Thursday, 29 July 2010

Group holiday - Sunday

I've got a lot of entries from the holiday and will hopefully be getting some good material over the next few weeks but I'll spread out the posting as I'll obviously end up with much less to say once I'm living alone (which hopefully won't be for too long).


Well our first (full) day is over and things have got off to a good start. As planned, I woke up reasonably early (for a holiday anyway) and had a quick session with Mike. We had to be very quiet as the place was almost silent but managed to have a pretty intense fuck. Mike came in me and I slipped on my gown before heading off to wake up Jen (who had been sharing a room with Rach).

They were actually awake already and Rach popped out to the loo when I arrived. This gave me a chance to quickly sit on Jen's face and let her lick me clean. If Rach had taken longer I would have been able to cum and would have probably been 69ing with Jen, but I climbed off her when we heard the toilet flush.

We headed down for a quick breakfast and then invited Lis along with us on our search for a topless beach. This of course led some of the guys to comment about the three lesbians heading off together but we promised to tell them everything we got up to.

It didn't take long to find the spot I had seen the previous day but Lis thought it was too close to the cottage so we went a bit further along and found another place. It was only a small beach but was quite pretty and very secluded. We (Jen and I) thought it would be a good idea to test the water and see if it was suitable for swimming. Jen had her bikini on under her wrap but I 'hadn't thought we would go into the water' (because Jen and I hadn't planned it at all) so only had a bra on under my dress.

Jen strode in and said that it was a bit cool but not rocky or anything. I said that I wanted to join her and slipped my dress and bra off. I ran into the water naked and splashed Jen, calling for Lis to join us. She said that she didn't have her bikini on and Jen told her to just come in naked like I was. I took this as my cue and acted shocked that she had just shouted out that I was naked to anyone listening and wrestled her top off her. She put up a good pretend fight (which allowed me to have a quick fondle of her breasts) and I threw her top to Lis.

I then ducked underwater and pulled her down and quickly removed her bottoms (with a bit of help from her, but Lis probably didn't see that as we were splashing around). I lobbed them over towards Lis and said (to Jen) that we were now even. I told Lis to join us and she still hesitated so I said to Jen that we should maybe help her.

We strode towards her and she asked what we were going to do. I told her that she was coming in whether she liked it or not and made a lunge for her. Lis is actually quite quick but Jen is quicker and dashed off down the beach after her. Jen caught her easily and held her until I got there. I grabbed Lis' feet and Jen got her arms and we moved towards the sea.

Lis struggled a bit but we waded back into the sea and threw her in. She let out a little scream as she landed but was laughing once she had got her breath back. When she got back to shore, her dress clung to her figure and I suggested that she take it off and put it on a rock to dry for a bit while we sunbathed. She thought this was a better idea than going back looking as she was and also took off her bra to help that dry.

We lay on the beach for a while and bet on how many people we could get to go topless or even nude. Lis didn't think anyone would go nude and I said that I thought it was unfair that Jen and I were naked but she still had panties on. Jen and I moved towards her and I grabbed her arms. I told Jen to strip her and Lis said that she wouldn't but then started to wriggle around when Jen reached for her panties. This of course meant that I had to hold her tighter and we ended up rolling around a bit. I got a few gropes of her breasts in but didn't make it too obvious (I think). Jen finally managed to grab her panties and pulled them off to a big squeal from Lis.

Jen raced off with them and I let Lis get up. She didn't seem to mind too much (which I think bodes well) and said that she needed to go back into the sea to rinse off. I went with her and Jen joined us. We splashed around for a bit but didn't touch her anymore - although Jen did rub me a bit but again we don't think Lis saw.

We decided that we should probably report back to the group and went to get dressed. Lis' clothes were still damp, but we didn't have towels with us, so Jen and I were in the same boat by the time we dressed. I went back without panties on and Lis decided that it would be easier to just wear her dress without underwear.

When we got back we told everyone that we had found a suitable spot and had tested the water by skinny dipping. I don't think everyone believed us (but some of the guys seemed to like the idea anyway). Everyone was up by this point so we got ready to head to the 'communal' beach. This took a while (big groups...) but we made it eventually and played around for a while.

We headed back to the cottage for lunch and then set about gathering the troops for sunbathing. Most of the girls came with us (although a few said they weren't going topless). The men promised not to peek and there were enough with gf's who said they would withhold sexual favours if they did, that we were convinced. While we were away, they were given the task of getting wood for a bonfire.

They liked the spot we had found and thought it was secluded enough. Jen, Lis and I stripped our tops off and Holly and Vicky joined us immediately. Rach and Valerie also stripped off but I couldn't get Jo or Clare to join us straight away. I asked Lis to put cream on my back and told the others that she was really good at it and that we should just let her do us all. Lis said she didn't mind and worked her way down the line doing Jen, then me, followed by Valerie, Holly, Rach and finally Vicky. Jo and Clare started on their back so didn't need help. I watched Lis 'working' and she seemed to enjoy what she was doing. When she had finished I offered to do her but Vicky ended up doing her back.

I turned over to do my front and added cream and Jen followed suit. If it had just been her, Lis and myself then Jen and I would probably have done each other but my friends aren't like Jen's so I wasn't sure about doing this in front of them all (I wouldn't have worried about just rubbing in lotion, it was *rubbing* in lotion I wasn't sure about).

The others soon followed suit and we had a line of (mostly) exposed breasts. It was quite hot so we went for a swim and splashed around for a while before sunbathing a bit more and heading home. On the way back Lis said she was quite happy with the view she got and I gave her a nudge and told her that she would have some nice material to think about that night. She blushed a bit at this but also nodded and smiled.

We had picnic dinner and were forced to admire all the wood that the lads had found (it was a reasonable pile). We helped finish setting up the bonfire and got drinks and sat around chatting on the beach until it was late. I was curled up with Jen and she stroked my neck just as Mike had last night - she actually got me quite close to cumming and I had to pretend to be dozing so I didn't have to talk to anyone.

When it was time to head to bed, Mike and I had a quick session before Jen came in and Mike went off to the sofa (he doesn't get to share a bed with Rach). Mike had cum in me and Jen and I scissored so that his cum was smeared all over her pussy. We then had a chat about what we'd seen at the beach and ended up 69ing before we went to sleep.

Jen woke me in the middle of the night by eating me (this is quite unusual) and said that she had been missing me since my last visit). Unusual as it was, I certainly wasn’t going to complain though and encouraged her to keep going. The house was silent and Jen’s slurping and my breathing seemed really loud. Jen alternated between attacking me and gently licking me and she brought me to a pretty strong orgasm which left me properly panting. To return the favour, I dug out one of our eggs from my bag and used it on her clit. She ended up cumming while crouching on all fours while I ate her from behind (this is one of Mike’s fantasy positions, but with him fucking me at the same time of course).

While we kissed and went back to sleep, I set Jen a challenge for the next night (tonight). She has to make herself cum at least once each night she is in bed with Rach. The idea is that I will report this back to Lis in the hope that she won’t believe us and I’ll get Jen to give her a demonstration of cumming silently (and then Lis will jump on her and we’ll have a big threesome – oh – back to reality...)


  1. So you finally got to see Lis's pussy :) Is it as cute as her look-alike's

    Cheers, John

  2. We didn't exactly get a 'proper' view of it (certainly not as good a look as I had wanted anyway).