Sunday, 1 August 2010

Group Holiday - Monday

I woke up first this morning and decided to treat Jen the same way she had done for me last night. I made a little addition though and slid a vibe in to her as I started to lick. This obviously woke her up much more rapidly than usual (with a jump), but I mostly managed to keep my mouth glued to her clit and she didn’t seem to mind. I had intended to make her cum first, but changed my mind and moved around so we could 69 –

I continued to use the vibe on her as well and she fingered me while licking away. I came first which meant I could then concentrate on her and I managed to keep her on the edge of cumming for what seemed like a fair amount of time. When she finally did cum, she moaned into my cunt to keep from making too much noise. I don’t know why, but this always seems to feel really (really) good, even though it doesn’t cause a lot of stimulation – this of course just made me eat her harder so she was somewhat tired by the time I had finished.

We rested for a bit and then decided to get up when we heard other people moving around the cottage. I got Jen to wear a long t-shirt down to the kitchen with a pair of white mini’s underneath. The shirt covered her (just), but I fully intended to get my own back for what she had made me do when I visited her (and she knew it). Whenever she bent over or sat down, her panties were visible and I caught some of the guys looking (but didn’t say anything). I think that she is probably going to get off lightly this week though – I certainly won’t be making her do the same sorts of things that I had to do.

I also think it is somewhat strange how much of a difference the situation makes – people obviously got to see a lot more of her body when we were on the beach yesterday and while she certainly looks very hot in a bikini, there is something sexier (I think) in just catching a glimpse of panties or a flash of skin. Jen certainly played up to this though and kept trying to pull her top down (so I got her to put the dishes in the dishwasher which involved her bending over).

After breakfast, we headed back to up get changed and Jen went into Rach’s room (where her stuff is). Mike joined me and we fooled around a bit (not having sex, just touching and kissing). It was enough that he had to calm down before we went out, but with a bit of concentration, he managed it. We once again headed to the beach and played around for the morning. We did some swimming in the sea, but mostly just splashed around and relaxed. Rob and Clare disappeared for a bit together and we teased them quite a bit when they came back as to what they had been up to.

After lunch, we had a more chilled afternoon – some people went off for walks and after a bit of a rest, Mike Jen and I decided to do the same. We packed a few drinks and wandered off. It wasn’t a major hike or anything, but we walked up a reasonable hill and found some good views. On the way back down, I got Jen to sit on a rock and play with herself while Mike and I watched. She was still clothed, but I got her to slip her hand into her shorts and then into her panties and to finger herself. By the time she came, her shorts were around her ankles and her top was pulled up over her breasts. Mike didn’t get to see her pussy (he says) as her panties were still on, but I’m sure I saw the odd flash of it as she rubbed herself.

I did have a better view than him though as I was sitting in front of him. I could feel his cock pressing against my ass (and I may have squirmed back against him). As Jen’s playing progressed, Mike’s hands found their way into my top to play with my nipples and then under my skirt. I certainly didn’t mind giving Jen a good view and so ended up with my legs spread while Mike played with my clit. Jen finished cumming and Mike said that she could finish me off if she wanted. Jen thought he was doing a good enough job and just watched. My skirt was pulled the whole way up and I spread my legs and held my lips open. Mike couldn’t really reach around to finger me and just concentrated on my clit. Jen watched me closely, alternating between looking at my pussy and into my eyes and said that she could see my cunt pulsing as I came.

We had to walk back a bit more slowly until Mike had once more calmed down and he promised me that he will cum in me lots tonight. Jen has agreed to rub herself on me before Mike has a go and will then head in to sleep with Rach. Mike likes the idea of her cumming while in the bed with Rach and suggested that she takes every opportunity to show her body off and see what happens (none of us are expecting Rach to want to do anything with Jen, but a bit of nudity probably isn’t out of the question).

We got back and chatted with people while getting dinner started and I came up to do some writing (people think I’m working on a grant proposal). Mike joined me a little while back and I think I’m going to get my cum deposit a bit earlier than expected.

Mmm – that was nice – more gentle than I had expected given how hard he had been earlier, but it felt quite deep. I lay on my front with Mike on top of me and he pressed hard and deep into me and then slowly rocked back and forth so he only moved a little bit but stayed almost fully inside me. I ended up rubbing my clit but managed to hold off from cumming until he had finished (he stayed inside me while I came and continued moving so it felt really good). This did mean that there was a fair bit of leakage when he pulled out of me so I’m going to have to wear panties down to dinner or people might notice me dripping!

Not much else happened tonight, we had another fire and Mike sat stroking my neck again (him and Jen are having a competition to see if they can get me to cum like this while everyone is around). Jen came up to my room first and we had another quick session so Mike could taste her on me and she is just about to head off to Rach’s room while Mike and I play. She has promised to report back in the morning on how things go...


  1. Surprised Jen would let Mike watch her play with herself & cum, & in a semi-public area at that.

    Or maybe it was the thrill of it (making Mike super hard & teasing him again)?

    That probably made her extra hot. :)

    Hezi, Balto, Md., U.S.

  2. She knew that she would end up having to do things like this given what she made me do during my visits.

    He still hasn't got to see her naked though (but he's still hopeful)

  3. If it is ever at the point that other people get to see it would be kind of cruel not to let mike see. Not saying he has to be the first but it certainly would be cruel to make him the odd person out.