Monday, 30 August 2010

Further holiday revelations

I almost forgot to post this today (and have now realised I was going to post it tomorrow so this whole sentence is pointless). Mike will be taking care of the posting soon until I get internet set up at my new place (I don't really think I should try to post from my computer at my new job!). I leave York tomorrow and start on Wed - but don't worry, we've built up plenty of entries over the past month to keep posts going for quite a while.


I generally think if myself as a fairly observant person and someone who cares about my friends – it turns out that this isn’t really the case. Out of all the things that I really should have noticed, I managed to miss the signs that something monumental had happened during our holiday...

I went into work late today due to oversleeping (only by an hour or so) and so had to skip coffee. Lis wanted to talk to me so we arranged to have lunch together and once I had spent the morning clearing out emails, we met up. It was another nice day today so we decided to sit out by the lake and found a relatively private spot. I was looking forwards to take the opportunity to ‘accidentally’ show my pussy (even though it needs a bit of a shave), but the chat developed slightly differently than I had expected.

Lis asked if I remembered that she had said she had something to tell me and I told her that I did. She was very hesitant but also noticeably excited and I’ll admit that I was really getting my hopes up that she had figured out that Jen and I would happily fuck her little brains out if she wanted and was about to ask us to do that.
Nope – that wasn’t it.

Lis had sex while we were away on holiday. I was quite surprised when she told me this and obviously asked who with (I couldn’t imagine Holly cheating on her bf – nor could I see when she would have had the opportunity). I briefly considered the fact that Lis might have been involved in a threesome with them but this wasn’t the case either. It turns out that on Wednesday night, after Mike and I had gone back to the cottage and fooled around while listening to Holly and Anna, Lis had been busy herself. She said that she had been feeling quite horny having known that I’d had the egg in me while she changed the power (so at least I had *something* to do with it) and was also a bit down as she was realising that Holly wasn’t about to jump into bed with her.

I had assumed that most of the others had remained around the fire, chatting and drinking but a couple more people had come back to the cottage after a while (presumably after Mike and I had finished eavesdropping) and Lis had decided to go for a walk with Vicky. They had wandered down the beach and Vicky had been asking Lis what was wrong – Lis didn’t initially want to tell her that she fancied Holly, but Vicky had noticed Lis checking her out while we had been sunbathing and said she had especially noticed how happy Lis looked when she was oiling up Hol’s back. Now I had obviously noticed this, but then I knew about Lis’ obsession – I hadn’t realised just how obvious it had been.

Lis swore Vicky to secrecy and got a bit upset but Vicky comforted her and told her that she would find someone. Lis swears that it was Vicky who kissed her first – initially just in a comforting way, but then in a much more passionate way. Lis doesn’t claim that she fought it and they started to kiss properly. Vicky was the first one to move beyond kissing (again, according to Lis) and she slipped her hand under Lis’ top and fondled her breasts. Lis returned the favour and freed Vicky’s breasts from her bikini and started to play with them.

Lis told me that she didn’t want things to stop and when Vicky pushed her head down to suck on her nipples, she eagerly did so. While Lis was doing this, Vicky pulled Lis’ top off and then removed her own. While Lis was telling me this, I could see that she was getting aroused (as was I) – her nipples were hard against her t-shirt and I spread my legs a bit to try to expose myself. I asked what happened next and Lis said that while she was licking and sucking Vicky’s tits, she felt Vicky’s hands running through her hair, over her back and down across her ass. Vicky then pushed Lis’ head down further and leant back. It was obvious where Lis was being directed to and she was feeling quite nervous (as well as very excited).

Lis’ fingers found their way to Vicky’s panties and she started to rub between her legs and said that she could feel the warmth from Vicky’s pussy. Lis pulled the crotch aside and pushed a finger straight into Vicky and then started to slide it in and out. Her head was now quite close to Vicky’s pussy and she could smell her juices. She tasted Vicky off her finger and was surprised how different she tasted - I told Lis that I wasn’t surprised as I know I taste quite different to Jen (and even Sue – but I didn’t mention that as it would have opened up a whole new line of questions).

They were in a fairly dark area, only lit by moonlight and Lis couldn’t see very much, but she could see the dark hair covering Vicky’s pussy and she went for it. She kissed and licked around the lips and then slid her tongue along the length. Lis then decided that Vicky’s panties were getting in the way and pulled them off before returning to work. This may have been her first time eating another girl, but at least she seemed to have learned from the boyfriends who had eaten her in the past as Vicky responded well to her touch. Lis used both fingers and tongue on Vicky and she says that she really enjoyed her first taste of another girl. She ended up sucking on Vicky’s clit and made her cum but kept going until Vicky told her to stop.

I was on fire by this point and knew I was sitting with my legs a bit too far apart, but I was obviously squirming around so it wasn’t as if I was doing a good job of hiding what Lis’ story was doing to me anyway. I asked what happened next (assuming that Vicky had then eaten Lis). Lis crawled up Vicky’s body and had another kiss of her breasts before kissing her properly. Lis was incredibly turned on by this point and humped against Vicky’s bare thigh. Vicky’s hands once more went to Lis’ ass and slipped into her panties and then she slipped a hand down the front of them and onto Lis’ pussy. Vicky made a comment about Lis being shaved and being a naughty girl, but this didn’t stop her fingers from rubbing up and down her cunt and then pushing into her.

I had almost got beyond where I could control myself and was pushing my skirt against my pussy with a hand and when Lis mentioned this I checked who was around, lifted my skirt up slightly and ran a finger along my pussy, telling her that it was all her fault. If we hadn’t been outside, I think I would have probably played with myself in front of her while she finished the story, but the middle of the University isn’t quite a private enough place to do that.

Lis said that Vicky told her not to be as loud and kept kissing her while her fingers rubbed and fucked her. Lis really wanted Vicky to eat her, but was also enjoying what her fingers were doing so didn’t say anything. They kissed and Vicky kept rubbing her until Lis came and then pulled her hand out of her panties. Lis said that she felt like she could have kept doing things all night, but Vicky got dressed and said that they should head back. On the way, she asked Lis not to tell anyone about what had happened and this somewhat shattered the thoughts that Lis was having about them going back to bed together and continuing things. Vicky said that she didn’t regret what they had done, but it had happened in the heat of the moment and even though she thought Lis was really hot, that it probably shouldn’t happen again.

I now understood why Lis hadn’t been feeling so good the following morning (and had been somewhat down for the latter part of the week) and I apologised for not having noticed and done something about it. I said that I thought Vicky had treated her badly, but Lis doesn’t see it that way – she has at least now had sex with a girl (even if she hasn’t been eaten by one yet – as I clumsily pointed out to her).

We had spent quite a while talking and decided that we should really head back to work but I told Lis that she would have to tell this story to Jen. She went bright red and said that she would be too embarrassed, but after a bit of encouragement, agreed to do this. I asked her if she could skive an afternoon off before I went to visit Mum and she agreed to do the following day (which also meant that Mike would be at work so wouldn’t be around). She said that I could tell Jen beforehand (as if I would have been able to resist) and then pointed out that I should probably close my legs. By this point, my skirt had slid quite a way up my thighs and while it wasn’t high enough for me to see anything, Lis said that I was quite clearly on display.
I considered telling Lis that I would have to go and play with myself to calm down after hearing her report, but decided not to (partly as I thought I should try to restrain myself until I got home to Jen). I’ve already got plans for tomorrow when she tells us both about this...

I came back to my desk and (as expected) haven’t really been able to concentrate on much so I wrote up this entry and I’m now going to head home early to see Jen.
Jen was disappointed that we didn’t go into town, but I appear to have made up for it by recounting Lis’ tale to her (and I didn’t have to be as restrained while we talked). We started off by sitting on the bed and I began the story. We were soon stroking each other while sitting (I still had my skirt on and Jen just had a robe on) but this progressed to us lying beside each other and fingering properly while I talked.

Jen thought it was quite mean of Vicky to not have gone down on Lis (and also didn’t really like the idea of Lis eating a hairy pussy). Once we had finished, we thought that we should go and have a shave so that we will be ready for tomorrow afternoon – I think the plan is for naked sunbathing while Lis tells us about her exploits (and if she gets as aroused as she seemed to be earlier, then we might get her naked too...)


  1. I am amazed at how you can keep writing such hot stories. My cock has been hard all lunchtime reading about your holiday adventures.

    I have to calm down before I can leave my desk as otherwise my trousers would be as tented as Mikes boxers!

    I love the way Jen teases Mike, if she stays in underwear he will have to buy her something see-through :)

    Hopefully I will be up to date by the end of this month.

    Cheers, John

  2. She is very good at teasing him (but then again all she has to do is be near him). I'm glad you and your cock enjoy our stories - the next month or so gets even better when Sue comes back to visit...