Monday, 16 August 2010

Group Holiday - Friday 1

I still feel quite sensitive today after last night’s session so I took the rare step of not having a morning orgasm. Of course, this didn’t stop me from doing things to Jen and ensuring that she got woken up nicely. I ended up using a dildo and a vibe on her (just so she doesn’t get bored of me eating her awake all the time). It was quite arousing watching her cum, but I decided that I would restrain myself for the greater good (well, for the ability to cum more later on in the day anyway).

Once she was properly awake, we worked on writing up yesterday (this took a little while) and by the time we had finished, I was certainly ready for some action but still decided to wait. We went down for a late breakfast and Jen wore the shortest t-shirt of the holiday so far. It still covered her (just), but she had to be very careful as I had forbidden her from wearing panties. I intended to be a bit more daring with her (or I tended to get her to be a bit more daring today) but I hadn’t quite decided how. I had a few plans but was wondering about the best way to implement them. I knew that Lis would be getting a decent view of Jen but wanted to do this in a way that wasn’t obviously obvious.

Ever since writing the slumber party story where Lis uses Jo’s hairbrush to fuck, I’ve set myself the aim of trying this with as many of my friends’ brushes as possible (obviously using their vibes/dildos would be better (if they have them) but I assumed that most people wouldn’t take those on a group holiday! This was the perfect opportunity to do this – because we had got up late, pretty much everyone else was ready to head out well before we were so we said that we would catch up once we had showered. I told Mike what we were up to so he could txt if anyone headed back to the cottage.

We knew that we couldn’t take too long without it being suspicious (although people would probably just assume we were having sex) – so as soon as the last group left, we dashed upstairs and started ‘work’. We left Rach’s room until last as Jen could legitimately be in there (given it;s where all her clothes were) and decided to start in Lis’ room to make up for last night. We found the egg again and also found out that the battery was flat (so either it had been left on, or Lis really has been enjoying it). We found a suitable hairbrush and I used it on Jen before using it on myself. Given the time constraints (and the fact that we had eight rooms to get around), we clearly weren’t going to cum in each room, but Jen decided that she wanted to cum using Lis’ brush due to the fact that we use her in a number of fantasies. We didn’t waste any time and Jen lay back on the bed and I re-inserted the brush into her pussy. I fucked her with it while I licked her clit and it didn’t take her too long to cum.

We put things back where they had been and moved into Jo’s room. This was certainly one place that I wanted to cum so Jen just quickly pushed the brush into herself while I found some of Jo’s panties. I lay on the bed and inhaled Jo’s scent while Jen worked Jo’s brush into me. I imagined that Jo was sitting over me and I was eating her out while Jen fucked me with the brush and rubbed my clit. It was a glorious orgasm – partly because I’d held back, but probably largely due to having the smell of Jo’s pussy to work with as well. We straightened out the bed and put the brush back and realised that we would have to be much quicker in the other rooms (but as I’ve said, we didn’t intend to cum in each one anyway).

*Pics removed due to Google's no-nudity policy *

We went to Anna’s room next and I related (again) what Mike and I had overheard while we had a quick play and then moved on to Vicky’s room. Another quick play (while Jen fantasised about Vicky’s breasts) and we moved on to Clare’s room. Clare is quite cute and I found a picture ages ago that really makes me think of her. I wanted to do things in the same position as ‘she’ is in the picture which I will try to find and post with this entry when we return home (as you can see - I found it). I've got some other pics that actually look a lot more like her which I will post when we have finished sorting everything out. Just to make it more realistic, we found a pair of her white panties (sadly, she didn’t have any white socks) and I put them on. I knelt on the bed on all fours and Jen pulled the panties down slightly to just expose my pussy and fucked me with a brush with a nicely textured handle.

It felt really nice and I imagined Clare herself being in this position and me fucking her while she ate Jen. I really wish that we had thought of doing this earlier in the week as we could probably managed to both cum in everyone’s room if we had spread it out, but we had to make the most of the time we had. I told Jen that I wanted to cum again and if people asked what we had been doing we would just let them know that we got distracted and ‘forgot’ to go to the beach. They would obviously know we were fucking, but I doubted that they would guess how! I got Jen to fetch me another pair of Clare’s panties so I could smell her and let her go back to work on me. The handle worked really well (along with Jen rubbing around my ass) and I came while moaning into Clare’s panties.

Jen had a quick go with the brush but wasn’t ready for another orgasm yet so we tidied up and headed to Valerie’s room. As expected, it was immaculately tidy (even on holiday) – what we didn’t expect to find was a pretty serious looking dildo. To put this in context – Valerie is like the Charlotte of our group (SATC). She is really good at flirting with guys (and has had her fair share of boyfriends), but she is so prim and proper that I can’t actually imagine her doing much more than kissing someone. Given the dildo, I might well have to reassess my opinion of her though – it was probably at least as wide as anything we have (we didn’t waste time getting any of ours to compare them) and had that really nice soft-gel like skin coating it that means it is nice and hard, but with the same sort of soft feel as a real cock.

I really wished I hadn’t just cum so I could try it properly but I needed a little break – I had a quick try with it anyway. It felt really nice and I think we might be making another purchase soon. I thought that at least one of us should take full advantage of it and so I got Jen to sit at the top of the stairs and fuck herself with it. She had to work it in slowly but managed to get it in without it hurting (she is definitely getting bigger) and then started to move it properly. I sat behind her so I could play with her nipples and got her to imagine that it was Valerie using the dildo on her. I left Jen to play while I investigated Valerie’s panties – and there were some seriously sexy ones amongst them. I selected a lacy black pair and got Jen to stop for long enough to put them on. She then sat back at the top of the stairs, pulled the crotch aside and carried on with the dildo.

I sat behind her again and told her I wanted her to cream all over Val’s panties while I played with her nips. Jen was more than happy to oblige and was soon panting away. As she got closer to cumming, I told her that she had to make sure that Valerie (as well as Lis) got a good look at her pussy and Jen said that she was fine with that. I pinched and rolled her nips quite hard as she came and she made a fair amount of noise. Once she had recovered, I rubbed the panties against her pussy and then we put them back. I had a quick rub of the dildo against my pussy (which had now gotten quite wet again) before we put it back and headed on to Holly’s room.

Sadly Holly hadn’t brought her vibe (but we’ve both used it before anyway). Given that it might be my last chance to cum with something of Hol’s (although I’m sure I’ll visit her), I decided to go for my third orgasm. I put on a pair of her panties and once again found a pair of used ones to get her scent from – it wasn’t as good as being able to taste her off her dildo, but it was all we had. Jen found a suitable brush and fucked me with it while I licked away at the panties. I decided that we should do something a bit more and got Jen to climb over me (I know that we’ve 69ed a lot this week, but it’s a good position!)

Jen continued to use the brush on me and I stuffed Holly’s panties into Jen’s pussy (not the whole way, but enough that they stayed in her). I rubbed Jen’s clit and flicked her ass with my tongue and we each came (me first, but I’d had a fairly good head start). Jen rubbed Holly’s panties against my pussy and we put them back in the drawer – it was just as well that we had used a worn pair to push into Jen as we could bury them amongst Hol’s other laundry to allow them to dry a bit.

This only left Rach’s room, but we thought that we had really pressed our luck with the amount of time we had taken. We were way past the excuse of ‘we were just having sex’, but decided to quickly try to finish up. I slipped Rach’s brush into me and had a quick play with it and then set my challenge for Jen. Originally I was going to get her to pretend to be drunk tonight and to masturbate loudly enough to wake Rach up. Jen would have to pretend to be oblivious to the fact that Rach was awake and carry on until she came – unless of course Rach said something to her to get her to stop. While this seemed like a really fun thing to get her to do, I decided that it might be a bit much and could freak out Rach so the new challenge was for Jen to fuck herself with Rach’s hairbrush while Rach slept beside her.

Jen agreed to this (as if she had a choice) and we quickly got dressed and went to head out. I remembered that I hadn’t managed to get a smell of Lis’ panties so we quickly popped into her room to satisfy that need. It has always amazed me just how different Jen, Sue and I taste and at least now I know how each of my friends (at least the ones who came on holiday) smell so I can imagine a bit better what they might each taste like. Of course the only way to be really sure will be to get everyone hammered and have a massive orgy, but I think that will probably stay in fantasy land for now...

We headed down to the beach and did indeed get quizzed as to what we had been doing. Mike had told some of the girls that Jen was really upset that I would be even further away from her so we had wanted some alone time – this seemed to buy us a little cover, but given we both looked rather tousled, it was fairly obvious that we’d done more than just talk. Jen put on her cute face and tried to play innocent but it didn’t work that well. We both went for a quick swim to get rid of the smell of sex (pity) and then put on sun cream when we returned to the group. We only spent about half an hour at the beach, but even in that short time Jen managed to flash Valerie by pulling the crotch of her bikini aside to put sun cream on. She pulled the crotch the other way to do right up to the other lip and pretended to just be looking at what she was doing, but she said that she could see enough out of the corner of her eye to know that Valerie was watching. She rubbed her hand over her whole pussy ‘just to wipe off the last little bit of sun cream’ before straightening her bottoms and joining us all properly. If I’d know this at the time I would have found something additional for her to do, but I only found out when we returned to the cottage.

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