Monday, 23 August 2010

Group Holiday - Saturday (Return Journey)

Oops - I forgot to post this yesterday... I’ll be leaving York very soon so the holiday and my time since then were mostly used to store up as many orgasms as possible to see me through the cold dark northern nights :(


I woke up first and spooned Mike awake (okay, so I spooned against him and rubbed my ass against his cock until he started to wake up and was hard enough to spoon properly). We didn’t do anything strenuous, just had a nice slow intimate session with his buried deep inside me and stroking my neck. As we got closer to cumming, we started talking about our plans for the coming weeks, with Sue and Lucy visiting. Mike is really looking forwards to meeting Lucy as Pavlina is someone he used to jerk off to since before he even met me (and she featured fairly early on in our use of porn). I’ll finish sorting out her pics and put a gallery of them up.

He was hoping that Jen would come in and tell us about how her exploits with Rach’s hairbrush had gone while we were fucking, but she didn’t get up until after we had finished so we just had to make do with each other (we still haven’t heard about, but will do that once I’ve written this). I wore a mid-thigh length flippy skirt for the journey home as I had plans for the journey. We weren’t leaving until around midday lunch so had the morning to get things packed up and a few of us went for a final trip down to the beach (not to swim, just for a walk).

We set off just after midday and had Valerie in our car with us. I would have quite liked to have Lis with us, but Jen had already agreed to take Valerie home (I think she *really* enjoyed using her dildo and we’re going to have to go and find something similar). I’m sure if she asks Mike nicely, he’ll get one for us. We drove for a couple of hours with me in the front and Jen in the back with Valerie (Mike was driving). Valerie was sitting directly behind me which gave me the opportunity to lift my skirt and open play with myself – not in a ‘serious’ way (I wasn’t trying to actually cum), but enough that it was exciting to be doing it so close to our latest fantasy plaything.

We stopped off for a late lunch/afternoon snack and met up with a few of the others (we didn’t know where the rest had gotten to, but we weren’t really trying to drive back all together). Once we were refreshed (or at least as refreshed as you can get at motorway services), we got ready to set off again. As we were packing things into the boot, I bent forwards a bit too far and felt my skirt ride up at the back – I heard someone whistle and decided to show a little more so reached further into the boot. About half my ass was probably showing and my legs were far enough apart that I was certain they would be able to see my pussy and I got another whistle. I pretended to be oblivious to this though and finished arranging things before I stood up, straightened myself off and got into the car.

We had considered switching places around for the next stage of the journey, but I’d had a better idea while we were having our break so we resumed our earlier positions. We drove for a bit and kept conversation fairly sparse while we pretended to start to doze off (not Mike, given he was still driving). Our plan worked fairly well and Valerie soon seemed to be asleep. We obviously checked this a few times by calling her name, and when we were certain, I told Jen that this was her chance to cum right beside her. Jen slid down so her ass was at the front of the seat and lifted her skirt up. I told her to properly expose herself and she pulled it up so her cunt was completely on display. She spread her legs (as best she could) and started to rub her pussy. I watched her play with her clit, finger her cunt and even briefly slide a finger into her ass – of course I wasn’t unaffected by this so I started mirroring what she was doing. Mike could see my hands at work (but obviously couldn’t safely watch me in detail) and he could see Jen’s face in the rear-view mirror.

She obviously couldn’t make too much noise, but this didn’t stop her enjoying herself. I watched her get more and more flushed and saw the familiar expression on her face as she came. Even though mike was only catching glimpses of her face, I could see that his cock was straining against his jeans and promised him that I would take care of him when we got home. Jen wiped around her pussy and sucked her fingers then covered them with her juices once more. She straightened up her clothes and then leaned over to Valerie and curled up against her to have a doze. Valerie half woke when Jen did this but didn’t seem to mind (I doubt she thought that anything dubious was happening) – while Jen was arranging herself, she ended up with her hand on Valerie’s thigh and said that she fell asleep thinking of her juices being just inches from Valerie’s little pussy.

I hadn’t cum but decided to wait until we got back home – I didn’t cover myself up though and purposely sat with my legs spread to give any truck drivers a nice treat as we passed them. I ended up dozing off as well and didn’t wake up until we were almost back at York. We dropped Valerie off and headed home to unload the car. We could have returned it to the rental place, but decided to keep it for the night as I wanted to try something out later on (another idea gleaned from the internet).
After we had unpacked (mostly), we got a take-away and watched TV for a while. Once it was reasonably dark outside, I told Mike and Jen that it was time for me to show them what I had in mind. I went and changed into one of my tartan skirts and grabbed a few things before we all headed back out to the car. Mike figured out what I was going to do before we got there and I confirmed that I was going to try fucking the gear stick. I first wiped it down to make sure it was clean and then added a bit of gel to it for lubrication. The knob at the top wasn’t too big so I wasn’t worried about the size and it had a nice leather texture to it that I was looking forwards to feeling inside me.

Mike and Jen got into the back and both peered through the gap in the seats while I climbed over the stick and positioned myself. I lifted my skirt up, tucked it into the waistband, spread my lips and pushed myself slowly down onto the knob. It took a few attempts, but it popped into me and I then slowly moved up and down on it as I worked it a bit deeper into me. I didn’t get the whole length of it in me, but it was certainly deep enough that I could feel it pressing against the walls of my cunt. I couldn’t really play with myself as I was using my hands to keep myself balanced on the seats (the thought of slipping with it inside me was fairly high on my mind) so Jen ended up moving onto the driver’s seat so she could rub my clit.

This felt really good – especially as the tingle gel had started to work and had been pushed deep into me. Mike said he had an idea and moved around onto the passenger seat. He undid my top and pulled my bra down – not the whole way, but enough to free my breasts). He started to suck on one nipple and told Jen to take the other one. It was a bit of a squeeze, but they managed to get into a position that worked and I then felt a finger rubbing against my ass. It turned out to be Mike’s finger and he had applied some gel to it (I didn’t realise that until I felt the tingling start). As I got more turned on (which I assumed they could tell from how much I was moving up and down), he pushed it into me and started to fuck my ass in time with my own movements.

I could see out the back window of the car the whole way down the street and could even see people walking past the end of the street. I wondered if anyone was watching (the car was dark, but we do have lights on the street), but was too close to worry about it. I told them I was going to cum and Jen started rubbing my clit harder. I felt her biting and nibbling my nipple and started babbling obscenities to them. I had been expecting quite a strong orgasm given all the stimulation, but (while it was certainly nice) it wasn’t anything earth shattering. It did feel good with the gearstick knob quite deep inside me and able to press as hard as I wanted with it and sort of ‘stir’ myself as I gyrated my hips. I guess it was a relatively soft orgasm because I was being quite careful about how I was moving (even in the throes of orgasm, I still didn’t want to slip and jam it up in my cunt).

Mike and Jen stopped playing with me and admired their work (as if I hadn’t been doing anything). I stayed crouched where I was while I recovered and then got Mike to help me dismount (my legs were somewhat stiff). I walked back into the house with my breasts still exposed any my skirt tucked up while Mike gave the car a quick clean (we didn’t want to lose our deposit!). Jen seemed to know that I wasn’t fully satisfied and gave me a quick finger – when Mike saw this, he said it was time for him to get a turn and so we headed upstairs.

It was a surprisingly quick session, but at least made me feel a lot better – my clothes were pulled off before we even got upstairs and Mike was inside me as soon as we fell onto the bed. I didn’t really help matters as I rolled us over so I was on top and started riding his cock. I didn’t think it would be long before I came and told him to fuck me hard and fill me with cum for Jen. He always loves this idea and started pushing back against me hard. I was very vocal (it’s not as if Jen didn’t know we were fucking) and could soon feel my orgasm approaching. I told Mike to hurry up and he pulled me down on top of him and started hammering into my cunt. He also started to suck my neck and that was all I needed – I wasn’t actually cumming yet, but I could feel my orgasm rushing towards me.

It hit rather hard and I made a lot of noise – a mix of pants and screams I’m told. Jen could clearly hear me and said that she started to get ready to take over. My orgasm finished and Mike kept pounding into my cunt – guiding me up and down with my ass. It didn’t take him long to cum and he pushed into me really hard a number of times before we rolled over so he was on top (he was trying to keep his cum in me for Jen). He wiped him cock clean on my breasts and I gave him a quick suck. I was about to get up and go find Jen when Mike said that we should use this room and it would save me moving.

He put on his gown and went to fetch Jen – she was in her room and answered the door in a white lacy bra and panties set. Mike told her I was waiting for her and she sauntered past him (obviously teasing him). She found me lying on the bed with Mike’s cum just beginning to ooze out my cunt and said that if we were going to be in here, then she would need to fetch some toys. Mike had followed her in and Jen made a point of brushing her ass against him as she went back into her room. She soon returned and told Mike that he could sleep in her bed and then whispered something to him. I found out that she had told him to make sure that she had some nice wet panties to wear the following day and I was quite sure I knew how he would get them wet!

Jen looked really cute in her underwear and she climbed over me and lowered her panty covered pussy to my face and asked me to lick her. I started to lick at her panties and once the area was wet enough I could taste her through the material. Jen had lapped up some of Mike’s cum (she really should learn to give BJs and get it direct!) and I then felt her press a vibe into my cunt. I pulled her panties to the side and started to lick her properly and then felt her push another vibe into my ass. I reached over and fished around in the bedside drawer to find something to use on her, which isn’t easy when you can’t see what you’re doing, but I found suitable items. I pushed a small dildo into her cunt to get it wet and then put it in her ass while I put the second larger one into her cunt.

I think Jen had been expecting to be the one in control, but we’re back in York now so I’m in charge (and intend to make the most of it). We double fucked each other and I could feel the remainder of Mike’s cum running out over my ass. I told Jen I wanted to share a dildo with her and we switched position so we could get one between us. We fucked lick this for a bit and then once again tried to get the second double dildo into our asses (this is actually incredibly difficult to do while keeping the first one in our pussies) – in the end, we gave up and just reverted to humping against each other with the shorter one buried in us.

Once we had cum, I got Jen to put her panties (which were no longer quite as white) back on and I put the powerful egg inside them, nestled between her pussy lips. I resumed the scissor position and rubbed against the egg. It didn’t feel quite as strong for me as it did her – mostly as it had slipped partway into her, but I was more concerned with making her cum again and ended up fucking her – slapping my pussy against her panties and pressing the egg against her as hard as I could. I told Jen to play with her nips and watched as she tweaked and rolled them. As she got more excited, she arched her body up to meet my thrusts more and eventually came. We kissed for a while before falling asleep.


  1. Jen must really love the taste of Mike's cum! Must be sweeter than most guys?

    With that in mind, I bet Mike left a really nice present for Jen in her knickers :)

    Take care.

    Hezi, Balto, Md.

  2. What's the connection with Lucy/Pavlina, did they photograph each other, etc.?

    Curious in the U.S.A.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. You'll see about the present in my latest (next) post.

    No - Lucy is Jen's friend (and mine now) - Pavlina is the cute porn star that Lycu reminds me of. (Oh how I wish they knew each other and Lucy could relate tales of their sessions together and then introduce me to Pavlina!)

    I don't actually know where Pavlina is from - I think she is from Eastern Europe somewhere.