Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Toothbrush fun

Mike headed into work early this morning but I had Jen to satisfy my morning lust anyway. We still had the long dildo to hand so I used this on her while I rubbed her clit and she then used it on me while using an egg on my clit. Jen helped me shower (which didn’t really save any time) and I headed into Uni. I met up with some of the gang for lunch and we’ve arranged to go out on Friday (and maybe Sat as well) – I’ve not got much longer here so I want to spend as much time with them as I can – providing of course it doesn’t interfere with my fun at home!

I think I might have accidentally shown myself off to someone while we were having coffee. We were sitting facing a window on stools and my legs were slightly open. I noticed someone outside who had been kneeling down (I think he was getting something out of a bag) was staring right up my skirt. It was a fairly short skirt and he looked away when he saw me looking at him, but I pretended not to notice and opened my legs s bit more (nothing too obvious as I had friends either side of me). I went as far as giving my thigh a little scratch so I could raise my skirt slightly as well and I could see out of the corner of my eye that this had been noticed. He walked away with the bag in front of his crotch so I considered I had done a good job. I’ve certainly got a lot more daring at work recently, but I think that’s because I’ll be leaving here soon – I’d still rather my friends didn’t find out quite how naughty I can be (which is why I was being careful).

I had planned to work straight through lunch but Lis wanted to chat about a new girl she has her eye on. It’s not someone I know but she sounds quite cute from Lis’ description (and given her infatuation with Holly, I’m pretty sure Lis has good taste). She has promised to keep me informed as to how things go and I hope to be reporting some juicy details soon (not that I actually expect Lis to jump straight into bed with her, I think she actually wants to date this girl and take things slowly).

I met up with Jen and Sue mid afternoon in town (unsurprisingly, for a coffee) and found out that they had done pretty much nothing all morning. We went for a walk along the river and stopped off for a drink (an alcoholic one) before heading back to meet Mike. Jen was instructed to undress Sue and I when we returned. Sue sat up on the counter while Mike make dinner so he could lick and rub her – we were having a salad and a few bits when into Sue before they went into the salad. Jen offered the back of her dress to me so I unbuttoned it and she threw it into the living room – she stood naked watching Mike play with Sue for a few minutes before finding underwear (I think her resolve might be wavering).

We had dinner and then a lemon mousse for dessert. Jen got me to lie on the table and ate hers out of my pussy and Mike thought this was a good idea so did the same to Sue. They didn’t let us cum, but ate us annoyingly close to orgasm (in my case at least). I wasn’t going to let Jen get away with that so we switched places, I removed her bra and smeared the dregs of my pudding onto her breasts and licked then clean while I rubbed her panties. Sue sat on Mike’s lap which we did this and I think he managed to rearrange his boxers and slip into her. He was certainly rubbing her under the table and then suggested that we put on a little display for Jen.

Sue half lay on the sofa and I lay on her with my back to her. She held me in place and I positioned myself so that my pussy was directly above hers. Mike spread Sue and Jen spread me so he could lick from Sue’s ass, right up to my clit (he did this a number of times). He then alternated between rubbing our clits and they described to us what they could see. I know that Jen did a bit of the clit rubbing, but Sue couldn’t see this. She was sensible enough to not try to actually finger Sue as I’m quite sure Sue would have been able to tell the difference between Jen’s smooth slender fingers and Mike’s not so smooth (or slender) ones. Mike wanted to try to get us to both cum at the same time and went back to licking us – but a bit more seriously this time. I ended up repositioning myself so that I was half sitting and my clit was a lot closer to Sue’s. I knew what I was aiming for – a way to let my clit almost touch hers so that he could slide his tongue between us and lick them both at the same time. This is almost impossible to do (well, I couldn’t find a way to get it to work), but it was good enough and meant I was almost humping against Sue’s mons by the time we finished.

We got pretty close in the end – I started to cum and Mike concentrated on Sue who came, then he went back to me to finish me off properly. I had half expected Jen to dive in and get a few cheeky licks before Sue realised, but she was well behaved (Mike got another good kiss off her at the end though so she could taste us both). I think we should try this again, maybe with Sue on top. Mike could fuck her and then when his cum and her juices run over me, Jen could lick me clean...

I climbed off Sue and we enjoyed the afterglow of our orgasms. Mike suggested that we demonstrate the washing machine to Sue and I thought this was a good idea, but I wanted some time to rest first - Jen’s earlier teasing had meant my orgasm had been fairly strong so I wasn’t quite up to another one just yet. We sat around and chatted and I noticed that even Mike was getting used to having three naked girls around (well, two naked and one in panties). His boxers were still slightly tented, but he wasn’t at full mast (at least until I commented on it and gave him a rub to check). He started to tickle me and wrestled me to the ground. He can’t easily hold me down for long by himself, but Jen gave him a hand and send Sue upstairs to get the electric toothbrushes. Jen used one on my clit – first the back and then the bristles (this is okay as long as you don’t press too hard – although we’ve seen a number of people online who look like they’re really brushing their clits hard).

Jen slipped a brush down her panties and Mike got Sue to use the third one. We didn’t make any attempt to have us all cum at the same time (although that might be a good idea). I came first as I had Mike rubbing around my lips and pushing his fingers into me while Jen buzzed my clit – Jen was next and Sue wasn’t too far behind her. Mike got us to all switch round so that all of our juices were on each brush and said that to be fair we would have to do the same with Sue’s (manual) toothbrush before we brushed our teeth. He was clearly ready to cum himself and so Sue, Mike and I popped upstairs to give him some relief.

I’d had enough (for the time being), so he went down on Sue and fingered her until she was squirming around and moaning. He flipped her over onto her stomach and pushed into her (her favourite position). I sat and watched them fuck and Mike whispered to Sue about how much he liked watching her eat Jen’s cunt juice. He asked her what she would do if Jen was there with them and she said that she wanted to bury her face in Jen’s pussy and eat her. It was obvious that Sue was playing out something they had practiced over the phone (just as I used to do before I realised that I actually liked the idea), but it was still quite hot hearing her say it out loud. Mike pulled her ass up so he could fuck her deeper and told her he was going to fill her cunt with cum so Jen could eat it out of her. Sue played along and said that she wanted Jen to lick her clean and this seemed to be enough for Mike, who pushed into her and jiggled back and forth as he came. He reached around under Sue and rubbed her clit, keeping himself pressed hard into her and told her to cum. It took a few minutes of him doing this, but she came and panted her way through another orgasm.

Mike looked quite beat, but told her to cover her pussy while he came over for me to suck him clean. She had to keep her pussy covered while he half carried her downstairs and she stood in front of Jen before letting his cum dribble out of her. Mike wanted Jen to lick Sue’s thighs clean, but he hasn’t managed to get her to actually want to try that (but Jen was happy when she found out that Sue will at least fantasise about that happening).

Sue sat on a towel on the sofa and we watched more cum drip out of her throughout the rest of the evening. She seems to have got used to this a bit more now (although hopefully not *too* used to it as I don’t want her to let anyone else cum in her). The only other sexual thing we did before going to bed was Jen rubbing a chocolate bar along Sue’s pussy before eating it (Jen may like the taste of Mike’s cum, but she likes it even more when it’s mixed with pussy juice).

It was my turn to have Mike when we went to bed – we spooned and he stayed inside me after we had cum.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Taste test

I woke up the following morning with Mike’s fingers on my pussy – when I came round properly I found out that he was lying between Sue and I with a hand on/in each of us and I suggested that sometime we should go for simultaneous orgasm – he does both of us and we use a hand each on him. We decided this might take too long for a morning session, but want to give it a go sometime soon. Once Sue and I had cum, she went back to sleep and Mike and I got up. I went to wake Jen (I didn’t have time to play with her). She said she would come and meet me for lunch again today (I can’t leave as early as I have a few people to talk to in the afternoon).

Mike headed in to work and I decided to make the most of the fact I can still cycle to work (I don’t know if I’m close enough in my new place). I put on my crotchless tights and got Jen to help arrange the dildo in me and set off. I managed to cum on the way to work so was quite flushed by the time I got there and my mind wasn’t really on work (which defeated the whole purpose as the idea is to cum and then concentrate on work). I ended up writing up yesterday’s entry and nearly got caught doing it, but a quick alt-tab changed to Excel just in time. Lunchtime arrived and I met Jen and Sue and we picked up Lis. Jen was dressed in a similar manner to yesterday but I didn’t make her expose herself today (I did give her a view of my pussy, but I don’t think anyone else would have seen it – especially as I was wearing tights and I can’t imagine people would guess they were crotchless).

We didn’t talk about much over lunch – just girl chat (or ‘pointless talk’ as Mike calls it). We’re going to have people over for dinner one night before we go and will probably all go out for drinks a few times but we haven’t made any proper plans yet. Jen and Sue headed into town to look around the shops and I went for my afternoon of meetings (it was only two, but I’m meant to have finished work for now and they were getting in the way of having fun). I headed home (without wearing the dildo) and was pleased to find a naked Jen waiting for me. Sue was out in the garden sunbathing naked (she’ll certainly have a good all over tan to show off at this rate). Mike arrived home early (he’s being allowed to work a bit less so he has time to help me get ready to move – which is *almost* what he’s doing...)

Jen went up to put on underwear – she didn’t hide herself as she went past him and I know he appreciated the view. When she returned and we had chatted for a while, and got on to the subject of how we taste different. Mike suggested a game - we had to see if we could identify whose pussy juice belonged to whom. I guess (and later had confirmed) that this was another join plan of his and Jen’s. He said that is we could beat him, we would get a prize and so we all agreed. I’ve never really done a direct comparison and so though this could be quite interesting (although it would have been even better if we could have got Jo, Lis, Holly, Anna, Valerie... along – just to have a representative sample of course – nothing more!)

I thought that if we were going to do it, it should be done properly, so we headed up and got out all the dildos and vibes so we could find the three most alike (so people couldn’t cheat and go by shape). Sue was amazed at how many different things we have (they’re usually split between the two bedrooms so we don’t often see them all together). I told her that if she wanted to amuse herself while I was at work then she could use anything she wanted. After a bit of sorting, we found three vibes which were all of a similar enough size (at the end anyway) that I thought it would be hard to tell apart and we headed back downstairs. I volunteered to go first and sat on the edge of the sofa and let them blindfold me.

I felt a vibe being rubbed against me and then slipped into me and then waited while Jen and Sue got their ones ready. I tasted them in turn and only got one correct (Jen). It was Mike’s turn next and once he was blindfolded, we set about remoistening the vibes. I told him we were all sitting in front of him fucking ourselves with him and I could clearly see his cock flexing in his boxers. He managed to get all three correct and was very pleased with himself. Jen had the next turn and she too managed to get all three correct and finally Sue had a go and only got one.

I pointed out that it was unfair as Sue and I taste fairly alike and neither Jen or I have tasted her as much as he has, so he had an advantage. As the penalty for losing, he got Sue and I to sit beside each other and taste ourselves from our own fingers. We then had to finger ourselves again and offer our fingers to each other to taste. When he did it like this (and we knew who we were tasting), there is a fairly clear difference (still nowhere near as much as there is between us and Jen). As the winner, Jen got her prize first and Mike led her upstairs (no, I didn’t think her prize was going to be an evening with him). They were up there for a while and after about 10 minutes, she came down in full Japanese schoolgirl uniform (white sailor top with red scarf, blue skirt and long white socks).

She looked incredibly cute and I asked him when he got it (while we were away at home, at the same time as the dildo). I later found out that they were fairly expensive and was a bit annoyed with him as we’re meant to be saving money so we can afford to travel and see each other when I move, but I had already enjoyed using them by that point so I couldn’t complain too much. I asked if there was one for me and he led me up to see it. Sue followed and we dressed at the same time and headed back down. Jen had put her hair in bunches, I went for a ponytail and Sue kept hers loose. Mike wanted to have a good look at us so we posed for him (and each other in Jen and my case). He put on one of his favourite anime scenes with two schoolgirls making out on the roof and Jen and I acted out some of the scene for him. I fully intended to act out the full scene in private with Jen later on but we left her downstairs while Mike, Sue and I went up. I promised Jen I wouldn’t cum until I was with her and left her to watch some more anime to get her in the mood (as if she ever needs help).

As I’ve written about, I’ve seen Sue in her Japanese uniform before (and have use it myself with Jen), but there was something incredibly sexy with us both wearing them. I was really looking forwards to my evening with Jen but thought I should try to concentrate on what I was doing at the time. Mike ran his hands all over us both, stroking our legs, panties, backs and breasts. He kissed us both while his fingers rubbed us through our panties and then asked us to kiss his cock. He stripped off and sat at the edge of the bed and we knelt on either side of him. His cock felt very hard and I watched Sue start to lick and kiss it. While she worked on the head, I licked near the base of the shaft and he said he wanted us to both kiss the head. (I know full well why he likes this so much). Sue and I wrapped our lips around the head and licked and sucked him (and therefore each other as well – what Mike was aiming for). He said it felt amazing, so we carried on and varied the speed at which we licked and how hard we sucked. I’ve never kissed Sue for so long (even if it was indirectly).

Mike stopped us and said it was time for some more action (I think we would have made him cum if we’d continued) and he got Sue and I into a 69 position. With my pussy just above her face, he pulled my panties aside and slid straight into me. He told Sue to watch closely as he fucked me and to imagine we were on the roof of a school doing this (which seems to happen a lot in anime for some reason I don’t understand and they can’t explain). I was instructed to pull the crotch of Sue’s panties aside and watch her finger herself, which she enthusiastically did.

Mike continued until Sue started to moan underneath me and then said it was time to switch over. When we were in position, he tore Sue’s panties so that they were hanging around one of her legs and said that now he could do things properly. He got the gel and lubed up his cock before plunging into her cunt and fucking her quite hard. He pushed a thumb into her ass and continued to pound into her while he told her to pull my panties aside so I could play with myself. Sue was obviously enjoying the attention and I could feel her panting onto my pussy – Mike pulled out of her cunt and positioned his cock at her ass. He told her to press back and I watched him work his way into her ass while her cunt looked like it was almost throbbing.

Sue’s pussy is a lot more closed than mine – the only time you can see the inner lips is if the outer lips are being spread or just after she’s been fucked. Her outer lips hadn’t completely closed and I watched her inner lips contracting as Mike worked his way into her ass and started to fuck her. He got her to squeeze herself around him and he said it felt amazing. Sue seemed to enjoy it a lot more this time too as she was pushing back against him. He asked her to rub herself, so she laid her head down on my thigh and reached under herself to do this. I think Mike had fucked me for a bit too long as he said he couldn’t hold back much longer and for her to rub as fast as she could. I watched her fingers flying back and forth across her clit and Mike said he was cumming. He was a good way inside her when he emptied his load into her and he stayed there, just moving a little bit, until she made herself cum.

Mike pulled out and went to wash his cock but told us to stay in the same position. I was still playing with myself and trying to not cum (I was saving it for Jen) and Sue gently rubbed her clit. Mike returned with Jen who really appreciated the view (if she can’t get to have Sue, she really wants to watch me have her, although that’s even less likely to happen). I needed to cum now so said that we were going to head off to bed – I allowed Sue to tease Mike (but no sex while I wasn’t present) and he promised not to touch her). I’m fairly certain that means he might wank off to her, but I can live with that!

Jen and I rushed in to her room and we basically re-enacted the scene from the anime: we started off with Sue against the wall and me pulling her top up and kissing her breasts while I rubbed against her crotch with my thigh, she then played with my breasts, we 69ed and ended up sitting facing and fingering each other. We tried to make enough noise that Mike would be able to hear us, but it turned out that Sue had been sitting putting on a little display for him so I think he had been otherwise occupied (I enjoyed listening to Jen moaning though so it wasn’t wasted).

Jen and I kept (what we were still wearing of) our uniforms on and kissed for a while. As I’d hoped, this turned into humping and I got to have my session with the double ended dildo that I had been denied earlier in the week. I took the turn ‘on top’ this time and pumped against Jen while she played with her breasts. We must have been moving around quite a bit as Mike said he could hear the bed thumping on the floor (the sofa is underneath Jen’s room).

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Better uses for beer bottles

Well that was an interesting evening. After finishing writing, we were certainly ready (I had to finish writing with my ass in the air so Jen could eat me – she can be quite impatient!). I decided to punish her for trying to interrupt my writing and as soon as I closed the laptop, I pounced on her and held her down and then started to tickle her. After I had managed to get her screaming and panting (I have no idea what the neighbours must have thought we were up to, but then again, they must be used to random noises by now), I planted myself on her face and said that if she was so desperate to eat me, to go ahead. I was just starting to enjoy things when there was a knock at the door. I asked who it was and Sue answered so I told her to come in (Jen was naked so I would have had to cover her if it had been Mike).

Jen had stopped eating me when she heard the knock but then deliberately resumed as Sue walked in. Sue said that she had a present for us from Mike and handed me a dildo – I recognised it immediately as Valerie’s (it wasn’t actually her one, but was the same make, with the gel ‘skin’ on it). I tapped it on Jen to get her to pay attention and her eyes lit up (I knew she had liked it, but I hadn’t realised quite how much she had done so). Sue said we were meant to have fun with it and headed back downstairs. I was quite surprised that Mike hadn’t got her to come up with it inside her or asked her to give us a demonstration of it before giving it to us (when I pointed this out to him he said he didn’t think of doing that).

Jen wanted to try it straight away and I could tell I wasn’t going to get to use the double ended dildo that night (which I had been looking forwards to while we had been downstairs). I pulled myself away from her face (if she wanted it that much then I thought I should pay attention and use it without being distracted) and ran it over her pussy. Jen spread her legs for me and I worked it in, watching her cunt lips stretch around it. I asked her if it felt the same as Valerie’s one and she said that it did – she told me that she had described it in detail to Mike so he could try and find it and it turns out he’d had great fun on some boards passing on this description and getting people to point him in the right direction.

I continued to fuck her with it and occasionally licked at her clit. Jen was toying with her nipples and was clearly enjoying herself. I was looking forwards to trying it properly (I only had a quick play with Valerie’s one) and so started to lap away at her clit a bit faster. Jen’s cunt seemed to be swallowing a fair portion of the dildo (she actually has a fairly small pussy) but I clearly wasn’t hurting her so I continued until she came. Jen seemed to be in her own happy little world so I decided to leave her there for a while and arranged myself against the headboard. I slid the dildo into my pussy and started to fuck myself with it. It felt nice, and a lot more like a proper cock than most dildos/vibes do and I wondered if there actually was a vibe with this coating.

Jen started to watch me so I put on a good show for her – pulling the dildo almost all the way out before plunging it back into myself and rubbing my nipples at the same time. At Jen’s request I took one of my breasts and sucked on the nipple (Jen is jealous of the fact I can do this) and then did the same with other one. While I did this, Jen wondered what it would be like to have the supposedly ‘sweet innocent’ little Valerie with us to show us how she uses her dildo and I quite like this idea (but given how much time she spends flirting with guys, I’m fairly confident that she has no interest in girls). This didn’t stop Jen describing the scene to me (and after the holiday we have a pretty good idea what Valerie’s body is like, the only thing we haven’t seen is her pussy, but we both agree that she probably keeps her lips perfectly shaved and her mons trimmed short and would look incredibly sexy when she cums. We hatched a plan to use our new toy for a few months and then during a visit to York, try and switch it over with Valerie’s one. I came to the image of Valerie using her dildo on me while Jen used ours on her.

I thought that Sue should get to experience our new toy (although Jen wanted to wait and watch her the next day) so I took it down to her. She was lying on her front the floor watching the anime, happily displaying her pussy to Mike who was up on the sofa. I handed her the dildo and told her it was for use when she went to bed and to let us know what she thought of it as both Jen and I really liked it. I thought that Mike had been treated to enough that day to let her use it in front of him (and it would mean he had more cum when I go to next have him in me).

I headed upstairs and Jen and I snuggled up together and kissed for a while. We heard Sue come up a bit later on and tried to listen in on her but other than a bit of heavy breathing there wasn’t much evidence of her trying the dildo out (we found out the next day that she had used it and liked it).

I was woken by my alarm the next morning and gave Jen a quick good morning eat. She was going to do the same to me, but I wanted to get into work early so that I could leave early (she had a little taste anyway). I considered using a dildo on my cycle ride but thought that this would just distract me so I steeled on wearing a shorted skirt than I usually would to work, knowing that it probably wouldn’t be entirely safe to cycle in (from the decency standpoint). I arranged to meet Jen and Sue for lunch and headed off a little bit after Mike did. I reminded Jen that she had to spend the time in the house/garden naked (or at most in her underwear) and she promised she would (especially as Sue was still there).

Sue didn’t surface until mid-morning and was surprised to find Jen naked – Jen explained that she had been instructed to do so in return for the things I had done and proceeded to tell Sue about the things we had left out so far (like me openly masturbating in front of the group of guys on the roof – thanks for that Jen). They got ready to come and meet me (Jen wore the dress I had picked for her, which was as short as mine) and brought a lunch along. We sat out by the lake and Jen had to sit cross legged. With the dress she was wearing, this pretty much completely exposed her (not to everyone, but I had a rather unhindered view of her pussy). I didn’t want to be unfair, so I sat in the same position and gave Jen a similar view of me. We dared Sue to join in, but there were too many people around for her liking (we’ll get her there though).

I hadn’t quite got as much done as I needed to so I went back to work for a bit after lunch and Jen and Sue went for a coffee on campus. I gave Sue the task of ensuring that Jen sat in such a way that she slightly exposed herself and got her to report back to me (Jen behaved and did as she was told). We wandered home together a couple of hours later (it took me longer to finished up than I had thought – but those of you who read this blog while I was writing up probably won’t be surprised at that!).

When we got home I stripped Jen naked (which didn’t take much as I only had to remove her dress, socks and shoes) and I got her to use the dildo on the patio doors while Sue started to prepare some dinner. (I don’t think it is as much fun for her watching us when Mike isn’t around). Jen freshened up and put on a nice set of underwear for Mike’s return and Mike told Sue off for not being naked and said she would have to be punished (I get the feeling that she might want him to punish her, given that punishment usually ends up with people cumming).

We ate Sue’s dinner (zesty chicken with salad – actually quite yummy) and Mike asked if he was ever going to get the promised repeat show of the bottle fucking Jen gave me on holiday. I certainly wasn’t against the idea and so we arranged ourselves suitably: I sat on a chair and put my legs over the arms and Jen started to play with my pussy (just the outside) to get me wet. Mike opened a beer and poured it into a glass before handing the bottle to Jen. He went and sat on the sofa with Sue to watch. Jen spread my lips and worked the head of the bottle into me and once it was in, started to pump it in further, letting my juices coat it before pushing it in too deep. The advantage of using a bottle is that you get a really good view up into the pussy and can see the walls sliding over the glass (well, Jen, Mike and Sue could, I obviously couldn’t).

Mike and Sue came to have a closer look as Jen started to pump the bottle into me properly. I really recommend this to any exhibitionists amongst my readers as it was an incredible turn on knowing that they weren’t just watching me being fucked, but could see up inside me at the same time. Jen started to flick her fingers over my clit and I let out a moan. Mike and Sue headed back to the sofa to watch properly and Sue sat on his lap (so they were both facing me). I watched Mike spread Sue’s legs and start to rub around her pussy and guessed what would be happening next. She was squirming around and he was dry humping against her ass – Sue was obviously paying more attention to what was being done to her, but Mike was closely watching Jen fuck me and I gave him a smile. Jen was now pumping the bottle as far into me as she could (which was still only the neck – I’m not quite ready to get the wide part of a beer bottle into me yet).

Mike asked about our fisting exploits and we promised that we would demonstrate that (as far as we can) another time. Sue didn’t believe that I had been fisted, but I pointed out that Jen’s hand is fairly slender and she would get to see it. Jen offered to demonstrate on her but Sue decided to pass (I assume she thought Jen was joking). Mike now had Sue’s pussy spread and was rubbing away at her clit (which she was clearly enjoying). I wasn’t paying too much attention though as I was getting close to cumming and Jen was asking me if we thought that we should put on a display like this the next time we had friends round. I liked the idea of everyone sitting around watching me (and then joining in) and this helped speed me on my way to cumming. Jen rubbed me a bit faster and I ‘ungghed’ my way through it and relaxed back in the chair.

I had been right in my earlier guess about what was coming next. Jen asked Mike if he wanted to use the bottle on Sue and he said he did (they had planned this together). Sue looked like she was fairly close to cumming and didn’t object so Sue moved over to Mike and offered him the bottle. He said that he couldn’t see to get it in her and spread Sue’s lips – I watched as Jen lowered the bottle between Sue’s legs, positioned it at the entrance to her cunt and slowly pushed it inside. Mike had continued using a finger on Sue’s clit and once the bottle was in her, he took it off Jen. I know that they are trying to get away with a little more each time, but I wonder what would have happened if Jen had tried to fuck her with it then?

Mike used a hand on her clit and the other hand to move the bottle. Jen was still kneeling between Sue’s legs and watching closely. Mike told Sue that Jen was staring at her cunt and asked if she wanted him to stop or to let Jen watch her cum and Sue said that she didn’t care and wanted to cum, so he asked her to hold her legs open. She must have been close before the bottle went in as it took hardly any time before she was panting – Mike had the bottle pressed hard into her cunt and was moving it around like he was stirring up the insides of her pussy. She was flushed and wriggling around on his lap and then let out a little yelp and a moan. Mike thought he had hurt her and stopped but she pushed his hand against her so he carried on and kept rubbing and pumping until she had finished cumming. She later told us that the yelp was just a contraction that had been really strong.

Jen made a show of licking the bottle clean and looked in need of some attention herself so I decided to get some more revenge on her. I got her to sit in the chair in the position I’d been in and explained to Sue that after Jen had done me with the bottle, I put on another display for whoever had been watching us like this. With my ass presented to Mike and Sue, I pulled the crotch of Jen’s panties aside and ate her – she was rather moist and when I commented on this she said that given what she’d just seen, it was a miracle she wasn’t dripping. She smelt wonderful and it was a while since I’d seen her this wet so I didn’t bother teasing her and just ate her to orgasm. I straightened up her panties and went to give Mike a kiss so he could taste her.

It was now almost a day since Mike had cum and while I thought it was fun to tease him, I don’t really want his balls to explode, so I suggested that we head up to take care of him. Sue wasn’t quite ready to cum again (lightweight) so I told her that she could join us if she changed her mind. Mike and I went up and as soon as we were in the bedroom, he pulled of his boxers and we fell onto the bed. I ended up on top of him and started riding his cock. He told me he wasn’t sure how long he could hold out. I may not have helped matters by teasing him about having just watch me being fucked, having Sue squirming on his lap while cumming and watching me eat Jen.

Sue wasn’t quite as spent as she had made out as she appeared at the door and said she wanted to join us. She clambered up onto the bed and sat over Mike’s face. I watched him lick her pussy (you can’t see much with the person facing you, but it meant I got to watch the expression on her face as he tongued her). Mike was thrusting up against me and pulling me down against him hard and I realised that he was cumming (already). I played with my clit to speed my orgasm along and watched Sue’s cunt closely as it moved around his mouth and chin. I came next and wanted to stay where I was to watch but my legs were cramping slightly so I had to move and sit on the bed. I left a fairly sticky mess on and around his cock as I climbed off (mostly his cum) but Sue seemed eager to take care of it and she leaned forwards so she was on top of him and licked him clean(ish).

I moved up to the head of the bed to watch and saw Mike furiously eating Sue – his mouth was pressed into her cunt and his nose brushing against her ass. He continued to eat her like this right through her orgasm until she pulled away. I couldn’t resist kissing him to get a taste of Sue (she was in no state to notice). I went down to see Jen while they rested. Everyone seemed fairly tired so I suggested we get an early night.

It wasn’t that early by the time we had tidied up and got ready for bed (basically brushed our teeth) and I said goodnight to Jen. I curled up beside Mike (sue was on his other side). Sue wanted to fall asleep with Mike inside her and he spooned against her and pushed into her. I hugged him from behind and I’m going to miss this. In a way I hope Sue doesn’t hook up with this boy, but she’ll be happier if she has someone at Uni (and less horny if she’s regularly getting it!). I don’t think that Mike had intended to screw Sue, but as they were falling asleep he kept asking her if she had enjoyed watching her sister cum and what it had felt like when Jen pushed the bottle into her. Sue said that Jen had only done it for a second but I already knew that Mike wasn’t going to let it go. He was gently moving in her and said that it had seemed like she enjoyed it but if she hadn’t, then she might not be horny enough to want to do things again.

I felt Sue press back against him and ask him if he could cum again (he had told her that he was spent while I’d been downstairs with Jen) and he told her that he could at least have a good attempt at it. I stayed pressed up against Mike, which impeded his movement slightly, but meant that it felt like I was a part of what they were doing. As things progressed, I helped by holding Sue’s top leg up and back over Mike’s legs so he could easily get to her clit to rub it. I ended up caressing her thigh as she came (not too close to the top) and Mike did indeed manage to cum a second time and then stayed in her.

Just after she had cum, he pointed out that he had made her cum there times in not too much time, although he had Jen’s help for the first one. Sue was clearly falling asleep but said hat Jen had only helped a little bit and I whispered ‘well done’ into Mike’s ear (I assumed that was what he was aiming for). I fell asleep soon after – I had considered getting Mike to make me cum again, but he did seem quite tired and I thought being horny might lead to interesting dreams (it didn’t).

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Window fuck

I decided to come down and visit Jen at home (it's a bit more difficult to get here as I can't fly, but I wanted to have a bit more fun in the fields). The weather hasn't been as good as during my visit a few weeks ago, but we've coped. This entry is from just after we got back to York with Sue in tow...


Unsurprisingly, we slept in the following day and it was mid-morning before we got up. Jen had surfaced before Mike, Sue and I and had already had breakfast and was out in the garden sunbathing (topless) so we went out to join her while we ate. It was warm, but the sun wasn’t too strong yet so we had breakfast before we put any lotion on. Sue was a bit nervous about just wandering out there naked (despite having done this before), but followed me out anyway. We put our dishes back in the kitchen and I fetched some more blankets for us to lie on and we went back to the sun (it’s York, we need to enjoy the sun while we have it).

Mike put lotion on Sue and I and I did Jen while Sue did him. There wasn’t much overt fondling, just a little stroke here and there. After a bit, Mike went to get a snack and returned with a plate of strawberries and cream. We all knew what this meant and because we hadn’t done anything when we woke up, I was certainly ready. Jen began to realise the flaw in her rule about not being naked around Mike as he dribbled some cream over my pussy and then over Sue’s. He rubbed it in to my pussy with a strawberry and then fed it to me before repeating this on Sue (with her pussy). So Jen wouldn’t miss out, he rubbed another one on me and let Jen take a bite before rubbing the other half on Sue and letting Jen finish it off. He crushed one against me and rubbed it into both our pussies before licking us clean.

He dribbled some cream onto my breasts and Jen and he took a nipple each and licked me clean. He put cream on Sue and while he licked on one of Sue’s nips, Jen added a bit more to the other one and rubbed it in. Mike licked the other nipple clean and I took care of creaming and cleaning Jen’s nips. Mike didn’t try to do anything else and I recognised that he was trying to get Sue horny enough that she would then want to do anything (it worked for me). I know this is their big push to get Sue to do something with Jen (and they have promised me they’re not going to force her to do anything). I have to admit that I would like to be able to watch Jen eat her and would love to know what Sue thinks of how deep Jen’s tongue can reach. (I still don’t think it will happen).

After a short while, Mike said that it was time for phase two and he proceeded to alternately fuck Sue and i with the same strawberry until it was too soft to use. He ate the first one, Jen the second, I had the third and Sue had the fourth. Jen was sitting rubbing her panties and I thought it was unfair that she should miss out so I got her to kneel, facing Mike and I sat behind her. I pulled her panties aside and pushed a strawberry into her. Once it was almost goo, I handed it to Mike (who of course ate it) and I licked Jen clean. I thought that because it was such a nice day, we should do things outside and told Sue that we had something for her to try. I ran in and got the dildo with the suction cup and some gel while Jen straightened herself up. Sue looked a bit confused about what I was doing fiddling around at the patio door, but it became obvious when she saw the dildo sticking out and I told Jen to fuck herself on it.

Jen bent forwards and I pulled her panties aside and helped guide her onto the dildo. I told Sue to follow me indoors while Mike sat in front of Jen so he could watch her cum (but much to his dismay, still not see her cunt being fucked). Sue and I pulled up chairs and I told her to watch closely as she would be doing this next. I love the view that this gives, I can watch Jen’s lips being spread around the dildo and her cunt swallowing it as she rides back and forth. I told Sue how much of a thrill I found it, a) doing this outside and b) knowing that people could see so much detail while I was doing it. We seem to have done a good job in bringing out the exhibitionist in Sue as she said she was looking forwards to trying it (and was well aware that we would all be watching her).

Jen reached back and started to rub her clit and we saw that Mike was rubbing himself through his boxers. I thought that Sue and I should contribute to the show so I started to gently p;ay with myself and told Sue to help me get Mike worked up. Of course, Mike getting worked up usually ends well for her (and me), so she was quite willing to do this. Jen came quite soon after this and stood impaled on the dildo until her legs were a bit steadier and she could safely pull herself off. We went out to the garden and Mike asked Sue to give the dildo a BJ to teach Jen how to do it. Sue knelt by the dildo and swirled her tongue around it and then proceeded to suck it while rubbing the shaft. She certainly knows what she is doing in this department (and seems to enjoy it).

It was now time for her to try out the dildo. I moved it down a bit to my height and added some more gel. Mike helped her position herself and then told her to wait while we went indoors. When we were ready, he knocked on the window and she slowly pushed herself back onto it. We all watched as her cunt engulfed the whole thing and had a really close look as she started to ride it. I had a much better view as Sue didn’t have any panties getting in the way and was still playing with myself (although only gently as I didn’t want to ruin my turn). Mike went out to her and told her we were all enjoying the view and told her to do whatever felt best. She just copied Jen and started to rub her clit while Mike helped to steady her – when she had got her balance he returned indoors to watch. When Sue started to cum she slipped off the dildo and we ran out to check she was okay. She was, but a bit frustrated so Mike grabbed the dildo (it’s not easy to remove a slimy dildo that’s stuck to a window) and fucked her with it while he rubbed her clit. Sue came properly this time and he gave her the dildo to lick clean when she had finished.

We repositioned it and I took my turn. While they were indoors, Mike used a few strawberries on Sue and then gave some to Jen and came out to give some to me. I ate them while he told me to imagine I was eating Sue (still his fantasy and fortunately Sue couldn’t hear us). He said that Jen was rubbing herself again and I looked round to watch her – she gave me her little grin and moved really close to the window. Knowing I was being scrutinised so closely by her felt good and I pulled my lips apart to give her a better view. I didn’t do this for long though as I wanted to cum so I started to rub my clit and continued to do so until my orgasm hit. I’ve got a lot better at cumming while standing so I didn’t have Sue’s balance problem but did copy Jen and stay with the dildo in me until I had recovered. Mike got Sue out to give the dildo another BJ and she did so seemingly eagerly.

I later asked her about this and she explained to me that Mike had told her that I wanted a really good send off and she wanted to be a part of it and join in fully. I told her that she didn’t have to taste Jen (or me) if she didn’t want to and she explained that given the number of times in the past she had tasted me off Mike, it wasn’t that big a deal (and she knows that he likes seeing her do it). She also told me that Mike and Jen have an agreement where she will let him do something (unspecified) with her if Jen gets to do things with Sue. I was confused as to why Mike shared this with her unless he was hoping Sue would play along and help give him a chance to have Jen – but Sue doesn’t think this is likely to happen. I didn’t think it was fair that Sue should know about their ‘secret’ plan so I told Jen who said that it didn’t change the agreement.

So I now have a bf sleeping with my sister and a gf who wants to sleep with my sister (and my sister knows this and still likes my gf, but just not in *that* way). I actually think that Sue might get a bit of a thrill out of knowing that Jen gets to see her cum and on the positive side, at least I know that she isn’t at all homophobic! So with Sue’s appetite for second hand pussy juice straightened out, we proceeded with lunch (still out in the garden, although it was a bit hotter now so we put on some more suncream and put up a parasol for shade.

Lunch started off the way it should, but desert was a bit messier than at your usual picnic. I had chocolate mousse rubbed over my breasts and then licked clean by Jen (so I did the same to her). Next came my pussy and by the time I was (mostly) clean, her face certainly wasn’t. I couldn’t respond in kind due to her panties so just tipped some of the mousse down them and rubbed it in until it was leaking out and her white panties were no longer white (and probably never will be again). Mike gave me a few licks (just to make sure I was properly clean) and then moved on to Sue. Her nervousness about being naked in the garden seemed to have completely gone and she surrendered herself to his mouth. Jen and I arranged ourselves so that she was sitting in front of me between my legs with us both facing Sue. I reached around and rubbed her panties and then pushed my hand into them to finger her properly (it is at least a bit easier now that she doesn’t object to cumming while Mike is around).

I rubbed some more mousse into her nipples and then switched hands so she could taste her own chocolaty goodness from my fingers. I rubbed Jen’s clit while she watched Sue being eaten and wished I had someone to do something to me, but I enjoy making Jen cum so I concentrated on that. Mike pushed two fingers into Sue and a third into her ass and she jumped a bit, but he went straight back to licking her clit and this distracted her. He pumped his fingers into her (we couldn’t see much as his head was hiding this), but when she got close to cumming, he pulled away and used his other hand on her clit. I tried to time Jen’s orgasm to match Sue’s (I knew she would like this) and got reasonably close (I had to do a bit of frantic rubbing when Sue started to cum, but Jen wasn’t too far behind).

While Sue recovered, Mike went and got the hose and threatened to spray her with it. It was a reasonably hot day (for York), and this actually sounded like a good idea to me so I got him to hose me down. The water was pretty cold, but refreshing and Sue decided that it might be a good idea to join in. Mike finished up by cleaning off Jen with the jet and she let him slide the hose into her panties (not that it was going to clean them). Mike was rather messy himself so Sue and I tackled him to the ground and Jen sprayed him. Of course, this hadn’t actually cleaned any of us properly and we needed to go shopping so we took turns in the shower. Jen went first and I helped make sure her pussy was completely clean. Mike was going next and as Jen and I left the bathroom he pulled me back in with him.

We had a hard fast fuck under the shower with me facing the wall while he slammed into me. It was just what I needed and made up for having to watch Sue and Jen cum (and I think Mike felt the same way). I didn’t clean out my pussy again so I had his cum rubbing down my leg as we left the room and Mike suggested I go rub myself on Jen’s thighs (which I did). I had half expected her to eat me again, but I think she had seen enough action for the time being so I just went for coating her legs with our combined juices and then pulled on a dress. Sue had showered while we were doing this and once we were all dressed, we headed out.

We didn’t need to get much, just stock up on some food items and we then went for a coffee on the way back (Jen’s idea – she isn’t doing such a good job of cutting back). Sue and I spent a little while teasing Mike, lifting our skirts and gently stroking ourselves and then said that we had finished our drinks and that we should head home. Mike wasn’t really in any state to stand and walk out of the shop (at least not without it being obvious he had an erection) and he tried to concentrate on getting rid of it, but we kept ‘accidentally’ doing things that kept him aroused. Eventually we decided we had teased him enough (and I think a few of the people around us might have noticed what we were doing), so we gave him a few minutes to calm down and then left.

We had a fairly quiet evening – we had dinner, watched a film and then sat around chatting for a while. Of course, sex was a part of the conversation, but not the majority of it and we talked about how different things were going to be when I left. Mike thinks it is going to be more difficult for him than for Jen as she doesn’t usually get to see me much in term time and will be able to spend the holidays with me. Sue put on a cutesy voice and said that she would always be able to come to visit to keep him company. I do hope that she understands that we are serious about her not being able to join in with things anymore if she does get a bf.

It is Jen’s turn to have me tonight and we’re now up in bed. Mike and Sue are downstairs watching some anime together (not porn anime) – Sue will have Mike’s room and he has the sofa once more. I’ve decided to distinguish between the rooms by calling them ‘Mike’s’ (for the room he and I usually have) and Jen’s (for the spare room that she and I use). We’re writing up today so that we don’t get to far behind and to get us in the mood for some action (we were dozing off when we came up here and I don’t see the point of going to sleep without a goodnight screw).

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Our return to York

This entry was a bit long and we were going to split it into two, but Andi thinks she's got enough stored to not have to draw them out too much (and she's managing to have enough fun at the weekends that she think she'll be able to get a couple of posts out of each visit).

This was a good day :) and tomorrow will be one too as I get to see Andi again after two weeks.


Jen and I showered and woke Sue (who had slept through us leaving, having sex in my room and showering in the room right next to her head). I noticed a few things in her bag that I assume she has packed at Mike’s request (opaque tights, white socks...). I’ve still got her school uniform which we’ll wash back in York and she tells me that Mike is looking forwards to seeing her in her Japanese outfit again (which I also have). She was instructed to go without panties on the train and Jen and I flashed her to show that we were doing the same.

Mum dropped us off at the station and we got our train. For a good part of the journey, Jen continued to get Sue worked up by telling her how many times she was going to cum over the next few weeks and asking her if she thought her little pussy could handle it. It’s not like Sue is a shrinking violet or anything and held her own much better than I probably could have. She asked Jen about some of the things I made her do (Mike must have told her these) and this led to some further revelations about the things Jen made me do during my visits. Sue now has a pretty good idea of what I can do (she still doesn’t know everything) and was amazed that I enjoyed showing myself off so much. I tried to claim it was all Jen’s fault, but Jen suggested I give a demonstration. I walked down to the cafe and on the way back, accidentally dropped the sugar for my coffee. It ‘somehow’ fell under one of the seats, so I had to bend right over to pick it up. This isn’t something that modesty permits while wearing a short skirt, but then modesty isn’t really a word that can be applied to me! Sue watched as mu skirt rode up and exposed my ass and pussy to some businessmen. I retrieved the sugar and walked back pretending not to know what I had shown them.

Sue told me I was very naughty and Jen pointed out that if I hadn’t been, Sue might never have got to see Mike and I fucking. Sue reluctantly agreed that it was probably a good thing that we enjoyed being exhibitionists but Jen continued to press the fact and whispered to Sue how much she must have enjoyed standing in the hall spying on us, watching her sister being fucked and eaten while she played with her pussy. Sue was blushing, but said that she had enjoyed it so Jen continued telling her how much she must have loved watching Mike’s cock plunging into my cunt, seeing it shining with my juices and listening to the two of us cumming while she fingered herself and made herself cum. Sue was an even deeper shade of red by this point, but I’m certain that this was partly due to being flushed, not just embarrassed.

Jen stopped teasing her and left her to calm down a bit, but soon started up with the sex talk again and told her that we (Jen and I) had promised Mike a private showing of the beer bottle display that I had put on for someone while we were on holiday. Sue couldn’t believe that I didn’t even know who I had shown myself off to (but that was part of the fun) and I told her that she would get it someday. I may be not entirely sure just how much of an effect this talk was having on Sue, but I knew that I was getting really turned on and decided to demonstrate to Sue what exhibitionism was all about. I’m pretty sure she knows that I’ve cum on trains before and it’s not as if she hasn’t seen me cum in person, so I switched places with her and told her to see just how much more fun you could have if you took some chances.

I lifted a leg and put in over one of Jen’s legs. Jen slid her hand up my thigh and lifted my skirt. She didn’t actually ‘do’ anything to me, but used her hand to pull one side of my pussy open so I could use one hand to spread myself and the other to play with myself. The train was too crowded to actually do this for long enough to cum without being interrupted, but I had fun continuing to play with myself for as long as possible while people walked towards us. Jen encouraged Sue to take a chance and she briefly lifted her skirt and rubbed herself but then someone came by and she panicked and wouldn’t try again (to be fair, the train was a lot more crowded than when I would usually do things like this).

I called Mike when we were getting close to York (he was going to leave work early) and Sue had a quick chat with him. She told him (at his request) that she wanted him to make her cum and wanted to fuck him hard. He promised to do this as soon as we got home and we started to get our things. Jen dared Sue to reach up to get a bag down so that her skirt would ride up and she sort of did it, but only went as far as exposing the bottom of her ass. I thought we would have been far too obvious if Jen or I had then done it, but to be fair, I think I’d done my fair share during the trip. We got a taxi home (Jen and I might not have had much luggage, but Sue looked like she was visiting for a month).

Mike was already back when we got home and I got the first welcome kiss (as it should be – I’m the one he’s marrying after all). Jen got the next kiss (and I’ve noticed that she does now kiss him properly) and finally (once she had got her huge bag into the house), Sue got her kiss. Mike had given me a quick fondle while we kissed, but while he kissed Sue, he unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground. The front door was still open, but he pulled her top up over her head, undid her bra, pulled it off and then told her to get her shoes off. It wasn’t long ago that Sue wouldn’t have wanted to be naked around Jen, but this seems to have passed and Mike pushed her back onto the sofa and she spread her legs. He dived into her cunt and started to eat her in front of us – Jen’s teasing on the train seemed to have worked as she didn’t object in the slightest and pulled his head against her. Once he had got her turned on (or even more turned on than she had been), he asked if she wanted to go up and do things properly (which is Mike speak for fuck like bunnies). Sue thought this was a good idea and we headed upstairs. I told Jen that we would be back soon and to make herself comfortable (she knew what this meant) and we disappeared into the bedroom.

Mike pulled off my clothes and I helped him remove his. Mike asked Sue to get him ready and she knelt in front of him and started to suck his cock. He kissed me and whispered that we should make sure this was good and I agreed. We all moved over to the bed and Mike alternated between eating Sue and I. When he was eating me, he also fingered her and kept encouraging her to make as much noise as she could. She has gotten better at this and didn’t seem as embarrassed at panting and moaning as she got closer to cumming. When it was clear that she wasn’t far off, Mike concentrated on her properly, fingering her while sucking her clit and rubbing her clit while licking around her cunt and ass. Sue came with a really loud ‘oh yessss’ and Mike eased off of the licking (but continued to do so gently). He licked me for a little while as Sue recovered (it seems that she’d had quite a strong orgasm) and as soon as she was ready, he moved over, slid into her and kissed her deeply.

Sue was ready for round two and they started to move against each other while I watched. Mike said he wanted to get really deep into her and asked me to help. I had to sit over her chest (not on her) and hold her legs up and apart. Mike then spread her pussy lips and got me to hold them while he pushed into her. Sue said it felt very deep and Mike started to fuck her, asking her if she wanted him to fill her with cum (she did). I leant forwards so I could kiss Mike and he pulled one of my fingers up to Sue’s clit. He pressed my finger against it and moved it around – Sue moaned beneath me and I felt a real thrill, this was the most direct stimulation I’d given to her and I wanted to hear her cum. We kissed a bit more and Mike went back to concentrating on fucking Sue, but I continued to rub her clit lightly. Mike later said this alone made it very difficult for him to not cum, but he managed.

When Sue was getting close (again), he reached under me and rubbed my clit – this felt incredible and if he’d been able to keep it up I would have cum quite quickly, but the position was too awkward. He reluctantly gave up and I decided to sacrifice a hand on Sue’s pussy for my own pleasure. I reached under myself with my left hand and Mike told Sue to watch me finger myself. I plunged my fingers into myself a few times to get them wet (this wasn’t really needed as they were fairly wet with Sue’s juices) and then rubbed my own clit. I tried to rub myself faster than I was rubbing Sue, but my concentration wasn’t up to this so I just pushed harder on my own clit. Sue was too far ahead of me though and came first. She moaned and writhed underneath me unlike any time I’ve seen or heard her cum before so I guess she had been really desperate for a good fuck.

Mike hadn’t finished yet though and was still pounding into her. Even though her orgasm had finished, it was clear that what he was doing was still having an effect as she was panting away. I now had two hands free so I reached around under my ass to finger my pussy and used my other hand on my clit. Mike told me to watch as he filled my little sister’s cunt with cum but I couldn’t really do anything but watch. Her cunt was swallowing the full length of his cock and then as he pulled out, her lips would be pulled out as if they were trying to suck him back in. He told Sue to watch me make myself cum and asked if she was ready for him to cum. She panted that he was and he told me to hurry. I realised what he wanted to do and told him I was pretty close.

I rubbed and pumped away at myself and told him I was about to cum – he had just started to cum when I said this and I watched him push hard into Sue a number of times and I pictured the anime view of his cock inside her, squirting cum everywhere. It felt very strange having a simultaneous orgasm with him while his cock was in someone else’s pussy, but I jammed my fingers into myself in time with his thrusts and it worked out fairly well. Given all the teasing I’d done to myself, I’d hoped for a stronger orgasm. It wasn’t bad (enough to satisfy me), but I’d half expected an earth shattering one. I was still pretty spent and ended up sitting on Sue’s chest properly (and not really caring). I continued to finger myself in the hope of eliciting some more pleasure but it was clear I needed to wait a little while.

I lay down beside Sue who was still panting away – but clearly happy from the look on her face and watched as Mike pulled out of her. I had to get up to see how much cum came out and watched as it dribbled out and ran down over her ass. I reminded Mike that we both needed shaving and he said that he could get that done while we recovered so I lay down again and asked Sue if she liked her welcome (she did). A few minutes later, Mike returned with a bowl of hot water and Jen carrying the other bits. She had stripped to her underwear (as instructed) and Sue looked a bit surprised, but Mike assured her that he was going to shave us both and give Jen a few tips on shaving while he did it (she doesn’t really need them – she has gotten pretty good at shaving me over the past year and a bit, but it meant that she got the chance to get a really good look at Sue).

Sue and I arranged ourselves at the edge of the bed with our feet up on the bed. Jen commented on how much of a mess Sue’s pussy was and Mike said that he would have to clean it up before he started. I half expected Jen to try to lick her clean (and Sue to object), but Mike used a couple of fingers to wipe his cum off as it leaked out of her and let Jen suck them clean. He commented on how it was strange that a lesbian loved the taste of boy cum so much and Sue giggled at this and then gasped when he pushed his fingers into her to get some more cum (she was still apparently pretty sensitive after her double orgasm). He then wiped her down and used cloths to soak both our pussies in hot water. I’ve gone over the best way to shave before so I won’t go into detail here, but he explained to us what he was doing as he went and alternated between shaving a bit of me then a bit of Sue. He finished by shaving around our mons and then rinsed us clean.

He traced around our pussies with his fingers looking for stray hairs and took care of a couple and then moved on to the lick test. He licked up one side of my cunt, around the clit and then back down the other side before pushing his tongue gently between the lips to check there. I love this part of being shaved and enjoyed it until he moved over to Sue to do the same thing. Sue seemed to enjoy the feeling as well (he was only licking gently so probably wasn’t too intense for her) and when he had finished he told Jen to give my pussy a test and see if she thought it was smooth enough. Jen copied what he had done and licked all around me for a minute or so. Once she was finished he moved out of the way and said that she should test Sue now – Sue covered her pussy and said no and he laughed at her and said he was only joking (although I’m sure Jen would have done it if Sue hadn’t objected).

Mike told her that she didn’t have to worry and that making her cum was his responsibility and asked if he could continue to ‘check how well he shaved her’. She removed her hands and assured her that Jen would be busy checking me. I hadn’t known that they had agreed to do this as Mike has never seen Jen eat me (up close) before. I wasn’t going to object though as I knew I could happily cum again. I felt Jen start to lick around my pussy once more and saw Mike doing the same to Sue. I took her hand and gave her a smile and said that she was getting a really good welcome this time and she agreed. I surrendered myself to Jen’s tongue as it lapped around and then explored inside my cunt. Sue and I squeezed our hands together and I guessed that she was enjoying it as much as I was. It actually became clear that she was enjoying it even more (or at least faster) than me as she started to moan.

I looked over and saw Mike pulling her body to him face and he was eating her quite hard. Sue got louder and really squeezed my hand and Mike didn’t break what he was doing until she came. Jen kept eating me, but she was certainly paying attention to Sue (even though her tongue was buried quite a way inside me) and I’ll admit that I was paying fairly close attention. I don’t know if it was because she’d cum fairly hard (twice) already and was sensitive or if she had really missed Mike doing things with her, but she came hard once more and really arched her body against his face. I felt her squeeze my hand really hard and her other hand was squeezing her right breast. Mike kept going at her until she pushed him away and lay there panting.

Mike told Jen she had to beat that and asked if she wanted to kiss him. They kissed properly once more and tasted our juices off each other. I actually did feel slightly jealous when they kissed, which I know is slightly silly seeing as I get to do things with both of them and it was just a kiss, but it did last a while. Mike said that he would give Jen a hand and moved up onto the bed beside me. I was happy that he kissed me just as passionately as he had kissed Jen (and yes, I got to taste Sue as well) and then he moved down so he could kiss my breasts.

Jen returned to licking me and I asked Mike to kiss and stroke my neck. He adjusted his position and started to do this, while keeping a hand on my breasts to play with my nipples. This felt as good as I had always thought it would and I was soon moaning and sighing with pleasure. I still had a hold of Sue’s hand and it was now my turn to be doing the squeezing. I gave her a smile and she smiled back at me. I told my attendants that I was getting close and asked Jen to lick deep inside me again (I don’t think it’s worth trying to hide from or be embarrassed about anything around Sue anymore given how things have developed). Mike kissed and stroked my neck and pulled (not too hard) on my nipples and Jen pushed her tongue deep into me. I know I want to try cumming like with no clit stimulation sometime, but I was too horny to wait and when I felt it getting really close I just told her ‘clit’.

Jen started to last my clit with her tongue and I came. This was much harder than my previous orgasm (but probably still not as hard as any of Sue’s) and I vociferously described what I was feeling and how good it was. I didn’t hold back at all with my language and told everyone what I could feel and where. When I thought I couldn’t take any more I told Jen to push back into me and she did so – this still felt strong, but obviously much less than her licking my clit. I couldn’t really take this (combined with Mike’s neck work) for too long and soon had to ask them to stop so I could recover.

I saw that Jen’s arm was moving and assumed (correctly) that she was rubbing herself and told her that she needed to wait as she would be putting on a display for us later on (payback’s a bitch). She reluctantly stopped but whined that I wasn’t being fair and I said that I didn’t care, it was my turn to be in charge. We were all pretty hungry by this point (starving would probably be a better way of describing it) and Mike went off to order some pizza. We headed downstairs to get something to drink while waiting - Sue had slipped a gown on and Mike reminded her that she had promised to be naked. She removed it without arguing, threw it over the banister and asked what we had to drink. Us girls went for wine and Mike had a beer and we sat around and chatted about what we wanted over the next few weeks. I need to go into work a few times, but given I’ve pretty much finished I can take quite a few days off or go in for part days so we should really be able to enjoy the nice weather and have some fun. Mike does have to work so that will limit my fun somewhat during the day (I don’t imagine Sue is going to want to just watch Jen and I get off constantly).

About a half hour later there was a knock on the door – Mike was just in his boxers (with a very obvious erection) and Sue and I were still naked, so Jen was volunteered to answer it). The three of us moved over to the side of the room and Jen went up to the door, took a deep breath and opened it. I think the delivery guy was somewhat surprised by her appearance – a svelte young girl in white underwear probably only usually answers the door to pizza guys in porn movies. She did a very good job and even bent over when she turned around to get the money. She thanked him, took the pizzas and closed the door (probably leaving him with a wonderful image to jerk off to later on). We gave her a round of applause and I said that I would have to come up with something better (so Jen gave me the finger). We sat on the floor, opened the pizzas and dug in.

I noticed (and pointed out) that we were all sitting cross legged (so no demure female modesty present). Jen reminded us she was the only girl with panties on so she could sit how she wanted and Mike said that he enjoyed the view (obvious from his still present erection). After pizza, we had some ice cream (just in the traditional sense) and then curled up (in a cramped style) on the sofa – Sue, Mike, me, Jen. We couldn’t find much to watch so I decided it was time for Jen to give us a show. We know that Sue seems to enjoy dressing up games so I thought we may as well do things properly and got Jen to put on her school uniform. She removed her bra and put her blouse on, along with her skirt and I opted for long white socks instead of the tights so we could see better (I knew we wouldn’t be seeing her pussy while Mike was watching, but with the way things are going, I wonder how much longer that will be the case?)

She pulled a chair into the middle of the room and sat facing us. She then started to play with her breasts through her blouse and then unbuttoned it to play with them ‘properly’ (as she puts it). I know Mike wanted to play with Sue and I, but I told him that this was meant to be Jen’s show so he had to restrain himself. Of course he enjoyed the view and even more so when Jen lifted her legs over the arms of the chair and started to rub her panties. We all watched intently as she applied more pressure to her pussy and pulled and tweaked her nipples harder. Sue asked if it hurt and Jen said that she loved the way it felt (we’re going to have to explore this in depth at some point).

Jen kept playing with herself and I could feel Mike fidgeting beside me (it’s nice to get to tease him occasionally). Her skirt was now pulled up around her waist and we watched as she slipped her hand into her panties. We followed all her movements and listened as she started mewing in pleasure. She was getting flushed (as was I) and arching her body and I knew it wouldn’t be long before she came. I had to restrain the urge to play with myself (it wouldn’t have been fair given I told Mike he had to just watch) but it wasn’t long before Jen came. It was a pretty short orgasm (but she said it was good) and when she had finished, we watched her remove her hand from her panties, rub some juice over each nipple and then lick her fingers clean. Mike asked if he could lick her nipples clean (he couldn’t) but she made him sit in front of her, slid her hand back into her panties and then let him taste them from her fingers.

We all returned to the sofa again – Jen removed her top and skirt (and stayed topless) but kept the socks on so I could play with her legs. Mike was obviously keen to head up to bed and was stroking Sue and myself so I gave in and said we should get a good rest in preparation for tomorrow (today now). Not that we had any concrete plans, but I have a general plan to cum as much as possible and store them up before I move away and only have myself to play with during the week. I’m not entirely sure that orgasms work like that, but it’s going to be fun building up the surplus of them!

We headed upstairs – Mike got to spend the night with Sue and I (I’d been with Jen while at home so it was only fair). She promised to listen in on us and demurely said that she might play with herself again if we made enough noise to get her horny. Mike was certainly up for this and once we had prepared for bed (which involved him using his electric toothbrush on Sue and I), he said he would take us in turn. He started with Sue and she went on top and rode him while he played with her breasts (I do with my nipples were as sensitive as Jen’s – it seems that even Sue’s are more sensitive than mine). When they got close, he pulled her down on top of him and guided her up and down by pulling on her ass while he pounded into her. They came and Sue was loud enough that Jen heard it. Fortunately her orgasm wasn’t as strong this time (not that I get jealous or anything).

It was my turn next and I was surprised how quickly Mike was ready for me. I later found out that he had only pretended to cum in Sue as he wanted to fuck me properly (he had missed me) and he didn’t think he would be able to cum again twice. I didn’t know this at the time, but having found out, I think it was quite sweet. We started off with the simple missionary position as it gives really good whole body contact and is very easy to kiss. As we got further into things, I wrapped my legs around him and he reached under to rub my clit. When we got closer still to cumming, he concentrated on fucking me hard and telling me what he could feel (apparently my cunt was very hot and wet). Mike came in me and while it wasn’t as much as he had cum in Sue (he had been saving up for a few days for that one), it felt nice to feel it dribble out when we had finished. I had a pretty good orgasm – not incredibly strong, but quite deep and it helped that we were so close and kissing.

Mike pushed back into me so we could fall asleep like that and the three of us chatted while we drifted off. All in all, I think it was a pretty good way to set the scene for the upcoming few weeks and now Sue has seen just how much I want to enjoy myself.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Jen's woodland cum spot

I'm not meant to give away any more hints as to what is coming up so from now on I'll just stick to posting what I'm told and not say too much.


Back to a much lighter subject for this post (although this is mostly about Jen’s pee fetish, so if you’re not interested in that, then come back in a few days for the next entry)...

I woke up on the Friday with Jen between my legs. She had her ass in the air and was using Sue’s vibe on herself while she ate me. Once she realised I was awake, she pulled it out of her own cunt and pushed it into mine while she flicked my clit with the tip of her tongue. She says that she had been working on me for a while before I woke up (which would explain the nice dream I had been having) and I came very quickly.

We switched positions and I did the same for her. Jen’s pussy was already soaked before I even started and it didn’t take too long for her to cum either. I gave the vibe one more wipe along my pussy and went in to Sue’s room, leaving both our doors open while I returned the vibe to her. I had to wake her up to hand it to her and it was covered in a sticky mix of Jen and my juices, but Sue only realised this when she took it off me. She didn’t say anything about the mess, but asked if Jen and I ever did anything other than fuck. Given how I’ve seen her behave with Mike and I, I wasn’t going to take this so tickled her while asking if that meant that she didn’t want me to let Mike fuck her senseless.
She held out fairly well at first (better than I can when I’m being tickled anyway), but then Jen joined in and she didn’t stand a chance. Sue had been sleeping in just a pair of panties and while we’d been tickling her, there had been a bit of contact between us. Jen was sitting over her stomach and I could see some of her juices on Sue and I’m pretty sure some of mine we on her legs. Jen grabbed the vibe, turned it on and stuffed it into Sue’s panties (which elicited a squeal). Jen hadn’t pushed it into her pussy, just so it was buzzing against it. We got off her and I suggested that she leave it in place, give Mike a call and describe the position she was in as I was sure he would be interested.

We said we would leave her to it and closed her door (but stood listening). We heard her talking to him and telling him what she was doing (this made picturing her much easier). She came and said that she was looking forwards to seeing him and having sex as it had been so long. When she opened her door and saw us standing there, she went bright red but I gave her a hug and told her that now she’d had her morning cum too so we were all even. Sue went to shower and Jen and I snuck into her room. Jen started to lick the vibe and between us we cleaned it. I wished that we had contacted Mike at that point because we later found out that he had got Sue to picture a threesome with her eating me and Jen eating her and then we switched so that Jen was in the middle with Sue eating her out.

If we’d known that while we were in Sue’s room, Jen would have probably wanted me to fuck her until she came again, but as it was, she just briefly used Sue’s vibe to replace the juices we had licked off and we returned to my room to wait for the shower. I shaved Jen (for her games later in the day) and had a quick test with my tongue to check she was smooth (she was). While I shaved her, Jen pointed out ho Sue hadn’t seemed to mind us being naked while we were tickling her (or at least hadn’t said anything about it) – who knows, maybe Mike’s ‘training’ has been paying off and she’s going to decide to give girls a try (Jen would like to think this will happen anyway!)

We dressed and headed down for breakfast. Mum quizzed us about what we were going to do today and we told her we were just going out for another walk. She wanted to take us out for a nice dinner later on which made Jen a bit nervous as she hadn’t brought a posh dress with her. I assured her one of her simple ones would be fine and we assured Mum that we would be back in plenty of time.

Once we had got the things we needed packed, we headed out and went directly to Jen’s old place. Jen was still feeling aroused from playing with Sue (or at least as close as she’s ever really gotten to playing with her) and promised me that she would put on a good show. I told her I was more interested to see what she used to actually do when she lived here so she said that is what she would show me. We wandered around to a field out behind her house and she led me across it and to a set of trees. Jen slipped her dress off and put on a t-shirt and skirt before pulling on a pair of panties. She took her shoes off and put on a pair of socks while explaining that she had found this to be the best ‘outfit’ to use. Sometimes she would take her panties off, but she preferred to leave them on while she played so she could feel the moisture soaking her pussy.

Jen pointed out a tree and told me it had been one of her favourite spots as depending on how brave (or horny) she was feeling at the time, she could lean against one side of it and be well hidden, or move around to the other side and have full view of the field (but still be unseen by people). There wasn’t really much of a question as to which side of the tree I wanted her to lean against and she positioned herself, spread he legs and crouched down. Her panties were prominently on display and she started to rub around her crotch, fairly gently at first and then pressing her panties harder between her lips and into her pussy.

I knew that I wasn’t going to just watch her and found somewhere suitable to sit so I could copy (roughly) what she was doing. I didn’t have panties on, but tried to not push my fingers too far into myself so I was basically in line with her actions. Jen’s other hand disappeared up her shirt and started to knead her breasts – she said that she didn’t often expose them that much while doing this so I asked her to just keep doing things the way she used to. She slid her hand into her panties and started to finger herself – she explained that she usually kept her panties on so I wouldn’t see too much, but I was happy with the view I had. I got Jen to tell me about some of the things she used to fantasies about while masturbating and she described some of the girls in her class – her favourites were the ones with large breasts and she used to imagine them kneeling in front of her and presenting their nipples for her to suck on. I considered doing this, but the idea was to watch her, so we’ll save that for later.

Jen’s skirt was pulled right up to her waist now which she had managed to do with just her wrist (I guess she had a lot of practice at this). It was fairly easy to see that her hand was alternating between pumping into her pussy and rubbing her clit and I tried to mimic what she was doing. She said that she was getting close and I told her to show me everything. She gave me her wicked (but incredibly cute) little grin and started to pee. I saw her panties get wet and then watched the liquid start to drip and then run from her panties. To say that Jen enjoyed this would be an understatement, she was pawing at her breasts and frantically rubbing herself. Just before she started to cum she pushed herself up a bit so her pee ran down her legs (I later found out that she only did this occasionally when she was really enjoying herself).

I watched her finish up and was mesmerised – of course I’ve seen her cum hundreds of times before – and even in similar ways, but it was clear that this place was somewhere special and it was like she was trying to show me how much fun she’d had here in the past. When her orgasm ended, she crouched down again and continued to gently play with herself and then removed her hand and rubbed her panties against her pussy for a little while. She then slipped her soaked panties off and said that she sometimes left them at a spot where the older kids (older at the time) used to hang out and smoke. I said that we should see if they still used the place and leave the new generation a present but Jen wanted me to try something first.

I’d done a fairly good job of playing with myself, but had sort of stopped to watch Jen cum. She asked how brave I was feeling and I said I would try anything she wanted. Jen got me to remove my skirt and shoes so I was naked from the waist down. I assumed she wanted me to do exactly what she had done, but she then produced a pair of dark pattered tights (not too dissimilar to these) and told me to put them on. I had to pull them on so they were tight against my pussy and then assume the position that Jen had been in. She took the job of rubbing me through the tights and it wasn’t long before I was well on the way to cumming. She told me to try to build up pressure
as if I was going to start to pee and then hold back until just before I came. I helped Jen lift my t-shirt and free my breasts so she could suck on my nipples (we’re still going to do her fantasy properly at some point) and I told her I was getting really close.

*Pics removed due to Google's no-nudity policy *

As instructed, just before I came, I started to pee into the tights and onto Jen’s hand. She told me to stand up a bit but it was too late for that. My thighs were still getting fairly wet anyway and Jen pushed her fingers into me through the tights – I had kind of hoped they would rip and she could get into me properly, but they held so she didn’t get too much into me. Most of the feeling came from my clit, which was still being massaged by her other hand and I tried to squirt my pee out as hard as I could. I still think this feels really naughty and dirty (which of course means that it helps a bit), but it doesn’t seem to do as much for me as it does for Jen. I’m certainly not complaining about how it felt though and ended up sliding down the tree as my legs gave out.

Jen got me to stand as soon as I could and she stood behind me and slipped her hand into my tights. She rubbed around my pussy and told me to try to pee more. I managed a few little squirts, which ran down my legs (as she had wanted) and then just enjoyed her rubbing me. Because my orgasm hadn’t been too strong, I was enjoying the rubbing and asked her to continue. Jen could now get her fingers into me and alternated between rubbing around my pussy, pushing fingers into me and concentrating on my clit. Her other hand toyed with my nipples and I told her that if she continued I could cum again.

Jen pulled me back so she could lean against the tree and I could rest against her – I was facing out towards the field and even though there were a few layers of trees in front of me I thought that we must be really exposed. Jen assured me that she had spent ages figuring out how far back she needed to be and I wasn’t really too bothered about it anyway as her fingers felt too good. I pictured how we would have looked to someone – my breasts hanging out of my bra with Jen pulling on the nipples and her hand clearly visible in my wet tights, rubbing and fingering me. I asked her if she would want her school friends to see us now and she thought that would be a very good idea – she would get them to kneel in front of me and lick me until I came.

I didn’t really need this image as I was quite close (but it still helped) and I came for the second time. I didn’t have much left, but I managed to squirt out a little pee for Jen. This orgasm was much stronger – maybe because I had a fairly clear view to a big open space with people in it – maybe because I had Jen holding me and playing with both nipples and clit – or maybe just because it was my second one in short succession. Whatever the reason, it was strong enough that I needed Jen to help hold me up and was panting by the end of it. When I had finished, I sat down to rest and asked Jen if she wanted to cum again, but she said that she didn’t usually stay here as long as we had after cumming and that we should probably head off (it was nice of her to tell me that *after* she’d made me cum in such an open way).

I asked how far away her ‘panty spot’ was and she said it was close enough that she couldn’t do things where we were when there were people smoking there. I challenged her to remove her skirt and go bottomless to put her panties down and she agreed if I would come with her in just my tights. I pulled off my top and bra and got Jen to remove her top and we walked over to the place. From the number of cigarette ends around, it was obviously still used and Jen laid her panties out on a log. She helped hold me up while I pulled off the tights and laid them out beside her panties. We then scampered back naked to our clothes, dried our legs with a towel and got dressed.

As we walked back across the field, Jen told me that she had streaked across it once in the evening when she was 17. There had been a few people out walking their dogs (on the other side of the field) and she had hidden in woods on the other side until they had gone and streaked back to get her clothes. Of course i really wanted to see this, but we had to go out for dinner that night so it will have to wait for another visit (and Jen wants to get her running form back before trying this in case she is caught). Just the thought of this made my pussy nice and tingly and I got Jen to promise to show me.

We wandered into town for some lunch and did some shopping. A little changing room fondling happened, but not to orgasm (although I got close in one shop). I bought Jen a very sexy pair of white lace/satin underwear and we then went for a coffee (Jen has been trying to cut down). After this, we headed home to get ready for dinner. Jen ironed one of her long dresses and wore her new underwear – I had to restrain myself from fondling her too much to avoid creasing her dress. I wore a similar style, but slightly shorter dress and we made quite a nice couple. While I’m not going to fuck Jen in front of Mum, I don’t hide the fact that I love her and we walked to the restaurant arm in arm as we all chatted.

Mum certainly seems to like Jen even if she is a bit unsure of my relationship with her, and it was a nice evening. We popped to the toilet just before dessert and I slipped a remote control egg into Jen’s panties so I could play – it really needed new batteries though so Jen said that it felt nice but wasn’t strong enough to do too much to her. Jen Sue and I went out for a drink afterwards and we got Sue nicely worked up about getting to see Mike and what he was going to do with her.

We got back fairly late and went up to our rooms – Jen and I then wandered over to Sue’s room to chat for a bit more. I had a short t-shirt (which didn’t cover my pussy) on and Jen was naked. Sue was topless but under the covers. We had just intended to chat for a while, but ended up dozing off and climbing under the covers with her. I was in the middle and had an arm around Jen, which somehow migrated south to her pussy. I quietly fingered her and made her cum before we fell asleep. In the morning, I woke up first and woke Jen so we could return to my room and I could eat her (she returned the favour).

Friday, 10 September 2010

Jen's past

Jen has been up visiting Andi this week, so I'm going up to see her this weekend again. I'm really missing her and I don't quite know how I'm going to cope with things when we move to two week periods of abstinence. The next section is from Andi. I'm just about to head out with friends and drown my sorrows...


Obviously I could have posted this when I actually wrote it, but I thought I would leave it and post in at the right point in the timeline in relation to when it was written to make sure Jen was sure.


I hadn’t expected to ever be posting this, but Jen has decided that it would be a good idea to ‘talk’ about it openly. Mike and I have known about this for a while and she told Sue about it last night. There is no real sex in this post, so if you’re just looking to get off, then I’d skip this entry.

A few years ago, when she was 16, Jen was dating a boy from her school. She already knew that she was interested in girls and not really interested in boys, but says that she still wasn’t entirely sure if she was gay (or wanted to be gay). They had been dating for a few months but hadn’t really don’t anything more than kissing and nipple licking (hers, not his!). She knew that he wanted to do a lot more with her (and I don’t blame him for that, I’ve seen photos of Jen when she was 16), but she had always held back as she just didn’t feel that turned on by the idea.

They had been out one night and had already made out for a while but he was being especially persistent with wanting more. Jen kept telling him to slow down but he didn’t. At this point, he wasn’t actually forcing her to do anything, but he just kept trying to do more than she wanted – running his hand up her leg and onto her panties.

It was when she told him to stop that he got a bit more forceful and said that it was unfair that she kept teasing him but wouldn’t do anything ‘real’ (his word). Jen tried to wriggle free to go home, but he held her down and started humping against her. She could feel his cock rubbing on her thigh and against her crotch but couldn’t do anything about it. It wasn’t until he reached down and started to run her panties properly that she managed to knee him in the balls and get up. He made a grab for her and tore her skirt, but fortunately Jen is quite fast (she used to run quite a bit which is partly why she has such a good figure).

She ran home and made it to her room where she sat and cried for ages. She didn’t ever report this to the police as she didn’t think that anyone would believe her and she didn’t have any proof. The guy ended up spreading rumours about her being a dyke as she wouldn’t put out and eventually she did tell her older brother what had happened. Her brother isn’t a huge guy, but he and one of his friends had a quiet chat with Jen’s ex-bf and convinced him that he probably shouldn’t try anything like that again.

Jen wants to be clear that this has nothing to do with the reasons she is gay (she already pretty much knew beforehand even if she didn’t want to admit it) – and she doesn’t think that all men are like this or hate men in general (just this one).
That’s it for this post – Jen is pretty unaffected (now) by the incident, but thinks that this might be helpful in properly putting it behind her.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Playing at School

It's me (Mike) posting for Andi again. I now don't get to see her for two weeks and have to post about all the fun she got up to with Jen - but I got to have lots of fun when she returned with Sue so I guess it isn't too bad. You'll find out about all that fairly soon.


We had a wander around town and Jen was surprised to see how much had changed. We did a bit of shopping and then headed over to her old street. There were still a few people there who she recognised and she chatted with them for a bit and introduced me as her girlfriend (which elicited a mixture of responses).

We looked around the places she used to play (these hadn’t changed as much) and Jen showed me somewhere in the woods not too far from her house that she used to go to play with herself. I wanted her to demonstrate, but we’re going to have to go back tomorrow as this was one of the places that she used to pee while rubbing herself, and she thought that this probably wasn’t that good an idea without a nearby house to go back to clean up (or something to dry off with).

We wandered back towards town (it would have been quicker to get the bus, but she really wanted to be able to look round) and had some lunch. I managed to flash a group of boys while bending over to pick up my bags when we had finished lunch and Jen said that they had noticed and pointed (so I hope I helped make their day a bit more interesting). We then headed towards our old school and I was looking forwards to having another chance to cum there (given I never knew what an orgasm felt like while I was actually there).

We went through the woods at the back of the playground and found a hole in the fence (the location of the hole had moved, but it’s good to know that kids still find ways to escape. We stayed hidden in the trees, but had a look at the school and playground (we didn’t see anyone, but I assume the caretaker would have been around somewhere). I directed Jen to where I think Sue had done things with her bf and asked her if she was up for some fun. I had the much riskier part in this as I had to get changed, but that just added to the excitement. Jen sat on a tree stump and watched as I laid out the uniform and slipped off my shoes.

I decided that it would be safer to store my clothes away from where we were going to do things, so if we got caught, we could run and I could fetch them later on. I left the uniform and Jen and I wandered back over towards the hole in the fence – I found somewhere suitable and stripped off, stashing my clothes in the bag and then hiding the bag. We walked back over to where I’d left the uniform (fairly slowly as I had no shoes on) – it felt incredible being completely naked, knowing that only a few years ago (okay, a reasonable number of years ago now), I had been running through there with my friends. I decided it was unfair to deprive Jen of this and so sidled up to her, undid the buttons on her dress and let it fall down around her ankles. We continued back over to where we were going to do things, knowing that if we were caught now, we were done for, but the risk added to the excitement.

Jen sat down on the tree trunk again and watched me get dressed into Sue’s uniform. I had a pair of white panties and opaque tights that I pulled on before slipping on the blouse (no bra) and skirt. As much as I like seeing Jen naked, I thought it would be a bit more realistic if she was dressed too, so she put her dress back on. I stood against a tree and lifted my skirt and slowly rubbed myself through my tights and panties while Jen watched me – I followed her instructions and pulled my tights down and rubbed through my panties before slipping my hand into my panties and fingering my pussy. Jen then got me to pull both my tights and panties down to my ankles and sit down with my legs spread (and ankles together obviously). Jen raised a foot up onto the truck so she could play with herself as well and we sort of played out the ‘innocent schoolgirls exploring’ scenario. We ended up 69ing with Jen on top and me holding her in place with my tights and panties that were still around my ankles (my legs were half wrapped around her head).

We lay on the ground for a bit and recovered without covering up and I told Jen that if she dared to be naked completely naked, I would eat her again. Looking back on it, this was probably not too clever an idea (but we didn’t get caught). Jen stood up and slipped her dress off once more and I told her that she had to store it outside the fence. She said that if she had to take that big a risk, I needed to be naked too. Having her standing nude over me was enough encouragement so I stripped off, handed Sue’s uniform to her and watched her walk away to stash the clothes. After a minute or so, she returned and plonked herself down on my face. While I started to work on her, she told me that she had gone out through the fence and hidden our clothes and it would be my job to find them.

I was horny enough that this sounded like fun and continued to lick and eat her. After a little while, I got her to stand against a tree while I knelt in front of her and used two fingers on her while lapping at her clit. Jen played with her nipples and came in surprisingly little time. We weren’t being silent, but couldn’t make too much noise as we could hear people on the street on the other side of the wall. It was such a thrill to be doing things completely naked with our clothes out of immediate reach that we thought I should have a turn as well.

Jen thought I should be punished for how naughty I had been (as if she had been well behaved) and I somehow ended up over her lap so she could spank me. It wasn’t a real spanking (that’s something she enjoys more) and soon degenerated into her finger fucking me. This was quite an interesting experience as my ass was sticking out and I couldn’t really see anything that was happening. I felt a finger probing around my ass and told Jen to stop teasing me and make me cum – which she proceeded to do.

Now that we were satisfied, we realised just how exposed we were (I’m talking about being away from our clothes, not just being naked). We brushed ourselves off and started to wander back over to where my bag was stashed. I considered getting dressed (in my real clothes) before hunting for where Jen had hidden her dress and my uniform, but decided that it couldn’t have been far from the fence seeing as she had been naked at the time. I peeked out through the fence and checked that nobody was around before gingerly climbing through the hole and looking around. I couldn’t find them at first and could hear people not too far away (but coldn’t see them) so we had to play hot and cold – this led me to them fairly quickly (the bag was hidden under some leaves) and I grabbed it and ran back.

We got dressed and headed back out. I had really enjoyed what we had just done (and got away with) and couldn’t resist pushing our luck a bit further. I told Jen I wanted her to cum again and knelt in front of her. I got her to lift her dress up over her breasts and sucked on her nipples while I rubbed her clit. We still weren’t anywhere really visible, but now we didn’t have a fence between us and people so were certainly more likely to be caught – this was pretty much the point though and I used my other hand to play with myself. Jen came first and I then concentrated on myself, using two fingers in me while continuing to rub my clit. I came while kneeling on the ground with my ass in the air and then pulled myself together so we could head home. We had to give each other a brush down and brush our hair so people wouldn’t guess what we’d been up to, but it was worth it!

We walked home holding hands, not talking too much for a while and then we continued to discuss how things had changed since Jen had left. We took a roundabout route home and were fairly tired by the time we got there so went up to have a lie down. Sue came in to see us and we ended up telling her what we had gotten up to at school. She was amazed at what we had done (while she had blown her bf there, she had never been completely naked) and I promised that I would get her uniform cleaned once we got back to York (it would be kind of difficult to explain to Mum how it got dirty!) I pointed out that Mike wanted her to bring it along anyway (which she already knew). We talked some more about previous exploits and while Sue and Jen can beat me on starting age, I think I can still claim to have done the most (half of it at Jen’s orders).

Jen and I freshened up before dinner and we all sat around and had a long chat about lots of things. Of course Jen couldn’t behave herself and started running her foot up my leg and pressing it between my thighs. Never one to back down (well, rarely anyway) I spread my legs and let her rub around my pussy. She wasn’t really close enough to push her toe into me, but she could apply some pressure. When Mum went out to the kitchen, Jen slid down in her chair and *then* she could reach – her toe popped into my pussy (which was fortunately wet enough after the teasing). Sue looked under the table to see what we were doing and said that we were incorrigible. Jen had to pull herself back up before Mum came back so I didn’t have to worry about it feeling too good and having to keep my composure.

We chatted for a bit longer and then decided to have an early night to just watch tv in bed. After a while we got bored (there was nothing on) and I wrote up today. This of course had led to us being not entirely dressed and I’m just about to send Jen in to Sue to see if we can borrow her vibe (we have our own with us, but Sue doesn’t know this). Jen just tried to put something on before heading to see Sue, but I soon put a stop to that – she’s now in Sue’s room naked and has just returned with the vibe – now to play some more before much needed sleep...