Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Better uses for beer bottles

Well that was an interesting evening. After finishing writing, we were certainly ready (I had to finish writing with my ass in the air so Jen could eat me – she can be quite impatient!). I decided to punish her for trying to interrupt my writing and as soon as I closed the laptop, I pounced on her and held her down and then started to tickle her. After I had managed to get her screaming and panting (I have no idea what the neighbours must have thought we were up to, but then again, they must be used to random noises by now), I planted myself on her face and said that if she was so desperate to eat me, to go ahead. I was just starting to enjoy things when there was a knock at the door. I asked who it was and Sue answered so I told her to come in (Jen was naked so I would have had to cover her if it had been Mike).

Jen had stopped eating me when she heard the knock but then deliberately resumed as Sue walked in. Sue said that she had a present for us from Mike and handed me a dildo – I recognised it immediately as Valerie’s (it wasn’t actually her one, but was the same make, with the gel ‘skin’ on it). I tapped it on Jen to get her to pay attention and her eyes lit up (I knew she had liked it, but I hadn’t realised quite how much she had done so). Sue said we were meant to have fun with it and headed back downstairs. I was quite surprised that Mike hadn’t got her to come up with it inside her or asked her to give us a demonstration of it before giving it to us (when I pointed this out to him he said he didn’t think of doing that).

Jen wanted to try it straight away and I could tell I wasn’t going to get to use the double ended dildo that night (which I had been looking forwards to while we had been downstairs). I pulled myself away from her face (if she wanted it that much then I thought I should pay attention and use it without being distracted) and ran it over her pussy. Jen spread her legs for me and I worked it in, watching her cunt lips stretch around it. I asked her if it felt the same as Valerie’s one and she said that it did – she told me that she had described it in detail to Mike so he could try and find it and it turns out he’d had great fun on some boards passing on this description and getting people to point him in the right direction.

I continued to fuck her with it and occasionally licked at her clit. Jen was toying with her nipples and was clearly enjoying herself. I was looking forwards to trying it properly (I only had a quick play with Valerie’s one) and so started to lap away at her clit a bit faster. Jen’s cunt seemed to be swallowing a fair portion of the dildo (she actually has a fairly small pussy) but I clearly wasn’t hurting her so I continued until she came. Jen seemed to be in her own happy little world so I decided to leave her there for a while and arranged myself against the headboard. I slid the dildo into my pussy and started to fuck myself with it. It felt nice, and a lot more like a proper cock than most dildos/vibes do and I wondered if there actually was a vibe with this coating.

Jen started to watch me so I put on a good show for her – pulling the dildo almost all the way out before plunging it back into myself and rubbing my nipples at the same time. At Jen’s request I took one of my breasts and sucked on the nipple (Jen is jealous of the fact I can do this) and then did the same with other one. While I did this, Jen wondered what it would be like to have the supposedly ‘sweet innocent’ little Valerie with us to show us how she uses her dildo and I quite like this idea (but given how much time she spends flirting with guys, I’m fairly confident that she has no interest in girls). This didn’t stop Jen describing the scene to me (and after the holiday we have a pretty good idea what Valerie’s body is like, the only thing we haven’t seen is her pussy, but we both agree that she probably keeps her lips perfectly shaved and her mons trimmed short and would look incredibly sexy when she cums. We hatched a plan to use our new toy for a few months and then during a visit to York, try and switch it over with Valerie’s one. I came to the image of Valerie using her dildo on me while Jen used ours on her.

I thought that Sue should get to experience our new toy (although Jen wanted to wait and watch her the next day) so I took it down to her. She was lying on her front the floor watching the anime, happily displaying her pussy to Mike who was up on the sofa. I handed her the dildo and told her it was for use when she went to bed and to let us know what she thought of it as both Jen and I really liked it. I thought that Mike had been treated to enough that day to let her use it in front of him (and it would mean he had more cum when I go to next have him in me).

I headed upstairs and Jen and I snuggled up together and kissed for a while. We heard Sue come up a bit later on and tried to listen in on her but other than a bit of heavy breathing there wasn’t much evidence of her trying the dildo out (we found out the next day that she had used it and liked it).

I was woken by my alarm the next morning and gave Jen a quick good morning eat. She was going to do the same to me, but I wanted to get into work early so that I could leave early (she had a little taste anyway). I considered using a dildo on my cycle ride but thought that this would just distract me so I steeled on wearing a shorted skirt than I usually would to work, knowing that it probably wouldn’t be entirely safe to cycle in (from the decency standpoint). I arranged to meet Jen and Sue for lunch and headed off a little bit after Mike did. I reminded Jen that she had to spend the time in the house/garden naked (or at most in her underwear) and she promised she would (especially as Sue was still there).

Sue didn’t surface until mid-morning and was surprised to find Jen naked – Jen explained that she had been instructed to do so in return for the things I had done and proceeded to tell Sue about the things we had left out so far (like me openly masturbating in front of the group of guys on the roof – thanks for that Jen). They got ready to come and meet me (Jen wore the dress I had picked for her, which was as short as mine) and brought a lunch along. We sat out by the lake and Jen had to sit cross legged. With the dress she was wearing, this pretty much completely exposed her (not to everyone, but I had a rather unhindered view of her pussy). I didn’t want to be unfair, so I sat in the same position and gave Jen a similar view of me. We dared Sue to join in, but there were too many people around for her liking (we’ll get her there though).

I hadn’t quite got as much done as I needed to so I went back to work for a bit after lunch and Jen and Sue went for a coffee on campus. I gave Sue the task of ensuring that Jen sat in such a way that she slightly exposed herself and got her to report back to me (Jen behaved and did as she was told). We wandered home together a couple of hours later (it took me longer to finished up than I had thought – but those of you who read this blog while I was writing up probably won’t be surprised at that!).

When we got home I stripped Jen naked (which didn’t take much as I only had to remove her dress, socks and shoes) and I got her to use the dildo on the patio doors while Sue started to prepare some dinner. (I don’t think it is as much fun for her watching us when Mike isn’t around). Jen freshened up and put on a nice set of underwear for Mike’s return and Mike told Sue off for not being naked and said she would have to be punished (I get the feeling that she might want him to punish her, given that punishment usually ends up with people cumming).

We ate Sue’s dinner (zesty chicken with salad – actually quite yummy) and Mike asked if he was ever going to get the promised repeat show of the bottle fucking Jen gave me on holiday. I certainly wasn’t against the idea and so we arranged ourselves suitably: I sat on a chair and put my legs over the arms and Jen started to play with my pussy (just the outside) to get me wet. Mike opened a beer and poured it into a glass before handing the bottle to Jen. He went and sat on the sofa with Sue to watch. Jen spread my lips and worked the head of the bottle into me and once it was in, started to pump it in further, letting my juices coat it before pushing it in too deep. The advantage of using a bottle is that you get a really good view up into the pussy and can see the walls sliding over the glass (well, Jen, Mike and Sue could, I obviously couldn’t).

Mike and Sue came to have a closer look as Jen started to pump the bottle into me properly. I really recommend this to any exhibitionists amongst my readers as it was an incredible turn on knowing that they weren’t just watching me being fucked, but could see up inside me at the same time. Jen started to flick her fingers over my clit and I let out a moan. Mike and Sue headed back to the sofa to watch properly and Sue sat on his lap (so they were both facing me). I watched Mike spread Sue’s legs and start to rub around her pussy and guessed what would be happening next. She was squirming around and he was dry humping against her ass – Sue was obviously paying more attention to what was being done to her, but Mike was closely watching Jen fuck me and I gave him a smile. Jen was now pumping the bottle as far into me as she could (which was still only the neck – I’m not quite ready to get the wide part of a beer bottle into me yet).

Mike asked about our fisting exploits and we promised that we would demonstrate that (as far as we can) another time. Sue didn’t believe that I had been fisted, but I pointed out that Jen’s hand is fairly slender and she would get to see it. Jen offered to demonstrate on her but Sue decided to pass (I assume she thought Jen was joking). Mike now had Sue’s pussy spread and was rubbing away at her clit (which she was clearly enjoying). I wasn’t paying too much attention though as I was getting close to cumming and Jen was asking me if we thought that we should put on a display like this the next time we had friends round. I liked the idea of everyone sitting around watching me (and then joining in) and this helped speed me on my way to cumming. Jen rubbed me a bit faster and I ‘ungghed’ my way through it and relaxed back in the chair.

I had been right in my earlier guess about what was coming next. Jen asked Mike if he wanted to use the bottle on Sue and he said he did (they had planned this together). Sue looked like she was fairly close to cumming and didn’t object so Sue moved over to Mike and offered him the bottle. He said that he couldn’t see to get it in her and spread Sue’s lips – I watched as Jen lowered the bottle between Sue’s legs, positioned it at the entrance to her cunt and slowly pushed it inside. Mike had continued using a finger on Sue’s clit and once the bottle was in her, he took it off Jen. I know that they are trying to get away with a little more each time, but I wonder what would have happened if Jen had tried to fuck her with it then?

Mike used a hand on her clit and the other hand to move the bottle. Jen was still kneeling between Sue’s legs and watching closely. Mike told Sue that Jen was staring at her cunt and asked if she wanted him to stop or to let Jen watch her cum and Sue said that she didn’t care and wanted to cum, so he asked her to hold her legs open. She must have been close before the bottle went in as it took hardly any time before she was panting – Mike had the bottle pressed hard into her cunt and was moving it around like he was stirring up the insides of her pussy. She was flushed and wriggling around on his lap and then let out a little yelp and a moan. Mike thought he had hurt her and stopped but she pushed his hand against her so he carried on and kept rubbing and pumping until she had finished cumming. She later told us that the yelp was just a contraction that had been really strong.

Jen made a show of licking the bottle clean and looked in need of some attention herself so I decided to get some more revenge on her. I got her to sit in the chair in the position I’d been in and explained to Sue that after Jen had done me with the bottle, I put on another display for whoever had been watching us like this. With my ass presented to Mike and Sue, I pulled the crotch of Jen’s panties aside and ate her – she was rather moist and when I commented on this she said that given what she’d just seen, it was a miracle she wasn’t dripping. She smelt wonderful and it was a while since I’d seen her this wet so I didn’t bother teasing her and just ate her to orgasm. I straightened up her panties and went to give Mike a kiss so he could taste her.

It was now almost a day since Mike had cum and while I thought it was fun to tease him, I don’t really want his balls to explode, so I suggested that we head up to take care of him. Sue wasn’t quite ready to cum again (lightweight) so I told her that she could join us if she changed her mind. Mike and I went up and as soon as we were in the bedroom, he pulled of his boxers and we fell onto the bed. I ended up on top of him and started riding his cock. He told me he wasn’t sure how long he could hold out. I may not have helped matters by teasing him about having just watch me being fucked, having Sue squirming on his lap while cumming and watching me eat Jen.

Sue wasn’t quite as spent as she had made out as she appeared at the door and said she wanted to join us. She clambered up onto the bed and sat over Mike’s face. I watched him lick her pussy (you can’t see much with the person facing you, but it meant I got to watch the expression on her face as he tongued her). Mike was thrusting up against me and pulling me down against him hard and I realised that he was cumming (already). I played with my clit to speed my orgasm along and watched Sue’s cunt closely as it moved around his mouth and chin. I came next and wanted to stay where I was to watch but my legs were cramping slightly so I had to move and sit on the bed. I left a fairly sticky mess on and around his cock as I climbed off (mostly his cum) but Sue seemed eager to take care of it and she leaned forwards so she was on top of him and licked him clean(ish).

I moved up to the head of the bed to watch and saw Mike furiously eating Sue – his mouth was pressed into her cunt and his nose brushing against her ass. He continued to eat her like this right through her orgasm until she pulled away. I couldn’t resist kissing him to get a taste of Sue (she was in no state to notice). I went down to see Jen while they rested. Everyone seemed fairly tired so I suggested we get an early night.

It wasn’t that early by the time we had tidied up and got ready for bed (basically brushed our teeth) and I said goodnight to Jen. I curled up beside Mike (sue was on his other side). Sue wanted to fall asleep with Mike inside her and he spooned against her and pushed into her. I hugged him from behind and I’m going to miss this. In a way I hope Sue doesn’t hook up with this boy, but she’ll be happier if she has someone at Uni (and less horny if she’s regularly getting it!). I don’t think that Mike had intended to screw Sue, but as they were falling asleep he kept asking her if she had enjoyed watching her sister cum and what it had felt like when Jen pushed the bottle into her. Sue said that Jen had only done it for a second but I already knew that Mike wasn’t going to let it go. He was gently moving in her and said that it had seemed like she enjoyed it but if she hadn’t, then she might not be horny enough to want to do things again.

I felt Sue press back against him and ask him if he could cum again (he had told her that he was spent while I’d been downstairs with Jen) and he told her that he could at least have a good attempt at it. I stayed pressed up against Mike, which impeded his movement slightly, but meant that it felt like I was a part of what they were doing. As things progressed, I helped by holding Sue’s top leg up and back over Mike’s legs so he could easily get to her clit to rub it. I ended up caressing her thigh as she came (not too close to the top) and Mike did indeed manage to cum a second time and then stayed in her.

Just after she had cum, he pointed out that he had made her cum there times in not too much time, although he had Jen’s help for the first one. Sue was clearly falling asleep but said hat Jen had only helped a little bit and I whispered ‘well done’ into Mike’s ear (I assumed that was what he was aiming for). I fell asleep soon after – I had considered getting Mike to make me cum again, but he did seem quite tired and I thought being horny might lead to interesting dreams (it didn’t).


  1. Wait...who drank the beer?

  2. We opened it before the bottle was used (Andi really didn't want a sharp metallic top inside her). I drank most of it once we were finished.


  3. I get to see Andi this weekend and I'm rather looking forward to it! I've also found a few jobs to apply for up there so hopefully I will be able to move up and be with her again soon - wish me luck.


  4. Mike - Good luck with the job hunting but you probably don't need it as you are a very lucky guy!

    Cheers, John

  5. Sadly the job hunt isn't going too well - still nothing has come up, but he is still looking...