Saturday, 7 August 2010

Group Holiday - Wednesday

Oops - I meant to post this a bit earlier today but Sue is around ATM so I didn't have a chance (and then forgot).


Mike came in to wake us up in the morning with some orange juice. He said that we must have had a good night as the room stank of our juices and we relayed the show we had put on to him. I assured him that nobody got to see Jen naked but he still wished that he had got to witness it so we have promised him that we will consider a repeat ‘private’ performance (maybe when Sue is visiting).

Jen actually quite liked this idea (she still wants to try to get Sue and I into a threesome so thinks that anything that associates us with sex in Sue’s mind might help – pretty much the same plan that I have with Lis). I claim that she started stroking me first, but she says that it was me who started things – either way, we played with each other under the covers and watched the bulge in Mike’s trousers grow. He said it was unfair that we were teasing him but when we asked if he wanted us to stop (or to leave us to it) he said that he would put up with it and stay.

While we were playing, Mike suggested to me that I should openly touch Jen in front of Lis and see what happens. Jen likes this idea so I’m going to have to come up with something else embarrassing for her to do as part of my payback. I have an idea but I’m not going to tell her about it yet.

I’d worked my fingers properly into Jen by this point and decided it was time to move things on. I ducked under the covers and pushed my way between her legs and started to lick. I got Jen to slide down a bit to make it more comfortable. Mike had decided that he didn’t want to have to wait to see Jen fuck me with the bottle and was going to do it himself but they thought that it looked a bit too dirty to use. Instead, he just lifted the covers to expose my ass and used his fingers on me. After getting some of my juices, his thumb found its way into my ass and his other fingers alternated between rubbing my clit and fingering my cunt. It’s probably the closest I’m going to get to a threesome with them so I enjoyed it as much as I could but ended up overheating somewhat. I managed to stay under the covers until I had made Jen cum and then kept licking her until I had cum, but really needed air by this point.

Mike wanted me to suck him off (or fuck him – I think either would have done), but it was fairly late by this time and people wanted to get out to the beach. I promised him I would make up for it and he left us to go shower before we went down for food. We joined them soon (we decided to shower together – just to save time of course). We both had short(ish) dresses on and I had set Jen the aim of showing off her panties (white of course) to as many people as possible throughout the day. Of course she had to be subtle about it and make it look accidental, but she did a fairly good job and I saw that most of the guys seemed to get a good look (including Mike) as well as Lis.

I called Lis out on this on the way to the beach and told her to stop looking at my gf’s panties, but she knew that I was joking. We also asked her if she had enjoyed the egg last night. She claimed not to have used it, but we think that given the shade of red she went, that we might need some new batteries for it. We didn’t press her on the issue though.

We got to the beach and I convinced a few of the girls to go to the topless beach. Jo didn’t come (but she hadn’t been topless last time so I think my chances of seeing her breasts are fading fast). We had enough people to keep me happy though: Jen, Lis, Vicky, Clare, Holly and myself – the others said they might join us later on but I think Anna and Euan were planning on sneaking off for some alone time.

We let Lis apply the lotion again as everyone thought she had done a good job last time. I gave her the excuse to have a better fondle of everyone by asking her to make sure she didn’t miss anything at the bottom of my back so she could rub right down to the top of my (and everyone else’s ass). After I had done my own front, I did Jen’s. I didn’t spend *too* long on her breasts, but certainly longer than was strictly required. I also applied cream to her legs and made sure that I got right up to her bikini. Nobody was looking so I slipped a finger under the material and rubbed along her pussy a few times and then slipped it inside her. We then sunbathed for a while and just chatted and dozed.

I got bored and decided to go for a swim – a few of the others joined me and we splashed around for a bit. I managed to fondle Jen quite a bit but nothing serious happened until we swam off a little way to the edge of the cove. We still weren’t very far from the others, but given my hands were underwater anyway, it was far enough that I could pull Jen’s bikini aside and play with her properly. I told her that I wanted her to cum with everyone around and pushed a finger into her ass while I rubbed her clit. I figured that it would take longer while we were standing in water so I sucked on her (rather salty) nipples at the same time (she had her back to the others so they probably couldn’t see – but even if they could I intended to keep going).

The multiple stimulation seemed to work quite well, even in the water and Jen bobbed up and down on my fingers to help things along. She came (quietly) and I told her that she couldn’t fiddle with her bikini and had to just cope with however it ended up. We splashed around a bit more and rejoined the others and I had a quick feel to check she was still mostly exposed and then went back to the beach. I asked Lis to put some more cream on my back and when she had finished, suggested that she did the same for Jen. Jen lay on her front with her legs slightly open and I’m pretty sure that Lis noticed her pussy was on display.

We stayed there a bit longer before heading back for lunch (after putting tops on of course). We collected the others and returned to the cottage – on the way back I told Mike what we had been up to and after lunch I came up to our room to write up events so far.

There was another shopping trip later that afternoon to restock on some things and the rest of the afternoon seemed to disappear. It was my turn to do dinner (with Mike helping) and we did a simple salad with steaks and fries. I really wanted to be able to give Holly, Jo and Lis some ‘special sauce’ but everyone just took their servings from large bowls so I wasn’t able to do this.

We had our usual bonfire and with a bit of cheating, Mike actually manage to make me cum. He was stroking my neck in the usual way, but had also slipped the remote egg into me while Jen operated the remote (from the other side of the fire). At least I had assumed that it was Jen but I found out today (which is tomorrow from when this happened) that Jen had let on to Lis that I had the egg in me and had let her change the power settings a few times. I’m going to suggest skinny dipping to the girls today and see if anyone is up for it, but even if they aren’t (assuming the weather holds up) I think we’ll definitely be able to convince Lis to join us for some naked sunbathing when we return home.

Holly and Anna (and respective boyfriends) had snuck off back to the cottage early (presumably for some ‘alone time’). Mike and I also left reasonably early and quietly entered the house. Hol’s and Anna’s rooms were at different ends of the cottage so they probably couldn’t hear each other, but we had a listen in on both of them. Hol seems to be getting a bit more assertive and was telling him to push harder and deeper – I’m so proud of her! While we were listening into them, Mike slipped up my skirt and fished the egg out of me. I felt him rubbing his cock between my ass cheeks and then between my cunt lips – he did this until he was nice and wet (I was still quite moist from my orgasm by the fire) and then pulled my pussy open and slid into me.

I let out a slightly louder moan than I had intended and we froze, but I think that Hol must have been sufficiently occupied that she didn’t notice (I hadn’t been *that* loud, but in a quiet house it seemed loud). Once we realised we were still safe, Mike started to move inside me and I braced myself against the wall. We tried to be as quiet as possible so we could listen in and it was certainly worth it. I could hear Holly panting and saying that she was getting close. I whispered to Mike to make me cum and used one of my hands to play with my clit. He started to push harder into me and pressed his thumb against my ass and I pictured Hol lying on the bed with her legs spread being pounded towards an orgasm.

I was picturing Holly the way I’ve seen in some anime where the guy is partially transparent so you can see the girl being spread as he enters her. I found this quite a turn on (and I think Mike will be instructed to get some more of this anime when we get home) and as she came, I pictured he cunt being filled with cum and leaking out of her. They’d had a head start on us so I didn’t manage to cum at the same time, but I wasn’t too far behind and it was a pretty strong one. Mike helped keep me upright and I imagined diving into her cunt and eating her clean as I came.

We decided to make a strategic retreat just in case one or both of them decided to make a trip to the bathroom to clean up. Mike hadn’t cum yet, but given he wanted to go and listen in on Anna (I know he thinks she is cute), this didn’t bother him. When we got to her room, at first we didn’t think that there was anything going on, but after listening closely we heard what we assumed was sucking. We couldn’t hear any moaning so couldn’t tell who was doing the sucking/eating. Whatever was going on, they were being fairly quiet but Mike wanted to ‘join in’ anyway and so I knelt in front of him and started to suck away.

We never quite figured out exactly what was going on but from what we heard we think they must have been 69ing with Anna on top (which, given her size, would make sense). We heard Euan tell her he was close and asked if he could cum in her but she wanted him to cum over her. I pictured her kneeling in front of him (as I was with Mike) and imagined his cum covering her face and running down her body over her breasts and onto her legs.

Almost as soon as he had cum I heard Anna asking where the condoms were and telling him to lie back. Mike commented that she wasn’t giving him much time to recover and we soon heard the familiar noise of the bed creaking. Mike said that she must be on top and we pictured her riding up and down, swallowing his cock in her little pussy. I thought that Mike should cum and stopped to quickly pull my dress off. Mike helped me do this and I also shed my bra. I swallowed his cock once more and started pumping the shaft with one hand while fiddling with my clit with the other one.

I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock (having learned this from Sue) and looked up at him asking if he wanted to cover me with cum. He nodded back and I pumped even faster. Regular readers will know that BJs aren’t something I’m really good at, but I must be improving as with a few more swirls around the head and licks on the shaft and he said he was close. The first spurt went in my mouth, he pulled out and the second spurt hit my chin and the third my shoulder and left breast. Given I was kneeling naked in the hallway, covered with Mike’s cum, we decided not to hang around to listen to Anna finish (as much as we wanted to). We’d been there for quite a while and assumed that the others might well come back so I gathered up my clothes and we made a slow (dripping) retreat to our room.

I hadn’t cum for a while now so was ready for some more fun and I knew exactly how got ensure Mike got hard quickly. I told him that all we needed to do now was to get to hear jo having sex and then we would have the perfect thing to fantasise to. Jo was the first girl that I used in our threesome/lesbian fantasies (on account of her being so incredibly cute). I got Mike to picture, Jo, Hol, Anna and myself all writing around naked, fingering, licking and fucking and within a very short time, I had a nice hard cock to play with again (his, not mine!). He pressed me up against the wall and pushed into me from behind while he played with my clit with one hand and my breasts with the other.

He was quite rough and I egged him on to push harder while I continued to describe what my lesbian orgy would be like. He was clearly enjoying the description and said if I wanted things harder that he could do that. He pulled out of my cunt and pressed up against my ass. He said that we should practice for our sessions with Sue (we have a plan) and slowly pressed into me. I pushed my ass back against him and with just a few strokes, he was buried in my ass and then started to fuck me. This meant that he could now also finger my cunt as well as my clit and he pulled and tweaked my nipples (a little too hard at times and I had to remind him that it was Jen who seems to like pain – but he backed off so it was okay).

He fucked me pretty hard and said that we should make some noise to repay the others – I wasn’t going to continue describing our fantasy out loud, but was quite happy to moan and tell him to fill me with cum. I ended up playing with my other nipple and between all the stimulation I then came pretty quickly. Mike didn’t stop what he was doing and it became very intense to the point where I kept telling him to cum. He pressed even deeper into my ass and moaned into my ear then pumped into me a few more times before standing still. He stopped playing with my clit and nipple and we relaxed together. All he said was ‘fuck’ and then when he had recovered a bit more he said that all I needed now was to get Anna and Jo to lick me clean.

When he pulled out, only a little cum leaked out of me (but he had cum over me just a short while before). We went and got cleaned up and the house was still quiet so either people had come in while we were busy or most people were still out at the beach. I was a bit disappointed that Holly and Anna seemed to have finished off so quickly. We considered getting dressed again and heading back down to see who was still there, but ended up just going to bed and having nice traditional missionary position sex. I managed to cum twice as Mike was already pretty spent before we started, but he still managed to cum once more before we went to sleep so we were both happy. He also wanted to finish off the hat trick (mouth, ass and cunt) as we don’t do this that often!

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