hours and by the end of the day I noticed that I was actually beginning to tan (slightly) and had managed to avoid burning so far.

The next few weeks were busier with work as I realised all the little bits were going to take longer than I had hoped and I didn’t get to sunbathe with Lis again over that period. We managed to find some free time a few weeks ago and I had decided to push things a little further. It wasn’t quite as humid a day so was a bit more pleasant and when she turned up (and Mike had left), we headed out back. I let Lis start to get ready while I got some drinks for us and when I got back out, I pulled my dress off and removed my bra.

Lis commented that I was naked and I asked her if she minded – she said that she didn’t so I lay down and said that this was how I had been sunbathing for the past few weeks (not true as I hadn’t had time).I said she could join me if she wanted, but she wasn’t feeling quite brave enough to do that yet. She thinks that she will be up for it on holiday though while her little Holly is around (her ‘little’ Holly who is bigger than her).

I made sure I put enough lotion on around my pussy so that I wouldn’t burn and lay fully exposed. I caught Lis glancing down at my pussy a few times while we were talking but I didn’t say anything about it. I offered to oil up her back and she lay down for me. I was very tempted to rub my pussy against her ass or leg, but I thought that getting to be naked around her was probably enough of a move for one day. I then asked Lis to do my back and lay down for her. She worked down my back and even did over my ass cheeks (not down between them) and when she was doing the back of my legs I spread them slightly and wondered how wet I must have looked to her (I certainly felt wet). I felt her hands work up the inside of my thighs and she got quite close to my pussy, but there was no contact. I’m pretty sure that she had a good look though.

We sunbathed and chatted for a few hours. Lis did comment on the fact that I keep myself completely shaved (although she knew that already as I’d told her ages ago) and I asked how her shaving was going. I was obviously hoping to get a peek and I think I might have been able to if I had asked (why didn’t I ask?) and she said that she is now much more used to doing it (although still slightly nervous). I told her that I was glad Mike or Jen usually did it for me as it made it much easier and I then took the opportunity to get up and have another look at the scar on her leg. Given we were talking about it, it was perfectly natural for me to stroke up and down the scar to see what it felt like (which I already knew from having oiled her a number of times).

I found out that Lis is fairly ticklish (especially behind the knee) and took advantage of this to have her writhing around under me. During the tickle attack, I gave in to my desires and allowed myself to rub against her a few times – not in a really obvious way though and I don’t think she noticed as she really is quite ticklish so was somewhat distracted. I kept my hands away from any ‘interesting’ areas though so I mostly behaved myself. Once again I was dismayed to find out that porn has lied to me and that when girls tickle each other, it doesn’t end up with them having sex.

I had ended up kneeling over Lis’ legs with her on her back (so my legs were spread wide) and I told her that we should develop a plan to attack Holly like this (I know that Hol is fairly ticklish – although not as bad as Lis). We thought that Lis could goad Holly into tickling her and then Jen and I would come to Lis’ rescue. We would hold Holly down and Lis could tickle her and if she accidentally ended up grabbing a breast or getting the odd stroke of her pussy then all the better.

I was aware that I was dripping onto Lis, but she hadn’t said anything about it (it was only just sweat, but because of the way I was crouching over her there were a few drops that I could feel falling from my pussy. I decided that I was probably being a bit too obvious and should get up, but I couldn’t resist doing this in a way that gave Lis a really good view. I went and got us some more drinks and reapplied some more lotion to my front (including my inner thighs and pussy) while we chatted. We got a bit more sun and then decided we had had enough (and I needed to get some work done).

When we went in to freshen up, I didn’t get dressed after my shower (I had a towel over my shoulder which I was using to dry my hair). It was only when Lis had finished her shower and started to get dressed that I put my skirt back on. With my encouragement, she went without her bra and after a bit more encouragement I got her to slip her panties off and agree to leave them off. I still didn’t get to see anything, but knowing that she was naked under her light dress was pretty arousing. I realised that I could have made use of her panties to masturbate while she had been showering but it was too late so I had to content myself with a quick fingering after she had left.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Topless sunbathing

Due to our sweaty sex the night before, we were rather sticky in the morning, but we had to shower anyway as Mike was going to give me a good shave (just in case i ended up sunbathing nude with Lis). He was very mean and didn’t let me cum, despite giving me a good clean out with the shower (so I wouldn’t end up with cum stains on my bikini) which turned into aiming the water at my clit. He stopped before I came and then shaved me off and did his usual lick test to check I was smooth. Once again he stopped before I came and he explained that if I was feeling really horny, I might be more willing to take some chances to ‘push things along’ with Lis.

I actually thought this was a good idea and I had been intending on sharing a lot more details with Lis anyway so didn’t mind too much (and I tend to have wonderful orgasms after a long period of feeling horny so in the worst case scenario I knew I would be rewarded that night). We wandered down to the shops (after getting dressed of course) and bought some snacks for a picnic lunch. By the time we got back and I had got towels and suncream arranged (for some reason, it had all got muddled up after I had sorted it out the previous day), Lis arrived.

Mike said that he was going out to meet some friends (which he was) and when he left, I put the security chain on the front door so that Lis would know that he couldn’t get back in to the house without us knowing (I knew he wouldn’t do that, but I wanted to make sure that she felt safe). We had a chat for a while and decided that we would risk the midday sun (we are in York after all so it isn’t quite as bad as being on the equator). We laid the towels out and I made sure that Lis saw that I slipped my bikini bottoms on before I lifted my dress off – I didn’t do it so that she could see anything, but I wanted to make sure she remembered that I usually went without panties.

Lis removed her dress and was wearing her bikini underneath it (as I’ve said, she has small breasts so it’s not as if she needs a good fitting bra for support). I assured her that we couldn’t be seen by anyone and let her have the spot closest to the fence so that she was mostly shielded from the office building anyway. I didn’t hesitate and undid my bra and placed it on my dress.

We applied lotion to our legs and front and I then lay on my front and asked Lis to put lotion on my back. While she was doing this I let the porno scene version of events run through my mind and had to concentrate on not fidgeting around. Once she had finished, I offered to do her back and she lay down. She undid her top but remained lying on it and I lotioned her up and restrained myself from any ‘accidental’ side-boob touches (not that she has much side boob).

I went back to my towel and we relaxed and chatted for a while before I turned over. I added a bit more lotion to my front and rubbed it in. I encouraged her to do the same (I didn’t know why she was quite so shy – we were only topless) and she eventually did. I ended up asking her why she was so nervous and found out that a previous boyfriend had teased her (after they had split up) about how small her breasts were. I assured her that they were beautiful and told her that I’ve always been jealous of Jen’s breasts and wished that mine were smaller.

Lis (similarly to Jen) thought this was odd, but I reminded her about the lacy top that Jen got me to wear out and said that I had loved being naked under it and that if my breasts were the size of hers, I would always be able to go without bra or panties. Lis just giggled at this and admitted that she occasionally didn’t bother wearing a bra, but said that she has to be quite careful what she is wearing or it can be quite obvious.

This led to a conversation about nipple size and something I’ve occasionally wondered about: are there (roughly) the same number of nerve endings in nipples regardless of size. I told Lis that Jen’s nipples are much more sensitive than mine and that led on to telling her about trying to get Jen to cum from just playing with her nipples. Lis let on that hers are quite sensitive and that is one of the reasons that she has to be careful about going without a bra as the rubbing on her top can make them quite pointy so unless it is a thick top, it’s fairly obvious.

I almost slipped up and told Lis that Sue’s are much more sensitive than mine but managed to catch myself in time (I’m not sure how I would have explained how I know so much about my sister’s breasts). I went in to get us a drink (I had made up some iced tea – the alcoholic kind) and returned with two large glasses. I suggested that Lis turn over and offered to oil up her back again. I also did the back of her legs and restrained myself from brushing against her pussy while I did her thighs. Lis returned the favour and I told her that while we were away, she could put lotion on me and Jen and then offer to do the same for Holly.

Lis liked this idea and I again suggested that we try to get people to either sunbathe naked or at least swim naked. Lis wasn’t sure we would get many people to agree to this, but liked the idea. I told her that I would usually be nude if I was out here alone (I was kind of hoping that she would say she didn’t mind if I wanted to strip, but she didn’t). While she was working on my legs, her hands didn’t come quite as far up my thighs as mine had, but they were still fairly close to my pussy and I could feel myself starting to tingle. Lis finished up (probably oblivious to the effect she was having on me).

I thought it was time to reveal a little bit more to Lis and once again asked her if she could think of any ideas to get back at Jen for the things she had ‘made’ me do. Lis got into the spirit of this and after a while chatting (and drinking), she asked what the worst thing had been. I pretended to think about this for a while and told her how Jen had masturbated me (through my panties) in front of the others and made me cum. Lis was really shocked that she had done this and I decided to reveal all and told her that actually I had enjoyed it and that wasn’t really the most shocking thing that had happened.

I then acted shy and got Lis to beg me to tell her and I then recounted the coffee shop story and went into a fair amount of detail as to just how nice it had felt as well as how naughty I had felt while doing it (still not as much detail as was in the blog entry, but enough that she was fully aware of *exactly* what had happened). Lis seemed no more shocked by this than she had been by the earlier story and I noticed that her nipples looked quite firm so I think she enjoyed hearing about it.

I didn’t want to push my luck too far (as I’ve said before, I’ve grown very fond of Lis as a friend as well as someone to lust over) and I also didn’t want to burn so I suggested that we might have had enough sun for now and that we should head in. I didn’t put my bra back on (it would have looked odd with my bikini bottoms anyway) but I did ask Lis if she minded if I stayed topless. She said that she didn’t but was putting her top back on when I told her she needed to get used to being topless so that she would be comfortable doing it and this would encourage Holly. Lis went along with this and she left her top on the towel while went in for some food (and to cool off).

We ended up having the picnic on the floor in the living room and both sat cross legged and topless. I didn’t make any references to our partial nudity (but I did enjoy the view I had of Lis’ bikini bottoms stretched across her little mound. I could feel how wet I was and wondered if Lis would pick up on the scent (I wasn’t worried about her seeing any dampness as we were both sweaty and had sun cream on).
When we had finished lunch I went up and had a quick shower to clean up and then rejoined Lis (still just wearing my bikini bottoms). I asked Lis if she wanted to shower and she did – I had kind of hoped that she would undress in my room and leave her bottoms there while she showered as I assumed that she must have got at least a little wet and I wanted to taste her, but she went into the bathroom and undressed there (with the door closed). I allowed myself to masturbate while she was showering but didn’t let myself cum and was nicely buzzing by the time she returned (I covered myself up before she got back downstairs).

I was pleased with the way the day had gone (despite my fantasy porn scenes not materialising). I didn’t want to push things any further as I knew I was getting quite worked up (and a little drunk) and thought I might do something stupid. Of course I wanted to see if something else would happen, but I had the sense to back off and tell her that Mike might be returning soon so we should probably cover up. We went out to the garden and I put my bra back on and then slipped my dress on. I made a show of pulling off my bikini bottoms and told Lis that if I could do that, she could go home without putting her top back on.

She thought this was a good idea and just slipped her dress and shoes back on and stuffed her top into her bag. We actually ended up talking for quite a bit longer and I wished that we had remained topless as Lis went back to quizzing me about my time with Jen. I had to recount the events in the coffee shop to her again and she asked about the people who were watching and how it felt when I ended up rubbing myself and cumming.

We ended up having a look at some of the Pavlina pictures again and Lis agreed that she is very cute (especially her earlier pics). We even watched some of her videos (I don’t have any lesbian videos of her so we had to cope with seeing her being fucked). I think Lis ended up feeling as horny as I was as she decided that she really needed to get home (and I like to think that she went home to cum). Before she left we arranged to have another sunbathing session the following weekend (weather permitting).

Pretty much as soon as she had gone, I sent Mike a text to let him know I was now available and I stripped off. I went up to the bedroom and started to tease myself while thinking about the day. I ended up calling Jen and telling her how things had gone. Jen loved my description of Lis’ breasts and thought that things sounded very promising for the holiday. Jen encouraged me to cum but I was still holding off until Mike returned so I followed her instructions for a while but kept stopping before my orgasm hit.

Jen had to go so I was left to my own devices and managed to keep myself aroused for quite a while (and I had a play with a number of my toys). By the time Mike got home I was really ready to pop and he said that he could smell me from downstairs. I told him to hurry up and make me cum and he was happy to help. He dived between my legs and ate me, licking all around my pussy and clit and I came in no time. He kept eating me through my orgasm and I ended up cumming again before he stopped.

The double orgasm felt quite strong and I took a minute to fully enjoy the feeling. I was just about to tell Mike that I had expected him to fuck me when he pushed his cock into me (he had quickly got undressed while I was recovering). I was quite sensitive (which he was well aware of) and he made full use of that by fucking me hard and deep. He lifted both my legs up over one of his shoulders (so my cunt lips were pressed together) and continued to fuck me. I didn’t expect to cum again, but it soon became clear that if he held back from cumming, I would be able to.

It was a fairly strange feeling, quite a strong sensation coming from my pussy but with no clit stimulation and I ended up moaning and telling him how good it felt. As I got closer, I told him to push harder and he did so he was slamming into me. I really let myself make a lot of noise and concentrated on the sensations that his cock were causing inside me. Between moans I told him what I could feel and how close I was getting and then as my orgasm started I got even louder.

Mike kept going and my orgasm lasted for quite a while (certainly long enough for him to cum in my before I had finished). His orgasm was also fairly strong (and he hadn’t even had a day of arousal) but he managed to keep moving in me until I had finished properly (but I don’t think it was quite as nice for him as he says it can be too intense to be enjoyable after he has cum hard). I guess the fact the he is prepared to do things like that for me is the reason I’m marrying him!

We stayed locked together for a bit while we recovered and then lay beside each other to get our energy back. I’d had a triple orgasm in a short space of time and felt quite tender (but not in a bad way). We stayed there for a while and dozed off – when we woke up I (once again) had to get some work done to make up for skiving off during the day.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

More chatting with Lis

I met Lis the following day (Saturday). It was a pretty hot day so we were both dressed in light outfits. I had thought of different ways to move things forwards overnight, but most of them only led to fantasy situations (and I didn’t realistically expect to end up eating Lis in a changing room).

We wandered around a few shops and looked at bikinis and beachwear (being hopeful about the British weather). I got Lis to try a few on and got to go in to the changing room to have a look once each one was on (so I didn’t get to see her change). I got a nice view of her body anyway though and went to fetch something else for her to try on. When I returned and handed it to her (a nice pale green outfit), I didn’t leave. Lis said she was embarrassed and I reminded her that we had to be comfortable being topless if we were going to get Holly to join us (and I also reminded her that even little Hol had sunbathed topless with me).

Lis slipped off the bottoms of the former bikini (she obviously still had her panties on) and put on the new ones. She then undid the top and I swapped it for the new one. She has really cute little breasts – even smaller than Jen’s with little dark pink nipples. I know I’m not usually a breast girl, but Jen and I have enacted so many fantasies involving Lis that standing there with her half naked (albeit very briefly) was enough to make me start to tingle.

Once she was dressed, Lis asked why I wasn’t trying anything on and I told her that I had forgot to put any panties on so I couldn’t. She made a comment about it being very ‘convenient’ that I had forgot and I couldn’t believe my luck. I told her that to make things fair, if she wanted, she could come round the following afternoon and we could sunbathe topless in the garden. Of course, my imagination was working overtime and I loved the fact that Lis seemed to want to see me semi (or fully) nude.

We finished up and Lis got the outfit I had chosen. We decided to go for lunch and continued our conversation from the previous day. Lis asked a bit more about the sort of outfits that Jen had got me to wear and I told her about the naked trip to the shower and some of our sessions on the roof. Lis seemed to be amazed that I had been made to do all these things and I told her that I was intending to get my own back on Jen and would be willing to take any ideas (I was just planting the seed in the hope that Lis might want to get involved properly).

We wandered around a few more shops and I showed Lis the lacy dress (really a top) that Jen had got for me and got me to wear out a few times. Lis said that she would never be brave enough to wear anything like that (without underwear) and I told her that I was sure we could get her into it with a bit of work.

I had now pretty much committed to telling her almost everything (I thought I might leave the watersports out of it as that is really Jen’s thing). I invited her back for dinner, but she already had plans with her housemates so we just made arrangements for sunbathing the following day. I assured her that I would get Mike to go out somewhere so that she wouldn’t be seen by anyone (other than me of course).

I headed back home and made sure that everything was ready (not that I was keen). I decided that I should start to work on my own tan (if I don’t use high SFP I just burn so it takes ages for me to actually tan in any way). I laid a towel out in the garden and stripped off. Mike came out to join me and decided that if I could be naked, so could he. We applied sun cream to each other (he did me first) and lay down. It was a really hot and humid day and we were both soon covered in sweat and Mike decided that we should make the most of this.

I was lying on my back and I felt his hand sliding up the inside of my thigh. I opened my legs and let his fingers rub around my cunt and ass. I pushed back against his hand and he slid two fingers into me and then rubbed my juices over my ass. He was now lying right beside me and I could feel his cock rubbing on my leg and I reached down to play with it. I couldn’t move my hand much (I was still on my front), but I managed to wrap it around the shaft and stroke him a bit which he seemed to enjoy.

We could hear people in the gardens around us (fortunately the fences are quite high) and Mike asked me if I wanted to cum. I told him I did (obviously) and he started pumping two fingers into me and rubbing his thumb over my ass. We fantasised about me doing this to Lis and I described to him how she had looked in the changing room. He got me to describe what I had wanted to do to her and while I did this, he moved on top of me and slid into me from behind.

I told him how I had wanted to stand behind her and run my hands over her breasts and play with her little nipples to see how hard I could get them. I would have lifted my dress so I could rub my pussy against her ass and then lowered a hand to her pussy and slipped it inside her panties.

Mike was slowly fucking me with long strokes now and he told me to keep going and to make her cum. I described how I would have lowered her panties so she was standing in front of the mirror before removing my own clothes. Still standing behind her I would have resumed my fondling, watching what I was doing in the mirror, seeing my fingers run over her pussy and then delve into her.

We were now very sweaty and I got Mike to pull out so I could turn around and face him. He entered me again and we returned to the fantasy. Jen had now joined us and between us we fingered, fondled and ate Lis to multiple orgasms and then humped her spent body until we both came. Both Mike and I were really horny now and I ended up on top of him. He guided my ass up and down and we had to try to keep quiet while we had a pretty passionate fuck. I came first and then he rolled us over so he was on top, pulled out and came all over my front.

Between the suncream and the sweat (and in my case, Mike’s cum), we were both soaked and had a fair amount of grass on us (we hadn’t quite stayed on the towel – in face we had rolled a reasonable distance across the garden). Mike rubbed his cum up my body and onto my breasts (most of it had landed on my stomach). After giving my breasts a good massage, he moved his hands up to my neck and I stretched my head back so he could rub it. This turned out to be quite difficult for him to do given he was supporting his weight with his arms (and we’re still not going towards autoerotic asphyxiation) so he ended up lying on top of me and kissing and licking my neck.

Even though he hadn’t cum in me, I was very wet between my legs just with my juices and sweat and he slipped back into me. He wasn’t trying to do this, but said that it would be a shame to waste the opportunity and so started to fuck me again. We didn’t bother fantasising about anyone else this time and just enjoyed the feeling – Mike kept kissing my neck and I continually described to him the feeling of his cock in my cunt, how deep he was, what I could feel and how close I was getting. We would have liked to cum at the same time, but didn’t get it quite right and I came a fair bit before he did. The good thing about this is that I get to feel him continue to pump into me when I’m quite sensitive and it usually feels really good. He came in me this time and we lay with him on top of me for a while, dripping with even more sweat.

After a bit of recovery time and a much needed drink to replace fluids, we headed in for a shower. After dinner I ended up doing some work as I had avoided it all day (this is why it took me so long to do the final bits) and Mike just watched some anime (something with giant robots).

We had another (smaller) session in bed that night. It was much more gentle, mostly just spooning, but it was still so humid that we still ended up dripping with sweat (which I think makes it feel all the more intimate).

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Chatting with Lis

There has been a slight change of plan - I'm going to be starting my new job a bit earlier than I had expected. This is a good thing as it means I will start to get paid sooner, but it means that I'm going to have to head off to find somewhere to live and (hopefully) get things sorted out.

We're hopeful that Mike will be joining me soon (he has a couple of interviews lined up), but it is obviously not the best time for him to be looking for a new job so there is a good possibility that I might end up by myself for a while :(

Anyway - between disappearing up north to look for places and then heading off on our holiday, I probably won't be able to post for a while. At least when we return from the holiday I should have some good posts. Even if we don't manage to end up in a foursome with Holly and Lis - or even Jo as well - I'm sure that Mike, Jen and I will find some way to amuse ourselves (although not at the same time, much to Mike's dismay :)


When I first returned to York from visiting Jen, I was quite hopeful in finishing up quickly and so for the first few weeks I probably wasn’t working quite as hard as I could have been. On the plus side, it meant that I had some time to actually spend *with* Mike (as opposed to just being in the same house as him) as well as my other friends.

I spent a couple of lunchtimes with Lis (because no matter how unlikely it is, I’m still hopeful that we might get her to join in). Of course, the ‘we’ in that sentence could be either Jen and I or Mike and I. In the former case, I’m sure we could teach her a few things about being with another girl, and in the latter case, I’d like to act out a fantasy we’ve (Mike and I) have had of him sitting on the sofa with Lis riding his cock while I suck on her clit and lick him...

Anyway – that isn’t what happened (especially at lunch). I did let Lis a lot further into my little world than I had before though as I had once again had a wonderful week with Jen and wanted someone else to share it with (obviously Mike knows all about it, but I thought that Lis might appreciate some of it – or at least I wanted to see how she would react to some of the tales). I didn’t tell her too much on Wednesday as there were a few other people with us and we were eating indoors. We had an early lunch together on Thursday and Friday and sat out by the lake so we could talk more openly. I obviously didn’t dive straight in and tell her everything, but started by telling her about Jen’s friends and the club we visited – how we saw some people being fingered or giving BJs and then about the sex show. Lis couldn’t believe that we’d seen something like that so I sent her a link to the Rock Bitch video and when we met again on Friday, she no longer doubted me.

She asked quite a bit about the club and what it was like to see that and I ended up telling her that it had really got us worked up and admitted that we had ended up rubbing against each others thighs in the middle of the club (I also told her that we had an incredible session when we got home, but left out quite a few of the details). As often seems to happen with me, I got braver as our conversation went on and I ended up revealing more and more about the visit. I told her that once again Jen had got me to dress revealingly and make trips to the kitchen or bathroom so people could see me. Lis wanted more details about this and I gave her the summary of outfits from long t-shirt with nothing on underneath, through short t-shirt with partially see-through panties to pretty short t-shirt with no panties.

Lis didn’t believe that I had wandered around without panties on and I let slip the fact that I pretty much never wear panties (although I thought I had mentioned that to her before – maybe I didn’t). This surprised her and she mentioned the fact that I cycle and while I wasn’t quite ready to tell her about my cycle dildo, I saw an opportunity. I pointed out that I obviously usually wore things that would cover me up, but that most of the time I went without panties on. She still looked dubious and I said I would prove it – I gave her the opportunity to object (she didn’t) and I flipped my skirt up to give her a glimpse of my pussy. Give there were other people around, I had to cover myself quickly, but it had been long enough for Lis to see.

I told her that we would stand a much better chance of getting Holly naked (or at least topless) if we were prepared to be that way. We had already discussed the topless sunbathing plan which I’m almost convinced will work seeing as Holly did that with me in the garden. I told Lis about the plan Jen and I had discussed for daring people to skinny dip or have a naked midnight swim. I know it might be mean and wrong to play on the fact that Lis wants to see Holly naked even more than I do – but... (okay so I don’t have an excuse other than the fact I want to see Lis AND Holly naked!).

I was encouraged that my flashing Lis hadn’t shocked/offended her and I was already thinking of more plans. I had decided to tell Lis a lot more, but we had already taken longer for lunch than we should have so we arranged to meet over the weekend to do some shopping for the holiday. We headed back in but I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to just go straight to work and would need to take care of myself first.

I didn’t have a dildo/vibe in work (I decided it was probably best to not leave one in my desk while I was away for the best part of a week) and had to hunt around for my hairbrush. Once I had located it and cleaned the handle, I went along to my usual spot in my favourite storeroom. I squatted down and started off by rubbing around my pussy and then rubbing my clit. Obviously I can’t spend quite as long as I would like when I’m hiding so I quickly moved on to sliding the brush handle into myself.

I’ve got pretty good at keeping myself balanced while doing this so I can use my other hand on my clit. While I was playing with myself I was imagining all the ways that my lunchtime chat with Lis could have gone (if there hadn’t been other people around). I imagined her showing me her panties and then agreeing to take them off so I could see how her shaving was going. I was getting along well and was about to imagine us 69ing by the lake (an image I fully intended to cum to) when I heard the door open.

Now I’ve been interrupted before while playing in that room, but I was really quite close to cumming and had to try to compose myself quickly. I wasn’t really in any danger of being caught as I was around a corner (sort of) from the door and just had to pull the brush out and pretend to be looking through supplies on the bottom shelves (so I didn’t even have to stand up). Once my orgasm spoiler had left (fortunately he didn’t want to spend a long time chatting) I resumed my former position and returned to ‘work’.

I helped speed things along by having Holly interrupt Lis and I (in the fantasy) and we pounced on her, stripped her naked and used her to cum (Lis sat over her face while I humped against her cunt). This image worked nicely and fortunately I wasn’t interrupted again and managed to have a good orgasm (the advantage of fantasies is that it was very easy to make all three of to cum at the same time!)

After allowing myself a minute to enjoy the feeling (and stop being flushed) I grabbed a ream of paper and went back to my desk. Throughout the afternoon I kept thinking about our lunchtime chat and decided that it would be best to try to keep up the tempo so I emailed Lis and we agreed to meet on the Saturday to go shopping and continue our chat. I also emailed Mike to tell him what had happened and that I would be in need of attention when I returned home. I managed to pull myself together and do a reasonable amount of work but had to excuse myself from going out to the pub with people so I could go home for a good fuck (we met up with them later on).

Friday, 2 July 2010

Back in York

So all this is from about a month and a half ago now and I wasn’t making my usual notes to act as a guide, but between Mike and I, I think we’ve come up with something pretty close to the way things happened.

I got back to York and after a quick change into a slightly longer skirt, went into work. I saw my supervisor and got the list of the final corrections I needed to make. There were fewer to do than I had thought there would be so I was in a fairly good mood and wasn’t expecting them to take very long (hah!). By the time I had sorted through work related email and had a proper look at what needed doing, it was nearly the end of the work day – I had hope to have a coffee with Lis and catch up with her, but instead, we scheduled that for the following day.

I headed home and Mike arrived home early (apparently he had missed me). He had got a nice dinner for us, but wanted to say hello properly before we started to cook it. Obviously I hadn’t been at all sex starved during my trip, but I had missed Mike and the feeling of his cock inside me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I prefer him over Jen (or the other way around) – they both make me feel wonderful but in different ways (oh the complications of having two lovers!)

He was a bit disappointed to find out that once again I hadn’t managed to come home covered in Jen’s juices (but I did have to go to work). Jen has since offered to make up for it when she visits (very soon now). We sat and chatted while kissing and as I told him about the things I had been up to (which he mostly already knew as I’d been sending him the blog entries as I’d written them and talking on the phone), he slowly unbuttoned my top, exposed my breasts, pulled my skirt up and gently fondled me.

He wasn’t the only one doing the undressing – I had opened his shirt and unbuttoned his jeans. I rubbed him through his boxers at first and then fished his cock out. We kissed passionately and I started to jack him off, getting faster and faster as I did it. Mike seemed to be enjoying it a bit too much as he had to tell me to stop or he would cum. I was quite surprised that he would cum so quickly (it had only been a few days and he had cum while we chatted on the phone on either Sat or Sun – I can’t remember which) but stopped anyway.

It didn’t take him long to regain his composure and he pulled off my clothes completely (and also his own – just to make it fair). He sat back down on the sofa and I straddled him, pressing my pussy up against his cock and sliding up and down so it nestled between my lips and rubbed against my clit. I’m not sure if this counts as dry-humping as he wasn’t inside me – but there wasn’t much that was dry about it. I stood up on the sofa (not easy) and pushed my pussy against his mouth. He eagerly lapped away at me, picking around my lips and pushing his tongue inside me. It wasn’t a very stable position, so I didn’t stay there for long and soon climbed down and crouched over his cock.

I knew that I was wet enough and told him that I wanted him to get into me in one go. I positioned my cunt directly above his cock and held my lips open. Mike positioned the head just inside me and then held onto my hips. We pushed against each other and he slid into me in one go. I didn’t move for a little while and just enjoyed the feeling of him inside me. I couldn’t resist for long though and started to rock back and forth on him – with a bit of jiggling around I managed to find a way of moving that felt really good and settled in to a steady rhythm. Mike’s cock wasn’t moving in and out of me, but he said that the way the head was rubbing inside my pussy felt amazing and he thought that he could cum if I could keep moving like that for a little while.

It was a really good position for our first fuck (in a whole 3-4 days) as the movement was fairly gentle and we could talk to each other. Mike got me to describe what it had been like cumming in the coffee shop in front of Jen’s friends and I relayed the story to him, describing how the dildo and vibe had felt inside me and how I had really let myself go and just rubbed my clit without caring. I have the most graphic description I could (probably even more so than the one I wrote for here). We had kept grinding against each other and were both pretty close to cumming by the time I reached my orgasm in the story.

I told Mike that I wanted to cum and I sped up my movements slightly (not too much as it felt really good the way it was). Mike helped by pulling me down harder against him and I felt my orgasm start to build. I had to restrain myself to keep from rushing it, but I let it build and explode out from deep in my cunt without changing the way I was moving. I made a series of ‘ungggh’ sounds as I came and Mike kept telling me to keep going as he was close. Not long after me, he moaned and made a few long hard presses into me and then sat breathing deeply.

When we had both finished cumming (I had pretty much finished before he started), I leant forwards so we could kiss and he held me against him. We stayed like this for a while and then decided to get dinner out of the way. He warned me that he might have cum a fair amount and as soon as I lifted myself off, it started to drip out of me. Mike thought that it was only fair that I should lick him clean (in order to make up for me abandoning him and running off with Jen for the weekend) so I knelt in front of him (with my legs firmly pressed together to try to reduce the leaking) and I sucked him clean.

When I stood up, more cum ran out of me and I had to sue his boxers to mop it up. It stopped (or slowed) fairly quickly though so we headed into the kitchen and Mike put dinner on to cook. While it was cooking, we went up and had a shower (it had been a reasonably warm day so we were both a bit sticky – as well as my legs being covered in cum). Mike gave me a good showering out so that he could eat me properly later on and this turned into him making me cum with the water jet. I was going to try to do the same to him, but he can’t cum as many times as I can so I didn’t want to ‘waste’ one of his orgasms.

We just wore dressing gowns while we had dinner and talked about various things. He wanted to hear about more of what Jen had made me do and we ended up going over my display on the roof. I checked (a bit late, but he had said before that it was fine) that he didn’t mind me showing myself off to the guys there and he was fine with it. I described how it felt, knowing that strangers were watching me openly masturbate and cum in front of them and he said that he really wanted to see that happen sometime. I agreed to this and then he thought that it would be fun for me to at least go out to the garden and put on the same display that I had done on the roof.

This seemed like a good idea (given I had just returned from a sex-marathon with Jen I was surprised how horny I was feeling – but I wasn’t complaining) and we wandered out back. It was late enough that I assumed that there would be nobody in the office block and I remove my gown before sitting on the grass. I basically repeated my rooftop performance for him and he enjoyed my display. I hadn’t been quite as loud as I had on the roof as we could hear that people were in the gardens around us (and could smell BBQ). Of course, I then had to go and have another quick shower to remove the bits of grass and dirt.

Once I was clean again, I thought that I should let Mike have some more fun as thanks for all the things he did to help Jen get planned and arranged. It didn’t take much to coax him into doing things and I ended up bend over the bed – standing with my feet on the floor and my top half face down on the bed. Mike stood behind me and we had a hard fuck. We managed to get a good rhythm going where I pushed back against him as he slammed into me. Mike held my ass cheeks open so he could push really deep into me and I ended up rubbing my clit.

We really wanted to cum together this time and by altering the speed of our fucking and the pressure I rubbed my clit, we managed to achieve this. We weren’t screaming or anything, but were both loud enough to encourage each other and it was a really satisfying cum (for both of us). Mike seemed to cum a reasonable amount again (maybe not as much as the first time) and we ended up spooning on the bed with him inside me while we talked. Every now and then I would squeeze my cunt around him (just to keep him hard) but I hadn’t noticed that he was gently stroking my neck until it started to arouse me.

Mike didn’t think he was up for a third orgasm, but he stayed inside me as he stroked my neck (and kissed the back of it). I wasn’t allowed to play with myself so it took me a while to get close to cumming. The advantage of this was that my moaning and squirming around convinced Mike that he might be able to manage a third time and we ended up with him fucking me while we spooned and he held my neck (not in a autoerotic asphyxiation way – loosely enough that his hand rubbed over is as we moved).

Given I had cum five times by the end of things (as well as the couple of times with Jen earlier that day) I was exhausted and we fell asleep fairly quickly. Mike was inside me for a bit but he didn’t stay hard for very long.


So that was my return to York. I’ve got a few more entries to write up, but I probably won’t do too many or else I’ll remain behind and we have Sue and Jen visiting soon as well as the holiday in a few weeks (I’m assuming that I’m going to get a good number of entries from each of these).