Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Group Holiday - Thursday 1

Mike woke me up this morning by eating me and then took me from behind while I wrote up (some of) yesterday. He lay on top of me and moved slowly and I could feel him pulsing in me as I wrote about certain events. He became impatient after a while though and wanted to finish things off so I put the laptop aside and enjoyed the feeling of him inside me. I flexed my pussy around him and he pushed as deep into me as he could when he came (which means I ended up with dribbles coming out for quite a while).

I was brave and went down to breakfast without panties on (but made sure I didn’t sit on my skirt so I wouldn’t leave a puddle on it). When Jen joined us I took her aside and found out she was wearing panties so I confiscated them and then punished her by rubbing myself against each of her legs, leaving a mix of my juices and Mike’s cum. (Okay, so I would have probably done this even if she hadn’t been wearing panties).

I knew there wasn't much of the week left so I suggested another sunbathing session. Lis and Rach said they weren’t feeling up to it and Jen berated them for being lightweights. Apparently the others had stayed at the beach quite late, but most people had retired by about 1am. Valerie, Rach, Rich and Jen had stayed out another hour or so until the fire had burned out before returning home. I found out on the way to the beach that Jen had stripped off in front of Rach when getting ready for bed and that Rach had just slept in her panties due to the heat. Rach thinks that Jen did the same, but Jen waited until Rach had fallen asleep (almost instantly due to the time and the alcohol) before pulling her panties off to masturbate. She had spent the night naked and only pulled them back on when Rach got up to go to the toilet.

While she was waiting for Rach to return, she tried to cum once more, but Rach returned before she had finished so she had to make a break for the bathroom herself to finish off. When she returned, Rach was asleep again and she wished that she had waited so she could have done it there. She did slide over so she was right beside Rach, pull her panties down a bit and finger herself some more, but not to orgasm so it doesn’t count. I’ve got a new challenge for Jen, but I’m not going to tell her (or you) until tomorrow.

We got to the beach and stripped off. Valerie joined us being topless this time and this just left Jo. With everyone else topless, it was clear that she was considering it and Jen suggested that if she was brave enough to do it, a few of us would go for a skinny dip. I thought this was a masterstroke (and wish I’d said it) – Vicky said she would join in and slowly, Jo pulled her top off. Her breasts are beautiful – slightly larger than I had expected (even though I’ve seen her in a bikini all week, so I’m not sure how that works!). I tried not to drool and offered to do her back. I was (of course) in heaven and knew that I was getting quite wet and horny.

I think Jen could tell this as well and said that we had to skinny dip. I pulled my bottoms off (hoping that no cum would leak out) and Jen and Vicky followed suit. To my surprise, Anna also got naked and ran into the sea so we followed her in. We splashed around for a bit and dunked each other a few times (which allowed the odd slip of the hand). We didn’t stay in for too long though as we hadn’t put lotion on our front and didn’t want to burn. I was hoping that Vicky or Anna would suggest staying naked, but they both slipped their bottoms back on so we thought that we should follow suit. Jen and I did at least put cream on each other’s breasts and had a few (small) nipple tweaks.

While sunbathing, I made sure I got a good look at Jo and have burned the image of her semi-naked body in my mind for future use (I’ll need something to keep me going while I’m living by myself!) I know Jen enjoyed the view of Vicky’s breasts (but she likes large breasts) and I noticed that her (Jen’s) nipples were rather hard at times so I know her thoughts were running along the same lines that mine were. I put some more lotion on for people (it was a very sunny day) and between my imagination running wild while I was doing Jo and my memory of Anna’s noises from last night, I really needed to lie down again by the time I had finished.

I couldn’t get my mind to settle down though and suggested to Jen that we go for another swim. We told the others that we were going to swim out around the bay and after promising to be careful we set off. It was fairly shallow for quite a way out and we only really needed to swim for a short distance so it wasn’t too dangerous. Once we were out of sight of the beach, we found a suitable area on the rocks and Jen pulled herself out of the water. It wasn’t big enough for both of us, but with a bit of fiddling around, she found a way to support herself so I could easily reach her pussy with my mouth (my hands were occupied with holding myself steady, but there were rocks underwater for me to stand on so I was fairly stable).

Jen pulled her bottoms off and spread her legs, exposing herself to anyone out at sea (there were ships, but they were all miles away). I decided I couldn’t wait and pulled my bottoms off as well before handing them up to her. I know that my nakedness was hidden by the water, but it still felt really good and I started to lick away at Jen. She let out a moan and I encouraged her to be as loud as she could – we were far enough away from the others that I assumed the sea would drown out any noise we could make. Because she had to use her hands to balance herself, it was just down to me to make her cum (but I’ve had practice at this) and I licked her inside and out.

I’ve been considering trying something for a while and decided that this was as good a time as any. I told Jen that if she wanted to pee while cumming, that she could go ahead and do so, but to let me know when she was going to start. She asked if I was sure and I said that I wanted to try it out as I knew she would like it. Of course, we’ve done something similar before, but not while we’ve actually been eating each other. I had no intention of letting her pee in my mouth, but I had read about ways around this and being n the sea seemed like the perfect opportunity to not have to worry about any mess.

I carried on eating her properly and as she told me that she was getting closer to cumming. I told her to start whenever she wanted and instead of licking her, I pursed my lips and rubbed back and forth over her clit. This turned out to feel fairly intense (and we’ll be using it in future) and Jen started to cum quite quickly. Soon after her first large moan, I felt the rush of her pissing on my chin and lips (which I pursed a bit tighter). I pressed harder against her and rubbed back and forth and then (given how much she seemed to be enjoying it), I rubbed against her pussy. I wasn’t intending to do this, but I’ve learned over the past few years that I often find things that feel really good when I stop thinking about things and just let myself get carried away with whatever is happening. Jen certainly seemed to appreciate it and humped against my face.

I returned my attention to her clit but it wasn’t long before she finished cumming and collapsed back onto the rocks. I ducked under water to wash myself and when I came back up I grabbed a few licks of her pussy. I’m still not as excited by watersports as Jen is, but there is something exciting about doing something so nasty – coupled with the fact that I like doing it because she enjoys it so much.

We swapped positions and Jen started to lick me – she managed to position herself so that she had a free hand (at least for most of the time) and she used this to finger me. It felt really exhilarating being exposed to such a large area (even if there weren’t any people who could see me) and it reminded me of the way it felt when we did things on top of Jen’s building at Uni. I told Jen exactly what I could feel as she played with me and ended up thrusting my pussy onto her fingers. She told me to settle down and let her eat me and I felt her tongue push deep inside me (well, deep for a tongue anyway). This is Jen’s party trick (and I’ve been considering telling Lis how good it feels – although I wasn’t really thinking about that at the time).

I guess because she knew that it would be easy to clean up, Jen wasn’t being as tidy as usual and I could feel her saliva running down over my ass (either that or I’m now able to get as wet as she can). I was really getting into it and pushing against her face (although not too hard as I didn’t want to push her away) and I felt her press a finger against my ass. I told her to push it into me (which she did) and then pulled out and pushed two fingers in. I was in heaven and Jen says that I was making all sorts of interesting noises. She pumped her fingers into my ass and licked all around and inside my pussy. I told her I was getting close (as if it wasn’t obvious) and she said that I should piss on her. Now I had been expecting her to say this (given it is her thing) and I was sufficiently close that I didn’t even consider holding back. I did at least tell her that I was going to start and just before I started to cum, I let loose.

Oh it felt good! I think that really letting go of my inhibitions really helped. I let out a series of loud ‘uuuunnnggghh’s as my orgasm pulsed through me. Jen continued to lick my clit and finger my ass and when I looked down I saw my piss spraying over her face. I squirted as hard as I could in time with my orgasm and then had to tell her to be more gentle when it finished. She continued to lick me slowly and kiss my clit until I had come back down to Earth and I settled down onto the rocks.

Jen told me that she had loved doing that and I told her that given how it felt for me, she was welcome to do it anytime she wanted. She just said ‘okay’ and pushed her tongue back inside me and started licking – I wasn’t ready for another round though as I still felt quite sensitive so I had to push her away and tell her to wait for a while. We decided that we should head back to the others and I slipped my bottoms back on. I didn’t give Jen hers though and I pushed them into my bottoms so she had to swim back naked. This didn’t bother her and for the journey back I considered whether I should make her exit the water naked or not. I decided not to and handed them back while we were in water deep enough for her to put them on unseen.

It was just as well we hadn’t stayed for a second round as the others had been worried that we had been swept out to sea. They asked how far we had got and instead of lying and telling them we had found another beach (and then been found out if any of them had gone to see), we just told them we’d found a nice spot to sit and look out to sea. We had been gone longer than we thought and it was time to head back for lunch (we were both quite hungry, but probably for different reasons than the others!) We all got our bikinis back on and headed home – lunch wasn’t as much as we had wanted due to us not being organised enough to have gone shopping for the right things so the early afternoon consisted of another shopping trip to get food for the last few days.

We had a fairly chilled afternoon as it was quite warm. Later in the afternoon, the guys (along with Anna and Rach) had a game of football (soccer for my American readers) while the rest of us got the bonfire prepared (wood is getting harder to find). I teased Jen a little bit in front of Lis but we got interrupted (not that I had got very far). Dinner was fairly lively, but not much actually happened and once we had cleared up, we headed back down to the beach for our ritual bonfire. It was pretty big and I think we did quite a good job building it, but the guys have promised that they will outdo it tomorrow for our last night here.

We chatted and drank as usual and after a while Holly left and then a few minutes later, her bf followed her. I think they were trying to be subtle, but given how eager he was to follow her it was pretty clear what they were going to do. Someone (I can’t remember if it was Rich or Rob), suggested that we play strip poker and I hoped that people might agree. As expected, the guys were up for it but Valerie and Jo were dead set against it. I would have loved to play (and said that I was willing to do so), but in the end the idea was dropped.

I had already played out a number of fantasy situations relating to the game in my mind and was feeling a nice buzz. I had also been sitting in a way that ‘accidentally’ allowed a view up my skirt and contracting my pussy. All this meant that I thought it was time that I got some action – and if I was going to do it, I might as well do it properly. I told Mike and Jen that they could take turns and Mike decided that given it was Jen’s night with me, that he would go first. Jen was happy with this and so Mike and I snuck off (probably about as subtly as Holly had).

We didn’t go too far (just so there was *some* chance of being caught) but were pretty well hidden in the dunes. We found a suitable place and spread the towel out. There was enough of a moon that we could see fairly well and we slowly undressed each other while kissing. Mike was sitting down and I crouched down and sucked him for a short time before positioning myself over his cock and lowering myself onto it. He held onto me and we kissed while I rode up and down. His hands moved down to my ass and guided me to move faster until we had a nice rhythm going. I definitely prefer doing things outside and told him once more (he’d gotten a brief summary earlier) about Jen and I earlier that day.

As our session progressed, I started to grind back and forth against him (more pressure on my clit) while he pushed up and down into me. As I got closer to cumming, I tilted my head back so he could kiss and lick my neck and I could feel his breathing getting more uneven. Once more we didn’t manage the mythical Hollywood simultaneous orgasm, but we weren’t too far off. I came first and had to muffle myself so the others didn’t hear (we were probably far enough away that we were safe, but there is a difference between someone looking up my skirt of their own will and be broadcasting my orgasm. I finished cumming and Mike was still moving in me so I helped by riding him again (just a little bit). He pulled me tight to him and we kissed as he pushed into me a few times and then let out a moan.

He asked me to dismount without spilling any cum so I could share it with Jen – this wasn’t entirely successful as a fair amount came out as soon as I lifted myself off his cock, but I covered my pussy and lay down to minimise any further loss. Mike got dressed and headed back to the fire while I lay and prepared for round two.

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