Saturday, 17 July 2010

More sunbathing

I spent a lot more time concentrating on work over the following week as I was beginning to realise that I couldn’t goof off quite as much as I had been. I still made time to see friends over lunch as my time in York was ending and I wanted to see them as much as possible (another reason why the holiday was going to be so much fun).

There was something of a conspiratorial air between Lis and I – I was slightly nervous that she might tell the others about some of my exploits with Jen, but I didn’t have to worry as she didn’t say anything. She was clearly looking forwards to the following weekend and I began to wonder if (with a bit of work), I might be able to convert Lis into another little exhibitionist.

As the week came to an end, the weather was still good and we made firm plans. At Lis’ request, I asked a couple of the other girls if they wanted to join us. I know that she was being impatient and just wanted to get Holly naked but I was a bit disappointed as it would mean that we couldn’t have the same kind of conversation. Nobody was up for it on the Saturday so we made a date for Sunday. Only Vicky and Jo were able to come (but my garden isn’t that big anyway). I managed to convince Lis to come round on the Saturday for another private session (and pointed out that we would be able to talk more openly if we were alone).

Saturday afternoon came and Lis turned up. It was another really warm and humid day and we were both already sticky with sweat so had a few drinks indoors to cool down and get hydrated before we headed out. When it was time to go out, Lis slipped her panties off and pulled her bikini bottoms on (under her skirt) and then pulled the rest of her clothes off. She was wearing a bra and I jokingly told her off for doing so and made a lunge for her to pull it off. She went to put her top on and I did at least manage to convince her to not bother and we both went out topless.

Lis seemed a bit more at east (or she had forgot about the office block). We oiled up each others’ backs and lay chatting for a while. As more of our conversations seem to do, we got around to sex and we started the planning on what I could do to Jen when she was here (or on holiday). I ended up running upstairs to get one of my eggs and showed it to Lis. I hadn’t told her about the time Jen had passed the remote around so related that story to her and I got Lis to hold it against her pussy (through her bikini) while I turned it on. Lis said she would be quite happy to have a turn with the remote if I could get Jen to wear the egg. I went in for some more drinks and slipped the egg into myself so I could play without Lis knowing.

Obviously with it inside me, it wasn’t going to make me cum, but it felt nice to lie there chatting and have it stimulate my pussy. I took it out after about half an hour (when I went in to pee). The rest of the afternoon was fun and I enjoyed ogling Lis, but I can’t remember much of importance to write about. Lis was happy to try to help me get Jo topless the following day and she left in the early evening.

I worked on Saunday morning (after being spooned awake by Mike) and he went shopping and got lunch together for us. When Vicky, Jo and Lis turned up, he headed out to give us some privacy. Lis was now a bit more nervous about going topless with more people around and I think the fact that Vicky also has large breasts (possibly slightly larger than mine) had something to do with it. Vicky was perfectly happy with being topless and she and I sat there and rubbed lotion into ourselves and Lis soon relented and peeled off her top. She was clearly shy and Vicky noticed this and made a comment about how cute her breasts were. We couldn’t convince Jo to go topless (she is sort of the Charlotte of our group – although not quite as uptight!)

I did get her to undo her top while she was lying on her front and oiled up her back (she has amazingly soft skin). I managed to get a little bit of side boob and a good rub of her legs and Lis later said (when we were alone) that I looked like I was enjoying myself).

The conversation was obviously much tamer but it was still nice to spend time with them and relax. They stayed for a few hours and by the end of the day I noticed that I was actually beginning to tan (slightly) and had managed to avoid burning so far.

The next few weeks were busier with work as I realised all the little bits were going to take longer than I had hoped and I didn’t get to sunbathe with Lis again over that period. We managed to find some free time a few weeks ago and I had decided to push things a little further. It wasn’t quite as humid a day so was a bit more pleasant and when she turned up (and Mike had left), we headed out back. I let Lis start to get ready while I got some drinks for us and when I got back out, I pulled my dress off and removed my bra.

Lis commented that I was naked and I asked her if she minded – she said that she didn’t so I lay down and said that this was how I had been sunbathing for the past few weeks (not true as I hadn’t had time).I said she could join me if she wanted, but she wasn’t feeling quite brave enough to do that yet. She thinks that she will be up for it on holiday though while her little Holly is around (her ‘little’ Holly who is bigger than her).

I made sure I put enough lotion on around my pussy so that I wouldn’t burn and lay fully exposed. I caught Lis glancing down at my pussy a few times while we were talking but I didn’t say anything about it. I offered to oil up her back and she lay down for me. I was very tempted to rub my pussy against her ass or leg, but I thought that getting to be naked around her was probably enough of a move for one day. I then asked Lis to do my back and lay down for her. She worked down my back and even did over my ass cheeks (not down between them) and when she was doing the back of my legs I spread them slightly and wondered how wet I must have looked to her (I certainly felt wet). I felt her hands work up the inside of my thighs and she got quite close to my pussy, but there was no contact. I’m pretty sure that she had a good look though.

We sunbathed and chatted for a few hours. Lis did comment on the fact that I keep myself completely shaved (although she knew that already as I’d told her ages ago) and I asked how her shaving was going. I was obviously hoping to get a peek and I think I might have been able to if I had asked (why didn’t I ask?) and she said that she is now much more used to doing it (although still slightly nervous). I told her that I was glad Mike or Jen usually did it for me as it made it much easier and I then took the opportunity to get up and have another look at the scar on her leg. Given we were talking about it, it was perfectly natural for me to stroke up and down the scar to see what it felt like (which I already knew from having oiled her a number of times).

I found out that Lis is fairly ticklish (especially behind the knee) and took advantage of this to have her writhing around under me. During the tickle attack, I gave in to my desires and allowed myself to rub against her a few times – not in a really obvious way though and I don’t think she noticed as she really is quite ticklish so was somewhat distracted. I kept my hands away from any ‘interesting’ areas though so I mostly behaved myself. Once again I was dismayed to find out that porn has lied to me and that when girls tickle each other, it doesn’t end up with them having sex.

I had ended up kneeling over Lis’ legs with her on her back (so my legs were spread wide) and I told her that we should develop a plan to attack Holly like this (I know that Hol is fairly ticklish – although not as bad as Lis). We thought that Lis could goad Holly into tickling her and then Jen and I would come to Lis’ rescue. We would hold Holly down and Lis could tickle her and if she accidentally ended up grabbing a breast or getting the odd stroke of her pussy then all the better.

I was aware that I was dripping onto Lis, but she hadn’t said anything about it (it was only just sweat, but because of the way I was crouching over her there were a few drops that I could feel falling from my pussy. I decided that I was probably being a bit too obvious and should get up, but I couldn’t resist doing this in a way that gave Lis a really good view. I went and got us some more drinks and reapplied some more lotion to my front (including my inner thighs and pussy) while we chatted. We got a bit more sun and then decided we had had enough (and I needed to get some work done).

When we went in to freshen up, I didn’t get dressed after my shower (I had a towel over my shoulder which I was using to dry my hair). It was only when Lis had finished her shower and started to get dressed that I put my skirt back on. With my encouragement, she went without her bra and after a bit more encouragement I got her to slip her panties off and agree to leave them off. I still didn’t get to see anything, but knowing that she was naked under her light dress was pretty arousing. I realised that I could have made use of her panties to masturbate while she had been showering but it was too late so I had to content myself with a quick fingering after she had left.


  1. when lesbians are concerned; some tickling between women ends in sex...I have heard

  2. Dear Andi,
    If only life were like fantasy... I suspect even You'd be worn out!

  3. Remember, with girls that have small breasts going without a bra really is no big deal and it may seem awkward if you push it to hard because you are focusing on something that honestly is not that big of a deal; in this way it gives away your motives completely and instantly. Kind of a tough concept for guys and women with larger breasts to fully understand, but true.

  4. Chris - Maybe between girls who are going to have sex anyway - but it hasn't worked for me getting Lis (yet)

    Anon - I think Lis has some idea of my motives anyway and I would still prefer to have small breasts just to make life easier!