Monday, 13 September 2010

Jen's woodland cum spot

I'm not meant to give away any more hints as to what is coming up so from now on I'll just stick to posting what I'm told and not say too much.


Back to a much lighter subject for this post (although this is mostly about Jen’s pee fetish, so if you’re not interested in that, then come back in a few days for the next entry)...

I woke up on the Friday with Jen between my legs. She had her ass in the air and was using Sue’s vibe on herself while she ate me. Once she realised I was awake, she pulled it out of her own cunt and pushed it into mine while she flicked my clit with the tip of her tongue. She says that she had been working on me for a while before I woke up (which would explain the nice dream I had been having) and I came very quickly.

We switched positions and I did the same for her. Jen’s pussy was already soaked before I even started and it didn’t take too long for her to cum either. I gave the vibe one more wipe along my pussy and went in to Sue’s room, leaving both our doors open while I returned the vibe to her. I had to wake her up to hand it to her and it was covered in a sticky mix of Jen and my juices, but Sue only realised this when she took it off me. She didn’t say anything about the mess, but asked if Jen and I ever did anything other than fuck. Given how I’ve seen her behave with Mike and I, I wasn’t going to take this so tickled her while asking if that meant that she didn’t want me to let Mike fuck her senseless.
She held out fairly well at first (better than I can when I’m being tickled anyway), but then Jen joined in and she didn’t stand a chance. Sue had been sleeping in just a pair of panties and while we’d been tickling her, there had been a bit of contact between us. Jen was sitting over her stomach and I could see some of her juices on Sue and I’m pretty sure some of mine we on her legs. Jen grabbed the vibe, turned it on and stuffed it into Sue’s panties (which elicited a squeal). Jen hadn’t pushed it into her pussy, just so it was buzzing against it. We got off her and I suggested that she leave it in place, give Mike a call and describe the position she was in as I was sure he would be interested.

We said we would leave her to it and closed her door (but stood listening). We heard her talking to him and telling him what she was doing (this made picturing her much easier). She came and said that she was looking forwards to seeing him and having sex as it had been so long. When she opened her door and saw us standing there, she went bright red but I gave her a hug and told her that now she’d had her morning cum too so we were all even. Sue went to shower and Jen and I snuck into her room. Jen started to lick the vibe and between us we cleaned it. I wished that we had contacted Mike at that point because we later found out that he had got Sue to picture a threesome with her eating me and Jen eating her and then we switched so that Jen was in the middle with Sue eating her out.

If we’d known that while we were in Sue’s room, Jen would have probably wanted me to fuck her until she came again, but as it was, she just briefly used Sue’s vibe to replace the juices we had licked off and we returned to my room to wait for the shower. I shaved Jen (for her games later in the day) and had a quick test with my tongue to check she was smooth (she was). While I shaved her, Jen pointed out ho Sue hadn’t seemed to mind us being naked while we were tickling her (or at least hadn’t said anything about it) – who knows, maybe Mike’s ‘training’ has been paying off and she’s going to decide to give girls a try (Jen would like to think this will happen anyway!)

We dressed and headed down for breakfast. Mum quizzed us about what we were going to do today and we told her we were just going out for another walk. She wanted to take us out for a nice dinner later on which made Jen a bit nervous as she hadn’t brought a posh dress with her. I assured her one of her simple ones would be fine and we assured Mum that we would be back in plenty of time.

Once we had got the things we needed packed, we headed out and went directly to Jen’s old place. Jen was still feeling aroused from playing with Sue (or at least as close as she’s ever really gotten to playing with her) and promised me that she would put on a good show. I told her I was more interested to see what she used to actually do when she lived here so she said that is what she would show me. We wandered around to a field out behind her house and she led me across it and to a set of trees. Jen slipped her dress off and put on a t-shirt and skirt before pulling on a pair of panties. She took her shoes off and put on a pair of socks while explaining that she had found this to be the best ‘outfit’ to use. Sometimes she would take her panties off, but she preferred to leave them on while she played so she could feel the moisture soaking her pussy.

Jen pointed out a tree and told me it had been one of her favourite spots as depending on how brave (or horny) she was feeling at the time, she could lean against one side of it and be well hidden, or move around to the other side and have full view of the field (but still be unseen by people). There wasn’t really much of a question as to which side of the tree I wanted her to lean against and she positioned herself, spread he legs and crouched down. Her panties were prominently on display and she started to rub around her crotch, fairly gently at first and then pressing her panties harder between her lips and into her pussy.

I knew that I wasn’t going to just watch her and found somewhere suitable to sit so I could copy (roughly) what she was doing. I didn’t have panties on, but tried to not push my fingers too far into myself so I was basically in line with her actions. Jen’s other hand disappeared up her shirt and started to knead her breasts – she said that she didn’t often expose them that much while doing this so I asked her to just keep doing things the way she used to. She slid her hand into her panties and started to finger herself – she explained that she usually kept her panties on so I wouldn’t see too much, but I was happy with the view I had. I got Jen to tell me about some of the things she used to fantasies about while masturbating and she described some of the girls in her class – her favourites were the ones with large breasts and she used to imagine them kneeling in front of her and presenting their nipples for her to suck on. I considered doing this, but the idea was to watch her, so we’ll save that for later.

Jen’s skirt was pulled right up to her waist now which she had managed to do with just her wrist (I guess she had a lot of practice at this). It was fairly easy to see that her hand was alternating between pumping into her pussy and rubbing her clit and I tried to mimic what she was doing. She said that she was getting close and I told her to show me everything. She gave me her wicked (but incredibly cute) little grin and started to pee. I saw her panties get wet and then watched the liquid start to drip and then run from her panties. To say that Jen enjoyed this would be an understatement, she was pawing at her breasts and frantically rubbing herself. Just before she started to cum she pushed herself up a bit so her pee ran down her legs (I later found out that she only did this occasionally when she was really enjoying herself).

I watched her finish up and was mesmerised – of course I’ve seen her cum hundreds of times before – and even in similar ways, but it was clear that this place was somewhere special and it was like she was trying to show me how much fun she’d had here in the past. When her orgasm ended, she crouched down again and continued to gently play with herself and then removed her hand and rubbed her panties against her pussy for a little while. She then slipped her soaked panties off and said that she sometimes left them at a spot where the older kids (older at the time) used to hang out and smoke. I said that we should see if they still used the place and leave the new generation a present but Jen wanted me to try something first.

I’d done a fairly good job of playing with myself, but had sort of stopped to watch Jen cum. She asked how brave I was feeling and I said I would try anything she wanted. Jen got me to remove my skirt and shoes so I was naked from the waist down. I assumed she wanted me to do exactly what she had done, but she then produced a pair of dark pattered tights (not too dissimilar to these) and told me to put them on. I had to pull them on so they were tight against my pussy and then assume the position that Jen had been in. She took the job of rubbing me through the tights and it wasn’t long before I was well on the way to cumming. She told me to try to build up pressure
as if I was going to start to pee and then hold back until just before I came. I helped Jen lift my t-shirt and free my breasts so she could suck on my nipples (we’re still going to do her fantasy properly at some point) and I told her I was getting really close.

*Pics removed due to Google's no-nudity policy *

As instructed, just before I came, I started to pee into the tights and onto Jen’s hand. She told me to stand up a bit but it was too late for that. My thighs were still getting fairly wet anyway and Jen pushed her fingers into me through the tights – I had kind of hoped they would rip and she could get into me properly, but they held so she didn’t get too much into me. Most of the feeling came from my clit, which was still being massaged by her other hand and I tried to squirt my pee out as hard as I could. I still think this feels really naughty and dirty (which of course means that it helps a bit), but it doesn’t seem to do as much for me as it does for Jen. I’m certainly not complaining about how it felt though and ended up sliding down the tree as my legs gave out.

Jen got me to stand as soon as I could and she stood behind me and slipped her hand into my tights. She rubbed around my pussy and told me to try to pee more. I managed a few little squirts, which ran down my legs (as she had wanted) and then just enjoyed her rubbing me. Because my orgasm hadn’t been too strong, I was enjoying the rubbing and asked her to continue. Jen could now get her fingers into me and alternated between rubbing around my pussy, pushing fingers into me and concentrating on my clit. Her other hand toyed with my nipples and I told her that if she continued I could cum again.

Jen pulled me back so she could lean against the tree and I could rest against her – I was facing out towards the field and even though there were a few layers of trees in front of me I thought that we must be really exposed. Jen assured me that she had spent ages figuring out how far back she needed to be and I wasn’t really too bothered about it anyway as her fingers felt too good. I pictured how we would have looked to someone – my breasts hanging out of my bra with Jen pulling on the nipples and her hand clearly visible in my wet tights, rubbing and fingering me. I asked her if she would want her school friends to see us now and she thought that would be a very good idea – she would get them to kneel in front of me and lick me until I came.

I didn’t really need this image as I was quite close (but it still helped) and I came for the second time. I didn’t have much left, but I managed to squirt out a little pee for Jen. This orgasm was much stronger – maybe because I had a fairly clear view to a big open space with people in it – maybe because I had Jen holding me and playing with both nipples and clit – or maybe just because it was my second one in short succession. Whatever the reason, it was strong enough that I needed Jen to help hold me up and was panting by the end of it. When I had finished, I sat down to rest and asked Jen if she wanted to cum again, but she said that she didn’t usually stay here as long as we had after cumming and that we should probably head off (it was nice of her to tell me that *after* she’d made me cum in such an open way).

I asked how far away her ‘panty spot’ was and she said it was close enough that she couldn’t do things where we were when there were people smoking there. I challenged her to remove her skirt and go bottomless to put her panties down and she agreed if I would come with her in just my tights. I pulled off my top and bra and got Jen to remove her top and we walked over to the place. From the number of cigarette ends around, it was obviously still used and Jen laid her panties out on a log. She helped hold me up while I pulled off the tights and laid them out beside her panties. We then scampered back naked to our clothes, dried our legs with a towel and got dressed.

As we walked back across the field, Jen told me that she had streaked across it once in the evening when she was 17. There had been a few people out walking their dogs (on the other side of the field) and she had hidden in woods on the other side until they had gone and streaked back to get her clothes. Of course i really wanted to see this, but we had to go out for dinner that night so it will have to wait for another visit (and Jen wants to get her running form back before trying this in case she is caught). Just the thought of this made my pussy nice and tingly and I got Jen to promise to show me.

We wandered into town for some lunch and did some shopping. A little changing room fondling happened, but not to orgasm (although I got close in one shop). I bought Jen a very sexy pair of white lace/satin underwear and we then went for a coffee (Jen has been trying to cut down). After this, we headed home to get ready for dinner. Jen ironed one of her long dresses and wore her new underwear – I had to restrain myself from fondling her too much to avoid creasing her dress. I wore a similar style, but slightly shorter dress and we made quite a nice couple. While I’m not going to fuck Jen in front of Mum, I don’t hide the fact that I love her and we walked to the restaurant arm in arm as we all chatted.

Mum certainly seems to like Jen even if she is a bit unsure of my relationship with her, and it was a nice evening. We popped to the toilet just before dessert and I slipped a remote control egg into Jen’s panties so I could play – it really needed new batteries though so Jen said that it felt nice but wasn’t strong enough to do too much to her. Jen Sue and I went out for a drink afterwards and we got Sue nicely worked up about getting to see Mike and what he was going to do with her.

We got back fairly late and went up to our rooms – Jen and I then wandered over to Sue’s room to chat for a bit more. I had a short t-shirt (which didn’t cover my pussy) on and Jen was naked. Sue was topless but under the covers. We had just intended to chat for a while, but ended up dozing off and climbing under the covers with her. I was in the middle and had an arm around Jen, which somehow migrated south to her pussy. I quietly fingered her and made her cum before we fell asleep. In the morning, I woke up first and woke Jen so we could return to my room and I could eat her (she returned the favour).


  1. You ladies sure are quite the exhibitionists! :)

    Lucky you haven't been caught playing at any of your spots yet (Jen's neighborhood tree, the rooftop, your bike dildo, etc., etc.). Maybe the risk is the big appeal?

    If a sexy girl, let's say......Lis caught you & Jen doing your thing & wanted to join in & had a couple of her cute friends (Jo & Anna) with her to do whatever they wanted
    with/to you & Jen in exchange for not saying anything, or else, would that be a concern?

    I somehow think Jen wouldn't mind, you too in fact? :)

  2. Mike here - replying for Andi, who shold have net access again soon...

    If there was any chance of Andi doing things with any combination of Jo, Lis and Anna, she would jump at the chance (unless Jen objected, but Jen thinks that this would be an excellent idea as she would probably be able to join in at some point!)

  3. Hi Mike (& Jen too?), you 2 & Andi are a fun, sexy threesome (ok, not quite like that I know) & it's interesting that you don't mind sharing your fiance with a sexy lesbian (i'm sure you're sooo depressed about that situation, ha!).

    Enjoy Andi's blog lots & wish you, her, Jen & the others in your orbit the best! Congrats on the engagement too. :)