Sunday, 11 July 2010

More chatting with Lis

I met Lis the following day (Saturday). It was a pretty hot day so we were both dressed in light outfits. I had thought of different ways to move things forwards overnight, but most of them only led to fantasy situations (and I didn’t realistically expect to end up eating Lis in a changing room).

We wandered around a few shops and looked at bikinis and beachwear (being hopeful about the British weather). I got Lis to try a few on and got to go in to the changing room to have a look once each one was on (so I didn’t get to see her change). I got a nice view of her body anyway though and went to fetch something else for her to try on. When I returned and handed it to her (a nice pale green outfit), I didn’t leave. Lis said she was embarrassed and I reminded her that we had to be comfortable being topless if we were going to get Holly to join us (and I also reminded her that even little Hol had sunbathed topless with me).

Lis slipped off the bottoms of the former bikini (she obviously still had her panties on) and put on the new ones. She then undid the top and I swapped it for the new one. She has really cute little breasts – even smaller than Jen’s with little dark pink nipples. I know I’m not usually a breast girl, but Jen and I have enacted so many fantasies involving Lis that standing there with her half naked (albeit very briefly) was enough to make me start to tingle.

Once she was dressed, Lis asked why I wasn’t trying anything on and I told her that I had forgot to put any panties on so I couldn’t. She made a comment about it being very ‘convenient’ that I had forgot and I couldn’t believe my luck. I told her that to make things fair, if she wanted, she could come round the following afternoon and we could sunbathe topless in the garden. Of course, my imagination was working overtime and I loved the fact that Lis seemed to want to see me semi (or fully) nude.

We finished up and Lis got the outfit I had chosen. We decided to go for lunch and continued our conversation from the previous day. Lis asked a bit more about the sort of outfits that Jen had got me to wear and I told her about the naked trip to the shower and some of our sessions on the roof. Lis seemed to be amazed that I had been made to do all these things and I told her that I was intending to get my own back on Jen and would be willing to take any ideas (I was just planting the seed in the hope that Lis might want to get involved properly).

We wandered around a few more shops and I showed Lis the lacy dress (really a top) that Jen had got for me and got me to wear out a few times. Lis said that she would never be brave enough to wear anything like that (without underwear) and I told her that I was sure we could get her into it with a bit of work.

I had now pretty much committed to telling her almost everything (I thought I might leave the watersports out of it as that is really Jen’s thing). I invited her back for dinner, but she already had plans with her housemates so we just made arrangements for sunbathing the following day. I assured her that I would get Mike to go out somewhere so that she wouldn’t be seen by anyone (other than me of course).

I headed back home and made sure that everything was ready (not that I was keen). I decided that I should start to work on my own tan (if I don’t use high SFP I just burn so it takes ages for me to actually tan in any way). I laid a towel out in the garden and stripped off. Mike came out to join me and decided that if I could be naked, so could he. We applied sun cream to each other (he did me first) and lay down. It was a really hot and humid day and we were both soon covered in sweat and Mike decided that we should make the most of this.

I was lying on my back and I felt his hand sliding up the inside of my thigh. I opened my legs and let his fingers rub around my cunt and ass. I pushed back against his hand and he slid two fingers into me and then rubbed my juices over my ass. He was now lying right beside me and I could feel his cock rubbing on my leg and I reached down to play with it. I couldn’t move my hand much (I was still on my front), but I managed to wrap it around the shaft and stroke him a bit which he seemed to enjoy.

We could hear people in the gardens around us (fortunately the fences are quite high) and Mike asked me if I wanted to cum. I told him I did (obviously) and he started pumping two fingers into me and rubbing his thumb over my ass. We fantasised about me doing this to Lis and I described to him how she had looked in the changing room. He got me to describe what I had wanted to do to her and while I did this, he moved on top of me and slid into me from behind.

I told him how I had wanted to stand behind her and run my hands over her breasts and play with her little nipples to see how hard I could get them. I would have lifted my dress so I could rub my pussy against her ass and then lowered a hand to her pussy and slipped it inside her panties.

Mike was slowly fucking me with long strokes now and he told me to keep going and to make her cum. I described how I would have lowered her panties so she was standing in front of the mirror before removing my own clothes. Still standing behind her I would have resumed my fondling, watching what I was doing in the mirror, seeing my fingers run over her pussy and then delve into her.

We were now very sweaty and I got Mike to pull out so I could turn around and face him. He entered me again and we returned to the fantasy. Jen had now joined us and between us we fingered, fondled and ate Lis to multiple orgasms and then humped her spent body until we both came. Both Mike and I were really horny now and I ended up on top of him. He guided my ass up and down and we had to try to keep quiet while we had a pretty passionate fuck. I came first and then he rolled us over so he was on top, pulled out and came all over my front.

Between the suncream and the sweat (and in my case, Mike’s cum), we were both soaked and had a fair amount of grass on us (we hadn’t quite stayed on the towel – in face we had rolled a reasonable distance across the garden). Mike rubbed his cum up my body and onto my breasts (most of it had landed on my stomach). After giving my breasts a good massage, he moved his hands up to my neck and I stretched my head back so he could rub it. This turned out to be quite difficult for him to do given he was supporting his weight with his arms (and we’re still not going towards autoerotic asphyxiation) so he ended up lying on top of me and kissing and licking my neck.

Even though he hadn’t cum in me, I was very wet between my legs just with my juices and sweat and he slipped back into me. He wasn’t trying to do this, but said that it would be a shame to waste the opportunity and so started to fuck me again. We didn’t bother fantasising about anyone else this time and just enjoyed the feeling – Mike kept kissing my neck and I continually described to him the feeling of his cock in my cunt, how deep he was, what I could feel and how close I was getting. We would have liked to cum at the same time, but didn’t get it quite right and I came a fair bit before he did. The good thing about this is that I get to feel him continue to pump into me when I’m quite sensitive and it usually feels really good. He came in me this time and we lay with him on top of me for a while, dripping with even more sweat.

After a bit of recovery time and a much needed drink to replace fluids, we headed in for a shower. After dinner I ended up doing some work as I had avoided it all day (this is why it took me so long to do the final bits) and Mike just watched some anime (something with giant robots).

We had another (smaller) session in bed that night. It was much more gentle, mostly just spooning, but it was still so humid that we still ended up dripping with sweat (which I think makes it feel all the more intimate).

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