Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Group Holiday - Tuesday

Mike and I had a further session after Jen left us last night (as expected). He enjoyed licking me clean of her juices and then licked me a bit more until I was close to cumming. We had done well at being fairly quiet but allowed ourselves to make a bit more noise when we heard telltale squeaking from one of the other bedrooms. We couldn’t tell if it was from Holly’s or Clare’s room, but either way, we were sure that we weren’t the only ones having fun.

Mike sat up against the headboard and I sat on his cock facing away from him. He used an egg on my clit while I rode up and down his cock and watched in the mirror. I still love being able to see his cock disappearing into my cunt and watching as my lips grasp at it as I slide out. I really concentrated on contracting my pussy around him (which he loves, but is hard work) and he held me really tight against him as he came in me. He was quite sensitive after this so wasn’t able to do anything more, but he brought me off again with a thumb in my cunt and another in my ass (we haven’t done that for a while).

We were woken up in the morning by Jen (not the same way she woke me up yesterday!). She knocked and came in to tell us that she had managed to cum twice while ‘sleeping’ beside Rach. I was very impressed with this and got her to relate the story. The first time had been last night once Rach and she had finished chatting and Rach had fallen asleep. Jen had just been wearing a long t-shirt and pulled it up so that she could reach her pussy. She gently stroked herself, mostly concentrating on her clit and kept looking over to check that Rach was still asleep. She said it took her a while as she kept stopping whenever she heard anything, but she eventually managed to cum and lay there shaking afterwards. She soon fell asleep but woke up a bit later on and then couldn’t sleep properly.

Obviously this would have been the right time for her to try to cum again, but she claims that she was feeling tired so didn’t do anything. She did eventually get back to sleep and woke up again quite early. She can’t remember what she had been dreaming about, but she was feeling fairly horny so I assume it was a good dream! The room was quite light and Rach was facing away from her and she decided to get some extra Brownie points by cumming again. She started off gently once more, but this time she ended up being a bit less careful by the time she came. Se still checked that Rach was asleep, but used two hands to play with herself and had a much better orgasm.
While she was telling us this, Mike was lying behind me and started to rub his cock against my ass. We were still hidden under the covers so Jen couldn’t see, but it was obvious that we were doing something. Mike slipped into me and I told Jen to kneel down on the floor (so she was leaning on the side of the bed) and play with herself.

This didn’t breach the no-nudity clause that she and Mike have as neither of them could see anything, but we could all see each other getting aroused. Jen knelt and fingered herself while Mike and I fucked. I got Jen to tell us how close she was getting and this really turned Mike on – he kept telling her that he was going to cum at the same time as her and he managed to get pretty close (just a little while after her). I had already cum as Mike was also rubbing my clit (but not too long before Jen did so while we didn’t manage a porn movie simultaneous cum, it was fairly close).
Mike was quite keen to go again (and I’m not really known for turning down such opportunities). He was soon pumping away inside me again and got Jen to hand an egg to me. I used this on my clit and told her to get the other one and use it on herself. I tried to hold back but came fairly quickly this time. Jen came next (with a bit of encouragement from Mike and I) and Mike held out and then came fairly hard (probably not as much cum, but he said it felt strong).

We all needed to shower after this – I had a fair amount of cum leaking from me and Jen’s thighs were wet with her juices and we all smelt of sex. We showered separately and headed down to breakfast (some of the others were up by this time). We needed to arrange a trip to stock up on food and drink so a group went off to do that after breakfast while the rest of us gathered up another batch of wood for the fire that evening. I had taken my panties off before we went out but soon found out that I hadn’t quite managed to get rid of all of Mike’s cum as it continued to trickle down my leg throughout the morning.

Jen was just wearing a cotton dress and a pair of shoes (at my instruction), which meant that I could slide my hand under it and fondle her whenever I wanted. Just as we were heading back, I slipped the remote egg into her and told her that it had to stay there for as long as I wanted it to. I hadn’t planned on doing the next bit, but before we made it back to the cottage, I caught up with Lis and asked her if she remembered me telling her about Jen having put the egg in me and handing the remote around her friends (Lis said that she remembered). I handed her the remote and nodded in Jen’s direction and told her to have fun. I don’t think that Lis believed me at first, but she seemed a bit more convinced when she pressed the button and saw Jen jump.

I told Lis to keep a hold of it over lunch and have a play under the pretence of me getting revenge on what Jen had done to me (but of course it is all a part of our plan to get Lis to fall into bed with us!) Lis seemed to have fun playing with the remote over lunch and Jen played up to it by pretending the egg was having more of an effect than it really was. I got the remote back after lunch and told Lis that she had done a good job but now I would have to go and take care of Jen properly. I led Jen away from the group to calls of ‘we know what you’re going to do’ (mostly from the guys) and we said that we knew what we were going to do as well.

Once we were back indoors, I lifted Jen’s dress and had a quick lick – she was quite wet from the stimulation the egg had been giving her and we quickly went upstairs to carry on properly. Once in the bedroom, we stripped off and I pulled the egg out of Jen. I told Jen to suck it clean and then leave it on Lis’ bed with the remote (which she did). Of course she wasn’t allowed to get dressed before she had to do this, but she made it without anyone seeing her (they were all still outside). She scampered back into the room and I told Jen that I would let Lis know that she had left a present for her and that she was free to use it.

We’d delayed enough by this time and I wanted to taste Jen properly so we fell onto the bed and quickly moved from kissing into a 69 position on our sides. Jen was indeed soaked, but she later told me that I was still pretty wet from my double session with Mike earlier that day (I thought most of it had leaked out). We made lots of muffled moaning noises as we ate each other and ended up getting quite sweaty (it was a very hot day). I ended up cumming while humping against Jen’s face but got a bit distracted and lost my rhythm licking her so had to start again once my orgasm had finished.

Given I had been the one to drop the ball, I worked especially hard to make her cum and she ended up lying on top of me (still in a 69 position) and I let her rub herself over my face while I ate her. A couple of times I grabbed her and pushed her into a position that allowed me to give her ass a good lick but when she got closer, I concentrated a lot more on her clit. By the time she came, my face was covered in her juices. Given we needed to shower again before rejoining the group, we took the opportunity to shave each other.

Jen had to wear only her light dress again (I think she will be dressing like this for most of the holiday) and I told her that she had to sit in a way that would allow people to catch a glimpse of her pussy. To be fair to Mike, she was meant to let the girls see it (he thinks that he should have first priority if any men are going to see her naked). We don’t know if anyone did see, but she sat for quite a while with her legs up in a really cute pose that would have let anyone who looked at least see that she didn’t have panties on. It was actually too hot to go sunbathing and most people were feeling too lazy to walk (the whole 5-10 minutes) so we just stayed around the garden. I did convince people to have a water fight which meant that we got changed into swimsuits/bikinis so at least the view was nice!

I told Lis that we had left the egg for her if she wanted to use it and she blushed (she is really cute when she does this) but didn’t say she didn’t want it or that we should take it back. At the very least, I’m hoping that she will use it and we can sneak in to her room later in the week and taste her off it (I miss living with Holly and being able to taste her vibe!)

We had a late dinner and another big fire (there won’t be any wood left if we keep this up all week). We (or most of us) got quite drunk – not stupidly so, but pretty tipsy. Jen did a good job with the neck stroking and really got me turned on. I ended up being a bit less reserved than I had intended to be around my friends (as I’ve said before, they’re not quite the same as Jen’s crazy (and wonderfully interesting) friends). As I got more turned on, I moved so that my dress rode up slightly and positioned myself so that I could potentially gave Jo and her bf a bit of a view up my skirt. I think Lis might have noticed, but I wasn’t really paying much attention to her.

I didn’t actually cum (and I probably wasn’t even that close to cumming), but I did get incredibly horny and might have allowed my skirt to ride quite a bit higher than I had intended. At one point when I moved to get another drink I’m pretty sure I was fully exposed but as I said, most of us were fairly drunk so I’m not too bothered. In the end though, it really did get too much for me and I whispered to Jen that I wanted her to fuck me. It was pretty late by this time and we weren’t the first to leave so we didn’t get any sarky comments (although I’m sure it must have been equally obvious that we weren’t going back to get some sleep). I whispered to Lis that she should enjoy her present and then we ran to the cottage (almost falling over a few times as Jen tried to tickle me).

On the way to the room, we heard noised coming from Clare’s room and had a quick listen in. They were obviously having sex, but weren’t making many interesting noises so all we could hear was the bed moving and some heavy breathing. We listened in for a little bit anyway but had to stop and go to our room when we heard other people coming into the house.

I’m not really sure why I decided to do this, but I’m going to blame either the alcohol or the fact that I’ll be leaving York soon, but I told Jen that we should ‘forget’ to shut the door properly. I turned off the hall light and left our door just slightly ajar and we moved onto the bed. I was loud enough that anyone in the hall would be aware of what we were doing (but not quite as crude as usual). We rolled around on the bed for a bit and then I pulled off my dress and bra so I was naked. I was already in new territory here as I usually don’t expose myself like this where my friends might see me (but it wasn’t really my fault if they were spying on me was it?)

I really hadn’t thought through what I was going to do and just went with the first thing that came to mind – which happened to be my beer bottle. I guess I was in the sort of mood where I decided that if I was going to show off I may as well do it properly. I put a few pillows up against the headboard and leant back against them with my legs spread. I wasn’t so obvious that I faced the door directly, but I could see it out of the corner of my eye and could see a little movement out there. I handed Jen the bottle and pulled my lips open for her to push it into me. I was wet enough that it went in easily and she pushed it the whole way in (just the neck of the bottle – not the whole thing!).

I pulled my legs as far apart as I could and let her fuck me with it. I was getting a real thrill knowing that someone I knew was watching and played up to this. I still kept things toned down a bit, but encouraged her to fuck me and to make me cum. By the time I was nearing orgasm, Jen was pumping the bottle into me quite quickly and I was rubbing my clit. I pushed back hard against the bottle with each wave of orgasm and then lay panting with the bottle still in me (it fell out by itself but I thought it was a nice touch).

I’m fairly certain that I could still see a shadow through the crack in the door and decided to continue. I switched places with Jen (who still had her dress on) and started to kiss her. I knelt on all fours in front of her so that my ass was pointed towards the door. I ducked my head under her dress and pulled her legs apart and started to noisily slurp away at her cunt. This really isn’t the easiest position and it was fairly sore on my neck, but the aim was to show off so it was worth it. I used my tongue and fingers on Jen and got her nicely worked up before switching my fingers to my own cunt.

I was picturing the view that out voyeurs must have had and pumped my fingers into myself as best I could while I slurped away. Jen didn’t make a lot of noise, but she did enjoy things and ended up pulling my head hard against her cunt as she came. I concentrated on her orgasm first and when she had finished, I pulled my head out from between her legs (she made sure her dress covered her) and immediately lay back on the bed and fingered myself properly.

I didn’t give as direct a view of my pussy this time but I gave a good show and had a couple of fingers in my cunt from beneath and the other hand working on my clit. Jen ended up sucking on my nipples (once she had recovered from her orgasm) and I came with a fairly juddering orgasm that actually caused me to cry out a bit (not too loud, but it was a real cry and not something I was just putting on for show).

I was pretty satisfied by this point and had a few (little) doubts if I should have done this but it was too late to worry (and it had felt wonderful). I wanted to shut the door without letting the people know that I had known it was open so decided that I should go to the bathroom. I put my gown on (while listening) and told Jen I was going to the bathroom. We’re pretty sure that we heard someone leaving but couldn’t tell which direction they went in. Jen thinks that there might have been more than one set of footsteps, but I’m not as convinced.

I went to the bathroom and when I returned, shut the door properly so Jen could get undressed. We lay gently touching and discussing who we thought might have been spying on us. Of course I wanted it to be Jo or Lis, but the thought of any of my friends going back to their room and cumming to the image of Jen and I was quite a turn on. Jen was very nice to me and helped construct my regular fantasy where pretty much everyone ends up fucking me until I’m covered in cum and can’t take any more – this got me going again and we had to break out a dildo and have another session (only one orgasm each).


  1. Next time hold off on the alcohol. You'll be surprised what you can get away with when everyone ELSE is drunk.

  2. Where was Mike while you finally got your alone time with Jen on this occasion?

  3. I'm still quite inhibited around my friends so a little alcohol helped me loosen up too.

    Mike was sleeping on the sofa on the nights that he wasn't with me - I don't think Rach would have been quite as willing to let him share a bed with her nomatter how good friends they are (well, maybe she would have, but we didn't ask).