Thursday, 2 September 2010

More with Lis

Andi isn't here anymore so I'm taking care of posting for a while. I'll see her at the weekend though so at least our first 'week' apart is only a few days. This entry is from just after we got back from the holiday and she went home to visit her Mum and bring Sue back to York.


Okay, so still no threesomes with Lis, but still a very fun day – I really wish I’d known about Lis and Vicky before I arranged to go home as I’m sure we’ll be able to get something out of this...

Mike enjoyed hearing about Lis’ holiday fun last night and we wished that we had gone for a walk on the beach instead of listening into Anna and Holly that night. I know we wouldn’t have seen much, but it would have still been wonderful to watch Lis have her first experience with another girl. Mike was quite surprised that this happened with Vicky, she has made a few comments in the past about seeing pretty girls, but nothing that led us to think that she might be bi. This didn’t stop him being interested in the story and us having a good fuck while I told him!

I went to work this morning and got a fair amount done, leaving instructions with Jen. I wore a shorter skirt than I would usually do (into work anyway) – it was still flippy so it didn’t reveal anything, but was certainly short enough that I had to be careful. Lis and I walked home at lunch (Jen was getting something ready for us all to eat) and I assured her that Jen was as excited to hear about her encounter with Vicky as I had been and Lis seemed a bit less nervous about telling her (I think she knows Jen fairly well by now).

We got home and found Jen sunbathing topless in the back garden (as instructed) – she slipped on a very short t-shirt and gave Lis a big hug to congratulate her on now nearly being a ‘real’ lesbian (only nearly as she hasn’t been eaten yet, but Lis didn’t seem to pick up on that). We had a quick bite to eat and Jen suggested that we go out to sunbathe while Lis talked. I agreed that this was a good idea, but Lis said that she didn’t have anything with her to wear. Jen said that she could just go naked (Jen had already pulled her t-shirt off) or use one of her outfits if she really wanted to wear something. Lis said that she would borrow a bikini (despite Jen being a good few inches taller than Lis, they have a similar figure with Lis’ breasts being just slightly smaller than Jen’s).

Jen went up to get something and came back with her little yellow bikini. I stripped off and then pulled on a pair of bikini bottoms that were conveniently located in the laundry basket (clean laundry). I remained topless and Lis slipped out of her clothes and put on Jen’s bikini. She removed her panties and put the bottoms on before she took her skirt off, but didn’t make any effort to hide her breasts while she undressed and put the top on. We took a drink and arranged some towels to sit on. Lis made a comment about me going to work half naked but still wearing panties while out here and I decided that it was simplest to just tell her the truth. I pointed out that if I was naked, in a private place, while she told us about her and Vicky, I would probably find it too hard to not just play with myself. Of course I was hoping that she would say she wouldn’t mind if I did, but we haven’t quite made it there yet...

She made a comment about how horny I always was and I reminded her just how hard her nips had appeared to be yesterday. She blushed a bit and Jen told her to get going with the story. She recounted the same tale as yesterday, except this time, both Jen and I interrupted a number of times and asked for more information. Lis appeared to have overcome and embarrassment as she seemed quite happy to tell us all the details. Her nips were clearly quite hard and obvious through her top and she seemed to be squirming around as the story got more involved. I had a few sneaky strokes of my pussy and openly stroked my own nipples. I’d told Jen that if she got aroused (as if there was any chance she wouldn’t be), that she had to make it clear how she was feeling. Her nipples were also quite firm and she was stroking them as Lis talked. By the time we got to Lis cumming, Jen had her hand in her lap – not rubbing herself, but with her palm pressed against her panties hard.

I pointed out to Lis just how horny she had gotten Jen and then suddenly thought up the idea of getting some revenge on Jen for what she had made me do when I visited her (honest, it wasn’t planned beforehand at all). Now Lis already knows about most of the things Jen made me do so I asked her if I should take the opportunity to repay her in kind and get Jen to cum in front of us. I really wasn’t sure what Lis was going to say given how things have gone up until now, but she seemed to like the idea (not in an overwhelmingly positive way, but she nodded a bit and certainly didn’t object to the idea). I don’t know if she just fancies Jen more than she does me or if she was just so horny from telling us about Vicky, but we didn’t really care. I told Jen that she had to cum for us, in the middle of the garden and Jen pretended to be shocked but finally agreed to do it given I’d done worse when I was with her. Jen said I would pay the next time I visited her, but spread her legs and started to rub her panties.

While Jen played with herself, she asked Lis if I had told her about the coffee shop – I said that I had, but Jen started to describe what I had done. I know that she was just trying to embarrass me, but this was a brilliant idea as it meant Lis got to watch Jen cum while hearing about me being an exhibitionist. Jen told her how I’d had a vibe in my cunt and ass and had walked around like that before having to open my dress and let everyone see me. As Jen played with her nips, she described how she made me push my hand into my panties and rub my clit until I came with everyone watching and I told her that she had to do the same. Jen acted all shy about this (but of course we had planned everything) and slowly slipped her hand into her panties. This was going to be the point where Lis finally got to see Jen cum up close and we were both very excited about it (and Lis also appeared to be quite excited, although quiet).

As Jen’s hand moved in her panties and she slid her fingers into her pussy, she said that I would have to do much worse in front of Lucy but then concentrated on making herself cum. She was already quite close (closer than I had thought she was) and it took hardly any time before she was flushed and mewing away. While Jen caught her breath, I told Lis that if she hadn’t been there, I would have been stripping Jen naked and eating her – I had really hoped that Lis might have felt horny enough to tell us to do just that, but again, I think that would be straying into porn movie land. Lis had got as far as pressing against her panties and rubbing herself a bit, but this soon stopped once Jen had cum (I wonder what would have happened if Jen had dragged things out?).

Lis asked what Jen was going to make me do in front of Lucy but Jen said that it was going to be a surprise. She told Lis about my porn stash (well, it’s half Mike’s) and how Lucy really looks like one of our favourite porn stars. Lis already knew this, but asked to have a look at the pictures of her again so we headed indoors. I took the opportunity to get more drinks for everyone (not that we were trying to get Lis drunk to take advantage of her, but it might make things easier!). We sat around the computer (Jen and I were still topless) and started looking through the pictures and videos. Lis doesn’t believe just how similar they look, but she’ll find out if Lucy actually visits (which she is meant to).

We went back out to sunbathe some more and I asked Lis if she minded if we were naked – she said that she didn’t so Jen and I stripped off and Lis went topless. We nearly convinced her to go nude, but she was worried about people in the office block over the road being able to see her. While she was talking to Jen, I had a little play with myself and just pretended to be scratching my thigh when she nearly caught me. We stayed out for a while and Jen got to put cream on Lis’ back but finally went back in and got cleaned up. Lis headed off home (Jen had to wave goodbye to her from the front door while still naked) and we then dashed back out into the garden.

We would usually voice our fantasy while we got worked up, but we both knew that we were imagining fucking Lis senseless and were both too horny to delay so we just rolled around on the grass eating and fingering each other. Ironically, I got a bit more controlled as I got closer to cumming and started getting Jen to imagine that Lis’ cunt was over her face and Lis wanted to find out what it was like to be eaten by a girl. Jen was happy to play along with this and explained all the different ways that she could eat her (and then doing them of course). Lis would be very lucky to have Jen teach her this as her tongue is really quite flexible (as well as fairly long). Jen licked around inside my pussy (it’s very difficult to describe what this feels like, other than really good) and I sat up over her so I could press against her face.

I continue to rub her clit, but mostly just enjoyed her tongue and soon came over her face. We switched positions and I tried to do the same for Jen – I pulled her cunt open and she pressed against my face. I licked as deep in her as I could while she rubbed her clit. Lis’ presence (and Jen’s little display) had clearly got her quite worked up as she seemed to be leaking more juice than usual – by the time she came, my face was pretty wet and the only thing I could taste was her (not that that is a problem).

We went in and showered – not because of the pussy juice, but due to the fact we were covered in grass and dirt. Once we were clean, we started to tidy up but I decided that I wanted a bit more fun. I pulled out the clear dildo with the suction cup and planted it on the outside of the patio doors and told Jen to do use it. We moved it to the correct height for her and I went indoors to watch. I now understand why Mike likes using me using this so much – I had an incredible view of it disappearing into Jen’s cunt and watched her lips being pressed into her and then pulling on the dildo as she slid her body up and down (or back and forth) on the dildo. I hadn’t intended to do anything myself, but the view was so nice that I changed my mind and got Jen to stop while I ran upstairs to get an egg.

I got a second egg for her and after handing it to her, I sat back inside and turned them both on. Jen took this as a sign to continue and resumed riding the dildo. I could hear that she was getting close to cumming and I tried to catch up, but she outdid me. As she came, I saw her squirt a number of times (not ‘real’ squirting, just pee) against the door and it was satisfying to know that she had enjoyed herself. Before she pulled herself off the dildo, I got her to press herself back on it as hard as she could so her ass cheeks were up against the window (for no reason other than I wanted to enjoy the view).

I still hadn’t cum and seeing as Jen is meant to be my little bitch while we’re in York, I had her kneel in front of me and finish me off using the egg and her fingers. We lay snuggled up on the sofa until Mike came home – I had prepared for this and pulled a blanket over us so we didn’t have to move. After we had chatted for a bit, he noticed the dildo on the door (men aren’t very observant sometimes) and asked who had been using it. Jen owned up to it and to my surprise, she got up, went and retrieved it and handed it to him before getting back under the blanket. Unobservant as he can be, Mike certainly noticed that Jen was naked and she told him that was another treat for helping out with my visits.

Of course, he wanted to see more, but Jen told him that was all for now (and of course he asked what she meant by ‘for now’, but Jen didn’t elaborate). She did let him pick out the underwear she wore for the rest of the evening and we told him about the afternoons events. Mike was very impressed that Jen had cum right in front of Lis and asked for a repeat performance. She made the mistake of hesitating so I told her to go ahead and show him which she duly did. She kept her panties on for this, but did have her hand in them when she came. Jen used the bikini bottoms that she had leant to Lis to imagine what she tasted like (we were right and Lis had indeed been fairly aroused). When Jen was finished, Mike pulled me upstairs to make me cum (he might have cum as well).

Given I’m heading home for a few days and Jen is coming with me, I’m spending the night with Mike again – I don’t think Jen minds too much as she’s cum enough for today (but not as much as she might when we get back and I really start to ‘punish’ her).


  1. Oh come on! You need to give her a break about not being a "real" lesbian. It may make her self conscious which will make it harder to get the confidence to finish the job!

  2. It wasn't me who said the 'real' bit (and as I said, I don't think Lis picked up on it. She just seems happy that she got to do things with Vicky and has gotten over the fact that she isn't going to end up with her as a girlfriend.

    I'm trying to figure out if I should comment about anything else... no, I think I'll wait

  3. Oh - and about the confidence thing - I'm pretty sure that for ages now Lis has had the confidence that if the right person had wanted to go down on her, she would have stripped and spread in an instance :)

  4. So the lucky Mike has finally got to see Jen naked !

    Something that will be repeated I hope :)

    Cheers, John

  5. Jen continues to do a good job of teasing him for quite a while, but keep reading and you'll find out just how much...