Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Looking for flats

Vicky told the others about our topless sunbathing and some of the men were quite keen to come along to join us, which we obviously weren't going to allow. Well I might have but Lis wouldn't. Due to work and other commitments, not a great deal worth writing about happened over the following weeks. I’m sure you will have noticed my steady progression with Lis while sunbathing and I had fully intended to get her to sunbathe naked and then maybe have a water fight or another tickle fight with her (cheesy I know, but that wouldn’t have bothered me at all). As it is, we’re just about to head off on our holiday. we’ll probably be there by the time this is posted as Mike as found out how to schedule posts for the future and I’ve been mailing them to him to put up. (The person I’m staying with up here while I’m getting things sorted out is quite precious about his internet connection so I can’t exactly call up my blog and do it myself.)

We did progress our plans for Holly, Jo, Lis and Jen though – mostly off into fantasy land, but we have a few ideas that might actually work and not get us arrested! The ‘we’ in that sentence refers to Mike, Jen, Lis and myself – in different combinations depending on who we are plotting against.

Sue was going to come up to visit as she had finished her work but I was too busy so we’ve had to reschedule that until after we return from holiday. Jen was going to come up with me to help look for places, but I thought it might be a bit odd asking if she could also stay (and I don’t want to destroy my reputation up here before I’ve even started!) I’ve met a number of people who mostly seem friendly enough (and one or two cute people), but I’m really not looking forwards to being up here by myself and only seeing Mike and Jen at weekends. To make it affordable, I’m going to have to book up trains and flights in advance.

The weather isn’t anywhere near as nice up here either – I came from hot sunny weather to cloudy with rain – certainly not as pleasant for an exhibitionist so I may be doing more of the travelling down to see people than they will be coming up here. Jen considered trying to transfer her course up here, which was very sweet but it might mean she would have to repeat a year as the course structure isn’t quite the same. If she did that though and Mike managed to get a job up here then it would be amazing as we would be able to be together properly.

It'll all work out though and if I'm here alone I'll just work hard in the week and visit Mike or Jen for weekends of non-stop fucking (which I'm sure they won't mind).

I've had to take care of myself for the past few nights and didn't bring any toys with me so it has been just fingers. That isn't really a bad thing though as it has been nice to have a chance to explore myself and see what feels nice. I'm obviously having to be quiet and have limited myself to just cumming once (but I make the build up take a while so the orgasms have felt really good).

I'll be heading back to York tomorrow to then go on holiday and we don't have net access at the cottage so I don't think I'll be able to post from there. I think I'll just tease myself tonight and not cum so I'm ready to see Mike and Jen tomorrow.


  1. I may have been distracted reading your adventures and have not taken in some of the less juicier facts, but where are you going to be based now that you will be separated from Mike and Jen?

  2. Anything worth having is worth sacrificing for.

  3. I haven't said where I'm goint to be yet. I'm deciding whether I should make things a bit more anonymous.

    I know that they are worth the sacrifice - but that doesn't mean I'm looking forwards to time apart.

  4. Thanks for the reply. keep the location a secret for the time being. Adds a little mystery to your escapades. R.