Friday, 2 July 2010

Back in York

So all this is from about a month and a half ago now and I wasn’t making my usual notes to act as a guide, but between Mike and I, I think we’ve come up with something pretty close to the way things happened.

I got back to York and after a quick change into a slightly longer skirt, went into work. I saw my supervisor and got the list of the final corrections I needed to make. There were fewer to do than I had thought there would be so I was in a fairly good mood and wasn’t expecting them to take very long (hah!). By the time I had sorted through work related email and had a proper look at what needed doing, it was nearly the end of the work day – I had hope to have a coffee with Lis and catch up with her, but instead, we scheduled that for the following day.

I headed home and Mike arrived home early (apparently he had missed me). He had got a nice dinner for us, but wanted to say hello properly before we started to cook it. Obviously I hadn’t been at all sex starved during my trip, but I had missed Mike and the feeling of his cock inside me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I prefer him over Jen (or the other way around) – they both make me feel wonderful but in different ways (oh the complications of having two lovers!)

He was a bit disappointed to find out that once again I hadn’t managed to come home covered in Jen’s juices (but I did have to go to work). Jen has since offered to make up for it when she visits (very soon now). We sat and chatted while kissing and as I told him about the things I had been up to (which he mostly already knew as I’d been sending him the blog entries as I’d written them and talking on the phone), he slowly unbuttoned my top, exposed my breasts, pulled my skirt up and gently fondled me.

He wasn’t the only one doing the undressing – I had opened his shirt and unbuttoned his jeans. I rubbed him through his boxers at first and then fished his cock out. We kissed passionately and I started to jack him off, getting faster and faster as I did it. Mike seemed to be enjoying it a bit too much as he had to tell me to stop or he would cum. I was quite surprised that he would cum so quickly (it had only been a few days and he had cum while we chatted on the phone on either Sat or Sun – I can’t remember which) but stopped anyway.

It didn’t take him long to regain his composure and he pulled off my clothes completely (and also his own – just to make it fair). He sat back down on the sofa and I straddled him, pressing my pussy up against his cock and sliding up and down so it nestled between my lips and rubbed against my clit. I’m not sure if this counts as dry-humping as he wasn’t inside me – but there wasn’t much that was dry about it. I stood up on the sofa (not easy) and pushed my pussy against his mouth. He eagerly lapped away at me, picking around my lips and pushing his tongue inside me. It wasn’t a very stable position, so I didn’t stay there for long and soon climbed down and crouched over his cock.

I knew that I was wet enough and told him that I wanted him to get into me in one go. I positioned my cunt directly above his cock and held my lips open. Mike positioned the head just inside me and then held onto my hips. We pushed against each other and he slid into me in one go. I didn’t move for a little while and just enjoyed the feeling of him inside me. I couldn’t resist for long though and started to rock back and forth on him – with a bit of jiggling around I managed to find a way of moving that felt really good and settled in to a steady rhythm. Mike’s cock wasn’t moving in and out of me, but he said that the way the head was rubbing inside my pussy felt amazing and he thought that he could cum if I could keep moving like that for a little while.

It was a really good position for our first fuck (in a whole 3-4 days) as the movement was fairly gentle and we could talk to each other. Mike got me to describe what it had been like cumming in the coffee shop in front of Jen’s friends and I relayed the story to him, describing how the dildo and vibe had felt inside me and how I had really let myself go and just rubbed my clit without caring. I have the most graphic description I could (probably even more so than the one I wrote for here). We had kept grinding against each other and were both pretty close to cumming by the time I reached my orgasm in the story.

I told Mike that I wanted to cum and I sped up my movements slightly (not too much as it felt really good the way it was). Mike helped by pulling me down harder against him and I felt my orgasm start to build. I had to restrain myself to keep from rushing it, but I let it build and explode out from deep in my cunt without changing the way I was moving. I made a series of ‘ungggh’ sounds as I came and Mike kept telling me to keep going as he was close. Not long after me, he moaned and made a few long hard presses into me and then sat breathing deeply.

When we had both finished cumming (I had pretty much finished before he started), I leant forwards so we could kiss and he held me against him. We stayed like this for a while and then decided to get dinner out of the way. He warned me that he might have cum a fair amount and as soon as I lifted myself off, it started to drip out of me. Mike thought that it was only fair that I should lick him clean (in order to make up for me abandoning him and running off with Jen for the weekend) so I knelt in front of him (with my legs firmly pressed together to try to reduce the leaking) and I sucked him clean.

When I stood up, more cum ran out of me and I had to sue his boxers to mop it up. It stopped (or slowed) fairly quickly though so we headed into the kitchen and Mike put dinner on to cook. While it was cooking, we went up and had a shower (it had been a reasonably warm day so we were both a bit sticky – as well as my legs being covered in cum). Mike gave me a good showering out so that he could eat me properly later on and this turned into him making me cum with the water jet. I was going to try to do the same to him, but he can’t cum as many times as I can so I didn’t want to ‘waste’ one of his orgasms.

We just wore dressing gowns while we had dinner and talked about various things. He wanted to hear about more of what Jen had made me do and we ended up going over my display on the roof. I checked (a bit late, but he had said before that it was fine) that he didn’t mind me showing myself off to the guys there and he was fine with it. I described how it felt, knowing that strangers were watching me openly masturbate and cum in front of them and he said that he really wanted to see that happen sometime. I agreed to this and then he thought that it would be fun for me to at least go out to the garden and put on the same display that I had done on the roof.

This seemed like a good idea (given I had just returned from a sex-marathon with Jen I was surprised how horny I was feeling – but I wasn’t complaining) and we wandered out back. It was late enough that I assumed that there would be nobody in the office block and I remove my gown before sitting on the grass. I basically repeated my rooftop performance for him and he enjoyed my display. I hadn’t been quite as loud as I had on the roof as we could hear that people were in the gardens around us (and could smell BBQ). Of course, I then had to go and have another quick shower to remove the bits of grass and dirt.

Once I was clean again, I thought that I should let Mike have some more fun as thanks for all the things he did to help Jen get planned and arranged. It didn’t take much to coax him into doing things and I ended up bend over the bed – standing with my feet on the floor and my top half face down on the bed. Mike stood behind me and we had a hard fuck. We managed to get a good rhythm going where I pushed back against him as he slammed into me. Mike held my ass cheeks open so he could push really deep into me and I ended up rubbing my clit.

We really wanted to cum together this time and by altering the speed of our fucking and the pressure I rubbed my clit, we managed to achieve this. We weren’t screaming or anything, but were both loud enough to encourage each other and it was a really satisfying cum (for both of us). Mike seemed to cum a reasonable amount again (maybe not as much as the first time) and we ended up spooning on the bed with him inside me while we talked. Every now and then I would squeeze my cunt around him (just to keep him hard) but I hadn’t noticed that he was gently stroking my neck until it started to arouse me.

Mike didn’t think he was up for a third orgasm, but he stayed inside me as he stroked my neck (and kissed the back of it). I wasn’t allowed to play with myself so it took me a while to get close to cumming. The advantage of this was that my moaning and squirming around convinced Mike that he might be able to manage a third time and we ended up with him fucking me while we spooned and he held my neck (not in a autoerotic asphyxiation way – loosely enough that his hand rubbed over is as we moved).

Given I had cum five times by the end of things (as well as the couple of times with Jen earlier that day) I was exhausted and we fell asleep fairly quickly. Mike was inside me for a bit but he didn’t stay hard for very long.


So that was my return to York. I’ve got a few more entries to write up, but I probably won’t do too many or else I’ll remain behind and we have Sue and Jen visiting soon as well as the holiday in a few weeks (I’m assuming that I’m going to get a good number of entries from each of these).


  1. ((((((((((Horny Andi))))))))))!

    Mike may have been a bit relieved for your time with Jen actually, you're going to exhaust the guy sooner or later, lol.

    Not that he minds of course! :)

    Hezi, Balto, Md., U.S.

  2. It's not easy stopping after a few days with
    Lots of sex!