Friday, 13 August 2010

Group Holiday - Thursday 2

Thursday was quite a good day :)


A few minutes later, Jen arrived – she walked over to me (not quite from the right direction, but Mike had given her directions while trying to not let anyone else know where she was going). She stood over me, slipped off her dress and plonked herself down on my face. I hadn’t been expecting things to move quite so quickly but I adapted and started to lick away. Jen was quite wet and I later found out that she had been sitting and thinking about the upcoming session while I had been busy with Mike.

With her on top, I couldn’t use my hands properly (I was still holding Mike’s cum in my cunt) so I managed to tell her we needed to switch positions (this took a bit of effort as my voice was somewhat muffled by Jen’s pussy). We moved round into a 69 with me on top and I lowered myself so that my pussy was over her face before I spread myself. Not a great deal came out, but I managed to drip some onto her face and then rubbed it in with my cunt. As soon as I started to rub myself against her, Jen’s tongue came out and started to lick me, so I did the same for her. We didn’t do anything other than lick and finger until we had both cum and after a quick rest Jen said that she was going to send Mike back.

She stood up and dressed, then pulled her dress up and rubbed her pussy over my breasts and face. I lay back on the towel looking up at the sky (it was dark so I could see stars, but not dark enough to see any other than the brightest ones). Mike soon came bounding back over to me and Jen had clearly told him that she had left a present as he licked my breasts clean and then kissed around my face. He quickly undressed and slid back into me, starting off in the missionary position, but then he pulled out and lifted my legs up to my shoulders. It feels much deeper when we fuck like this and he used his full weight to press into me. I hadn’t been given much time to recover between sessions and I wasn’t initially sure that I would be able to cum again straight away, but he persevered and started slamming into me. This gave enough stimulation to my clit that I soon became a lot more interested and ended up thrusting my hips back against him so our bodies were slapping together.

He said he was going to fill me with cum again and then send Jen back over to finish me off. I really thought that another session with her (in such close proximity) would indeed finish me, but my pussy was nicely throbbing and I was nearing orgasm so I agreed (plus of course, I love doing things outside so I intended to fully take advantage of any opportunity). He reached down and around me with both hands to spread me further and pressed as far into me as he could. We continued fucking and I felt his fingers edge closer to my ass and then start to press against it. I was pretty close by this point and pushed back against him so he knew I wanted more – he replied by pressing harder and entering my ass.

Given the position we were in, he couldn’t get his finger very deep into me, but it was enough to feel good and I told him this. He encouraged me to cum and started to suck on my neck (a little bit anyway – he couldn’t quite reach it properly). I came again and it was quite intense but Mike didn’t stop moving. Once my orgasm had finished, he sat up so he was crouching between my legs and continued to fuck me. I ended up with my legs over his shoulders and I could feel him sliding the whole length of his cock in and out of my cunt. I’d already figured out that between them, he and Jen were trying to break me and I was determined to beat them – so even though the feelings were very sharp (not unpleasant, but only just bearable) – I was going to take whatever he could give.

Fortunately, he didn’t hold out much longer and slammed into me a few times while he came. He didn’t stay in me for long, but pulled out, wiped his cock over my pussy and thighs and said that Jen would be back shortly. I just lay and tried to recover, feeling my cunt pulsing and dribbling cum (I was surprised that he had managed to cum enough for it to leak out given our previous session hadn’t been that long ago. Mike got dressed and kissed me goodbye before heading back to the fire. Jen did indeed quickly reappear, slipped off her dress and sat over me in a 69 position.

I had decided that I was going to at least give as good as I got and pulled her cunt to my face. I spread her lips wide open and hungrily started to lick and suck her lips and clit. I had clearly caught her by surprise (I assume that she thought I would be spent by now) so I managed to get a head start (and a little more recovery time), but this didn’t last for long as I soon felt her fingers running over my pussy and smearing the moisture over me. Jen started to lick me and then pressed two fingers into my ass. I hadn’t been expecting this from her but I was determined to make her cum as quickly as possible and I wasn’t going to let it distract me. I managed to work a finger into her ass while keeping her lips spread and I attacked her clit. I went all out and suck away on it and rapidly flicked my tongue over it while pressing my nose into her cunt and wiggling my finger in her ass.

I was impressed that she kept doing things to me, but it was clear that I was winning and I soon felt her start to buck against me and I could feel her moaning into my pussy. As I’ve said before, I find this a real turn on, but I tried to ignore it and continued my assault on Jen. I was rewarded with the feeling of her shaking on top of me and hearing her panting as her orgasm hit her. Because I intended to make her cum again, I didn’t keep going at full speed and started to lick her much more gently until I was just kissing around her pussy. I had worked my finger out of her ass and I let her just rest on top of me.

I made the mistake of telling her that I intended to make her cum again and she said that the plan was for Mike and her to wear me out and instantly started to lick and finger me again. She reached around and under one leg and pushed two fingers into my ass, got two fingers into my cunt and used them to pull my pussy half open so she could lick my clit. Given what I’d already been through, I was already quite sensitive but I knew I had a stronger will than Jen (apparently I’m going to pay for saying that – but that will probably be in another entry!). I pulled her back to me and started licking up and down her cunt once more. I swirled my tongue around inside her (I can’t reach as deep as she can, but she still likes it) and first flicked my tongue over her ass and then pressed it harder against her.

Because she was slightly further down this time, I didn’t have as easy access to her clit with my mouth so I used a thumb to rub it. Lubrication is never an issue with Jen (unless you can have too much of it) and I started rapidly flicking the hard little nub back and forth while I licked her cunt and ass. I don’t know if it was Mike’s cum, my juices or Jen’s saliva, but I could tell that I was very wet – Jen was making good use of this and working both sets of fingers in and out of me. It felt really good and while a part of me wanted to ignore this and try to make Jen cum again, an increasing large part of me wanted to just enjoy what was happening as much as possible. I didn’t stop working on Jen (because I find that an incredible turn on by itself), but I stopped fighting it and allowed myself to really feel what she was doing to me.

She had managed to get up a good rhythm and was alternating between pushing into my cunt and ass and also had found a position where her tongue could get a fair amount of contact with my clit. I told her how good it felt and how I wanted her to make me cum again and then returned to working on her. I actually think that I could have got her to cum again before I did, but I didn’t want to interrupt her this time so I didn’t rub or lick as fast as I could have. She was moaning as much as I was so I knew that she was also close and a part of me wished that people would hear us and come over to watch. This fantasy only lasted for a short while though before I knew that I had reached the tipping point. I just told Jen ‘Now’ and she sped up and pushed deeper. I remember throwing my head back and moaning and then burying my face in her cunt once more to muffle myself.

I had expected this orgasm to be fairly subdued given it was my fourth in quick succession, but given what Jen was doing to me, it was anything but. Jen says that I was really shaking under her and that I pushed my face hard against her cunt. I knew I was moaning a lot and doing everything I could to make Jen cum but I wasn’t really paying attention as everything felt so intense. Each time she pushed into my cunt or ass I felt a ripple course through the whole area and her tongue was still lashing my clit. I couldn’t keep my mouth on her pussy (but tried) and in the end had to tell her to stop.

I had managed to do more to her than I had realised though and she told me to keep going as she was about to cum. I latched my mouth back onto her cunt and rubbed her clit as fast as I could. I was trying to push my finger back into her ass but she hadn’t stopped working on me and while I wasn’t cumming, it kind of felt like I kept having mini-orgasm and they were too distracting to allow me to get it into her. Even so, I managed to make her cum and she japed both sets of fingers into me as if she was trying to pull my cunt one way and my ass the other. She stopped licking me - but that was a good thing by this point as this allowed me to concentrate on scouring her insides with my tongue. Jen couldn’t really use my pussy to muffle herself, but fortunately she isn’t quite as loud as I am (mostly). On the plus side, it meant that I got to listen to some incredibly sexy whimpering from her and I was actually quite glad that her fingers were still inside me.

Her orgasm didn’t last as long as it felt mine had (although she thinks it was the other way around). I didn’t give her a nice come down this time and just licked and rubbed until she couldn’t take any more. Jen pulled her fingers out of my cunt and then the others ones out of my ass and rolled off me. She lay panting beside me and I thought that I had done a pretty good job considering. Of course, I was also exhausted, but I did my best to appear composed. My legs were still spread and I felt very empty (as well as very sticky). Jen got up sooner than I had expected and said that I had to stay where I was while she got Mike. I feared that he was going to come back for yet another round, but she assured me that she would be coming back with him.

Slightly relieved, I stretched out and enjoyed the way my body felt. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do anything more for a while but I still loved being on display for anyone to see (had anyone been around). Mike and Jen soon came back and brought me a drink (which was badly needed). I wasn’t allowed to get up so had a few gulps and then lay down again. Mike kissed me and tasted Jen off my face and they agreed between them that they had done a good job. I certainly wasn’t going to argue and I fully intend to let them both ‘use’ me this way a few more times over the summer.

Mike pulled out a Snickers bar and unwrapped one end of it. He started to rub it over my pussy and then slid it a few inches into me. I was still very sensitive, but it was soft enough that I could take it. He pumped it into me a few times and said that he was turning me into a chocolatey treat for Jen for later on. At that point, the thought of doing anything later on that night was beyond me, but with the two of them there, I knew there was no point arguing. He made a nice sticky mess and then went to eat the bar but Jen stopped him. She took it off him and knelt up. I assumed that she was going to use it on me and spread my legs in preparation, but she reached under her own dress (presumably to spread herself) and then followed suit with the chocolate.

Even from my vantage point on the ground, I couldn’t actually see what she was doing, but it was fairly clear that she was fucking herself with the Snickers. She only did this briefly before handing it back to Mike. We watched him eat it while Jen fingered me with one hand and rubbed herself (still under her dress) with her other hand. She sucked the fingers that had been in me clean and offered the other one to me. She suggested that we head back in to ‘clean each other up properly’. I only briefly considered going to say goodnight to the people at the fire as I knew that I must have been quite a mess between Mike’s cum and Jen’s juices. We headed straight back to the cottage and left Mike downstairs while we went to our room.

When I slipped my dress off and got to see myself in the mirror I could see just how much of a mess I actually was, but Jen pushed me back onto the bed and started to lick away at me. I had mostly recovered from our earlier session, but was still a bit tender. Jen wasn’t too forceful though and gently licked the outside of my pussy clean before swirling her tongue around inside me. I said that I wanted to taste her as well so she pulled her dress off and mounted my face.

We’ve done things with food many times, but I always forget just how messy chocolate is – it’s very easy to melt onto someone, but actually takes quite a lot of licking to get off. Now I had my breath back, I wasn’t at all bothered about how much effort it would take to clean and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was also responding to her ministrations. We hungrily ate away at each other until we were both clean(ish) and then moved around so we could try something else. Jen got into the scissor position and started to grind against me but I stopped her and pulled out our shared dildo. She pushed it into me and then mounted it before resuming her earlier movements.

Given what I’d been through, I thought that she should do most of the work so I lay back and just braced myself to give her something to hump against. The sound of our cunts slapping together seemed quite loud, but we assumed most people were still at the beach so didn’t worry about it. I told Jen that she wasn’t allowed to hold back on any noises and was rewarded with a nice display of her panting and mewing. I wasn’t exactly silent myself but did hold back a bit. With some more instruction, I got Jen to keep telling me to fuck her and then to fuck her cunt right up until she came. This helped me along (although watching her ride the dildo and feeling her slamming against me was also helping) and I just had to rub my clit briefly to cum myself (we still had the dildo buried between us).

We had to go shower before we went to sleep (it’s not good to leave food inside bits) and so I put my gown on. I told Jen that she could only take a small towel and so she had to scamper to the bathroom pretty much naked. She also had to carry the dildo – she thought that it was just so we could clean it, but I hadn’t quite finished yet. The water pressure was really quite good and I had been intending all week to have a play with the shower, but with the number of people we had (and only three bathrooms) there hadn’t really been enough time.

We started off by washing each other down and ensuring that we were clean inside as well – I then put the shower spray on to jet mode and started flicking it back and forth over Jen’s clit. I told her that she had to cum again and handed her the dildo. She spread her lips and slid it into her and then sat on the corner of the bath with one leg up and pumped it in and out. I spread the hood out of the way to completely expose her clit and used the water jet to stimulate it. I loved just watching her fuck herself and I wished that I hadn’t cum quite as much so I could have played with myself, but I was definitely done for the time being. I told Jen that she looked really sexy and that maybe I should go get Lis to watch us (if only). This turned into a fantasy and I described to Jen what Lis would do to her. We ended up (in fantasy land) with Lis eating Jen and me fingering Lis from behind – this is the image than Jen came to.

We were both pretty tired by this point but I set Jen one last challenge on the way back to the room. I gave her a slightly larger towel that almost covered her and she had to go and fetch the egg that we had given to Lis. I had expected that Lis would be back by this time as she still hadn’t been feeling that good, but nobody answered the door so we snuck in to her room and had a rummage around. We found the egg beside her bed but unfortunately, she either actually hadn’t used it (despite her blushing) or she had cleaned it off as we couldn’t taste anything on it. Just for good measure, I popped it into Jen and she popped it into me before we put it back and went to bed. If we hadn’t been so tired, I’m sure we would have done something in her room (possibly with her hairbrush), but maybe we can do that today sometime (Friday).


  1. Another great adventure Andi! I have a feeling that you share a lot in common with another British woman, who wrote a couple of stories about her 1st g/g experiences ("Sweet Is The Night: Chapters 1 & 2" & "Ebony & Ivory," she has a b/f too) to Literotica.

    You must've had one of the best holidays ever! :)

    Hezi, Balto, Md., U.S.A.

  2. It wasindeed a good holiday and we've had a [retty good time since we got back (which you'll be finding out about soon enough). I'm leaving York very soon, but at least I managed to build some incredible memories.

    Thanks for the links - I think I'll save them for my long lonely nights up north to give me something to play to...

  3. You're welcum! :)