Friday, 10 September 2010

Jen's past

Jen has been up visiting Andi this week, so I'm going up to see her this weekend again. I'm really missing her and I don't quite know how I'm going to cope with things when we move to two week periods of abstinence. The next section is from Andi. I'm just about to head out with friends and drown my sorrows...


Obviously I could have posted this when I actually wrote it, but I thought I would leave it and post in at the right point in the timeline in relation to when it was written to make sure Jen was sure.


I hadn’t expected to ever be posting this, but Jen has decided that it would be a good idea to ‘talk’ about it openly. Mike and I have known about this for a while and she told Sue about it last night. There is no real sex in this post, so if you’re just looking to get off, then I’d skip this entry.

A few years ago, when she was 16, Jen was dating a boy from her school. She already knew that she was interested in girls and not really interested in boys, but says that she still wasn’t entirely sure if she was gay (or wanted to be gay). They had been dating for a few months but hadn’t really don’t anything more than kissing and nipple licking (hers, not his!). She knew that he wanted to do a lot more with her (and I don’t blame him for that, I’ve seen photos of Jen when she was 16), but she had always held back as she just didn’t feel that turned on by the idea.

They had been out one night and had already made out for a while but he was being especially persistent with wanting more. Jen kept telling him to slow down but he didn’t. At this point, he wasn’t actually forcing her to do anything, but he just kept trying to do more than she wanted – running his hand up her leg and onto her panties.

It was when she told him to stop that he got a bit more forceful and said that it was unfair that she kept teasing him but wouldn’t do anything ‘real’ (his word). Jen tried to wriggle free to go home, but he held her down and started humping against her. She could feel his cock rubbing on her thigh and against her crotch but couldn’t do anything about it. It wasn’t until he reached down and started to run her panties properly that she managed to knee him in the balls and get up. He made a grab for her and tore her skirt, but fortunately Jen is quite fast (she used to run quite a bit which is partly why she has such a good figure).

She ran home and made it to her room where she sat and cried for ages. She didn’t ever report this to the police as she didn’t think that anyone would believe her and she didn’t have any proof. The guy ended up spreading rumours about her being a dyke as she wouldn’t put out and eventually she did tell her older brother what had happened. Her brother isn’t a huge guy, but he and one of his friends had a quiet chat with Jen’s ex-bf and convinced him that he probably shouldn’t try anything like that again.

Jen wants to be clear that this has nothing to do with the reasons she is gay (she already pretty much knew beforehand even if she didn’t want to admit it) – and she doesn’t think that all men are like this or hate men in general (just this one).
That’s it for this post – Jen is pretty unaffected (now) by the incident, but thinks that this might be helpful in properly putting it behind her.


  1. ((((((((((((Jen)))))))))))!

    Sorry she ever had to go through anything like that, fortunately though, it wasn't worse & hopefully she doesn't/hasn't come into contact with this creep since (should've called someone, but i'm sure her brother & friend gave him quite the message!).

    Glad that despite that she's blossomed into quite the young woman with people like yourself in her orbit and Mike as well, even if he really wants to be in her orbit, if you know what I mean, & I think you do (wink wink). :)

    You & her take care!

    Hezi, U.S.A.

  2. I think Mike would prefer to be inside her orbit!

  3. For sure Andi, & Jen loves letting him know it. :)

    In fact, do you think she gets a bit.....turned on from Mike's obvious attention to her?

    I know she's gay, but they do make an interesting, flirty pair.

  4. Jen is a badass and a very cool girl. It sucks that the boyfriend she did have was a dick. Respect!

  5. Mike replying for Anid...

    Jen certainly seems to enjoy arousing Mike and she certainly doesn't object to him admiring her. I think that now she realises that she is an equal partnew in our relationship and trusts him to follow their strange set of rules, she does enjoy it.

  6. I assume Mike that Andi wrote your response about Jen & gave it to you to post here? :-)


  7. Yes, and Mike said it was rather strange writing about himself in the third person.