Friday, 27 August 2010

Back in York

I’ve been guilted in to having to go home and visit Mum (but I was a bit distracted at the time) – I know that I haven’t seen her for a while (but I have been finishing up a thesis so I think I have a fairly good excuse). I’m only going to be gone for a couple of days. Jen was going to take the opportunity to pop home as well so that we can have the rest of the summer together, but we want to go visit her place together and play in the fields, so she is going to come home with me. I know that Mum still doesn’t entirely approve of me dating her, but she is going to have to get used to it as I’m not planning on giving Jen up just yet!

Back to today (actually quite a while ago now)... I woke up first and admired Jen sleeping next to me. I nuzzled on her breasts to wake her up and managed to get her nipples nice and stiff by the time she was properly awake. I thought that I should start off the way I meant to go on with getting my revenge and told Jen that we would go in to see Mike and she could tell us about her hairbrush exploits. We got up and Jen went to put her robe on but I told her to wait while I got something. I went in to Jen’s room where Mike was just coming around and fished out a new set of underwear for her. I got her to put it on and we both went back into Jen’s room. I didn’t see much point in me getting dressed and sat cross legged on the bed beside Mike while Jen sat in the same way on the other side of him.

I gave Mike the panties that Jen had been wearing the previous night which were somewhat stained with our juices and he took in our scent. Jen started to related her story to us and Mike asked for a clean pair of her panties to prepare for her – I handed these to him and he wrapped them around his cock (under the covers). Jen continued her story and told us that she had got into bed with Rach with just a short t-shirt on and then said that she was still too warm so stripped it off. They had both seen each other naked by this time (just getting dressed/undressed) and Jen didn’t make a big thing about it – she said that she had been hoping that Rach would strip off too, but that didn’t happen.

They chatted while they fell asleep, but Jen was also gently fingering herself under the covers. She had stashed Rach’s hairbrush under her pillow and while pretending to rearrange her side of the bed to get more comfortable, she slipped it out and pushed it down between her legs. She didn’t actually fuck herself with it while Rach was awake, but I was impressed to hear that she did get it into her pussy and then held her legs shut around it to keep it there. She squeezed her cunt around the handle while gently rubbing her clit and managed to get pretty aroused which made pretending to fall asleep quite difficult (I would have thought that the concentration on the pleasure would have led to her talking less, which Rach would have mistaken for her getting dozy...)

While Jen was talking, we could see Mike rubbing his cock under the covers and I started to stroke myself. I told Jen to do the same and she dropped a hand to her panties and rubbed. She told us how she waited for Jen to be asleep and slowly increased the pressure on her clit – once she was sufficiently aroused to not care as much, she pulled the covers off, spread her legs and took a hold of the brush. My instructions to her had been to not hold back and so she let out little moans while she started to fuck herself with the brush. I personally think that she had cheated by getting herself silently prepped while Rach was awake, but I liked the fact that she had uncovered herself to masturbate, so I was prepared to let it go.

Jen sped up her pumping as she got closer to cumming and is pretty sure that she made her usual mewing sounds – she said that she didn’t stop to check if Rach was still asleep at any point and just carried on until she came. She then lay exposed for a little while until she recovered and put the hairbrush back on her bedside table. Jen slept naked for the rest of the night and made sure she wandered around the room naked while getting her things ready in the morning. Rach didn’t say anything about this and seemed happy to change in front of Jen (but she didn’t stay naked for long). Apparently, Rach doesn’t shave her pussy, but keeps the hair trimmed short – I told Jen that she should have recommended that Rach shave and she might have got the opportunity to show her how or even do it for her, but that chance has now passed.

Jen was quite clearly aroused by the time she had finished her story – her nipples were clearly visible through her bra and her fingers were rubbing rapidly against her panties. I moved around behind her and rubbed my breasts against her back while I tweaked her nipples. I told Jen that she could put her hand in her panties and she eagerly did so. I pulled harder on her nips and felt her press back against me. Mike asked how close she was and she told us that she would cum quickly if I kept playing with her nips (so I did). I sucked one of her earlobes and asked her what she wanted me to do and she said to pull harder – I ended up pinching and twisting much harder than I can imagine would be pleasant, but Jen seemed to like it and pressed even harder back against me. I told Mike she was about to cum and he adjusted the panties around his cock (so he could cum on the crotch) and told her to show him.

He’s seen her cum before, but this was a much more direct display for him (and was apparently part payment for his help during my visit). Jen was nice and noisy during her orgasm and Mike seemed to cum at about the same time. I let Jen lie down afterwards to get her breath back and had a quick peek at her breasts, which looked quite sore to me. Mike slipped out to get cleaned up and while he was gone I stripped off Jen’s panties and she put on the ones he had been using. When he came back, she made a show of rubbing the cum-soaked crotch against her pussy and said she would keep them on. Mike slipped on a pair of jockey shorts and removed his robe – his cock was still pretty hard and tenting the front of the shorts so Jen could see that he appreciated her display.

We went down for breakfast and Mike and Jen continued to develop their plans for the domination of Sue (I still can’t see Sue doing things with Jen, but it makes them happy to think about it). I have a couple of plans of my own involving her and I guess it’s possible that things might go the way they want, but she’ll be here soon enough (she’s going to return from my visit home with me).

As we neared the end of breakfast, Mike reminded me that I hadn’t yet cum (as if I had forgotten). Given I was the only one of us who was naked, it was fairly easy for them to do things to me and I had to climb up onto the table and let them take turns at rubbing my clit. It was at this point that the phone went and I was surprised that Mike answered it (but he had left Jen to continue taking care of me). He handed me the phone and said it was my Mum. I’ve spoken to her before while he’s been doing things to me and I’ve got much better self control now so I wasn’t too concerned about them making me cum, but I was still a bit nervous.

I chatted with her for a fair amount of time – and to their credit, they didn’t actually try to make me cum, they just continued to tease me. The only thing that Mum noticed was that I sounded slightly out of breath, but I told her that we had been sorting things out in the house and she seemed to believe it. When we had finished talking, I was put on to Sue to arrange her visit (which as I’ve said before is simple, she’s just coming back with me after I’ve gone home). They weren’t so restrained this time and once we were sure Sue was out of earshot of Mum, they got me to tell her what was going on and stepped up their fondling. Mike pushed two fingers into my pussy and slowly fucked me with them – pushing them in as deep as he could before pulling the whole way out. Jen rubbed away at my clit and I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to hold back against them both.

Mike described the position I was in and what they were doing to me and then let her listen while I came until I was panting for them to stop. Sue thought this was unfair and said it had been ages since she had had any fun like that. Mike got her to admit that she had masturbated plenty of times (which we already knew), but said that we would make it up to her when she got here. We hung up and Mike and Jen tidied up breakfast things while I lay on the sofa. The rest of the morning was spent unpacking and washing so that I had clean things ready for my trip home and when I returned.
We remained in underwear (or naked in my case) throughout the day – even when we went to hang up washing in the garden. We decided to continue our tanning and Jen and I sunbathed naked in the garden (Mike promised not to peek). In return for not looking, Jen gave Mike a mini-lap dance and really rubbed herself against him (which he liked). They had another chat about what they could do with Sue and this led Jen and I to bringing her into our sex play that evening – Jen really likes the idea of having both sisters at the same time and doesn’t seem to mind whether we both do things to her, she does one of us while the other does her or she does one of us while they do the other (I know Mike particularly likes the latter idea, but I can’t see my lil’ sis eating me out anytime soon. Of course when I was in with Mike, he was more than happy to get me to act out just that scenario.

This led to a fairly strenuous session (I know he’s also looking forwards to seeing Sue again) and I woke up late this morning. Jen was already up and had prepared breakfast – I was pleased to see that she had figured out the bra and panties rule was meant for more than just a day and she promises to stay in them all the time she is in the house. Mike and I are heading off to work (Mike’s already gone) and Jen’s going to meet me in town after work for a wander around.


  1. "Jen really likes the idea of having both sisters at the same time"

    I bet about as much as Mike does. :-)

  2. Of course - but he actually gets to do it while Jen isn't likely to (but she can dream!)