Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Topless sunbathing

Due to our sweaty sex the night before, we were rather sticky in the morning, but we had to shower anyway as Mike was going to give me a good shave (just in case i ended up sunbathing nude with Lis). He was very mean and didn’t let me cum, despite giving me a good clean out with the shower (so I wouldn’t end up with cum stains on my bikini) which turned into aiming the water at my clit. He stopped before I came and then shaved me off and did his usual lick test to check I was smooth. Once again he stopped before I came and he explained that if I was feeling really horny, I might be more willing to take some chances to ‘push things along’ with Lis.

I actually thought this was a good idea and I had been intending on sharing a lot more details with Lis anyway so didn’t mind too much (and I tend to have wonderful orgasms after a long period of feeling horny so in the worst case scenario I knew I would be rewarded that night). We wandered down to the shops (after getting dressed of course) and bought some snacks for a picnic lunch. By the time we got back and I had got towels and suncream arranged (for some reason, it had all got muddled up after I had sorted it out the previous day), Lis arrived.

Mike said that he was going out to meet some friends (which he was) and when he left, I put the security chain on the front door so that Lis would know that he couldn’t get back in to the house without us knowing (I knew he wouldn’t do that, but I wanted to make sure that she felt safe). We had a chat for a while and decided that we would risk the midday sun (we are in York after all so it isn’t quite as bad as being on the equator). We laid the towels out and I made sure that Lis saw that I slipped my bikini bottoms on before I lifted my dress off – I didn’t do it so that she could see anything, but I wanted to make sure she remembered that I usually went without panties.

Lis removed her dress and was wearing her bikini underneath it (as I’ve said, she has small breasts so it’s not as if she needs a good fitting bra for support). I assured her that we couldn’t be seen by anyone and let her have the spot closest to the fence so that she was mostly shielded from the office building anyway. I didn’t hesitate and undid my bra and placed it on my dress.

We applied lotion to our legs and front and I then lay on my front and asked Lis to put lotion on my back. While she was doing this I let the porno scene version of events run through my mind and had to concentrate on not fidgeting around. Once she had finished, I offered to do her back and she lay down. She undid her top but remained lying on it and I lotioned her up and restrained myself from any ‘accidental’ side-boob touches (not that she has much side boob).

I went back to my towel and we relaxed and chatted for a while before I turned over. I added a bit more lotion to my front and rubbed it in. I encouraged her to do the same (I didn’t know why she was quite so shy – we were only topless) and she eventually did. I ended up asking her why she was so nervous and found out that a previous boyfriend had teased her (after they had split up) about how small her breasts were. I assured her that they were beautiful and told her that I’ve always been jealous of Jen’s breasts and wished that mine were smaller.

Lis (similarly to Jen) thought this was odd, but I reminded her about the lacy top that Jen got me to wear out and said that I had loved being naked under it and that if my breasts were the size of hers, I would always be able to go without bra or panties. Lis just giggled at this and admitted that she occasionally didn’t bother wearing a bra, but said that she has to be quite careful what she is wearing or it can be quite obvious.

This led to a conversation about nipple size and something I’ve occasionally wondered about: are there (roughly) the same number of nerve endings in nipples regardless of size. I told Lis that Jen’s nipples are much more sensitive than mine and that led on to telling her about trying to get Jen to cum from just playing with her nipples. Lis let on that hers are quite sensitive and that is one of the reasons that she has to be careful about going without a bra as the rubbing on her top can make them quite pointy so unless it is a thick top, it’s fairly obvious.

I almost slipped up and told Lis that Sue’s are much more sensitive than mine but managed to catch myself in time (I’m not sure how I would have explained how I know so much about my sister’s breasts). I went in to get us a drink (I had made up some iced tea – the alcoholic kind) and returned with two large glasses. I suggested that Lis turn over and offered to oil up her back again. I also did the back of her legs and restrained myself from brushing against her pussy while I did her thighs. Lis returned the favour and I told her that while we were away, she could put lotion on me and Jen and then offer to do the same for Holly.

Lis liked this idea and I again suggested that we try to get people to either sunbathe naked or at least swim naked. Lis wasn’t sure we would get many people to agree to this, but liked the idea. I told her that I would usually be nude if I was out here alone (I was kind of hoping that she would say she didn’t mind if I wanted to strip, but she didn’t). While she was working on my legs, her hands didn’t come quite as far up my thighs as mine had, but they were still fairly close to my pussy and I could feel myself starting to tingle. Lis finished up (probably oblivious to the effect she was having on me).

I thought it was time to reveal a little bit more to Lis and once again asked her if she could think of any ideas to get back at Jen for the things she had ‘made’ me do. Lis got into the spirit of this and after a while chatting (and drinking), she asked what the worst thing had been. I pretended to think about this for a while and told her how Jen had masturbated me (through my panties) in front of the others and made me cum. Lis was really shocked that she had done this and I decided to reveal all and told her that actually I had enjoyed it and that wasn’t really the most shocking thing that had happened.

I then acted shy and got Lis to beg me to tell her and I then recounted the coffee shop story and went into a fair amount of detail as to just how nice it had felt as well as how naughty I had felt while doing it (still not as much detail as was in the blog entry, but enough that she was fully aware of *exactly* what had happened). Lis seemed no more shocked by this than she had been by the earlier story and I noticed that her nipples looked quite firm so I think she enjoyed hearing about it.

I didn’t want to push my luck too far (as I’ve said before, I’ve grown very fond of Lis as a friend as well as someone to lust over) and I also didn’t want to burn so I suggested that we might have had enough sun for now and that we should head in. I didn’t put my bra back on (it would have looked odd with my bikini bottoms anyway) but I did ask Lis if she minded if I stayed topless. She said that she didn’t but was putting her top back on when I told her she needed to get used to being topless so that she would be comfortable doing it and this would encourage Holly. Lis went along with this and she left her top on the towel while went in for some food (and to cool off).

We ended up having the picnic on the floor in the living room and both sat cross legged and topless. I didn’t make any references to our partial nudity (but I did enjoy the view I had of Lis’ bikini bottoms stretched across her little mound. I could feel how wet I was and wondered if Lis would pick up on the scent (I wasn’t worried about her seeing any dampness as we were both sweaty and had sun cream on).
When we had finished lunch I went up and had a quick shower to clean up and then rejoined Lis (still just wearing my bikini bottoms). I asked Lis if she wanted to shower and she did – I had kind of hoped that she would undress in my room and leave her bottoms there while she showered as I assumed that she must have got at least a little wet and I wanted to taste her, but she went into the bathroom and undressed there (with the door closed). I allowed myself to masturbate while she was showering but didn’t let myself cum and was nicely buzzing by the time she returned (I covered myself up before she got back downstairs).

I was pleased with the way the day had gone (despite my fantasy porn scenes not materialising). I didn’t want to push things any further as I knew I was getting quite worked up (and a little drunk) and thought I might do something stupid. Of course I wanted to see if something else would happen, but I had the sense to back off and tell her that Mike might be returning soon so we should probably cover up. We went out to the garden and I put my bra back on and then slipped my dress on. I made a show of pulling off my bikini bottoms and told Lis that if I could do that, she could go home without putting her top back on.

She thought this was a good idea and just slipped her dress and shoes back on and stuffed her top into her bag. We actually ended up talking for quite a bit longer and I wished that we had remained topless as Lis went back to quizzing me about my time with Jen. I had to recount the events in the coffee shop to her again and she asked about the people who were watching and how it felt when I ended up rubbing myself and cumming.

We ended up having a look at some of the Pavlina pictures again and Lis agreed that she is very cute (especially her earlier pics). We even watched some of her videos (I don’t have any lesbian videos of her so we had to cope with seeing her being fucked). I think Lis ended up feeling as horny as I was as she decided that she really needed to get home (and I like to think that she went home to cum). Before she left we arranged to have another sunbathing session the following weekend (weather permitting).

Pretty much as soon as she had gone, I sent Mike a text to let him know I was now available and I stripped off. I went up to the bedroom and started to tease myself while thinking about the day. I ended up calling Jen and telling her how things had gone. Jen loved my description of Lis’ breasts and thought that things sounded very promising for the holiday. Jen encouraged me to cum but I was still holding off until Mike returned so I followed her instructions for a while but kept stopping before my orgasm hit.

Jen had to go so I was left to my own devices and managed to keep myself aroused for quite a while (and I had a play with a number of my toys). By the time Mike got home I was really ready to pop and he said that he could smell me from downstairs. I told him to hurry up and make me cum and he was happy to help. He dived between my legs and ate me, licking all around my pussy and clit and I came in no time. He kept eating me through my orgasm and I ended up cumming again before he stopped.

The double orgasm felt quite strong and I took a minute to fully enjoy the feeling. I was just about to tell Mike that I had expected him to fuck me when he pushed his cock into me (he had quickly got undressed while I was recovering). I was quite sensitive (which he was well aware of) and he made full use of that by fucking me hard and deep. He lifted both my legs up over one of his shoulders (so my cunt lips were pressed together) and continued to fuck me. I didn’t expect to cum again, but it soon became clear that if he held back from cumming, I would be able to.

It was a fairly strange feeling, quite a strong sensation coming from my pussy but with no clit stimulation and I ended up moaning and telling him how good it felt. As I got closer, I told him to push harder and he did so he was slamming into me. I really let myself make a lot of noise and concentrated on the sensations that his cock were causing inside me. Between moans I told him what I could feel and how close I was getting and then as my orgasm started I got even louder.

Mike kept going and my orgasm lasted for quite a while (certainly long enough for him to cum in my before I had finished). His orgasm was also fairly strong (and he hadn’t even had a day of arousal) but he managed to keep moving in me until I had finished properly (but I don’t think it was quite as nice for him as he says it can be too intense to be enjoyable after he has cum hard). I guess the fact the he is prepared to do things like that for me is the reason I’m marrying him!

We stayed locked together for a bit while we recovered and then lay beside each other to get our energy back. I’d had a triple orgasm in a short space of time and felt quite tender (but not in a bad way). We stayed there for a while and dozed off – when we woke up I (once again) had to get some work done to make up for skiving off during the day.


  1. So you're marrying Mike just for the sex?

    Works for me! :-)

    Hezi, Balto, MD. U.S.

  2. Maybe not *just* for the sex :)