Monday, 26 July 2010

Start of holiday

A bit late in posting this I know, but better late than never...

It was a much longer journey that I had anticipated, but we finally made it here. We've rented a huge cottage by the sea. It's a fair distance to the nearest town but I guess that's why it's so cheap! The benefit is that there aren't many other places around so hopefully we should have no problem finding beaches with nobody else around.

We've sorted out the sleeping arrangements and Jen will sleep with Rach on the nights she isn't with me as Rach and her bf split up a few days ago. I don't really know why yet but I'm assuming I'll find out during the week. Other than that, we spent the first day (or what was left of it) having a wander around the area and then went for a quick swim in the sea.

We had dinner together and then made a fire on the beach. It took a few attempts to get it started, but it eventually turned out all right. We sat around and chatted while drinking and the couples weren't too couply (we didn't want to upset Rach, although she seems fine). I leant back against Mike and he gently stroked my neck which probably looked innocent to everyone else but Jen and Lis gave me conspiritorial glazes as they both know what this does to me.

I wanted to ensure things started quickly (we're only here for a week) so I suggested that we find a private beach for us girls so we could work on our tan properly. The boys agreed not to spy (not that we trust them) and that will be my first job after breakfast. I think I've already seen somewhere suitable and there are a few places where the lads will be able to spy on us (because while I'm fairly innocent around my friends, if they happen to spy while I'm topless or even nude - that's hardly my fault is it?)

We all headed off to bed at roughly the same time and I was spending the first night with Mike (he won the toss). He got me to have a quick session with Jen first (which he didn't get to see). The aim was to get her juices on
me and to get her worked up before she joined Rach (so I didn't let her cum). Mike later licked me clean of Jen's juices and then ate me. We had to try to be quiet as our room was surrounded but Mike tried to give me the strongest orgasm he could so people would hear. It was a pretty strong one bur I stayed (nearly) silent and then managed a second orgasm while he spooned me and rubbed my clit. 


  1. Is Rach Jen's regular g/f?

    Hezi, U.S.A.

  2. ???

    No - I'm Jen's 'regular' (and only) gf.

    Rach is my ex-housemate (or rather I'm her ex-housemate as I moved in with Mike).

  3. Sorry about the mix-up, Jen's a lucky gal.

    Would you be willing to share Jen once in a while with another girl?

    If she wants to be with anyone else (Lis, Sue, etc.).

    Is that too personal for you & Jen? If so, sorry about it.

  4. I wouldn't like the idea of her just going off and having sex with a random girl, but the idea of her with someone we both like is certainly a turn on (especially if I get to watch or join in!)