Thursday, 8 July 2010

Chatting with Lis

There has been a slight change of plan - I'm going to be starting my new job a bit earlier than I had expected. This is a good thing as it means I will start to get paid sooner, but it means that I'm going to have to head off to find somewhere to live and (hopefully) get things sorted out.

We're hopeful that Mike will be joining me soon (he has a couple of interviews lined up), but it is obviously not the best time for him to be looking for a new job so there is a good possibility that I might end up by myself for a while :(

Anyway - between disappearing up north to look for places and then heading off on our holiday, I probably won't be able to post for a while. At least when we return from the holiday I should have some good posts. Even if we don't manage to end up in a foursome with Holly and Lis - or even Jo as well - I'm sure that Mike, Jen and I will find some way to amuse ourselves (although not at the same time, much to Mike's dismay :)


When I first returned to York from visiting Jen, I was quite hopeful in finishing up quickly and so for the first few weeks I probably wasn’t working quite as hard as I could have been. On the plus side, it meant that I had some time to actually spend *with* Mike (as opposed to just being in the same house as him) as well as my other friends.

I spent a couple of lunchtimes with Lis (because no matter how unlikely it is, I’m still hopeful that we might get her to join in). Of course, the ‘we’ in that sentence could be either Jen and I or Mike and I. In the former case, I’m sure we could teach her a few things about being with another girl, and in the latter case, I’d like to act out a fantasy we’ve (Mike and I) have had of him sitting on the sofa with Lis riding his cock while I suck on her clit and lick him...

Anyway – that isn’t what happened (especially at lunch). I did let Lis a lot further into my little world than I had before though as I had once again had a wonderful week with Jen and wanted someone else to share it with (obviously Mike knows all about it, but I thought that Lis might appreciate some of it – or at least I wanted to see how she would react to some of the tales). I didn’t tell her too much on Wednesday as there were a few other people with us and we were eating indoors. We had an early lunch together on Thursday and Friday and sat out by the lake so we could talk more openly. I obviously didn’t dive straight in and tell her everything, but started by telling her about Jen’s friends and the club we visited – how we saw some people being fingered or giving BJs and then about the sex show. Lis couldn’t believe that we’d seen something like that so I sent her a link to the Rock Bitch video and when we met again on Friday, she no longer doubted me.

She asked quite a bit about the club and what it was like to see that and I ended up telling her that it had really got us worked up and admitted that we had ended up rubbing against each others thighs in the middle of the club (I also told her that we had an incredible session when we got home, but left out quite a few of the details). As often seems to happen with me, I got braver as our conversation went on and I ended up revealing more and more about the visit. I told her that once again Jen had got me to dress revealingly and make trips to the kitchen or bathroom so people could see me. Lis wanted more details about this and I gave her the summary of outfits from long t-shirt with nothing on underneath, through short t-shirt with partially see-through panties to pretty short t-shirt with no panties.

Lis didn’t believe that I had wandered around without panties on and I let slip the fact that I pretty much never wear panties (although I thought I had mentioned that to her before – maybe I didn’t). This surprised her and she mentioned the fact that I cycle and while I wasn’t quite ready to tell her about my cycle dildo, I saw an opportunity. I pointed out that I obviously usually wore things that would cover me up, but that most of the time I went without panties on. She still looked dubious and I said I would prove it – I gave her the opportunity to object (she didn’t) and I flipped my skirt up to give her a glimpse of my pussy. Give there were other people around, I had to cover myself quickly, but it had been long enough for Lis to see.

I told her that we would stand a much better chance of getting Holly naked (or at least topless) if we were prepared to be that way. We had already discussed the topless sunbathing plan which I’m almost convinced will work seeing as Holly did that with me in the garden. I told Lis about the plan Jen and I had discussed for daring people to skinny dip or have a naked midnight swim. I know it might be mean and wrong to play on the fact that Lis wants to see Holly naked even more than I do – but... (okay so I don’t have an excuse other than the fact I want to see Lis AND Holly naked!).

I was encouraged that my flashing Lis hadn’t shocked/offended her and I was already thinking of more plans. I had decided to tell Lis a lot more, but we had already taken longer for lunch than we should have so we arranged to meet over the weekend to do some shopping for the holiday. We headed back in but I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to just go straight to work and would need to take care of myself first.

I didn’t have a dildo/vibe in work (I decided it was probably best to not leave one in my desk while I was away for the best part of a week) and had to hunt around for my hairbrush. Once I had located it and cleaned the handle, I went along to my usual spot in my favourite storeroom. I squatted down and started off by rubbing around my pussy and then rubbing my clit. Obviously I can’t spend quite as long as I would like when I’m hiding so I quickly moved on to sliding the brush handle into myself.

I’ve got pretty good at keeping myself balanced while doing this so I can use my other hand on my clit. While I was playing with myself I was imagining all the ways that my lunchtime chat with Lis could have gone (if there hadn’t been other people around). I imagined her showing me her panties and then agreeing to take them off so I could see how her shaving was going. I was getting along well and was about to imagine us 69ing by the lake (an image I fully intended to cum to) when I heard the door open.

Now I’ve been interrupted before while playing in that room, but I was really quite close to cumming and had to try to compose myself quickly. I wasn’t really in any danger of being caught as I was around a corner (sort of) from the door and just had to pull the brush out and pretend to be looking through supplies on the bottom shelves (so I didn’t even have to stand up). Once my orgasm spoiler had left (fortunately he didn’t want to spend a long time chatting) I resumed my former position and returned to ‘work’.

I helped speed things along by having Holly interrupt Lis and I (in the fantasy) and we pounced on her, stripped her naked and used her to cum (Lis sat over her face while I humped against her cunt). This image worked nicely and fortunately I wasn’t interrupted again and managed to have a good orgasm (the advantage of fantasies is that it was very easy to make all three of to cum at the same time!)

After allowing myself a minute to enjoy the feeling (and stop being flushed) I grabbed a ream of paper and went back to my desk. Throughout the afternoon I kept thinking about our lunchtime chat and decided that it would be best to try to keep up the tempo so I emailed Lis and we agreed to meet on the Saturday to go shopping and continue our chat. I also emailed Mike to tell him what had happened and that I would be in need of attention when I returned home. I managed to pull myself together and do a reasonable amount of work but had to excuse myself from going out to the pub with people so I could go home for a good fuck (we met up with them later on).


  1. I tend to come up with the "excuse item I was looking for" ahead of time so there is no thinking involved if I get interrupted. Usually something odd or not often used which explains why it takes me a while to find it (If anyone noticed my extended absence)

    And careful with the e-mails! Companies often flag certain words and peek in on your activities when they are sent across the network. (Both work and personal/web based e-mail)

  2. That's why I got a Gmail account - so I can use it in secure mode and nobody can read the messages. I've made it this far without being discovered so I don't intend to publicise my sluttiness now (except to some close friends!)