Thursday, 19 August 2010

Group Holiday - Friday 2

We didn’t get to have much time at the beach before we headed back for lunch. Jen changed into short skirt to enable her to flash Lis a couple of times (nothing as obvious as she had done with Valerie – just sitting/standing or moving her legs in the ‘wrong’ way. She whispered to me that she really wanted to know when Valerie would use her dildo next and imagined her juices being mixed into Valerie’s hot little cunt. We haven’t made a great deal of use of Valerie in our fantasies (except in the group ones), but I think that might change and she could enter our regular rotation. While we were whispering to each other I pictured our prim and proper little Valerie in the throes of orgasm with us fucking and licking her and it was a very nice image.

I told Mike some of the details of our morning and our new found appreciation for Valerie and he approved (both of our abuse of hairbrushes and of Valerie). By the time I had finished, he was quite hard and said that he thought it was his turn for some fun. We slipped upstairs while the others rested in the garden before heading out for a walk. We wanted to go with them so didn’t plan on taking a long time and as soon as we were in the room, he pulled my outfit off and sank his cock into me. We had pushed the door shut but hadn’t fully closed it in the hope that someone might chance upon us and watch us fuck – we didn’t hear anyone around, but we imagined that we were being watched and put on an appropriate show.

I was on top and rode Mike’s cock while he reached around and spread my ass cheeks wide. I had my back or ass) to the door and was imagining everyone watching his cock plunging in to me while he pulled my lips apart to give them an even better view. It was very quick but Mike was rapidly pounding into me and guiding me by my ass so was enough to do the job. He actually came first (but he does really like this position and he wasn’t trying to hold back). I reached down between us and rubbed my clit until I came and then we rolled over so I was on my back. Mike pulled out of me and I carefully stood up while holding my pussy. I allowed his cum to leak out of me and I caught as much as I could and fingered myself with my other hand to ensure some of my juices were there too. Mike helped me get dressed again (so I didn’t have to use my hands and we headed back out into the garden.

The others were just beginning to get ready to head off and I offered to put some cream onto the back of Jo’s neck as she was looking a little pink there. I did at least get Mike to squirt some real cream onto my hands to mix with our own ‘special’ cream and then rubbed it around her neck and shoulders. While I was at it, I rubbed it over her chest (just the bits that were exposed – no breast play) and wiped my hands off on her lower back. If everyone else hadn’t been around I think I could have gathered another glob of juices and done the back of her legs, but without reaching under my skirt or humping her legs, I couldn’t find any way of managing that.

We headed off for a walk – it wasn’t anything too strenuous but we found some quite pretty scenery. Mike Jen and I didn’t walk together all the time but a couple of times we found ourselves at the back of the group which allowed Mike and Jen the chance to fondle me. I also took the opportunity to play with Jen while we walked, but they had the advantage in having two hand between them that they could surreptitiously use on me, while I could only use a single hand on Jen. It wasn’t as if either of us was actually likely to cum (or even get close) as this is somewhat difficult to do from behind, while walking, but they did manage to get fingers slightly into me and I did the same for Jen.

A bit later in the walk, I slipped my hand under Jen’s skirt while Lis was behind us, rubbed my finger around her pussy and then lifted her skirt a bit as I removed my hand. I would have done the same to Valerie (that’s flashing Jen at her – not fingering her) if I’d had the chance, but she was never in a suitable position in the group. Lis seemed to appreciate the view and said that she had something to tell me later on (hopefully she has decided to forget about Holly and wants to jump into bed with us). The rest of the walk was uneventful – just chatting to people and gathering bit of wood for later on. Everyone was saying they we wished they didn’t have to go back to work. I’m actually looking forwards to going home as Sue will be visiting and Lucy is planning on dropping by for a few days.

At the same time though, I don’t want this week to end – I’m going to miss my friends when I’m living far far away and I’ll have to find a whole new group of people to fantasise about (not that I have a problem with long-distance fantasies, but it’s harder to get hold of hairbrushes from the other end of the country!). Enough of that, back to the present (or at least the immediate past)...

We had a big picnic dinner which lasted for ages and then retired to the beach for our final bonfire. It was a fairly chilled evening (other than Rach nearly catching fire when a bit of wood fell over). I had Jen wear a pair of white panties and a short skirt so that plenty of people would get to see the panties while we sat around and chatted and Mike said that he certainly noticed the guys looking (despite having seen her in a bikini for a good part of the week – but I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that particular oddity before). I had to get Mike to be the one checking out who was checking us out as I had decided to be a bit more daring and had a dress with a similar length skirt on, but no panties. I was obviously being a bit more careful than I had instructed Jen to be (her instructions were to show off her panties as much as possible), but I ensured that throughout the evening, anyone who looked would have had a few chances to see my pussy (again – it’s not my fault if they were looking up my skirt).

Mike and I did consider heading back to the cottage early so I could try out Valerie’s vibe, but given it was our last night, we decided to stay with everyone and think of something to do when everyone went to bed. Mike kept stroking my neck throughout the evening and I didn’t cum, but got very turned on and fidgety. Eventually, people started to drift back to the cottage (or drunkenly stumble in some cases). Mike and I were going to wait until everyone had gone and then do things ‘in the open’ on the beach, but it was clear that we would have to wait for quite a while and so gave up and headed back to the cottage.

There was nobody else around downstairs so we started off in the living room. We knew that the others could come back at any time (or someone could come downstairs) so being completely naked was pretty much out of the question, but then again, that’s why I like skirts or dresses and no panties. I stood resting against the windowsill and Mike sat on the floor with his back to the wall. I crouched down slightly and spread my legs and he licked me. I could just about see the fire down on the beach and decided that I would probably notice anyone coming back to the house so I told Mike that we should try fucking. I stayed in the same position, but he now stood behind me and pulled my dress the whole way up so it was bunched around my shoulders. He slipped into me from behind and fucked me while he fondled my breasts (initially through my bra, but this soon got pushed aside).

We kept this up until I had cum (I helped out a bit by rubbing my clit) and then moved into the kitchen. As I’ve said before, because most of the food was shared, there hadn’t been much of an opportunity to ‘spike’ anyone’s food, but little Anna had bought some yoghurt that she was having for breakfast and so we decided to use this. I sat up on the table and pulled my dress out of the way while Mike spooned some of the yoghurt onto my pussy and let it drip back into the pot. He pushed some up a little way inside me and fingered it out before eating me (quite hard) to make sure I was clean again. We could hear people moving around upstairs and it sounded as if they were at the top of the stairs so I was being as quiet as I could. I had assumed that we would stop in case they came downstairs, but Mike thought this would be a good time to eat me ‘properly’ and I came once again.

Whoever it was, they didn’t come downstairs, but that was just as well as I was lying half naked on the table while I recovered. With two orgasms down, Mike thought that it was time for him to have some fun and he pulled me to the edge of the table, so my ass was hanging over it, and pushed into me. I was still quite sensitive and with my legs up over his shoulders, it was a very intense fuck. I’m not sure I came properly this time, but I seemed to have a couple of mini-orgasms. Mike certainly did cum though and made a bit more noise than he probably should have (we don’t think anyone actually heard though).

The cumulative effects of my week of sex were beginning to have an effect on me (both in tiredness and sensitivity), but I didn’t want to waste our final night so we headed back down to the beach. We took a different route so we ended up near the remaining group, but we hadn’t been seen by them. We knew that when we were sitting around the fire, our eyes weren’t dark adjusted enough to see too far away so we assumed that we would be fairly safe. Mike’s cum had leaked down my leg as we had returned to the beach and I was rather messy, but I guess that was all part of the fun. We had a direct line of sight to our friends (but were a fair distance away) and stripped off. I got naked first (but I had less items to remove) and knelt down on the sand on all fours. Once Mike had thrown his clothes over with mine, he knelt behind me, skipped into my cunt to get wet and then pulled out and pressed against my ass.

I pressed back against him a bit too eagerly – I know I had just cum three times but the thought of kneeling there naked and having my ass fucked while cum leaked out of my cunt, with my friends in full view was just too alluring. Fortunately, Mike had enough moisture on his cock and he slid into me (partway) and then slowly worked his way in more. He used his left hand to support himself as he leant over me and toyed with my right breast, pulling and rolling the nipple (not as hard as I do it to Jen). A part of me wanted to crawl forwards, pulling Mike along by his cock, until we were in amongst everyone and to let them watch us fuck – but the part of me that wanted to be able to talk to them the next day was sensible enough to not do this!

Mike moved his non-sandy hand to my cunt and started to finger me and rub my clit while he asked if I liked being fucked in the open and being a naughty little slut. I told him the naughtier the better and that I wanted him to fill my ass with his cum so I could be leaking from both holes. I flex and squeezed myself around him (much easier to do with the ass). It wasn’t too long before Mike came and he kept his cock buried in me while he finished me off (that didn’t take long). We had a bit of a scare when we thought there was someone walking up behind us, but there wasn’t anyone there.

We headed back to the cottage and only got dressed just before we went in. We obviously had to go shower before we went to bed (the bad thing about anal), but it wasn’t long before we were curled up and falling asleep. I told Mike about my instructions to Jen and he said that he couldn’t wait to hear about it.

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