Monday, 30 August 2010

Further holiday revelations

I almost forgot to post this today (and have now realised I was going to post it tomorrow so this whole sentence is pointless). Mike will be taking care of the posting soon until I get internet set up at my new place (I don't really think I should try to post from my computer at my new job!). I leave York tomorrow and start on Wed - but don't worry, we've built up plenty of entries over the past month to keep posts going for quite a while.


I generally think if myself as a fairly observant person and someone who cares about my friends – it turns out that this isn’t really the case. Out of all the things that I really should have noticed, I managed to miss the signs that something monumental had happened during our holiday...

I went into work late today due to oversleeping (only by an hour or so) and so had to skip coffee. Lis wanted to talk to me so we arranged to have lunch together and once I had spent the morning clearing out emails, we met up. It was another nice day today so we decided to sit out by the lake and found a relatively private spot. I was looking forwards to take the opportunity to ‘accidentally’ show my pussy (even though it needs a bit of a shave), but the chat developed slightly differently than I had expected.

Lis asked if I remembered that she had said she had something to tell me and I told her that I did. She was very hesitant but also noticeably excited and I’ll admit that I was really getting my hopes up that she had figured out that Jen and I would happily fuck her little brains out if she wanted and was about to ask us to do that.
Nope – that wasn’t it.

Lis had sex while we were away on holiday. I was quite surprised when she told me this and obviously asked who with (I couldn’t imagine Holly cheating on her bf – nor could I see when she would have had the opportunity). I briefly considered the fact that Lis might have been involved in a threesome with them but this wasn’t the case either. It turns out that on Wednesday night, after Mike and I had gone back to the cottage and fooled around while listening to Holly and Anna, Lis had been busy herself. She said that she had been feeling quite horny having known that I’d had the egg in me while she changed the power (so at least I had *something* to do with it) and was also a bit down as she was realising that Holly wasn’t about to jump into bed with her.

I had assumed that most of the others had remained around the fire, chatting and drinking but a couple more people had come back to the cottage after a while (presumably after Mike and I had finished eavesdropping) and Lis had decided to go for a walk with Vicky. They had wandered down the beach and Vicky had been asking Lis what was wrong – Lis didn’t initially want to tell her that she fancied Holly, but Vicky had noticed Lis checking her out while we had been sunbathing and said she had especially noticed how happy Lis looked when she was oiling up Hol’s back. Now I had obviously noticed this, but then I knew about Lis’ obsession – I hadn’t realised just how obvious it had been.

Lis swore Vicky to secrecy and got a bit upset but Vicky comforted her and told her that she would find someone. Lis swears that it was Vicky who kissed her first – initially just in a comforting way, but then in a much more passionate way. Lis doesn’t claim that she fought it and they started to kiss properly. Vicky was the first one to move beyond kissing (again, according to Lis) and she slipped her hand under Lis’ top and fondled her breasts. Lis returned the favour and freed Vicky’s breasts from her bikini and started to play with them.

Lis told me that she didn’t want things to stop and when Vicky pushed her head down to suck on her nipples, she eagerly did so. While Lis was doing this, Vicky pulled Lis’ top off and then removed her own. While Lis was telling me this, I could see that she was getting aroused (as was I) – her nipples were hard against her t-shirt and I spread my legs a bit to try to expose myself. I asked what happened next and Lis said that while she was licking and sucking Vicky’s tits, she felt Vicky’s hands running through her hair, over her back and down across her ass. Vicky then pushed Lis’ head down further and leant back. It was obvious where Lis was being directed to and she was feeling quite nervous (as well as very excited).

Lis’ fingers found their way to Vicky’s panties and she started to rub between her legs and said that she could feel the warmth from Vicky’s pussy. Lis pulled the crotch aside and pushed a finger straight into Vicky and then started to slide it in and out. Her head was now quite close to Vicky’s pussy and she could smell her juices. She tasted Vicky off her finger and was surprised how different she tasted - I told Lis that I wasn’t surprised as I know I taste quite different to Jen (and even Sue – but I didn’t mention that as it would have opened up a whole new line of questions).

They were in a fairly dark area, only lit by moonlight and Lis couldn’t see very much, but she could see the dark hair covering Vicky’s pussy and she went for it. She kissed and licked around the lips and then slid her tongue along the length. Lis then decided that Vicky’s panties were getting in the way and pulled them off before returning to work. This may have been her first time eating another girl, but at least she seemed to have learned from the boyfriends who had eaten her in the past as Vicky responded well to her touch. Lis used both fingers and tongue on Vicky and she says that she really enjoyed her first taste of another girl. She ended up sucking on Vicky’s clit and made her cum but kept going until Vicky told her to stop.

I was on fire by this point and knew I was sitting with my legs a bit too far apart, but I was obviously squirming around so it wasn’t as if I was doing a good job of hiding what Lis’ story was doing to me anyway. I asked what happened next (assuming that Vicky had then eaten Lis). Lis crawled up Vicky’s body and had another kiss of her breasts before kissing her properly. Lis was incredibly turned on by this point and humped against Vicky’s bare thigh. Vicky’s hands once more went to Lis’ ass and slipped into her panties and then she slipped a hand down the front of them and onto Lis’ pussy. Vicky made a comment about Lis being shaved and being a naughty girl, but this didn’t stop her fingers from rubbing up and down her cunt and then pushing into her.

I had almost got beyond where I could control myself and was pushing my skirt against my pussy with a hand and when Lis mentioned this I checked who was around, lifted my skirt up slightly and ran a finger along my pussy, telling her that it was all her fault. If we hadn’t been outside, I think I would have probably played with myself in front of her while she finished the story, but the middle of the University isn’t quite a private enough place to do that.

Lis said that Vicky told her not to be as loud and kept kissing her while her fingers rubbed and fucked her. Lis really wanted Vicky to eat her, but was also enjoying what her fingers were doing so didn’t say anything. They kissed and Vicky kept rubbing her until Lis came and then pulled her hand out of her panties. Lis said that she felt like she could have kept doing things all night, but Vicky got dressed and said that they should head back. On the way, she asked Lis not to tell anyone about what had happened and this somewhat shattered the thoughts that Lis was having about them going back to bed together and continuing things. Vicky said that she didn’t regret what they had done, but it had happened in the heat of the moment and even though she thought Lis was really hot, that it probably shouldn’t happen again.

I now understood why Lis hadn’t been feeling so good the following morning (and had been somewhat down for the latter part of the week) and I apologised for not having noticed and done something about it. I said that I thought Vicky had treated her badly, but Lis doesn’t see it that way – she has at least now had sex with a girl (even if she hasn’t been eaten by one yet – as I clumsily pointed out to her).

We had spent quite a while talking and decided that we should really head back to work but I told Lis that she would have to tell this story to Jen. She went bright red and said that she would be too embarrassed, but after a bit of encouragement, agreed to do this. I asked her if she could skive an afternoon off before I went to visit Mum and she agreed to do the following day (which also meant that Mike would be at work so wouldn’t be around). She said that I could tell Jen beforehand (as if I would have been able to resist) and then pointed out that I should probably close my legs. By this point, my skirt had slid quite a way up my thighs and while it wasn’t high enough for me to see anything, Lis said that I was quite clearly on display.
I considered telling Lis that I would have to go and play with myself to calm down after hearing her report, but decided not to (partly as I thought I should try to restrain myself until I got home to Jen). I’ve already got plans for tomorrow when she tells us both about this...

I came back to my desk and (as expected) haven’t really been able to concentrate on much so I wrote up this entry and I’m now going to head home early to see Jen.
Jen was disappointed that we didn’t go into town, but I appear to have made up for it by recounting Lis’ tale to her (and I didn’t have to be as restrained while we talked). We started off by sitting on the bed and I began the story. We were soon stroking each other while sitting (I still had my skirt on and Jen just had a robe on) but this progressed to us lying beside each other and fingering properly while I talked.

Jen thought it was quite mean of Vicky to not have gone down on Lis (and also didn’t really like the idea of Lis eating a hairy pussy). Once we had finished, we thought that we should go and have a shave so that we will be ready for tomorrow afternoon – I think the plan is for naked sunbathing while Lis tells us about her exploits (and if she gets as aroused as she seemed to be earlier, then we might get her naked too...)

Friday, 27 August 2010

Back in York

I’ve been guilted in to having to go home and visit Mum (but I was a bit distracted at the time) – I know that I haven’t seen her for a while (but I have been finishing up a thesis so I think I have a fairly good excuse). I’m only going to be gone for a couple of days. Jen was going to take the opportunity to pop home as well so that we can have the rest of the summer together, but we want to go visit her place together and play in the fields, so she is going to come home with me. I know that Mum still doesn’t entirely approve of me dating her, but she is going to have to get used to it as I’m not planning on giving Jen up just yet!

Back to today (actually quite a while ago now)... I woke up first and admired Jen sleeping next to me. I nuzzled on her breasts to wake her up and managed to get her nipples nice and stiff by the time she was properly awake. I thought that I should start off the way I meant to go on with getting my revenge and told Jen that we would go in to see Mike and she could tell us about her hairbrush exploits. We got up and Jen went to put her robe on but I told her to wait while I got something. I went in to Jen’s room where Mike was just coming around and fished out a new set of underwear for her. I got her to put it on and we both went back into Jen’s room. I didn’t see much point in me getting dressed and sat cross legged on the bed beside Mike while Jen sat in the same way on the other side of him.

I gave Mike the panties that Jen had been wearing the previous night which were somewhat stained with our juices and he took in our scent. Jen started to related her story to us and Mike asked for a clean pair of her panties to prepare for her – I handed these to him and he wrapped them around his cock (under the covers). Jen continued her story and told us that she had got into bed with Rach with just a short t-shirt on and then said that she was still too warm so stripped it off. They had both seen each other naked by this time (just getting dressed/undressed) and Jen didn’t make a big thing about it – she said that she had been hoping that Rach would strip off too, but that didn’t happen.

They chatted while they fell asleep, but Jen was also gently fingering herself under the covers. She had stashed Rach’s hairbrush under her pillow and while pretending to rearrange her side of the bed to get more comfortable, she slipped it out and pushed it down between her legs. She didn’t actually fuck herself with it while Rach was awake, but I was impressed to hear that she did get it into her pussy and then held her legs shut around it to keep it there. She squeezed her cunt around the handle while gently rubbing her clit and managed to get pretty aroused which made pretending to fall asleep quite difficult (I would have thought that the concentration on the pleasure would have led to her talking less, which Rach would have mistaken for her getting dozy...)

While Jen was talking, we could see Mike rubbing his cock under the covers and I started to stroke myself. I told Jen to do the same and she dropped a hand to her panties and rubbed. She told us how she waited for Jen to be asleep and slowly increased the pressure on her clit – once she was sufficiently aroused to not care as much, she pulled the covers off, spread her legs and took a hold of the brush. My instructions to her had been to not hold back and so she let out little moans while she started to fuck herself with the brush. I personally think that she had cheated by getting herself silently prepped while Rach was awake, but I liked the fact that she had uncovered herself to masturbate, so I was prepared to let it go.

Jen sped up her pumping as she got closer to cumming and is pretty sure that she made her usual mewing sounds – she said that she didn’t stop to check if Rach was still asleep at any point and just carried on until she came. She then lay exposed for a little while until she recovered and put the hairbrush back on her bedside table. Jen slept naked for the rest of the night and made sure she wandered around the room naked while getting her things ready in the morning. Rach didn’t say anything about this and seemed happy to change in front of Jen (but she didn’t stay naked for long). Apparently, Rach doesn’t shave her pussy, but keeps the hair trimmed short – I told Jen that she should have recommended that Rach shave and she might have got the opportunity to show her how or even do it for her, but that chance has now passed.

Jen was quite clearly aroused by the time she had finished her story – her nipples were clearly visible through her bra and her fingers were rubbing rapidly against her panties. I moved around behind her and rubbed my breasts against her back while I tweaked her nipples. I told Jen that she could put her hand in her panties and she eagerly did so. I pulled harder on her nips and felt her press back against me. Mike asked how close she was and she told us that she would cum quickly if I kept playing with her nips (so I did). I sucked one of her earlobes and asked her what she wanted me to do and she said to pull harder – I ended up pinching and twisting much harder than I can imagine would be pleasant, but Jen seemed to like it and pressed even harder back against me. I told Mike she was about to cum and he adjusted the panties around his cock (so he could cum on the crotch) and told her to show him.

He’s seen her cum before, but this was a much more direct display for him (and was apparently part payment for his help during my visit). Jen was nice and noisy during her orgasm and Mike seemed to cum at about the same time. I let Jen lie down afterwards to get her breath back and had a quick peek at her breasts, which looked quite sore to me. Mike slipped out to get cleaned up and while he was gone I stripped off Jen’s panties and she put on the ones he had been using. When he came back, she made a show of rubbing the cum-soaked crotch against her pussy and said she would keep them on. Mike slipped on a pair of jockey shorts and removed his robe – his cock was still pretty hard and tenting the front of the shorts so Jen could see that he appreciated her display.

We went down for breakfast and Mike and Jen continued to develop their plans for the domination of Sue (I still can’t see Sue doing things with Jen, but it makes them happy to think about it). I have a couple of plans of my own involving her and I guess it’s possible that things might go the way they want, but she’ll be here soon enough (she’s going to return from my visit home with me).

As we neared the end of breakfast, Mike reminded me that I hadn’t yet cum (as if I had forgotten). Given I was the only one of us who was naked, it was fairly easy for them to do things to me and I had to climb up onto the table and let them take turns at rubbing my clit. It was at this point that the phone went and I was surprised that Mike answered it (but he had left Jen to continue taking care of me). He handed me the phone and said it was my Mum. I’ve spoken to her before while he’s been doing things to me and I’ve got much better self control now so I wasn’t too concerned about them making me cum, but I was still a bit nervous.

I chatted with her for a fair amount of time – and to their credit, they didn’t actually try to make me cum, they just continued to tease me. The only thing that Mum noticed was that I sounded slightly out of breath, but I told her that we had been sorting things out in the house and she seemed to believe it. When we had finished talking, I was put on to Sue to arrange her visit (which as I’ve said before is simple, she’s just coming back with me after I’ve gone home). They weren’t so restrained this time and once we were sure Sue was out of earshot of Mum, they got me to tell her what was going on and stepped up their fondling. Mike pushed two fingers into my pussy and slowly fucked me with them – pushing them in as deep as he could before pulling the whole way out. Jen rubbed away at my clit and I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to hold back against them both.

Mike described the position I was in and what they were doing to me and then let her listen while I came until I was panting for them to stop. Sue thought this was unfair and said it had been ages since she had had any fun like that. Mike got her to admit that she had masturbated plenty of times (which we already knew), but said that we would make it up to her when she got here. We hung up and Mike and Jen tidied up breakfast things while I lay on the sofa. The rest of the morning was spent unpacking and washing so that I had clean things ready for my trip home and when I returned.
We remained in underwear (or naked in my case) throughout the day – even when we went to hang up washing in the garden. We decided to continue our tanning and Jen and I sunbathed naked in the garden (Mike promised not to peek). In return for not looking, Jen gave Mike a mini-lap dance and really rubbed herself against him (which he liked). They had another chat about what they could do with Sue and this led Jen and I to bringing her into our sex play that evening – Jen really likes the idea of having both sisters at the same time and doesn’t seem to mind whether we both do things to her, she does one of us while the other does her or she does one of us while they do the other (I know Mike particularly likes the latter idea, but I can’t see my lil’ sis eating me out anytime soon. Of course when I was in with Mike, he was more than happy to get me to act out just that scenario.

This led to a fairly strenuous session (I know he’s also looking forwards to seeing Sue again) and I woke up late this morning. Jen was already up and had prepared breakfast – I was pleased to see that she had figured out the bra and panties rule was meant for more than just a day and she promises to stay in them all the time she is in the house. Mike and I are heading off to work (Mike’s already gone) and Jen’s going to meet me in town after work for a wander around.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Group Holiday - Saturday (Return Journey)

Oops - I forgot to post this yesterday... I’ll be leaving York very soon so the holiday and my time since then were mostly used to store up as many orgasms as possible to see me through the cold dark northern nights :(


I woke up first and spooned Mike awake (okay, so I spooned against him and rubbed my ass against his cock until he started to wake up and was hard enough to spoon properly). We didn’t do anything strenuous, just had a nice slow intimate session with his buried deep inside me and stroking my neck. As we got closer to cumming, we started talking about our plans for the coming weeks, with Sue and Lucy visiting. Mike is really looking forwards to meeting Lucy as Pavlina is someone he used to jerk off to since before he even met me (and she featured fairly early on in our use of porn). I’ll finish sorting out her pics and put a gallery of them up.

He was hoping that Jen would come in and tell us about how her exploits with Rach’s hairbrush had gone while we were fucking, but she didn’t get up until after we had finished so we just had to make do with each other (we still haven’t heard about, but will do that once I’ve written this). I wore a mid-thigh length flippy skirt for the journey home as I had plans for the journey. We weren’t leaving until around midday lunch so had the morning to get things packed up and a few of us went for a final trip down to the beach (not to swim, just for a walk).

We set off just after midday and had Valerie in our car with us. I would have quite liked to have Lis with us, but Jen had already agreed to take Valerie home (I think she *really* enjoyed using her dildo and we’re going to have to go and find something similar). I’m sure if she asks Mike nicely, he’ll get one for us. We drove for a couple of hours with me in the front and Jen in the back with Valerie (Mike was driving). Valerie was sitting directly behind me which gave me the opportunity to lift my skirt and open play with myself – not in a ‘serious’ way (I wasn’t trying to actually cum), but enough that it was exciting to be doing it so close to our latest fantasy plaything.

We stopped off for a late lunch/afternoon snack and met up with a few of the others (we didn’t know where the rest had gotten to, but we weren’t really trying to drive back all together). Once we were refreshed (or at least as refreshed as you can get at motorway services), we got ready to set off again. As we were packing things into the boot, I bent forwards a bit too far and felt my skirt ride up at the back – I heard someone whistle and decided to show a little more so reached further into the boot. About half my ass was probably showing and my legs were far enough apart that I was certain they would be able to see my pussy and I got another whistle. I pretended to be oblivious to this though and finished arranging things before I stood up, straightened myself off and got into the car.

We had considered switching places around for the next stage of the journey, but I’d had a better idea while we were having our break so we resumed our earlier positions. We drove for a bit and kept conversation fairly sparse while we pretended to start to doze off (not Mike, given he was still driving). Our plan worked fairly well and Valerie soon seemed to be asleep. We obviously checked this a few times by calling her name, and when we were certain, I told Jen that this was her chance to cum right beside her. Jen slid down so her ass was at the front of the seat and lifted her skirt up. I told her to properly expose herself and she pulled it up so her cunt was completely on display. She spread her legs (as best she could) and started to rub her pussy. I watched her play with her clit, finger her cunt and even briefly slide a finger into her ass – of course I wasn’t unaffected by this so I started mirroring what she was doing. Mike could see my hands at work (but obviously couldn’t safely watch me in detail) and he could see Jen’s face in the rear-view mirror.

She obviously couldn’t make too much noise, but this didn’t stop her enjoying herself. I watched her get more and more flushed and saw the familiar expression on her face as she came. Even though mike was only catching glimpses of her face, I could see that his cock was straining against his jeans and promised him that I would take care of him when we got home. Jen wiped around her pussy and sucked her fingers then covered them with her juices once more. She straightened up her clothes and then leaned over to Valerie and curled up against her to have a doze. Valerie half woke when Jen did this but didn’t seem to mind (I doubt she thought that anything dubious was happening) – while Jen was arranging herself, she ended up with her hand on Valerie’s thigh and said that she fell asleep thinking of her juices being just inches from Valerie’s little pussy.

I hadn’t cum but decided to wait until we got back home – I didn’t cover myself up though and purposely sat with my legs spread to give any truck drivers a nice treat as we passed them. I ended up dozing off as well and didn’t wake up until we were almost back at York. We dropped Valerie off and headed home to unload the car. We could have returned it to the rental place, but decided to keep it for the night as I wanted to try something out later on (another idea gleaned from the internet).
After we had unpacked (mostly), we got a take-away and watched TV for a while. Once it was reasonably dark outside, I told Mike and Jen that it was time for me to show them what I had in mind. I went and changed into one of my tartan skirts and grabbed a few things before we all headed back out to the car. Mike figured out what I was going to do before we got there and I confirmed that I was going to try fucking the gear stick. I first wiped it down to make sure it was clean and then added a bit of gel to it for lubrication. The knob at the top wasn’t too big so I wasn’t worried about the size and it had a nice leather texture to it that I was looking forwards to feeling inside me.

Mike and Jen got into the back and both peered through the gap in the seats while I climbed over the stick and positioned myself. I lifted my skirt up, tucked it into the waistband, spread my lips and pushed myself slowly down onto the knob. It took a few attempts, but it popped into me and I then slowly moved up and down on it as I worked it a bit deeper into me. I didn’t get the whole length of it in me, but it was certainly deep enough that I could feel it pressing against the walls of my cunt. I couldn’t really play with myself as I was using my hands to keep myself balanced on the seats (the thought of slipping with it inside me was fairly high on my mind) so Jen ended up moving onto the driver’s seat so she could rub my clit.

This felt really good – especially as the tingle gel had started to work and had been pushed deep into me. Mike said he had an idea and moved around onto the passenger seat. He undid my top and pulled my bra down – not the whole way, but enough to free my breasts). He started to suck on one nipple and told Jen to take the other one. It was a bit of a squeeze, but they managed to get into a position that worked and I then felt a finger rubbing against my ass. It turned out to be Mike’s finger and he had applied some gel to it (I didn’t realise that until I felt the tingling start). As I got more turned on (which I assumed they could tell from how much I was moving up and down), he pushed it into me and started to fuck my ass in time with my own movements.

I could see out the back window of the car the whole way down the street and could even see people walking past the end of the street. I wondered if anyone was watching (the car was dark, but we do have lights on the street), but was too close to worry about it. I told them I was going to cum and Jen started rubbing my clit harder. I felt her biting and nibbling my nipple and started babbling obscenities to them. I had been expecting quite a strong orgasm given all the stimulation, but (while it was certainly nice) it wasn’t anything earth shattering. It did feel good with the gearstick knob quite deep inside me and able to press as hard as I wanted with it and sort of ‘stir’ myself as I gyrated my hips. I guess it was a relatively soft orgasm because I was being quite careful about how I was moving (even in the throes of orgasm, I still didn’t want to slip and jam it up in my cunt).

Mike and Jen stopped playing with me and admired their work (as if I hadn’t been doing anything). I stayed crouched where I was while I recovered and then got Mike to help me dismount (my legs were somewhat stiff). I walked back into the house with my breasts still exposed any my skirt tucked up while Mike gave the car a quick clean (we didn’t want to lose our deposit!). Jen seemed to know that I wasn’t fully satisfied and gave me a quick finger – when Mike saw this, he said it was time for him to get a turn and so we headed upstairs.

It was a surprisingly quick session, but at least made me feel a lot better – my clothes were pulled off before we even got upstairs and Mike was inside me as soon as we fell onto the bed. I didn’t really help matters as I rolled us over so I was on top and started riding his cock. I didn’t think it would be long before I came and told him to fuck me hard and fill me with cum for Jen. He always loves this idea and started pushing back against me hard. I was very vocal (it’s not as if Jen didn’t know we were fucking) and could soon feel my orgasm approaching. I told Mike to hurry up and he pulled me down on top of him and started hammering into my cunt. He also started to suck my neck and that was all I needed – I wasn’t actually cumming yet, but I could feel my orgasm rushing towards me.

It hit rather hard and I made a lot of noise – a mix of pants and screams I’m told. Jen could clearly hear me and said that she started to get ready to take over. My orgasm finished and Mike kept pounding into my cunt – guiding me up and down with my ass. It didn’t take him long to cum and he pushed into me really hard a number of times before we rolled over so he was on top (he was trying to keep his cum in me for Jen). He wiped him cock clean on my breasts and I gave him a quick suck. I was about to get up and go find Jen when Mike said that we should use this room and it would save me moving.

He put on his gown and went to fetch Jen – she was in her room and answered the door in a white lacy bra and panties set. Mike told her I was waiting for her and she sauntered past him (obviously teasing him). She found me lying on the bed with Mike’s cum just beginning to ooze out my cunt and said that if we were going to be in here, then she would need to fetch some toys. Mike had followed her in and Jen made a point of brushing her ass against him as she went back into her room. She soon returned and told Mike that he could sleep in her bed and then whispered something to him. I found out that she had told him to make sure that she had some nice wet panties to wear the following day and I was quite sure I knew how he would get them wet!

Jen looked really cute in her underwear and she climbed over me and lowered her panty covered pussy to my face and asked me to lick her. I started to lick at her panties and once the area was wet enough I could taste her through the material. Jen had lapped up some of Mike’s cum (she really should learn to give BJs and get it direct!) and I then felt her press a vibe into my cunt. I pulled her panties to the side and started to lick her properly and then felt her push another vibe into my ass. I reached over and fished around in the bedside drawer to find something to use on her, which isn’t easy when you can’t see what you’re doing, but I found suitable items. I pushed a small dildo into her cunt to get it wet and then put it in her ass while I put the second larger one into her cunt.

I think Jen had been expecting to be the one in control, but we’re back in York now so I’m in charge (and intend to make the most of it). We double fucked each other and I could feel the remainder of Mike’s cum running out over my ass. I told Jen I wanted to share a dildo with her and we switched position so we could get one between us. We fucked lick this for a bit and then once again tried to get the second double dildo into our asses (this is actually incredibly difficult to do while keeping the first one in our pussies) – in the end, we gave up and just reverted to humping against each other with the shorter one buried in us.

Once we had cum, I got Jen to put her panties (which were no longer quite as white) back on and I put the powerful egg inside them, nestled between her pussy lips. I resumed the scissor position and rubbed against the egg. It didn’t feel quite as strong for me as it did her – mostly as it had slipped partway into her, but I was more concerned with making her cum again and ended up fucking her – slapping my pussy against her panties and pressing the egg against her as hard as I could. I told Jen to play with her nips and watched as she tweaked and rolled them. As she got more excited, she arched her body up to meet my thrusts more and eventually came. We kissed for a while before falling asleep.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Group Holiday - Friday 2

We didn’t get to have much time at the beach before we headed back for lunch. Jen changed into short skirt to enable her to flash Lis a couple of times (nothing as obvious as she had done with Valerie – just sitting/standing or moving her legs in the ‘wrong’ way. She whispered to me that she really wanted to know when Valerie would use her dildo next and imagined her juices being mixed into Valerie’s hot little cunt. We haven’t made a great deal of use of Valerie in our fantasies (except in the group ones), but I think that might change and she could enter our regular rotation. While we were whispering to each other I pictured our prim and proper little Valerie in the throes of orgasm with us fucking and licking her and it was a very nice image.

I told Mike some of the details of our morning and our new found appreciation for Valerie and he approved (both of our abuse of hairbrushes and of Valerie). By the time I had finished, he was quite hard and said that he thought it was his turn for some fun. We slipped upstairs while the others rested in the garden before heading out for a walk. We wanted to go with them so didn’t plan on taking a long time and as soon as we were in the room, he pulled my outfit off and sank his cock into me. We had pushed the door shut but hadn’t fully closed it in the hope that someone might chance upon us and watch us fuck – we didn’t hear anyone around, but we imagined that we were being watched and put on an appropriate show.

I was on top and rode Mike’s cock while he reached around and spread my ass cheeks wide. I had my back or ass) to the door and was imagining everyone watching his cock plunging in to me while he pulled my lips apart to give them an even better view. It was very quick but Mike was rapidly pounding into me and guiding me by my ass so was enough to do the job. He actually came first (but he does really like this position and he wasn’t trying to hold back). I reached down between us and rubbed my clit until I came and then we rolled over so I was on my back. Mike pulled out of me and I carefully stood up while holding my pussy. I allowed his cum to leak out of me and I caught as much as I could and fingered myself with my other hand to ensure some of my juices were there too. Mike helped me get dressed again (so I didn’t have to use my hands and we headed back out into the garden.

The others were just beginning to get ready to head off and I offered to put some cream onto the back of Jo’s neck as she was looking a little pink there. I did at least get Mike to squirt some real cream onto my hands to mix with our own ‘special’ cream and then rubbed it around her neck and shoulders. While I was at it, I rubbed it over her chest (just the bits that were exposed – no breast play) and wiped my hands off on her lower back. If everyone else hadn’t been around I think I could have gathered another glob of juices and done the back of her legs, but without reaching under my skirt or humping her legs, I couldn’t find any way of managing that.

We headed off for a walk – it wasn’t anything too strenuous but we found some quite pretty scenery. Mike Jen and I didn’t walk together all the time but a couple of times we found ourselves at the back of the group which allowed Mike and Jen the chance to fondle me. I also took the opportunity to play with Jen while we walked, but they had the advantage in having two hand between them that they could surreptitiously use on me, while I could only use a single hand on Jen. It wasn’t as if either of us was actually likely to cum (or even get close) as this is somewhat difficult to do from behind, while walking, but they did manage to get fingers slightly into me and I did the same for Jen.

A bit later in the walk, I slipped my hand under Jen’s skirt while Lis was behind us, rubbed my finger around her pussy and then lifted her skirt a bit as I removed my hand. I would have done the same to Valerie (that’s flashing Jen at her – not fingering her) if I’d had the chance, but she was never in a suitable position in the group. Lis seemed to appreciate the view and said that she had something to tell me later on (hopefully she has decided to forget about Holly and wants to jump into bed with us). The rest of the walk was uneventful – just chatting to people and gathering bit of wood for later on. Everyone was saying they we wished they didn’t have to go back to work. I’m actually looking forwards to going home as Sue will be visiting and Lucy is planning on dropping by for a few days.

At the same time though, I don’t want this week to end – I’m going to miss my friends when I’m living far far away and I’ll have to find a whole new group of people to fantasise about (not that I have a problem with long-distance fantasies, but it’s harder to get hold of hairbrushes from the other end of the country!). Enough of that, back to the present (or at least the immediate past)...

We had a big picnic dinner which lasted for ages and then retired to the beach for our final bonfire. It was a fairly chilled evening (other than Rach nearly catching fire when a bit of wood fell over). I had Jen wear a pair of white panties and a short skirt so that plenty of people would get to see the panties while we sat around and chatted and Mike said that he certainly noticed the guys looking (despite having seen her in a bikini for a good part of the week – but I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that particular oddity before). I had to get Mike to be the one checking out who was checking us out as I had decided to be a bit more daring and had a dress with a similar length skirt on, but no panties. I was obviously being a bit more careful than I had instructed Jen to be (her instructions were to show off her panties as much as possible), but I ensured that throughout the evening, anyone who looked would have had a few chances to see my pussy (again – it’s not my fault if they were looking up my skirt).

Mike and I did consider heading back to the cottage early so I could try out Valerie’s vibe, but given it was our last night, we decided to stay with everyone and think of something to do when everyone went to bed. Mike kept stroking my neck throughout the evening and I didn’t cum, but got very turned on and fidgety. Eventually, people started to drift back to the cottage (or drunkenly stumble in some cases). Mike and I were going to wait until everyone had gone and then do things ‘in the open’ on the beach, but it was clear that we would have to wait for quite a while and so gave up and headed back to the cottage.

There was nobody else around downstairs so we started off in the living room. We knew that the others could come back at any time (or someone could come downstairs) so being completely naked was pretty much out of the question, but then again, that’s why I like skirts or dresses and no panties. I stood resting against the windowsill and Mike sat on the floor with his back to the wall. I crouched down slightly and spread my legs and he licked me. I could just about see the fire down on the beach and decided that I would probably notice anyone coming back to the house so I told Mike that we should try fucking. I stayed in the same position, but he now stood behind me and pulled my dress the whole way up so it was bunched around my shoulders. He slipped into me from behind and fucked me while he fondled my breasts (initially through my bra, but this soon got pushed aside).

We kept this up until I had cum (I helped out a bit by rubbing my clit) and then moved into the kitchen. As I’ve said before, because most of the food was shared, there hadn’t been much of an opportunity to ‘spike’ anyone’s food, but little Anna had bought some yoghurt that she was having for breakfast and so we decided to use this. I sat up on the table and pulled my dress out of the way while Mike spooned some of the yoghurt onto my pussy and let it drip back into the pot. He pushed some up a little way inside me and fingered it out before eating me (quite hard) to make sure I was clean again. We could hear people moving around upstairs and it sounded as if they were at the top of the stairs so I was being as quiet as I could. I had assumed that we would stop in case they came downstairs, but Mike thought this would be a good time to eat me ‘properly’ and I came once again.

Whoever it was, they didn’t come downstairs, but that was just as well as I was lying half naked on the table while I recovered. With two orgasms down, Mike thought that it was time for him to have some fun and he pulled me to the edge of the table, so my ass was hanging over it, and pushed into me. I was still quite sensitive and with my legs up over his shoulders, it was a very intense fuck. I’m not sure I came properly this time, but I seemed to have a couple of mini-orgasms. Mike certainly did cum though and made a bit more noise than he probably should have (we don’t think anyone actually heard though).

The cumulative effects of my week of sex were beginning to have an effect on me (both in tiredness and sensitivity), but I didn’t want to waste our final night so we headed back down to the beach. We took a different route so we ended up near the remaining group, but we hadn’t been seen by them. We knew that when we were sitting around the fire, our eyes weren’t dark adjusted enough to see too far away so we assumed that we would be fairly safe. Mike’s cum had leaked down my leg as we had returned to the beach and I was rather messy, but I guess that was all part of the fun. We had a direct line of sight to our friends (but were a fair distance away) and stripped off. I got naked first (but I had less items to remove) and knelt down on the sand on all fours. Once Mike had thrown his clothes over with mine, he knelt behind me, skipped into my cunt to get wet and then pulled out and pressed against my ass.

I pressed back against him a bit too eagerly – I know I had just cum three times but the thought of kneeling there naked and having my ass fucked while cum leaked out of my cunt, with my friends in full view was just too alluring. Fortunately, Mike had enough moisture on his cock and he slid into me (partway) and then slowly worked his way in more. He used his left hand to support himself as he leant over me and toyed with my right breast, pulling and rolling the nipple (not as hard as I do it to Jen). A part of me wanted to crawl forwards, pulling Mike along by his cock, until we were in amongst everyone and to let them watch us fuck – but the part of me that wanted to be able to talk to them the next day was sensible enough to not do this!

Mike moved his non-sandy hand to my cunt and started to finger me and rub my clit while he asked if I liked being fucked in the open and being a naughty little slut. I told him the naughtier the better and that I wanted him to fill my ass with his cum so I could be leaking from both holes. I flex and squeezed myself around him (much easier to do with the ass). It wasn’t too long before Mike came and he kept his cock buried in me while he finished me off (that didn’t take long). We had a bit of a scare when we thought there was someone walking up behind us, but there wasn’t anyone there.

We headed back to the cottage and only got dressed just before we went in. We obviously had to go shower before we went to bed (the bad thing about anal), but it wasn’t long before we were curled up and falling asleep. I told Mike about my instructions to Jen and he said that he couldn’t wait to hear about it.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Group Holiday - Friday 1

I still feel quite sensitive today after last night’s session so I took the rare step of not having a morning orgasm. Of course, this didn’t stop me from doing things to Jen and ensuring that she got woken up nicely. I ended up using a dildo and a vibe on her (just so she doesn’t get bored of me eating her awake all the time). It was quite arousing watching her cum, but I decided that I would restrain myself for the greater good (well, for the ability to cum more later on in the day anyway).

Once she was properly awake, we worked on writing up yesterday (this took a little while) and by the time we had finished, I was certainly ready for some action but still decided to wait. We went down for a late breakfast and Jen wore the shortest t-shirt of the holiday so far. It still covered her (just), but she had to be very careful as I had forbidden her from wearing panties. I intended to be a bit more daring with her (or I tended to get her to be a bit more daring today) but I hadn’t quite decided how. I had a few plans but was wondering about the best way to implement them. I knew that Lis would be getting a decent view of Jen but wanted to do this in a way that wasn’t obviously obvious.

Ever since writing the slumber party story where Lis uses Jo’s hairbrush to fuck, I’ve set myself the aim of trying this with as many of my friends’ brushes as possible (obviously using their vibes/dildos would be better (if they have them) but I assumed that most people wouldn’t take those on a group holiday! This was the perfect opportunity to do this – because we had got up late, pretty much everyone else was ready to head out well before we were so we said that we would catch up once we had showered. I told Mike what we were up to so he could txt if anyone headed back to the cottage.

We knew that we couldn’t take too long without it being suspicious (although people would probably just assume we were having sex) – so as soon as the last group left, we dashed upstairs and started ‘work’. We left Rach’s room until last as Jen could legitimately be in there (given it;s where all her clothes were) and decided to start in Lis’ room to make up for last night. We found the egg again and also found out that the battery was flat (so either it had been left on, or Lis really has been enjoying it). We found a suitable hairbrush and I used it on Jen before using it on myself. Given the time constraints (and the fact that we had eight rooms to get around), we clearly weren’t going to cum in each room, but Jen decided that she wanted to cum using Lis’ brush due to the fact that we use her in a number of fantasies. We didn’t waste any time and Jen lay back on the bed and I re-inserted the brush into her pussy. I fucked her with it while I licked her clit and it didn’t take her too long to cum.

We put things back where they had been and moved into Jo’s room. This was certainly one place that I wanted to cum so Jen just quickly pushed the brush into herself while I found some of Jo’s panties. I lay on the bed and inhaled Jo’s scent while Jen worked Jo’s brush into me. I imagined that Jo was sitting over me and I was eating her out while Jen fucked me with the brush and rubbed my clit. It was a glorious orgasm – partly because I’d held back, but probably largely due to having the smell of Jo’s pussy to work with as well. We straightened out the bed and put the brush back and realised that we would have to be much quicker in the other rooms (but as I’ve said, we didn’t intend to cum in each one anyway).

*Pics removed due to Google's no-nudity policy *

We went to Anna’s room next and I related (again) what Mike and I had overheard while we had a quick play and then moved on to Vicky’s room. Another quick play (while Jen fantasised about Vicky’s breasts) and we moved on to Clare’s room. Clare is quite cute and I found a picture ages ago that really makes me think of her. I wanted to do things in the same position as ‘she’ is in the picture which I will try to find and post with this entry when we return home (as you can see - I found it). I've got some other pics that actually look a lot more like her which I will post when we have finished sorting everything out. Just to make it more realistic, we found a pair of her white panties (sadly, she didn’t have any white socks) and I put them on. I knelt on the bed on all fours and Jen pulled the panties down slightly to just expose my pussy and fucked me with a brush with a nicely textured handle.

It felt really nice and I imagined Clare herself being in this position and me fucking her while she ate Jen. I really wish that we had thought of doing this earlier in the week as we could probably managed to both cum in everyone’s room if we had spread it out, but we had to make the most of the time we had. I told Jen that I wanted to cum again and if people asked what we had been doing we would just let them know that we got distracted and ‘forgot’ to go to the beach. They would obviously know we were fucking, but I doubted that they would guess how! I got Jen to fetch me another pair of Clare’s panties so I could smell her and let her go back to work on me. The handle worked really well (along with Jen rubbing around my ass) and I came while moaning into Clare’s panties.

Jen had a quick go with the brush but wasn’t ready for another orgasm yet so we tidied up and headed to Valerie’s room. As expected, it was immaculately tidy (even on holiday) – what we didn’t expect to find was a pretty serious looking dildo. To put this in context – Valerie is like the Charlotte of our group (SATC). She is really good at flirting with guys (and has had her fair share of boyfriends), but she is so prim and proper that I can’t actually imagine her doing much more than kissing someone. Given the dildo, I might well have to reassess my opinion of her though – it was probably at least as wide as anything we have (we didn’t waste time getting any of ours to compare them) and had that really nice soft-gel like skin coating it that means it is nice and hard, but with the same sort of soft feel as a real cock.

I really wished I hadn’t just cum so I could try it properly but I needed a little break – I had a quick try with it anyway. It felt really nice and I think we might be making another purchase soon. I thought that at least one of us should take full advantage of it and so I got Jen to sit at the top of the stairs and fuck herself with it. She had to work it in slowly but managed to get it in without it hurting (she is definitely getting bigger) and then started to move it properly. I sat behind her so I could play with her nipples and got her to imagine that it was Valerie using the dildo on her. I left Jen to play while I investigated Valerie’s panties – and there were some seriously sexy ones amongst them. I selected a lacy black pair and got Jen to stop for long enough to put them on. She then sat back at the top of the stairs, pulled the crotch aside and carried on with the dildo.

I sat behind her again and told her I wanted her to cream all over Val’s panties while I played with her nips. Jen was more than happy to oblige and was soon panting away. As she got closer to cumming, I told her that she had to make sure that Valerie (as well as Lis) got a good look at her pussy and Jen said that she was fine with that. I pinched and rolled her nips quite hard as she came and she made a fair amount of noise. Once she had recovered, I rubbed the panties against her pussy and then we put them back. I had a quick rub of the dildo against my pussy (which had now gotten quite wet again) before we put it back and headed on to Holly’s room.

Sadly Holly hadn’t brought her vibe (but we’ve both used it before anyway). Given that it might be my last chance to cum with something of Hol’s (although I’m sure I’ll visit her), I decided to go for my third orgasm. I put on a pair of her panties and once again found a pair of used ones to get her scent from – it wasn’t as good as being able to taste her off her dildo, but it was all we had. Jen found a suitable brush and fucked me with it while I licked away at the panties. I decided that we should do something a bit more and got Jen to climb over me (I know that we’ve 69ed a lot this week, but it’s a good position!)

Jen continued to use the brush on me and I stuffed Holly’s panties into Jen’s pussy (not the whole way, but enough that they stayed in her). I rubbed Jen’s clit and flicked her ass with my tongue and we each came (me first, but I’d had a fairly good head start). Jen rubbed Holly’s panties against my pussy and we put them back in the drawer – it was just as well that we had used a worn pair to push into Jen as we could bury them amongst Hol’s other laundry to allow them to dry a bit.

This only left Rach’s room, but we thought that we had really pressed our luck with the amount of time we had taken. We were way past the excuse of ‘we were just having sex’, but decided to quickly try to finish up. I slipped Rach’s brush into me and had a quick play with it and then set my challenge for Jen. Originally I was going to get her to pretend to be drunk tonight and to masturbate loudly enough to wake Rach up. Jen would have to pretend to be oblivious to the fact that Rach was awake and carry on until she came – unless of course Rach said something to her to get her to stop. While this seemed like a really fun thing to get her to do, I decided that it might be a bit much and could freak out Rach so the new challenge was for Jen to fuck herself with Rach’s hairbrush while Rach slept beside her.

Jen agreed to this (as if she had a choice) and we quickly got dressed and went to head out. I remembered that I hadn’t managed to get a smell of Lis’ panties so we quickly popped into her room to satisfy that need. It has always amazed me just how different Jen, Sue and I taste and at least now I know how each of my friends (at least the ones who came on holiday) smell so I can imagine a bit better what they might each taste like. Of course the only way to be really sure will be to get everyone hammered and have a massive orgy, but I think that will probably stay in fantasy land for now...

We headed down to the beach and did indeed get quizzed as to what we had been doing. Mike had told some of the girls that Jen was really upset that I would be even further away from her so we had wanted some alone time – this seemed to buy us a little cover, but given we both looked rather tousled, it was fairly obvious that we’d done more than just talk. Jen put on her cute face and tried to play innocent but it didn’t work that well. We both went for a quick swim to get rid of the smell of sex (pity) and then put on sun cream when we returned to the group. We only spent about half an hour at the beach, but even in that short time Jen managed to flash Valerie by pulling the crotch of her bikini aside to put sun cream on. She pulled the crotch the other way to do right up to the other lip and pretended to just be looking at what she was doing, but she said that she could see enough out of the corner of her eye to know that Valerie was watching. She rubbed her hand over her whole pussy ‘just to wipe off the last little bit of sun cream’ before straightening her bottoms and joining us all properly. If I’d know this at the time I would have found something additional for her to do, but I only found out when we returned to the cottage.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Group Holiday - Thursday 2

Thursday was quite a good day :)


A few minutes later, Jen arrived – she walked over to me (not quite from the right direction, but Mike had given her directions while trying to not let anyone else know where she was going). She stood over me, slipped off her dress and plonked herself down on my face. I hadn’t been expecting things to move quite so quickly but I adapted and started to lick away. Jen was quite wet and I later found out that she had been sitting and thinking about the upcoming session while I had been busy with Mike.

With her on top, I couldn’t use my hands properly (I was still holding Mike’s cum in my cunt) so I managed to tell her we needed to switch positions (this took a bit of effort as my voice was somewhat muffled by Jen’s pussy). We moved round into a 69 with me on top and I lowered myself so that my pussy was over her face before I spread myself. Not a great deal came out, but I managed to drip some onto her face and then rubbed it in with my cunt. As soon as I started to rub myself against her, Jen’s tongue came out and started to lick me, so I did the same for her. We didn’t do anything other than lick and finger until we had both cum and after a quick rest Jen said that she was going to send Mike back.

She stood up and dressed, then pulled her dress up and rubbed her pussy over my breasts and face. I lay back on the towel looking up at the sky (it was dark so I could see stars, but not dark enough to see any other than the brightest ones). Mike soon came bounding back over to me and Jen had clearly told him that she had left a present as he licked my breasts clean and then kissed around my face. He quickly undressed and slid back into me, starting off in the missionary position, but then he pulled out and lifted my legs up to my shoulders. It feels much deeper when we fuck like this and he used his full weight to press into me. I hadn’t been given much time to recover between sessions and I wasn’t initially sure that I would be able to cum again straight away, but he persevered and started slamming into me. This gave enough stimulation to my clit that I soon became a lot more interested and ended up thrusting my hips back against him so our bodies were slapping together.

He said he was going to fill me with cum again and then send Jen back over to finish me off. I really thought that another session with her (in such close proximity) would indeed finish me, but my pussy was nicely throbbing and I was nearing orgasm so I agreed (plus of course, I love doing things outside so I intended to fully take advantage of any opportunity). He reached down and around me with both hands to spread me further and pressed as far into me as he could. We continued fucking and I felt his fingers edge closer to my ass and then start to press against it. I was pretty close by this point and pushed back against him so he knew I wanted more – he replied by pressing harder and entering my ass.

Given the position we were in, he couldn’t get his finger very deep into me, but it was enough to feel good and I told him this. He encouraged me to cum and started to suck on my neck (a little bit anyway – he couldn’t quite reach it properly). I came again and it was quite intense but Mike didn’t stop moving. Once my orgasm had finished, he sat up so he was crouching between my legs and continued to fuck me. I ended up with my legs over his shoulders and I could feel him sliding the whole length of his cock in and out of my cunt. I’d already figured out that between them, he and Jen were trying to break me and I was determined to beat them – so even though the feelings were very sharp (not unpleasant, but only just bearable) – I was going to take whatever he could give.

Fortunately, he didn’t hold out much longer and slammed into me a few times while he came. He didn’t stay in me for long, but pulled out, wiped his cock over my pussy and thighs and said that Jen would be back shortly. I just lay and tried to recover, feeling my cunt pulsing and dribbling cum (I was surprised that he had managed to cum enough for it to leak out given our previous session hadn’t been that long ago. Mike got dressed and kissed me goodbye before heading back to the fire. Jen did indeed quickly reappear, slipped off her dress and sat over me in a 69 position.

I had decided that I was going to at least give as good as I got and pulled her cunt to my face. I spread her lips wide open and hungrily started to lick and suck her lips and clit. I had clearly caught her by surprise (I assume that she thought I would be spent by now) so I managed to get a head start (and a little more recovery time), but this didn’t last for long as I soon felt her fingers running over my pussy and smearing the moisture over me. Jen started to lick me and then pressed two fingers into my ass. I hadn’t been expecting this from her but I was determined to make her cum as quickly as possible and I wasn’t going to let it distract me. I managed to work a finger into her ass while keeping her lips spread and I attacked her clit. I went all out and suck away on it and rapidly flicked my tongue over it while pressing my nose into her cunt and wiggling my finger in her ass.

I was impressed that she kept doing things to me, but it was clear that I was winning and I soon felt her start to buck against me and I could feel her moaning into my pussy. As I’ve said before, I find this a real turn on, but I tried to ignore it and continued my assault on Jen. I was rewarded with the feeling of her shaking on top of me and hearing her panting as her orgasm hit her. Because I intended to make her cum again, I didn’t keep going at full speed and started to lick her much more gently until I was just kissing around her pussy. I had worked my finger out of her ass and I let her just rest on top of me.

I made the mistake of telling her that I intended to make her cum again and she said that the plan was for Mike and her to wear me out and instantly started to lick and finger me again. She reached around and under one leg and pushed two fingers into my ass, got two fingers into my cunt and used them to pull my pussy half open so she could lick my clit. Given what I’d already been through, I was already quite sensitive but I knew I had a stronger will than Jen (apparently I’m going to pay for saying that – but that will probably be in another entry!). I pulled her back to me and started licking up and down her cunt once more. I swirled my tongue around inside her (I can’t reach as deep as she can, but she still likes it) and first flicked my tongue over her ass and then pressed it harder against her.

Because she was slightly further down this time, I didn’t have as easy access to her clit with my mouth so I used a thumb to rub it. Lubrication is never an issue with Jen (unless you can have too much of it) and I started rapidly flicking the hard little nub back and forth while I licked her cunt and ass. I don’t know if it was Mike’s cum, my juices or Jen’s saliva, but I could tell that I was very wet – Jen was making good use of this and working both sets of fingers in and out of me. It felt really good and while a part of me wanted to ignore this and try to make Jen cum again, an increasing large part of me wanted to just enjoy what was happening as much as possible. I didn’t stop working on Jen (because I find that an incredible turn on by itself), but I stopped fighting it and allowed myself to really feel what she was doing to me.

She had managed to get up a good rhythm and was alternating between pushing into my cunt and ass and also had found a position where her tongue could get a fair amount of contact with my clit. I told her how good it felt and how I wanted her to make me cum again and then returned to working on her. I actually think that I could have got her to cum again before I did, but I didn’t want to interrupt her this time so I didn’t rub or lick as fast as I could have. She was moaning as much as I was so I knew that she was also close and a part of me wished that people would hear us and come over to watch. This fantasy only lasted for a short while though before I knew that I had reached the tipping point. I just told Jen ‘Now’ and she sped up and pushed deeper. I remember throwing my head back and moaning and then burying my face in her cunt once more to muffle myself.

I had expected this orgasm to be fairly subdued given it was my fourth in quick succession, but given what Jen was doing to me, it was anything but. Jen says that I was really shaking under her and that I pushed my face hard against her cunt. I knew I was moaning a lot and doing everything I could to make Jen cum but I wasn’t really paying attention as everything felt so intense. Each time she pushed into my cunt or ass I felt a ripple course through the whole area and her tongue was still lashing my clit. I couldn’t keep my mouth on her pussy (but tried) and in the end had to tell her to stop.

I had managed to do more to her than I had realised though and she told me to keep going as she was about to cum. I latched my mouth back onto her cunt and rubbed her clit as fast as I could. I was trying to push my finger back into her ass but she hadn’t stopped working on me and while I wasn’t cumming, it kind of felt like I kept having mini-orgasm and they were too distracting to allow me to get it into her. Even so, I managed to make her cum and she japed both sets of fingers into me as if she was trying to pull my cunt one way and my ass the other. She stopped licking me - but that was a good thing by this point as this allowed me to concentrate on scouring her insides with my tongue. Jen couldn’t really use my pussy to muffle herself, but fortunately she isn’t quite as loud as I am (mostly). On the plus side, it meant that I got to listen to some incredibly sexy whimpering from her and I was actually quite glad that her fingers were still inside me.

Her orgasm didn’t last as long as it felt mine had (although she thinks it was the other way around). I didn’t give her a nice come down this time and just licked and rubbed until she couldn’t take any more. Jen pulled her fingers out of my cunt and then the others ones out of my ass and rolled off me. She lay panting beside me and I thought that I had done a pretty good job considering. Of course, I was also exhausted, but I did my best to appear composed. My legs were still spread and I felt very empty (as well as very sticky). Jen got up sooner than I had expected and said that I had to stay where I was while she got Mike. I feared that he was going to come back for yet another round, but she assured me that she would be coming back with him.

Slightly relieved, I stretched out and enjoyed the way my body felt. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do anything more for a while but I still loved being on display for anyone to see (had anyone been around). Mike and Jen soon came back and brought me a drink (which was badly needed). I wasn’t allowed to get up so had a few gulps and then lay down again. Mike kissed me and tasted Jen off my face and they agreed between them that they had done a good job. I certainly wasn’t going to argue and I fully intend to let them both ‘use’ me this way a few more times over the summer.

Mike pulled out a Snickers bar and unwrapped one end of it. He started to rub it over my pussy and then slid it a few inches into me. I was still very sensitive, but it was soft enough that I could take it. He pumped it into me a few times and said that he was turning me into a chocolatey treat for Jen for later on. At that point, the thought of doing anything later on that night was beyond me, but with the two of them there, I knew there was no point arguing. He made a nice sticky mess and then went to eat the bar but Jen stopped him. She took it off him and knelt up. I assumed that she was going to use it on me and spread my legs in preparation, but she reached under her own dress (presumably to spread herself) and then followed suit with the chocolate.

Even from my vantage point on the ground, I couldn’t actually see what she was doing, but it was fairly clear that she was fucking herself with the Snickers. She only did this briefly before handing it back to Mike. We watched him eat it while Jen fingered me with one hand and rubbed herself (still under her dress) with her other hand. She sucked the fingers that had been in me clean and offered the other one to me. She suggested that we head back in to ‘clean each other up properly’. I only briefly considered going to say goodnight to the people at the fire as I knew that I must have been quite a mess between Mike’s cum and Jen’s juices. We headed straight back to the cottage and left Mike downstairs while we went to our room.

When I slipped my dress off and got to see myself in the mirror I could see just how much of a mess I actually was, but Jen pushed me back onto the bed and started to lick away at me. I had mostly recovered from our earlier session, but was still a bit tender. Jen wasn’t too forceful though and gently licked the outside of my pussy clean before swirling her tongue around inside me. I said that I wanted to taste her as well so she pulled her dress off and mounted my face.

We’ve done things with food many times, but I always forget just how messy chocolate is – it’s very easy to melt onto someone, but actually takes quite a lot of licking to get off. Now I had my breath back, I wasn’t at all bothered about how much effort it would take to clean and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was also responding to her ministrations. We hungrily ate away at each other until we were both clean(ish) and then moved around so we could try something else. Jen got into the scissor position and started to grind against me but I stopped her and pulled out our shared dildo. She pushed it into me and then mounted it before resuming her earlier movements.

Given what I’d been through, I thought that she should do most of the work so I lay back and just braced myself to give her something to hump against. The sound of our cunts slapping together seemed quite loud, but we assumed most people were still at the beach so didn’t worry about it. I told Jen that she wasn’t allowed to hold back on any noises and was rewarded with a nice display of her panting and mewing. I wasn’t exactly silent myself but did hold back a bit. With some more instruction, I got Jen to keep telling me to fuck her and then to fuck her cunt right up until she came. This helped me along (although watching her ride the dildo and feeling her slamming against me was also helping) and I just had to rub my clit briefly to cum myself (we still had the dildo buried between us).

We had to go shower before we went to sleep (it’s not good to leave food inside bits) and so I put my gown on. I told Jen that she could only take a small towel and so she had to scamper to the bathroom pretty much naked. She also had to carry the dildo – she thought that it was just so we could clean it, but I hadn’t quite finished yet. The water pressure was really quite good and I had been intending all week to have a play with the shower, but with the number of people we had (and only three bathrooms) there hadn’t really been enough time.

We started off by washing each other down and ensuring that we were clean inside as well – I then put the shower spray on to jet mode and started flicking it back and forth over Jen’s clit. I told her that she had to cum again and handed her the dildo. She spread her lips and slid it into her and then sat on the corner of the bath with one leg up and pumped it in and out. I spread the hood out of the way to completely expose her clit and used the water jet to stimulate it. I loved just watching her fuck herself and I wished that I hadn’t cum quite as much so I could have played with myself, but I was definitely done for the time being. I told Jen that she looked really sexy and that maybe I should go get Lis to watch us (if only). This turned into a fantasy and I described to Jen what Lis would do to her. We ended up (in fantasy land) with Lis eating Jen and me fingering Lis from behind – this is the image than Jen came to.

We were both pretty tired by this point but I set Jen one last challenge on the way back to the room. I gave her a slightly larger towel that almost covered her and she had to go and fetch the egg that we had given to Lis. I had expected that Lis would be back by this time as she still hadn’t been feeling that good, but nobody answered the door so we snuck in to her room and had a rummage around. We found the egg beside her bed but unfortunately, she either actually hadn’t used it (despite her blushing) or she had cleaned it off as we couldn’t taste anything on it. Just for good measure, I popped it into Jen and she popped it into me before we put it back and went to bed. If we hadn’t been so tired, I’m sure we would have done something in her room (possibly with her hairbrush), but maybe we can do that today sometime (Friday).

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Group Holiday - Thursday 1

Mike woke me up this morning by eating me and then took me from behind while I wrote up (some of) yesterday. He lay on top of me and moved slowly and I could feel him pulsing in me as I wrote about certain events. He became impatient after a while though and wanted to finish things off so I put the laptop aside and enjoyed the feeling of him inside me. I flexed my pussy around him and he pushed as deep into me as he could when he came (which means I ended up with dribbles coming out for quite a while).

I was brave and went down to breakfast without panties on (but made sure I didn’t sit on my skirt so I wouldn’t leave a puddle on it). When Jen joined us I took her aside and found out she was wearing panties so I confiscated them and then punished her by rubbing myself against each of her legs, leaving a mix of my juices and Mike’s cum. (Okay, so I would have probably done this even if she hadn’t been wearing panties).

I knew there wasn't much of the week left so I suggested another sunbathing session. Lis and Rach said they weren’t feeling up to it and Jen berated them for being lightweights. Apparently the others had stayed at the beach quite late, but most people had retired by about 1am. Valerie, Rach, Rich and Jen had stayed out another hour or so until the fire had burned out before returning home. I found out on the way to the beach that Jen had stripped off in front of Rach when getting ready for bed and that Rach had just slept in her panties due to the heat. Rach thinks that Jen did the same, but Jen waited until Rach had fallen asleep (almost instantly due to the time and the alcohol) before pulling her panties off to masturbate. She had spent the night naked and only pulled them back on when Rach got up to go to the toilet.

While she was waiting for Rach to return, she tried to cum once more, but Rach returned before she had finished so she had to make a break for the bathroom herself to finish off. When she returned, Rach was asleep again and she wished that she had waited so she could have done it there. She did slide over so she was right beside Rach, pull her panties down a bit and finger herself some more, but not to orgasm so it doesn’t count. I’ve got a new challenge for Jen, but I’m not going to tell her (or you) until tomorrow.

We got to the beach and stripped off. Valerie joined us being topless this time and this just left Jo. With everyone else topless, it was clear that she was considering it and Jen suggested that if she was brave enough to do it, a few of us would go for a skinny dip. I thought this was a masterstroke (and wish I’d said it) – Vicky said she would join in and slowly, Jo pulled her top off. Her breasts are beautiful – slightly larger than I had expected (even though I’ve seen her in a bikini all week, so I’m not sure how that works!). I tried not to drool and offered to do her back. I was (of course) in heaven and knew that I was getting quite wet and horny.

I think Jen could tell this as well and said that we had to skinny dip. I pulled my bottoms off (hoping that no cum would leak out) and Jen and Vicky followed suit. To my surprise, Anna also got naked and ran into the sea so we followed her in. We splashed around for a bit and dunked each other a few times (which allowed the odd slip of the hand). We didn’t stay in for too long though as we hadn’t put lotion on our front and didn’t want to burn. I was hoping that Vicky or Anna would suggest staying naked, but they both slipped their bottoms back on so we thought that we should follow suit. Jen and I did at least put cream on each other’s breasts and had a few (small) nipple tweaks.

While sunbathing, I made sure I got a good look at Jo and have burned the image of her semi-naked body in my mind for future use (I’ll need something to keep me going while I’m living by myself!) I know Jen enjoyed the view of Vicky’s breasts (but she likes large breasts) and I noticed that her (Jen’s) nipples were rather hard at times so I know her thoughts were running along the same lines that mine were. I put some more lotion on for people (it was a very sunny day) and between my imagination running wild while I was doing Jo and my memory of Anna’s noises from last night, I really needed to lie down again by the time I had finished.

I couldn’t get my mind to settle down though and suggested to Jen that we go for another swim. We told the others that we were going to swim out around the bay and after promising to be careful we set off. It was fairly shallow for quite a way out and we only really needed to swim for a short distance so it wasn’t too dangerous. Once we were out of sight of the beach, we found a suitable area on the rocks and Jen pulled herself out of the water. It wasn’t big enough for both of us, but with a bit of fiddling around, she found a way to support herself so I could easily reach her pussy with my mouth (my hands were occupied with holding myself steady, but there were rocks underwater for me to stand on so I was fairly stable).

Jen pulled her bottoms off and spread her legs, exposing herself to anyone out at sea (there were ships, but they were all miles away). I decided I couldn’t wait and pulled my bottoms off as well before handing them up to her. I know that my nakedness was hidden by the water, but it still felt really good and I started to lick away at Jen. She let out a moan and I encouraged her to be as loud as she could – we were far enough away from the others that I assumed the sea would drown out any noise we could make. Because she had to use her hands to balance herself, it was just down to me to make her cum (but I’ve had practice at this) and I licked her inside and out.

I’ve been considering trying something for a while and decided that this was as good a time as any. I told Jen that if she wanted to pee while cumming, that she could go ahead and do so, but to let me know when she was going to start. She asked if I was sure and I said that I wanted to try it out as I knew she would like it. Of course, we’ve done something similar before, but not while we’ve actually been eating each other. I had no intention of letting her pee in my mouth, but I had read about ways around this and being n the sea seemed like the perfect opportunity to not have to worry about any mess.

I carried on eating her properly and as she told me that she was getting closer to cumming. I told her to start whenever she wanted and instead of licking her, I pursed my lips and rubbed back and forth over her clit. This turned out to feel fairly intense (and we’ll be using it in future) and Jen started to cum quite quickly. Soon after her first large moan, I felt the rush of her pissing on my chin and lips (which I pursed a bit tighter). I pressed harder against her and rubbed back and forth and then (given how much she seemed to be enjoying it), I rubbed against her pussy. I wasn’t intending to do this, but I’ve learned over the past few years that I often find things that feel really good when I stop thinking about things and just let myself get carried away with whatever is happening. Jen certainly seemed to appreciate it and humped against my face.

I returned my attention to her clit but it wasn’t long before she finished cumming and collapsed back onto the rocks. I ducked under water to wash myself and when I came back up I grabbed a few licks of her pussy. I’m still not as excited by watersports as Jen is, but there is something exciting about doing something so nasty – coupled with the fact that I like doing it because she enjoys it so much.

We swapped positions and Jen started to lick me – she managed to position herself so that she had a free hand (at least for most of the time) and she used this to finger me. It felt really exhilarating being exposed to such a large area (even if there weren’t any people who could see me) and it reminded me of the way it felt when we did things on top of Jen’s building at Uni. I told Jen exactly what I could feel as she played with me and ended up thrusting my pussy onto her fingers. She told me to settle down and let her eat me and I felt her tongue push deep inside me (well, deep for a tongue anyway). This is Jen’s party trick (and I’ve been considering telling Lis how good it feels – although I wasn’t really thinking about that at the time).

I guess because she knew that it would be easy to clean up, Jen wasn’t being as tidy as usual and I could feel her saliva running down over my ass (either that or I’m now able to get as wet as she can). I was really getting into it and pushing against her face (although not too hard as I didn’t want to push her away) and I felt her press a finger against my ass. I told her to push it into me (which she did) and then pulled out and pushed two fingers in. I was in heaven and Jen says that I was making all sorts of interesting noises. She pumped her fingers into my ass and licked all around and inside my pussy. I told her I was getting close (as if it wasn’t obvious) and she said that I should piss on her. Now I had been expecting her to say this (given it is her thing) and I was sufficiently close that I didn’t even consider holding back. I did at least tell her that I was going to start and just before I started to cum, I let loose.

Oh it felt good! I think that really letting go of my inhibitions really helped. I let out a series of loud ‘uuuunnnggghh’s as my orgasm pulsed through me. Jen continued to lick my clit and finger my ass and when I looked down I saw my piss spraying over her face. I squirted as hard as I could in time with my orgasm and then had to tell her to be more gentle when it finished. She continued to lick me slowly and kiss my clit until I had come back down to Earth and I settled down onto the rocks.

Jen told me that she had loved doing that and I told her that given how it felt for me, she was welcome to do it anytime she wanted. She just said ‘okay’ and pushed her tongue back inside me and started licking – I wasn’t ready for another round though as I still felt quite sensitive so I had to push her away and tell her to wait for a while. We decided that we should head back to the others and I slipped my bottoms back on. I didn’t give Jen hers though and I pushed them into my bottoms so she had to swim back naked. This didn’t bother her and for the journey back I considered whether I should make her exit the water naked or not. I decided not to and handed them back while we were in water deep enough for her to put them on unseen.

It was just as well we hadn’t stayed for a second round as the others had been worried that we had been swept out to sea. They asked how far we had got and instead of lying and telling them we had found another beach (and then been found out if any of them had gone to see), we just told them we’d found a nice spot to sit and look out to sea. We had been gone longer than we thought and it was time to head back for lunch (we were both quite hungry, but probably for different reasons than the others!) We all got our bikinis back on and headed home – lunch wasn’t as much as we had wanted due to us not being organised enough to have gone shopping for the right things so the early afternoon consisted of another shopping trip to get food for the last few days.

We had a fairly chilled afternoon as it was quite warm. Later in the afternoon, the guys (along with Anna and Rach) had a game of football (soccer for my American readers) while the rest of us got the bonfire prepared (wood is getting harder to find). I teased Jen a little bit in front of Lis but we got interrupted (not that I had got very far). Dinner was fairly lively, but not much actually happened and once we had cleared up, we headed back down to the beach for our ritual bonfire. It was pretty big and I think we did quite a good job building it, but the guys have promised that they will outdo it tomorrow for our last night here.

We chatted and drank as usual and after a while Holly left and then a few minutes later, her bf followed her. I think they were trying to be subtle, but given how eager he was to follow her it was pretty clear what they were going to do. Someone (I can’t remember if it was Rich or Rob), suggested that we play strip poker and I hoped that people might agree. As expected, the guys were up for it but Valerie and Jo were dead set against it. I would have loved to play (and said that I was willing to do so), but in the end the idea was dropped.

I had already played out a number of fantasy situations relating to the game in my mind and was feeling a nice buzz. I had also been sitting in a way that ‘accidentally’ allowed a view up my skirt and contracting my pussy. All this meant that I thought it was time that I got some action – and if I was going to do it, I might as well do it properly. I told Mike and Jen that they could take turns and Mike decided that given it was Jen’s night with me, that he would go first. Jen was happy with this and so Mike and I snuck off (probably about as subtly as Holly had).

We didn’t go too far (just so there was *some* chance of being caught) but were pretty well hidden in the dunes. We found a suitable place and spread the towel out. There was enough of a moon that we could see fairly well and we slowly undressed each other while kissing. Mike was sitting down and I crouched down and sucked him for a short time before positioning myself over his cock and lowering myself onto it. He held onto me and we kissed while I rode up and down. His hands moved down to my ass and guided me to move faster until we had a nice rhythm going. I definitely prefer doing things outside and told him once more (he’d gotten a brief summary earlier) about Jen and I earlier that day.

As our session progressed, I started to grind back and forth against him (more pressure on my clit) while he pushed up and down into me. As I got closer to cumming, I tilted my head back so he could kiss and lick my neck and I could feel his breathing getting more uneven. Once more we didn’t manage the mythical Hollywood simultaneous orgasm, but we weren’t too far off. I came first and had to muffle myself so the others didn’t hear (we were probably far enough away that we were safe, but there is a difference between someone looking up my skirt of their own will and be broadcasting my orgasm. I finished cumming and Mike was still moving in me so I helped by riding him again (just a little bit). He pulled me tight to him and we kissed as he pushed into me a few times and then let out a moan.

He asked me to dismount without spilling any cum so I could share it with Jen – this wasn’t entirely successful as a fair amount came out as soon as I lifted myself off his cock, but I covered my pussy and lay down to minimise any further loss. Mike got dressed and headed back to the fire while I lay and prepared for round two.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Group Holiday - Wednesday

Oops - I meant to post this a bit earlier today but Sue is around ATM so I didn't have a chance (and then forgot).


Mike came in to wake us up in the morning with some orange juice. He said that we must have had a good night as the room stank of our juices and we relayed the show we had put on to him. I assured him that nobody got to see Jen naked but he still wished that he had got to witness it so we have promised him that we will consider a repeat ‘private’ performance (maybe when Sue is visiting).

Jen actually quite liked this idea (she still wants to try to get Sue and I into a threesome so thinks that anything that associates us with sex in Sue’s mind might help – pretty much the same plan that I have with Lis). I claim that she started stroking me first, but she says that it was me who started things – either way, we played with each other under the covers and watched the bulge in Mike’s trousers grow. He said it was unfair that we were teasing him but when we asked if he wanted us to stop (or to leave us to it) he said that he would put up with it and stay.

While we were playing, Mike suggested to me that I should openly touch Jen in front of Lis and see what happens. Jen likes this idea so I’m going to have to come up with something else embarrassing for her to do as part of my payback. I have an idea but I’m not going to tell her about it yet.

I’d worked my fingers properly into Jen by this point and decided it was time to move things on. I ducked under the covers and pushed my way between her legs and started to lick. I got Jen to slide down a bit to make it more comfortable. Mike had decided that he didn’t want to have to wait to see Jen fuck me with the bottle and was going to do it himself but they thought that it looked a bit too dirty to use. Instead, he just lifted the covers to expose my ass and used his fingers on me. After getting some of my juices, his thumb found its way into my ass and his other fingers alternated between rubbing my clit and fingering my cunt. It’s probably the closest I’m going to get to a threesome with them so I enjoyed it as much as I could but ended up overheating somewhat. I managed to stay under the covers until I had made Jen cum and then kept licking her until I had cum, but really needed air by this point.

Mike wanted me to suck him off (or fuck him – I think either would have done), but it was fairly late by this time and people wanted to get out to the beach. I promised him I would make up for it and he left us to go shower before we went down for food. We joined them soon (we decided to shower together – just to save time of course). We both had short(ish) dresses on and I had set Jen the aim of showing off her panties (white of course) to as many people as possible throughout the day. Of course she had to be subtle about it and make it look accidental, but she did a fairly good job and I saw that most of the guys seemed to get a good look (including Mike) as well as Lis.

I called Lis out on this on the way to the beach and told her to stop looking at my gf’s panties, but she knew that I was joking. We also asked her if she had enjoyed the egg last night. She claimed not to have used it, but we think that given the shade of red she went, that we might need some new batteries for it. We didn’t press her on the issue though.

We got to the beach and I convinced a few of the girls to go to the topless beach. Jo didn’t come (but she hadn’t been topless last time so I think my chances of seeing her breasts are fading fast). We had enough people to keep me happy though: Jen, Lis, Vicky, Clare, Holly and myself – the others said they might join us later on but I think Anna and Euan were planning on sneaking off for some alone time.

We let Lis apply the lotion again as everyone thought she had done a good job last time. I gave her the excuse to have a better fondle of everyone by asking her to make sure she didn’t miss anything at the bottom of my back so she could rub right down to the top of my (and everyone else’s ass). After I had done my own front, I did Jen’s. I didn’t spend *too* long on her breasts, but certainly longer than was strictly required. I also applied cream to her legs and made sure that I got right up to her bikini. Nobody was looking so I slipped a finger under the material and rubbed along her pussy a few times and then slipped it inside her. We then sunbathed for a while and just chatted and dozed.

I got bored and decided to go for a swim – a few of the others joined me and we splashed around for a bit. I managed to fondle Jen quite a bit but nothing serious happened until we swam off a little way to the edge of the cove. We still weren’t very far from the others, but given my hands were underwater anyway, it was far enough that I could pull Jen’s bikini aside and play with her properly. I told her that I wanted her to cum with everyone around and pushed a finger into her ass while I rubbed her clit. I figured that it would take longer while we were standing in water so I sucked on her (rather salty) nipples at the same time (she had her back to the others so they probably couldn’t see – but even if they could I intended to keep going).

The multiple stimulation seemed to work quite well, even in the water and Jen bobbed up and down on my fingers to help things along. She came (quietly) and I told her that she couldn’t fiddle with her bikini and had to just cope with however it ended up. We splashed around a bit more and rejoined the others and I had a quick feel to check she was still mostly exposed and then went back to the beach. I asked Lis to put some more cream on my back and when she had finished, suggested that she did the same for Jen. Jen lay on her front with her legs slightly open and I’m pretty sure that Lis noticed her pussy was on display.

We stayed there a bit longer before heading back for lunch (after putting tops on of course). We collected the others and returned to the cottage – on the way back I told Mike what we had been up to and after lunch I came up to our room to write up events so far.

There was another shopping trip later that afternoon to restock on some things and the rest of the afternoon seemed to disappear. It was my turn to do dinner (with Mike helping) and we did a simple salad with steaks and fries. I really wanted to be able to give Holly, Jo and Lis some ‘special sauce’ but everyone just took their servings from large bowls so I wasn’t able to do this.

We had our usual bonfire and with a bit of cheating, Mike actually manage to make me cum. He was stroking my neck in the usual way, but had also slipped the remote egg into me while Jen operated the remote (from the other side of the fire). At least I had assumed that it was Jen but I found out today (which is tomorrow from when this happened) that Jen had let on to Lis that I had the egg in me and had let her change the power settings a few times. I’m going to suggest skinny dipping to the girls today and see if anyone is up for it, but even if they aren’t (assuming the weather holds up) I think we’ll definitely be able to convince Lis to join us for some naked sunbathing when we return home.

Holly and Anna (and respective boyfriends) had snuck off back to the cottage early (presumably for some ‘alone time’). Mike and I also left reasonably early and quietly entered the house. Hol’s and Anna’s rooms were at different ends of the cottage so they probably couldn’t hear each other, but we had a listen in on both of them. Hol seems to be getting a bit more assertive and was telling him to push harder and deeper – I’m so proud of her! While we were listening into them, Mike slipped up my skirt and fished the egg out of me. I felt him rubbing his cock between my ass cheeks and then between my cunt lips – he did this until he was nice and wet (I was still quite moist from my orgasm by the fire) and then pulled my pussy open and slid into me.

I let out a slightly louder moan than I had intended and we froze, but I think that Hol must have been sufficiently occupied that she didn’t notice (I hadn’t been *that* loud, but in a quiet house it seemed loud). Once we realised we were still safe, Mike started to move inside me and I braced myself against the wall. We tried to be as quiet as possible so we could listen in and it was certainly worth it. I could hear Holly panting and saying that she was getting close. I whispered to Mike to make me cum and used one of my hands to play with my clit. He started to push harder into me and pressed his thumb against my ass and I pictured Hol lying on the bed with her legs spread being pounded towards an orgasm.

I was picturing Holly the way I’ve seen in some anime where the guy is partially transparent so you can see the girl being spread as he enters her. I found this quite a turn on (and I think Mike will be instructed to get some more of this anime when we get home) and as she came, I pictured he cunt being filled with cum and leaking out of her. They’d had a head start on us so I didn’t manage to cum at the same time, but I wasn’t too far behind and it was a pretty strong one. Mike helped keep me upright and I imagined diving into her cunt and eating her clean as I came.

We decided to make a strategic retreat just in case one or both of them decided to make a trip to the bathroom to clean up. Mike hadn’t cum yet, but given he wanted to go and listen in on Anna (I know he thinks she is cute), this didn’t bother him. When we got to her room, at first we didn’t think that there was anything going on, but after listening closely we heard what we assumed was sucking. We couldn’t hear any moaning so couldn’t tell who was doing the sucking/eating. Whatever was going on, they were being fairly quiet but Mike wanted to ‘join in’ anyway and so I knelt in front of him and started to suck away.

We never quite figured out exactly what was going on but from what we heard we think they must have been 69ing with Anna on top (which, given her size, would make sense). We heard Euan tell her he was close and asked if he could cum in her but she wanted him to cum over her. I pictured her kneeling in front of him (as I was with Mike) and imagined his cum covering her face and running down her body over her breasts and onto her legs.

Almost as soon as he had cum I heard Anna asking where the condoms were and telling him to lie back. Mike commented that she wasn’t giving him much time to recover and we soon heard the familiar noise of the bed creaking. Mike said that she must be on top and we pictured her riding up and down, swallowing his cock in her little pussy. I thought that Mike should cum and stopped to quickly pull my dress off. Mike helped me do this and I also shed my bra. I swallowed his cock once more and started pumping the shaft with one hand while fiddling with my clit with the other one.

I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock (having learned this from Sue) and looked up at him asking if he wanted to cover me with cum. He nodded back and I pumped even faster. Regular readers will know that BJs aren’t something I’m really good at, but I must be improving as with a few more swirls around the head and licks on the shaft and he said he was close. The first spurt went in my mouth, he pulled out and the second spurt hit my chin and the third my shoulder and left breast. Given I was kneeling naked in the hallway, covered with Mike’s cum, we decided not to hang around to listen to Anna finish (as much as we wanted to). We’d been there for quite a while and assumed that the others might well come back so I gathered up my clothes and we made a slow (dripping) retreat to our room.

I hadn’t cum for a while now so was ready for some more fun and I knew exactly how got ensure Mike got hard quickly. I told him that all we needed to do now was to get to hear jo having sex and then we would have the perfect thing to fantasise to. Jo was the first girl that I used in our threesome/lesbian fantasies (on account of her being so incredibly cute). I got Mike to picture, Jo, Hol, Anna and myself all writing around naked, fingering, licking and fucking and within a very short time, I had a nice hard cock to play with again (his, not mine!). He pressed me up against the wall and pushed into me from behind while he played with my clit with one hand and my breasts with the other.

He was quite rough and I egged him on to push harder while I continued to describe what my lesbian orgy would be like. He was clearly enjoying the description and said if I wanted things harder that he could do that. He pulled out of my cunt and pressed up against my ass. He said that we should practice for our sessions with Sue (we have a plan) and slowly pressed into me. I pushed my ass back against him and with just a few strokes, he was buried in my ass and then started to fuck me. This meant that he could now also finger my cunt as well as my clit and he pulled and tweaked my nipples (a little too hard at times and I had to remind him that it was Jen who seems to like pain – but he backed off so it was okay).

He fucked me pretty hard and said that we should make some noise to repay the others – I wasn’t going to continue describing our fantasy out loud, but was quite happy to moan and tell him to fill me with cum. I ended up playing with my other nipple and between all the stimulation I then came pretty quickly. Mike didn’t stop what he was doing and it became very intense to the point where I kept telling him to cum. He pressed even deeper into my ass and moaned into my ear then pumped into me a few more times before standing still. He stopped playing with my clit and nipple and we relaxed together. All he said was ‘fuck’ and then when he had recovered a bit more he said that all I needed now was to get Anna and Jo to lick me clean.

When he pulled out, only a little cum leaked out of me (but he had cum over me just a short while before). We went and got cleaned up and the house was still quiet so either people had come in while we were busy or most people were still out at the beach. I was a bit disappointed that Holly and Anna seemed to have finished off so quickly. We considered getting dressed again and heading back down to see who was still there, but ended up just going to bed and having nice traditional missionary position sex. I managed to cum twice as Mike was already pretty spent before we started, but he still managed to cum once more before we went to sleep so we were both happy. He also wanted to finish off the hat trick (mouth, ass and cunt) as we don’t do this that often!